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  1. Is Christian any better than the Bucentaure? On paper at least it just looks like it has fewer big cannon slots but more carronades.
  2. So a while ago we got to play with the "Connie Classic", and than you very much for that, it's a delightful looking ship. Of course, it is gimped by the stats being a copy-paste from the regular Connie, which has the dubious distinction of being a frigate classed as an SoL, that handles like an SoL, but has the firepower of a frigate and a half at most. An equivalent Bellona is a better "frigate" than the Connie is. This isn't the call to nerf Bellona, it's the gentle suggestion to buff the Connie a bit more. The very least it could have is a boost to the turn rate. That aside though, what is the story with the "most fortunate ship"? Will Connie Classic take the place of the regular Connie? Will it be a separate entity, in which case will it have different stats? And will we finally be able to craft it? I know y'all are working on other things at the moment, but it seems that making Connie Classic at least craftable (and tweaking its stats, if we should be so lucky) should be relatively trivial considering that the hard work has already been done (with the ship being fully operable in-game and all). Would love to know that, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. BTW, President's Day is a great occasion for something like that
  3. I still log on every so often but can't bring myself to do anything. Mostly because devs keep removing convenience features, god only knows why. This is all from a PvE peasant's angle by the way. When the interface patch hit, I was in the middle of grinding out slots for Bellona. Slot grinding sucks, but before at least I could log on, queue up three missions, sail out and get the XP in a reasonable amount of time. Now I have to look for missions in multiple ports, which takes extra time, or hunt in OW which is random and takes extra time. Trader tool got gutted. Why? Pretty sure in the Age of Sail you could get your hands on trade information so you could find what goods could be expected to be found in what ports. Sextant is a perk when it should be just available to everyone for free. Another inconvenience, another time sink. Teleporting to outposts costs doubloons. Why? Crafting is still RNG driven. Why? So that some smug bugger across the map can brag about getting a purple or a gold or a purple ship on the first try while I've wasted truckloads of resources and haven't even seen an extra trim ever? RNG in general sucks, even classic MMOs gravitated away from it, but in Naval Action it's alive and well. Everything just takes too damn long. I don't want to sound like a forumdad (hurr durr, I got wife and three kids and soccer practice and hurr durr), because I'm not. But I'm also not the no-life college kid I used to be. Adult life involves more than getting home, nuking a hot pocket and gaming the night away until 2AM. My usual gaming session is anywhere between 1 and 3 hours tops (1-2 hours is more like it). I have to ask myself "what can I accomplish in this game in the limited time I have?" If my experience mostly consists of waiting for something to happen, or waiting to get somewhere, or gathering mats for 2 hours only to blow them on yet another "regular" ship, then that's not gameplay. That's frustration and exercise in impatience.
  4. You sail a wooden tallship with sails and old school cannons. AI sails a motorboat disguised as a wooden tall ship, with reinforced hull and modern cannons. At least it has the good graces to stop when you shoot off its masts. AI boats sail at impossible angles and turn on a dime. You're trying to fight a ship from One Piece anime while sailing a realistic tallship. And gunnery. 500 meters away and you expose your stern for fifteen seconds? Here's a dozen cannonballs in your captain's cabin. Trying to fight a long distance broadside war? Watch your cannonballs bounce while using long cannons, while AI gets pen after pen after pen. And of course as soon as you capture the AI ship, it turns out that it's some fir or oak crapsack with standard cannons (not even long), and often missing stern/bow chasers. Wait, didn't they shoot you with chasers just a minute ago? Must be magic.
  5. Hi mate 

    all players were advised on the gifts from devs I always check once a week .I have many issues with the devs but they are right on this one.

    you are not clan member of Ahoy if you were you would have been advised by myself as I posted to all members of the gifts sorry you missed out  Adrian Clan Leader of Ahoy  

  6. I logged into NA between Christmas and New Year and saw no redeemables. By chance glanced at the news today and I guess we were all supposed to get a Christian and Yedinorogs and Kirimati Masts? What's up with this? Or are these only exclusive to PvP server?
  7. What have the recent small patches been all about? They come through fairly frequently but no notes accompany them.
  8. Drinking is the boarding book, it used to be called "grog rations". Rum rations is +Reload, +Rudder turn time, -Accuracy.
  9. I got 2K doubloons Same here. Thank god I still have the ships at least, totally lost my pants in this patch...
  10. First off I lost Rum Rations knowledge, it's not available to me anymore and I didn't get a book in redeemables either. Second, the new missions made me very unhappy. I used them to grind slots on ships (being a PvE peasant and all), or to set up 1 vs many battles for myself. Now, mission selection is limited, and missions themselves are out of whack. I.e. a one-star kill mission for a 3rd rate ship involves killing a 2nd rate. Don't know if I can do it very well in a bellona with no slots unlocked... and anyway it doesn't sound like the "easiest available" mission. Please bring the old missions back.
  11. Huh, looks like I'm gonna be picking up the pieces of my former empire tonight, what with all the closed buildings and all. BTW, can you craft the NeoConnie yet? And if not, when?
  12. At the risk of sounding like an uncool enabler of bad practices: I would buy anything that lets me shortcut the grind as long as it is reasonably priced. I am a (perpetually) single man with a fairly decent income, and I value my time and my enjoyment more than my money. I wouldn't stand for being ripped off (example: Shark Cards in GTA Online - fine in concept, but the amount of GTA$ you get for your dollar is nowhere near enough); but I will gladly toss the developers a couple bucks here and there if it saves me from having to do the same thing OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN. And if the whole game consists basically of doing the same thing OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN then we have a whole 'nother problem...
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