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  1. after some weeks with the only chance to defend urself cuz u cant get inside anmy port, and this confirmed msg from a good friend in GB "Britain can field 3 pb fleets now due to Russian alts, were fine but Russia will come into it if we take Belize apparantly Anolytic and North Viking .... have GB alts now and are coordinating with their clans". I decide to take a break and let this game die fast as russians want it, 600 players online right now, say goodbye to 20+. When this game become a little bit matched with a real RvR, will revive, this 1-52 patch will be useless. SEE UUU
  2. Si quieres que tus palos duren, usa renomee y con un elite french, y te van a caer igual pero 1 min mas tarde, contra la gente que te tira bien a palos te renta mas darles la banda y comer algo de daño y hacerle a el el máximo posible.
  3. ur best memes are the polls for new ships 2 years ago, Montañés won, we still without it, was funny tye joke
  4. Glad too see good players leaving russia to minor and potencial nations like France to make this game more interesting.
  5. The last conversation with the GB diplo was about the Bastey demans to come to spain, but i think he was joking, we are attacking Prussia, cuz as trujis said, Prusians and danes attack us to supp the british nad RGK come to screen every Belize attack. Sorry for writte in english, i dont speak german 🙏🙏
  6. this server calls now, the russian vassal group, dead game
  7. Prometeo have the best memes ever, but he need the admin aproval to show us... U.u CANT WAIT
  8. BY PROMETEO, Our meme master maker
  9. i say im the best cause i combat zergs and do not join them, some days win, some days lose, but we dont surrender after a few days of pew pew and one thing u sure know, this server without spain and sweden, is pure dead, there are no enemies, all are russian vassals
  10. when u and ur guys go GB, and be 140 players at GB will attack russia or will still fighting minor nations and laugh of it? HARDCORE player! oh hello kitty, i forgot u will be russ vassals, sorry
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