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  1. I think this is a good idea, though, I think most big ticket items are traded this way more informally via announcements in Global, etc. But another mechanic, especially for ship orders makes a lot of sense, if it's flexible enough. I'd support it but I do fear that the effort might not be rewarded with widespread use, but who knows?
  2. One wonders how games like EvE manage with only a few minutes of downtime a day? 🙈🙉🙊 It seems to me that the entire concept of resets, RvR blackout periods, etc. are unnecessary as long as you've designed your game systems and infrastructure correctly. Battle instances shouldn't have to close upon server maintenance for the database, etc. Database operations can be done with rolling locks such that backups and optimization don't require full shutdown to accomplish it. Game patching should only take minutes to swap over to an already configured and running instance of the patched server and reconnect clients, instead of an hour of downtime, etc. etc. etc.
  3. At least we don't have to launch into an explanation about why our clan name has a number in it at every turn (HINT: Koltes was kicked out of the real BLACK just after slinking back to the game because he wanted to take over and be made leader) and had too much ego to go with a different name. That's truly laugh-worthy. And honestly, I really don't think people care all that much about us enough for us to be a laughing stock, certainly as much as you and your little band of egomaniacs have built us up to be. But hey, keep making shit up, everyone knows you got dumped from our clan and others because you're pretty much a useless "bruh" when it comes to every mechanic in this game. Though, you do sink pretty well to Spanish I hear, so maybe that's why even BL4CK keep you around?
  4. One more reason that battles should be free-for-all affairs with no "green," everyone is "red," shoot who you like and just institute a nation-based reputation system.
  5. Why do we need Isla? The bigger question, is why hasn't BL4CK? Is the possible capitulation of pirates to the Dutch and the future loss of the U.S. coast line on the menu for BL4CK now that they've just given away almost the entire Bahamas?
  6. I believe it happens when someone is undercrewed and the lowered BR in OW lets them in, but it calculates the BR in the battle list based on a fully crewed ship.
  7. As long as we're going backwards, can we also revert to the old damage model where frigates had some use beyond trolling the shallows? Larger DPS for smaller, faster reloading guns at the expense of survivability actually gave us some choice and diversity. Now we'll be back to the first rate spam and literally zero reason to sail anything other than line ships, where at least cost was a deterrent in the past. And @Vernon Merrill I don't think comparing a someone in a gold prince to a you in a standard 3/5 prince, all other things being equal, is particularly relevant... Other things held constant, a couple mods won't cover a skill gap. But I'd wager that a very large skill gap would be papered over by taking a fancy woods, hull 4, sailing 4, gunnery 4, etc. prince against you in a no port-bonus prince... And that's what we're talking about here... Where crafting bonus, plus mods, plus build quality/bonuses will almost always trump random build with crappy or no port bonuses, creating an easy source of fodder to those who are willing to risk/sail crafted ships vs. redeemed/captured. You already see this every day in the patrol zones and this is only going to exacerbate it until people still find it not worth their time to go out and sink.
  8. I'm definitely excited for this content, especially after the silliness of the implementation of NPC raids on the PvP server... But I'd rethink the above as well and make it so at least an announcement email goes out to the members of the clan who own the port. That would be incentive for port owners to be online during timer windows, etc.
  9. I think there was only one person whinging in this thread... and it sure as hell wasn't me. I was just pointing out that if you're discriminating between players and how you interact with them on the basis of their gender then you are in fact being sexist. Please re-read your own definition, and also, since you've proven you're at least capable of operating the Googler, also look up a definition for "discriminate."
  10. What evidence do you have that I'm not a woman? And why would it matter whether I, Vodka, or any of our clan identifies as a woman, man, or whatever? You should treat us all like the best of what you'd treat anyone, otherwise: sexism.
  11. That right there? Still being sexist. It doesn't matter whether any of us are women or not. Your attitude that it matters is the definition of being sexist and has no place in our communities.
  12. If you feel like being a sexist ass about a pixel game, just to make you feel like more of a real-life "man," that's your right. But all it really does is make it appear like you're old, out of touch, and compensating for something, as opposed to having fun interacting with friends with a digital pastime. But you do you...
