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  1. Wraith

    Questions about Hostility missions

    How is it even possible you've got 3000 posts on the forum and have never done a hostility mission? Time for the U.S. to flip some ports guys! Hostility missions are nothing like what "raids" should be. Hostility missions are a lazy mechanic that ultimately should disappear in my opinion. They take too much time to schedule a port battle, relative to the payoff involved. True, on-demand non-port-flipping but port-battle like events via the equivalent of "flag-pulling" should take their place. I've made plenty of posts about what those should or could look like in the past so I won't go on about it here.
  2. Wraith

    ALOHA+BF exploiting game mechanics..

    This is a stupid suggestion and doesn’t deserve the time of day. We don’t fight in an MMO to fight nameless bots who we can’t interact with. We fight for reputation, for friends and frienemeies alike, and you don’t get that by removing player to player communication. @admin neither of your nuclear options need be employed here. Just ignore it, implement your 1v1 PvP zones who want “good” fights and turn the rest of the gank zone battles into no-green free for all’s, where people will know exactly that no rules apply and all bets are off on being able to count on any other player. Simple.
  3. Wraith

    ALOHA+BF exploiting game mechanics..

    This is not an exploit in my opinion. You should hate the Patrol Zone (gank or be ganked zone), not the players in this instance. In my opinion the Patrol Zone RoE should be converted to free for all battles. You’re only there to grind damage anyway right? Because literally no one should be going to Patrol Zones looking for “good” fights, that’s just dumb. There should be no green in these fights, and if you’re done fighting, just sail off and disengage like you would have in real life. Anyone should be able to choose who and when they shoot, whenever.
  4. Wraith

    Clan management ideas

    VCO is a loose affiliation of privateers. We have the People's Shipline which has 5-10 crafting alts (though most of us and our alts are all Level 50 crafters anyway) that provide ships/repairs/cannons to whoever needs them, few questions asked. Line ships are a bit of an exception, where we currently ask for some doubloon contributions though that will probably change as they become more plentiful. Most of us who are rich donate the majority of any earnings we make in doubloons and resources directly to the clan, and those members that are still trying to level their crafting are provided resources out of the clan bank to craft whatever they need. We used to ask members to reserve a single Outpost for production of crafting materials and organize that across members so no one had to devote anything more than that, but that's almost not needed anymore as we lose so few ships, make enough money from ports to cover their costs, and are sitting on so many materials that most of us probably aren't even using all of our labor hours any more. Basically, the clan provides for all, with a minimum of demands, within reason. Only people like @William Death, who has, shall we say... expensive and edge-case tastes, are required to fend for themselves for upgrades, dueling ships, etc. The People's Shipline keeps us in PvP-ready and port battle-ready ships. We all pretty much do our own thing except when it comes time to PvP and do RvR. We have a few folks in the clan that call battles if needed, but most of us are vets, deal with comms in a superlative way which we enforce with an iron fist (almost to a person we are adults and act like it) and know each other well enough that battles are pretty quiet affairs. But voice comms are basically required for coordination of PvP and RvR. It's been this way since Early Access.
  5. Wraith

    We want outlaw battles!

    Why? That's the whole point of Outlaw Battles, it's a free for all, there is no "green," everyone is fair game to die. That doesn't mean you can't fight as a team, you just have to keep track of who's friend and who's foe by name and by flag. Furthermore, all of this handwringing about pirates using battles to hide from a superior force... if they start a battle to try to hide from you why wouldn't you jump in and sink them all anyway? Oooooh, that's right, maybe if you were camping a pirate or free port where you're afraid of revenge joiners? Well, bring your buds then or be prepared to have a brawl. This is Naval Action after all! I feel like there are a lot of misconceptions about what Outlaw Battles were, from people who never experienced them, and what they would be with the current RoE and proposed implementation. Also, why do you think it would be any different than current RoE regarding leaving and rejoining? If you get out of an Outlaw Battle, it disappears for you, there's no rejoining...
  6. Wraith

    Epic Events in shallows

    How about just 6 players in non-DLC ships vs. 5 Herc's and 5 Requins? <ducks>
  7. Wraith

