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  1. Um... kinda seems closer to reality than the flat colors you're describing:
  2. You went the wrong way. Head N past Swannsborough and sail under the land.
  3. Not after the new damage model is implemented. You better be saving up those Victory Marks. Oh.. wait... 🤔
  4. Why you and I play it clearly are not what a majority of players who’ve left the game want. And I’d argue what they want is content. Solo ships for grinding some income is exactly that: content for new, casual, players.. and as long as they’re mostly outside of protected zones then it creates yet more content for hunters, sheepdoggers, etc. etc.. The old damage model and combat is the best thing about the game. Yes it’s not perfect and can always be tweaked, that’s not my contention. My point is that if we all acknowledge that the game is dying for lack of players then attracting and retaining new and more casual players through providing them content should be the only development focus.
  5. Where do you get 10 members? I think you're underestimating the number of players/alts we have. But this only happens when there is an extreme skill gap. And that's what I really don't understand. Why would anyone want to narrow the ship gap when such an extreme skill gap will just exacerbate the outcomes experienced by the new and casual players? Can anyone explain that to me? I feel like everyone magically thinks that you put the less skilled player in a bigger ship and they'll fare better. (HINT: They won't when you're forcing the more skilled player to sail the same ship!) I hope you're right but his comments about how it's a big challenge to sink a snow in a cutter with the new model, and how much he loves that makes me worried.
  6. I think you mean "week," not month. And every week. VCO between members and alts easily pulls down 180 marks a week and that's with a far reduced load of ports we hold now than we would after the initial gold rush of neutral port flipping. So I don't think amassing a couple thousand victory marks over two months is unrealistic at all do you? Except that average and new players right now can still get shit done with numbers and frigates, as opposed to having neither numbers or line ships to compete against vets in line ships under the new model! And it's that much easier right now because PvP is relatively cheap. Sigh, you should just admit you like to feel like a bad ass by sailing line ships and don't like to get ganked by players in frigates. You're one of those fan boys and that's fine. But things aren't going to change for you when you get ganked by players in line ships, other than the fact that you can't rely on a revenge fleet of frigates manned by average players to help you out. And even in your most ignorant moment you should be able to see that making life harder for new players in 6th and 7th rates, which Admin seems so proud of, who are trying to rank up by grinding AI and capping some traders, is a recipe for Steam refunds. It's just dumb.
  7. Heh, all that would prove is that poor Wraith is an average PvP'er against two, much better than average lineship captains. But I guarantee that @Christendom would lose at least a couple masts and @William Death would steal his kill in the end from Chris. Joking aside, why would you assume that a trash ship like the Victory is even close to even odds in that scenario (e.g. uneven numbers added to a significant skill gap, and a huge disadvantage in ability to bounce shots and maneuver due to ship quality and build)? This isn't the scenario I've been railing against and you know it. If it were two players of my skill in Bellonas against @William Death in that Victory then it would most certainly be in his favor. And that's the point. Currently players can make up for what they lack in skill, mods, books, and gear with numbers. And this is how it should be. Because though a clan like VCO will be sitting on thousands of Victory Marks a couple months after wipe your average casual who grinds his way up to Rear Admiral and maybe gets a few marks a week through buying them will not be able to afford to sail around line ships willy nilly, and the better captains among us will erase them off the map as soon as they do. Then? They quit.
  8. Ironically, the way @admin desribes it, its also supposed to be for no-skill but high-rank players who want to feel invulnerable just because they ground out enough play time to get into and sail a first rate solo. This is to protect them from the VCOs, ROVERs, and @William Deaths of the world who would hunt them mercilessly in smaller ships. In other words, the new damage model hurts everyone who hasn't max-ranked deeply. And most wickedly, once they've rushed to max rank it particularly disadvantages the no-skill and casuals because it will be beyond their means to recover from losing one or two of their precious first rates against said hunters who are now also sailing first rates to hunt with. Those players will then have zero options available to them (they can't revenge gank in large groups of smaller ships because first rates are completely invulnerable to them). What will they do then? Quit.
  9. I agree fundamentally with you.. as a policy I don't review any Early Access game I play as I feel like they are in Early Access for a reason and we're just testers. But I think the response that you typically see in the reviews of Early Access games, and in this regard Naval Action isn't different, is that those reviews are about the developers and development process, not the game itself. And in that regard, the Steam reviews are telling.
  10. Any chance you could break both sets of those numbers by server and players in EU and US primetimes?
  11. 6. Mass exodus of new and mid-rank players due to them getting wrecked by AI and players in slightly larger ships?
  12. Just because you say it doesn’t make it true. I can say that we’ll get a functioning, player-driven economy, proper no-, limited-, and free-for-all PvP areas, clan-managed ports and diplomacy, and all the other content that are basic MMO 101 fare before release, but that doesn’t make it true. At least while we support decisions to constantly reinvent the wheel and rework only the best parts of the game instead of focusing on the shit that’s truly broken.
  13. My Victory does 13.8..? What now? Regardless, what you’re buying into is a recipe for big ship speed meta and lots of tagging and running. That doesn’t sound like a recipe for more “Action.”
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