  13. My point is that you are asking for something that many of us have asked for time and time again: the return of the duel room and small/large battles that allow for much more controlled engagements. The PvP zone, as evidenced by the lack of any changes beyond a shift to standard OW RoE, is not that place. And you moaning about how other players choose to use them as a mechanic to get one of the limiting resources in the game is just needless tears. I appreciate what you want from the game. In many cases I would like that same kind of content. But denying others the right to use the mechanics that have been given to us by the dev's just because it doesn't fit your own desires or play style is counter productive. Calling fighting as a group maladaptive is b.s. given that it's literally baked into the RoE, especially when you're being such a dismissive whingy shit about it instead of engaging in a rational dialogue. (And by the way, you shouldn't really take pride in your "performance" in that battle, Vodka was letting you farm some damage so you could get something out of the fight, instead of just boarding you and holding you there while the rest of us fed off your structure and sails, which is what we will do with glee the next time we catch you.) o7
  14. Um. Actually we were already engaged in a couple other fights there. You were just an appetizer... Your Spanish lap dogs (or is it the other way around, I'm really not sure any more?) weren't having much more fun: And do you really think the outcome would have been different if you'd brought your best ships?
  15. It's unclear to me what you expected to have happen in a PvP zone that is built on doing damage for marks? Why shouldn't we be out there in a group which maximizes our ability to do such? I'm not out there for a fair fight. If I want a fair fight I'd be arranging a duel while sitting in port, not sitting in the gank-or-be-ganked zone, and especially outside the 1v1 area, and then whinging on the forum about it when you get jumped by a group. 🙄
  16. You mean how you treated us by cheating/exploiting to steal a port out from under legitimate pirate control? Yeah, I don't think we'll forget. And also might want to take another look at the clan leaderboard today... Day 91 since the wipe and BL4CK still doing worse at PvP and more PvE than our supposed "alt" clan, yet we're still in Pirates. Sad.
  17. lol, main source of income? You have no idea how easy it is to make money if you think that a few hundred thousand a day netted from Nuevitas was important to our clan econ. You can make more in 20 minutes of cargo/passenger missions than we made from Nuevitas. Nuevitas was only unique because it didn't cost us money to own, and payed for timers/production increases on other ports. Unfortunately BL4CK won't have that advantage because few people are actually going to use it by the time (if) you manage to rebuild it since no one trusts BL4CK to actually be able to hold on to it when the inevitable PB comes. (HINT: You need to know how to cap circles to win.)
  18. Honestly.. I'm stunned that all of this nefarious b.s. by the entire clan, from the rot at the top to the lowest member involved in these incidents hasn't been ruled against already. What's going on with these Tribunals? The evidence is clear.
  19. Ooooh let's be honest there. The reason you lost a good chunk of the shallows is that BL4CK was either too busy sinking AI on some other part of the map or just plain ignorant on capping circles, with @koltes having too much pride to listen to people who knew what they were doing... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  20. I fail to understand why you'd go about making the game that much more punishing to play, when we can literally point to every major decline in player population over the years being associated with going more hardcore. Implementing something like your proposed War Company-based dynamics is so much more palatable. Nation size and the colors you fly should be almost meaningless unless you as a player want it to be important. Players should be free to ally, communicate, and fight whoever they want, wherever they want as long as they are outside each nation's capital zone (no-PvP) and neighboring counties (limited, no-loss PvP). Do away with anything other than clan identity to determine red vs. green outside of nation-controlled waters and make it the equivalent of null-sec. Everything should be free for all. Put the tools in the hands of the players.
  21. That's why true privateering and letters of marque should be a thing. Many of us approximate that by having multiple toons, so that we can PvP against multiple nations in relative peace and ease. In my opinion, nations should just be a backdrop to true, clan-based warfare.. The dev's had this in mind when they proposed War Companies a while back. Unfortunately, they abandoned it when I suspect they realized that it would be more than superficial to implement.. But I'm still convinced it would have made for a much better game as I and others envisioned and commented on it, where national identity provided some needed backdrop but for many players who don't identify with any single nation we could move and switch allegiances fluidly in order to find the best fights and opportunity as the political landscape shifted.
  22. Solid comeback. Well, that's as of this afternoon during the workday.. give them the benefit of the doubt here, surely their effort per kill ramps up during their prime time? Surely?
  23. Funny that a clan "full of alts," even after you ramped up your effort because you know you're going to need a shit ton of combat medals to rebuild said port, is still out performing BL4CK with regards to PvP? Seems about right for BL4CK logic.
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