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  1. "Half measures are now 99.999% more half."
  2. So can anyone confirm the general bot nerf?
  3. If this is true, then GOOD. I want to play Naval Action, not Dark Souls with Iron Motorboats and Turret Cannons. If bots are too easy for you, go PvP.
  4. What point is in posting anymore? Release happened. The devs don't listen. They have their own vision and stick to it come hell or high water. They have a coterie of supporters that will defend them no matter what. Eurasia? Surely you mean Eastasia. That kinda stuff. I've uninstalled a while ago when I realized they won't do anything about the superbots because their coterie of loyalists is telling them that it's wonderful. Sure, I come back to snark in interesting threads, and hope the devs wake up one day and nerf the bots because their left foot feels like it (that is how all other changes were made anyway, so why not). If it happens - great. If not... I'll miss NA but I already got my twenty bucks worth out of it. There are other fish in the sea. I don't even care if I get banned or suspended for this. Go ahead, make my damn day.
  5. They don't care. The devs have a delusion that this is Dark Souls with sails: if you can't handle stupid OP AI, GTFO because we don't need players like you, ha ha and ha. They outright said that the bots will always cheat and be overbuffed and if you want realistic combat (as advertised) you should only PvP.
  6. - Be new player - Play tutorial, get to final exam, get slaughtered by magic NPC boats - Quit because if tutorial is this frustrating, main game must resemble beating head into concrete wall - Be new player - Skip tutorial, play PvE - Get slaughtered by magic NPC boats that looks like yours but are three times more powerful - Get told by devs "if you want to avoid artificial challenges and play realistic combat, fight only players" - Quit because was not looking for PvP and PvE sucks - Be new player - Skip tutorial, skip PvE, play PvP - Get ganked repeatedly, quit "This is fine."
  7. "Nanomachines, son!" But seriously, I've lost all hope at this point. They are talking about the release in June when huge aspects of the game require fixing and tuning with regards to PvP. PvE AI is the last thing on their minds probably. I won't be surprised if instead of nerfing the bots, they'll buff them even more for "exciting challenges".
  8. So I'm going to dampen this lovefest a bit by providing a contrarian opinion. At this point, as far as PvE is concerned, Naval Action might as well drop the word "realistic" from its description. I am not sure if it ever hit the sweet spot as far as combat realism in PvE goes, but it is now just about as far from it as it has ever been. Ironically, as much as I hate PvP, it currently provides a much more "realistic" experience than PvE as far as battle dynamics are concerned. Mind you, the "realism" elements are there: the sailing physics, the cannonball physics, etc.. However, in how they are applied and tuned is where realism falls apart. NPC AI is dumb. Ever since the "rulers of the sea" patch, the AI stupidity has been compensated with overboard buffs and cheating. Now, elite NPCs further exacerbate the problem by simply being "the bots that cheat even more." This is not a solution for realistic PvE combat experience. Bot ships are already "SuperOak/DuperPlanking/UberCannonsOnSwivels"; elite ships are "Steel/Steel/EvenBetterUberCannonsOnSwivels/CrewInFlakJacketsWithAK47s". Sure, you can beat them by exploiting AI flaws. Just like you beat "boss" opponents in traditional MMOs like WoW. Does it work? Sure. Is it "in spirit" of realism that Naval Action purports to have? Not in the least. If I sail a Bellona and I see an NPC Bellona, I can't expect the NPC Bellona to deliver the same performance as my Bellona. NPC ships, both regular and elite, far outclass player ships. Certainly, it provides entertainment for those few who are bored out of their collective gourd by presenting "exciting challenges", but it breaks both the immersion and I daresay breaks the very idea of what NA purports to be. At this point, as far as PvE is concerned, it might as well be one of the other sailing MMOs with "lieutenants" and "bosses" running around. Smart AI is difficult, I get it. Heaping buffs on NPCs on the other hand is a quick and handy shortcut. But shortcuts are not always the best solution. At this point, because of this shortcut, the PvP and PvE experiences have cardinally diverged. For those looking to "graduate" from PvE to PvP, bots teach nothing at this point other than "how to seal-club lesser ships in bigger ships and exploit the weaknesses in the AI programming". For those looking to just play PvE, we are stuck with opponents whose ships LOOK like ours, yet behave nothing like ours, be they elite or regular. IDK, maybe this is just the devs' roundabout way of driving people away from PvE and to PvP so that Peace server can lose pop and be shut down painlessly.
  9. No. You want Dark Souls, go play Dark Souls. Not that it matters anymore at this point because instead of nerfing the NPCs, devs added MORE OVERBUFFED NPCs. Shame. PvE population will suffer for it. Not a good thing when release is on the horizon, unless they are trying to drive people to the PvP server.
  10. Instead of "Rover" how about "Reaver" or "Reiver"? Both spellings are valid, though "reiver" is somewhat archaic.
  11. Advice from someone who posts a screenshot of having sunk a bunch of fifth rates in a Christian as if it is some kind of accomplishment is very hard to take seriously. Just saying. This kind of match-up is my standard battle in an old blue teak/wo Bellona, and without poods. Start fighting same rates and then we can talk.
  12. Seal-clubbing fifth rates with a second rate is not a good example and I specifically mentioned it in the OP.
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