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  1. Simply as the title suggests, the total combined effect of the current wind shadow position should be indicated by a dropping of the pennants and flags... It's strange they're at full flutter even when you're nearly stopped due to wind shadow.
  2. Wait, wait, wait... Doesn't every nation craft out of Vera Cruz?
  3. Can we please try to get things to scale? Sigh.
  4. These videos are fantastic... definitely worth a watch... those old, informal saw mills like this guy's are scattered across the U.S.
  5. The proposed system is similar to ideas I proposed a way back (I'd link to them but my forum posts were "disappeared"), as a precondition needed for full clan-based RvR with nations being only a backdrop. I think this is a good move, both for its intended purpose and potentially for opening up some new mechanics and systems. I applaud @admin for taking a chance on it and think it's worth testing. A couple of suggestions though... I'd still like to see a system where you could join a battle as an observer, before determining whether to engage, especially if there's reputation hits that you're weighing. Additionally, instead of just paying to reset your reputation I would like to see slow decay in reputation values. And most importantly I'd like to see positive reputation gain for consistently helping other nations, etc. I think it would also make sense to make it so a clan's reputation is the sum/average of officer reputation, and make that clan reputation tied to being able to support trade and RvR activities (including port battle entry, hostility, etc. etc.).
  6. Perhaps all you doubloon hoarders will still have value, as the means to pull woods from port-based clan missions might remain? Perhaps this will be the mechanism to get the new woods? I don't know, I'm just speculating of course.
  7. Daily redeemable ship (removed at the end of the day) for each player with a daily chest reward for something easily attainable for all players (variety of PvP and PvE mission types, both combat and trading). This would motivate people to get in ships on the open water with no fear in 4th rates and below, especially in underused, and shallow water ships. Potential scenario: Cerberus Admiralty Assignment Mission(s): Sink 1 enemy player in equal rated ship or greater (1 Gold Chest) Capture 2 LGVs (NPC or player) (1 Silver Chest) LGV Admiralty Assignment Mission(s): Smuggle 200 coal and 200 iron into enemy port (1 Gold Chest) Smuggle 100 hull repairs into enemy port (1 Silver Chest) etc.
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