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  1. i like this, just one or two bonuses should be maxed so you have to chose the port where to build the best ship for your purpose. this answer: the player will have the ship capping it or by the npc drop?
  2. are you serius? we are talking about Nassau,Santo Domingo,Cap-Francais,Cartagena, etc... these ports are attractive now during the test so after the game release everyone will fight for them.
  3. they will be playable but can't RvR against npc, shroud will be a really populated place, probably the best one for PvP. build a fleet with which raise hostility and try to cap a port will be easy with the medal earned. build an OP in every freetown and start hostility from everywhere will also give unpredictability, a huge advantage. so impossible nation will be playable at all but must be the harder so can't fight npc in PB, i think is easy and fair.
  4. impossible nation can't raise hostility for neutral city. problem solved. i think this is the best way to made the impossible nations impossible, you have to wait and you can't fight npc.
  5. yes skill first, either by nerfing bonuses and tightening the stack. i know the fight for rare resources are the reasons cause people do RvR but the bonus shouldn't make the game unbalanced.
  6. can't agree, an impossible nation to be really impossible must be limited to attack just national port. so russian,polish and german must wait in free and opened town until the "easy" nation cap the map and than they can start RvR.
  7. I think the only thing pp are asking to devs is to made captain skill decisive again. #skillfirst
  8. i think all the perm,trim and also wood need a serius nerf every ship must have a chance in fight and if we go in this way i see no chance for a normal ship to even be able to worry a trimmed one. of course this is just my opinion but i see a future with hundred of super 1st rate that even a nuclear frigate can't sink
  9. Good news, that is what had to be done
  10. Should be fine to add a morale shock that cause the ship to surrend, so SOL will be very dangerous against frigate and lower.
  11. Imo the problem can be the huge br in capital, so the small clans whitout help cannot even try to raise.(no more small battle?) Anyway good news in carribean.🍻
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