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  1. What have the recent small patches been all about? They come through fairly frequently but no notes accompany them.
  2. Drinking is the boarding book, it used to be called "grog rations". Rum rations is +Reload, +Rudder turn time, -Accuracy.
  3. I got 2K doubloons Same here. Thank god I still have the ships at least, totally lost my pants in this patch...
  4. First off I lost Rum Rations knowledge, it's not available to me anymore and I didn't get a book in redeemables either. Second, the new missions made me very unhappy. I used them to grind slots on ships (being a PvE peasant and all), or to set up 1 vs many battles for myself. Now, mission selection is limited, and missions themselves are out of whack. I.e. a one-star kill mission for a 3rd rate ship involves killing a 2nd rate. Don't know if I can do it very well in a bellona with no slots unlocked... and anyway it doesn't sound like the "easiest available" mission. Please bring the old missions back.
  5. Huh, looks like I'm gonna be picking up the pieces of my former empire tonight, what with all the closed buildings and all. BTW, can you craft the NeoConnie yet? And if not, when?
  6. Ahoy H.R. Matey

    Ship Exp as DLC

    At the risk of sounding like an uncool enabler of bad practices: I would buy anything that lets me shortcut the grind as long as it is reasonably priced. I am a (perpetually) single man with a fairly decent income, and I value my time and my enjoyment more than my money. I wouldn't stand for being ripped off (example: Shark Cards in GTA Online - fine in concept, but the amount of GTA$ you get for your dollar is nowhere near enough); but I will gladly toss the developers a couple bucks here and there if it saves me from having to do the same thing OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN. And if the whole game consists basically of doing the same thing OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN then we have a whole 'nother problem...
  7. Ahoy H.R. Matey

    How long will the test server stay up?

    LOL. But seriously.
  8. Ahoy H.R. Matey

    How long will the test server stay up?

    A day after the test server went up I got sent on an assignment... "away, away from home". And I'll be away for a while still. How much longer will the testbed be up? Wondering if I'll miss my chance to get that Christian note.
  9. Ahoy H.R. Matey

    Wipe on release, 3-4 months?

    This I would be OK with, as long as we got at least a free 5th rate of some kind as a redeemable. Maybe an Indy and a Trader Brig, so we don't have to start with nothing at all.
  10. Ahoy H.R. Matey

    How Would you Rate the Pre-Patch so Far?

    The interface is slow as balls. That's my chief complaint. I figured the lag in the old interface was due to the fact that it was a tacked-on temporary thing, but the new interface lags just as much.
  11. Ahoy H.R. Matey

    Wipe on release, 3-4 months?

    Well hell, that's something at least. Good to know.
  12. Ahoy H.R. Matey

    Wipe on release, 3-4 months?

    LOL. Well played I probably won't come back regardless, because once release happens, PvE server is going away, right?
  13. Ahoy H.R. Matey

    Wipe on release, 3-4 months?

    If ship knowledge gets wiped... I'm not coming back. Unlocked the slots twice now, don't think I can handle a third time.
  14. 8 knots to board? EIGHT? Holy balls, when I said I was happy that the speed limits for boarding were relaxed, I didn't mean they were tossed right out the window. Bad move.
  15. The amount of scope creep is astounding. Let's recap a sec. We have: - 1 brand-new ship (Diana) that is neither craftable nor purchaseable. - 1 brand-new ship with an old ship's stats (Connie Classic) that is neither craftable nor purchaseable, and also (according to admin) is due to have a stat buff to be a proper super frigate. - Oh and by the way Connie Classic MAY or MAY NOT be a DLC (even though devs know that fools like me will run out and buy it within seconds of release). - Herc and Requin that may or may not be properly balanced yet (?), and require delicate touch because people paid real $$$ for them. - Port UI waiting in the wings. - Economy patch waiting in the wings. That's a SHEDLOAD of work. Devs, I get you that y'all are supermen, but even Superman has only 24 hours in each day and 7 days in each week. Maybe, sort out the things that are already in the pipeline and people have been waiting for before even more mechanic tweakage (like structure damage, grape, major boarding changes)? Especially since the more visible changes like port UI will have a noticeable impact on how newcomers perceive the game; and the economy patch has a good chance to turn the whole world on its head because that's what economy patches do more often than not. Just sayin'. Not doubting y'all's abilities to deliver here, just questioning the focus.