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  1. Instead of "Rover" how about "Reaver" or "Reiver"? Both spellings are valid, though "reiver" is somewhat archaic.
  2. Advice from someone who posts a screenshot of having sunk a bunch of fifth rates in a Christian as if it is some kind of accomplishment is very hard to take seriously. Just saying. This kind of match-up is my standard battle in an old blue teak/wo Bellona, and without poods. Start fighting same rates and then we can talk.
  3. Seal-clubbing fifth rates with a second rate is not a good example and I specifically mentioned it in the OP.
  4. Dear Developers, Please do something about the NPCs. I know that with the port bonus rush nobody on PvP server gives half a rat's arse about them right now, and that's where the action is, but on PvE side of things, NPCs are the only thing we've got. Making their sailing more realistic was a good first step (it's nice to be fighting sailboats instead of motorboats). But, NPCs have way too many HPs, way too much pen and way too much DPS. I've specifically done some test runs where I went broadside-to-broadside to observe. I've seen my Bellona do less damage with two consecutive broadsides to an USS United States, than it did to me with a single broadside. This isn't right. Especially since my ship is fairly optimized (Teak/White Oak and thickness upgrade) and the NPC ship is as always fir or oak with crew space. I'm not saying NPCs are unbeatable - but you have to resort to long-range artillery duels (not exactly a thing in the Age of Sail), and if you are fighting the same ship as what you are sailing, you are almost guaranteed to need to break off and repair. "NPCs have more HP because they can't repair" is not a valid reason anymore because of how many more HP NPCs have. Also, when I repair, I have to run (or the NPC will just destroy whatever I repaired) and at the very least I suffer a reduction in efficiency because of crew reallocation. NPC overbuffs become more pronounced at higher rates and lead to three glaringly obvious issues: 1. It is not historically accurate. As it stands, in 4th rates and up, smaller NPC ships can comfortably stand broadside-to-broadside with larger player ships and if the player doesn't repair, they have a good chance of sinking the player. 2. It is frustrating. A battle against the same ship in the hands of NPC turns into a knife's edge contest. For one, I am not playing NA for a "Dark Souls" experience where one mistake can send you to the bottom. Higher-rate ship battles, ironically, are now more stressful than lower-rate ship battles, because margins of error are razor-thin, and you are risking losing an expensive ship with expensive upgrades. High risk you say? High risk should result in high reward. But there are no high rewards. You can't capture an awesome ship after a difficult battle, because NPC ships are bad. You don't get awesome loot unless RNJesus smiles at you, which doesn't happen very often. You take on high risk for inadequate rewards, so the optimal way is to go seal-club lower rate ships. 3. It invalidates players' optimized builds. In terms of speed, player ships can come out ahead. In terms of turn rate, after the nerf the NPCs are either "just as good" or better than an optimized player ship. In terms of tankiness, thickness and HP barely matter anymore, because NPCs chainsaw through LO/WO just as well as they do through regular oak (the differences are there, but they are very marginal). In terms of firepower, we cannot hope to match NPCs, because they have medium cannons that have range and pen like long cannons and reload and damage like carronades. Even with poods and gunnery upgrades, we come up short. Finally, NPCs still have their humongous fire arcs as if every cannon is mounted on a swivel. Of course this does not apply when 4th rates and higher fight frigates. But at similar rates, it very much applies. Now you would be tempted to say "ha ha, Ahoy got his ass kicked by NPCs and went crying to the forums, git gud scrub." Which is not the case; I have not lost a ship recently and I'm doing quite all right, but I am playing it VERY SAFE. It works, but it's getting tiresome. If you want more proof, watch the streams of your biggest advocate, Captain Reverse. He could not even pass the final exam because he got pounded into scraps. And there was a stream a little while ago of him and a few more PvP players taking a fleet of Bellonas against an NPC fleet. They lost at least one (possibly more); these are guys with THOUSANDS of hours that breathe, eat and drink NA combat. Also look at how closely the PvP battles are fought; people are within very short distances of each other and they don't immediately get perforated unless it's a much larger ship vs. much smaller ship. If you try fighing equal NPCs at realistic "Age of Sail distances", you will get ventilated in short order. And of course we have no port bonuses on PvE. If you nerf books and upgrades to compensate for port bonuses, we are screwed. Please do something about the NPCs.
