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  1. Sí, lo sé. Una nación sin puerto del craftear es brutal 😰😰😰 Pero prefiero vender el permiso de Endymion en La Tortue con un buen precio y luego intentar comprar uno que crafteando con bonificación del puerto allí. En mi opinión, Un trinco construido con maderas secas es mejor que un Endymion sin bonificacións de puerto. Think of this way, bonificacións que obtener del puerto de fabricación como Verá Cruz= Aproximadamente Un northern carpenter (tripulacion)+un British gunnery (gunnery)+ un guacata (gunnery)+ un french rig refit (rigging)+ un navy hull refit (sailing)+ un British ri
  2. necesita un permiso para fabricar un Endymion. Y un barco tan caro nunca debería construirse en La Habana, que no tiene bonificación del astillero. Entonces, Puedes navegar un trinco si tienes el dlc, que te permite canjearlo cada 24 horas y están construidos por maderas secas. También puedes probar Essex, y estoy seguro de que podra craftear ese barco para ti.
  3. no fue porque yo odio intrínsecamente a Rusia. Mi obsesión con Rusia es únicamente geopolítica (de la misma manera que México está obsesionado con Estados Unidos). mirar el mapa. ¿Dónde podemos expandirnos? Solo hay dos opciones viables: (1) Rusia que controla 3/4 de nuestra frontera casi de la misma manera que Palestina está rodeada por Israel. (1) Piratas, que ahora ocupa Remedios. Por supuesto, una gran mayoría de jugadores españoles tiene más quejas contra TOXIC por la razón obvia, pero Suecia está lejos y lo máximo que pueden hacer es pvp alrededor de Baja y Cayo de Sal. Si Rusi
  4. ahora somos el "the sick man of Naval Action" como el Imperio Otomano en el siglo XIX. Como nos dicen las historias, la confianza en las alianzas y las fuerzas externas solo nunca se convertirá en una anécdota de todo: mientras seamos débiles, nunca seremos respetados por los demás, y por esa razón, los demás nunca nos ofrecerán un buen trato en la mesa diplomática. Nunca habrá ayuda genuina de Rusia porque ¿qué podríamos ofrecerles a cambio? nada!!! Rusia no es una institución filantrópica ni un Mesías que nos va a salvar de la miseria. Así como daneses, suecos y otros... Lo qu
  5. por supuesto, los desarrolladores son la gente se alegran más porque España ahora es totavia un "easy nation" para los nuevos jugadores🙃
  6. Thank you for your clarification! This is what Hell Crab told us... Relations between different clans in the Pirate faction has always been a mistery to us. It was exactly later realisation of that matter (after Mr. Gipp’s intervention) that we pulled off the attack on Cayo Romano— We were not idiots to believe that we can afford a full-scale war against Pirates, and we knew Nuevista’s time window (it’s impossible to take Nuevista if it’s defended). Here was our unfortunate situation. WTF was not giving us an offer. It was more like a blackmail or ultimatum. We have two choices: (1) if we
  7. The thing was rather complicated. From what I have understood, WTF always wanted a crafting port for themselves, and earlier this week, Hell Crab from WTF asked TVM to help them take Nuevistas, which is currently controlled by DEMON, a clan what is no longer active. In exchange, I believe we were allowed to take Cayo Romano for us, a port we court for for a long time. That led to us to place a flag on Cayo Romano on Friday. However, that pissed off RHB, who said that they would go to defend Cayo Romano should we sail our battle fleet there. So after some heated exchange between Mr. Gipps and
  8. That heavy 5th rate DLC is Trinco. Our unwillingness to buy more DLC ships also has to do with our limited parking space (30 if you have the admiralty connection dlc) and book slots (you always want to sail the ship with the most unlocked book slots for pvp). It’s almost certain that new dlc ships will generate less and less revenues for Naval Action, which is concerning. When the devs made the decision to use dlc ships as a mean to fund their programmers and continued development of Naval Action, I saw this potential issue. Now, without DLC ships, how can this game be funded now? Lowing the p
  9. The problem solved. I have just figured out how to manage my hold of my fleet ship through that grey slider. Many thanks to @Archer11 for giving instructions. But, from a realistic perspective, fleet ship should be able to at least move even if it's damaged and overloaded isn't it?
  10. Dear @Ink I think this is a bug, and I have no way to get out of this situation now. Here is how it happened. I sailed with my privateer today and captured a NPC trader snow near La Anguila (in the shallow area between Cayo del Sal and La Anguila) After exiting from the battle to the open open, however, I found my privater can't move. The ship can turn, but the speed can't go above 0 knot/hour. Because of that I am stuck in the middle of the open sea right now. Here are the screenshoots : As the screenshots show (1) I have set my sail to "full" (2) I am at the positi
  11. But the logic can also be-- since you belong to the most powerful faction in the server (a quarter to a third of the server population), you are more likely to call your clan/ faction member for help to put an even fight, which means you are less likely to be ganked. On the other hand,if you don't want to be ganked, either stay in the Gulf of Mexico or other safe zones or simply concede some ports to other factions. The goal is to add some challenging, but not immersion breaking aspects, to players from the strongest nations, like you.
  12. One of the notable aspects that break the balance in the current PvP server is the presence of one overpowered nation (currently Russia), which could steamroll any other faction at her will with her superior number of players and resources. Of course that is not the fault of players who play Russia. Even if BF and other influential Russian clans quit and join another nation, it's just a matter of time before we have another zerg nation that overruns other. What is needed is another mechanic to fix that balance. I have seen in the forum that many have called for a re-introduction of the a
  13. As long as we will not hear my Spanish sailors shouting in English in my ships
  14. Wow that is the answer. I was wondering why we Spanish captured those Mexican ports so easily with the help of our pirates friends. That is also good to balance the player base of the pacific time zone. The end of British monopoly over that can never be better. You Brits now have to be up early or very late, or sacrifice working hours like we Spaniards to defend their ports Also setting the port capture window to 10-12 no longer guarantees invincibility from captures. We now can have "relatively" more even fights with our enemies.
  15. Nice to see some insightful thoughts from our enemy. Keep the interview series. Greet from Spain.
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