    Epic Events in shallows

    In full support. +1, allow Epic Chest drops.
  8. Wraith

    Patch 29. Preliminary information

    As stated in my original proposal, you could literally sail between theaters, moving goods (doubloons and reals), ships themselves and materials trade goods if you thought they were worth the time. With a flipping theaters scenario you could either, literally, sail between the servers to move from PvE to PvP, or you could just log into the server, abandon/reestablish outposts as needed without transferring any of your possessions other than a restricted, persistent doubloon/real wallet, and carrying with you your reputation, skill books, etc. What this would effectively do is move most of the PvE, grinding-based aspects of the game, and potentially crafting as well, if ships persisted, to the Peace theater. That's where players would go to do their trading, grinding for skill books, ship knowledge, etc. if they're super risk averse. The War theater then would become the battle ground for port supremacy and ship/module building materials for the next round of Peace, and would be the only place where Doubloons drop, therefore requiring you to place contracts and wait for the next round of Peace before you could craft up your rated ships in the Peace theater or you load up a ship with Doubloons and sail it to the Peace theater from the War theater. I think that's an argument for reducing considerably the margins on trading under Peace time conditions. The biggest benefit from such a system is that you could completely do away with safe or restricted PvP zones in the War Theater. And it would knit together the PvE-only players to the PvP-only players, and everyone between by making them dependent on one another in meaningful ways without directly stepping on each other's play styles.
  9. Wraith

    Patch 29. Preliminary information

    Someone disagrees with you: I think we need to think about radical ways to provide content to players with a diversity of play styles, ranging from people solely focused on PvE to those hardcore PvP and RvR'ers and everyone between. Something along these lines would provide huge motivations for RvR and PvE (establishing good trade routes and PvE hunting grounds for the Peace theater would drive RvR during the war theater, since it will directly impact the goods, services and ships available during the Peace and War periods alike, etc.). Persistence between the theaters could be a point to consider, how much of the Peace vs. War conditions transfer besides port ownership? Do ships placed on sale during Peace stay in the shops to provide the basis for War efforts moving foward, etc.? I don't know, but it would be a point to discuss. But allowing players to "move" between servers with their skills, doubloons, and reals intact may be a very good mechanism to growing the player population and involvement in all aspects of the game world.
  10. Wraith

    Patch 29. Preliminary information

    Oh don't get hyperbolic. It doesn't do that at all. It just means that you put up contracts for doubloons (since you're swimming in reals on the PvE server) and rely on enterprising traders moving doubloons to the PvE server to sell them to fund the war effort. You can still get your precious rated ships but rely on the War server for providing the means to do so. Then every six weeks, you get basically a new map to play in. You get to re-establish new outposts, adjust trade routes to new port ownership, etc. and it creates a dynamic world for both War and Peace servers.
  11. Wraith

    Patch 29. Preliminary information

    How epic would it be if they implemented the European Map for the PvE server, allowing players to sail from one server to the other, moving/trading goods at will. Doubloons could only be earned on the War Server. And every six weeks the status War/Peace of the servers would swap, fixing for the next six weeks the port ownership of the Peace server and putting in flux the War theater for RvR?
  12. Wraith

    We want outlaw battles!

    Which is a perfect reason to give all nations Outlaw Battles, with the fixes I've mentioned in past posts (PvP-zone battle mechanics, no Outlaw Battle tagging in safe/reinforcement zones).
  13. Wraith

    We want outlaw battles!

    Exactly, this is the only fix that I think definitely needs to be put in place. Though, if the battle RoE is a normal instance it does leave open the possibility of using Outlaw Battles as an easier way to keep a fleet away from trouble during RvR (like you can do by tagging an NPC, demasting it and sailing away from the battle center, etc.). That's why I threw out the possibility of Outlaw Battles having PvP-zone, shrinking circle RoE, which would definitely discourage the use of these battle instances to "hide" from battles.
  14. Wraith

    We want outlaw battles!

    But if they're open to all, and they stay open for a reasonable amount of time, allowing the chasing team to jump in and brawl it out, then this isn't a problem, no? In fact it's just an invitation to a fight, open to all with positional joins, it's basically players saying, "Let's do this." It could literally be an on-demand, PvP zone battle. Literally with the current RoE and the timer changes you've smartly implemented in the past, the only additional change that would be needed to fix Outlaw Battles would be to make it so they can't be started inside safe/reinforcement zones.