  5. How about baselining things for starters by removing the NPC overbuffs and giving them the same actual equipment as players? You know, longs and carros where appropriate (instead of magical medium cannons that shoot like longs and hit like carros), actual chasers that don't vanish when the ship is capped, actual permanent upgrades, actual skills, and the same limited ammo as we have? It won't matter on PvP since only lower-rate NPC ships are capturable, and would give us on PvE something to do - as in, if you are a broke but skillful captain, you could go out and try to catch yourself a better ship or catch yourself some actually useful equipment instead of yet another Fir/Fir/Crew Space barge loaded with mediums (which, despite being Fir/Fir and sailing like Fir/Fir, tanks the incoming fire like LO/WO or maybe IDK, LO/Iron). Then you could broach the subject of teaching the NPCs to use repairs, because why not? Repairs aren't all that technically complex. Sure, when players use it, there's some light strategery involved, but at the end of the day "IF ARMOR < 50, USE HULL_REPAIR; ELSE IF SAILS < 75 USE SAIL_REPAIR; ELSE IF (RUDDER_BROKEN OR PUMP_BROKEN) USE EMERGENCY_REPAIR" or somesuch. Saying "our AI is dumb therefore we'll give it ungodly bonuses to compensate" is easy but also lazy. Y'all are better than this. (Also, I get why you did it early on - it was a justifiable shortcut to get things going, but now it's the spit'n'polish time). It also breaks immersion like nobody's business, and makes PvE piracy boring, because 99 times out of a hundred you'll always capture a crappy scow that is only good for either looting and sinking, or taking back to port and selling to Admiralty. And that's after the crappy scow puts up a fight worthy of a 5/5 gold ship with permanently loaded doubleshotted double charge in some kind of long-ranged carronades.
  6. What is the plan for the PvE server? You're about to nerf mods and books into uselessness (1-3% bonuses won't make an appreciable difference) to compensate for the mechanic that is only accessible on the War server. What are we supposed to do on Peace, where that will be an across-the-board nerf with no compensation?
  7. Oh... hell no. Grinding slots was and is awful, but it can't hold a candle to grinding rank. Especially in the very beginning. I'm not doing that crap ever again. Not worth my nerves or my time.
  8. Yeah yeah. PvE pea Yeah yeah. PvE peasant 4 life. So on PvE then the neutral ports DO boost the crafting bonus chance?
  9. OK with money and asset wipe... early release and all that, it's unavoidable, but moneys and assets can be gotten through normal gameplay. Ship XP and books wipe, not OK. In fact ship XP wipe would be one of the few things that would prompt me to uninstall. I can't take another grind like that.
  10. A while ago it was made so that if an shipyard is built in a neutral port, it has a higher chance of turning out a better quality ship. Does this still apply? I still don't have a shipyard since the last wipe and want to build one, but would like to know before I rebuild it.
  11. Is Christian any better than the Bucentaure? On paper at least it just looks like it has fewer big cannon slots but more carronades.
  12. So a while ago we got to play with the "Connie Classic", and than you very much for that, it's a delightful looking ship. Of course, it is gimped by the stats being a copy-paste from the regular Connie, which has the dubious distinction of being a frigate classed as an SoL, that handles like an SoL, but has the firepower of a frigate and a half at most. An equivalent Bellona is a better "frigate" than the Connie is. This isn't the call to nerf Bellona, it's the gentle suggestion to buff the Connie a bit more. The very least it could have is a boost to the turn rate. That aside though, what is the story with the "most fortunate ship"? Will Connie Classic take the place of the regular Connie? Will it be a separate entity, in which case will it have different stats? And will we finally be able to craft it? I know y'all are working on other things at the moment, but it seems that making Connie Classic at least craftable (and tweaking its stats, if we should be so lucky) should be relatively trivial considering that the hard work has already been done (with the ship being fully operable in-game and all). Would love to know that, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. BTW, President's Day is a great occasion for something like that
  13. You sail a wooden tallship with sails and old school cannons. AI sails a motorboat disguised as a wooden tall ship, with reinforced hull and modern cannons. At least it has the good graces to stop when you shoot off its masts. AI boats sail at impossible angles and turn on a dime. You're trying to fight a ship from One Piece anime while sailing a realistic tallship. And gunnery. 500 meters away and you expose your stern for fifteen seconds? Here's a dozen cannonballs in your captain's cabin. Trying to fight a long distance broadside war? Watch your cannonballs bounce while using long cannons, while AI gets pen after pen after pen. And of course as soon as you capture the AI ship, it turns out that it's some fir or oak crapsack with standard cannons (not even long), and often missing stern/bow chasers. Wait, didn't they shoot you with chasers just a minute ago? Must be magic.
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