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  1. First off thanks NnC for the kind words. I am torn with NA, I want to come back, more coz sailing with Armed was fun, drop, paladin, wacko etc etc, top blokes, pretty much the whole clan. And of course the broader community, many friends made. But 8pm shutdown...leaves no time between coming home from work or after restart to do anything particularly solid. I tried being a weekend warrior...but always felt a bit of a tag-a-long. I tell myself I will be back. But its a game that needs a good block of time to get the most out of...and it simply doesn't fit right now. So
  2. I am sort of hanging on a reasonable Aussie contingent appearing in the evening...if this doesn't happen soon, ill solo, the downtime is still a bit icky for us, like its sort of 8.30pm on a weeknight and the server goes down for us in 15 mins or so.
  3. Having returned home from my Global journeys the King was a bit of a royal grumpy monkey that I have stopped producing L2tK. He has sentenced me to eat and drink my own body weight in Christmas Fare, top surgeons have estimated this will take 2-3 weeks. Then I will be dispatched back to the Caribbean with quill in hand and all the well balanced reporting a one eyed man can do !
  4. Eeeep well thanks for checking....I had 19 ships to redeem, I suspect I forgot about the 2 aggies and assumed I was just upgrading to the same level. All good my bad and may Santa be kind to the Dev's. Right then...looks like I need to go earn some money.
  5. **** Late Breaking Edit **** If you are starting this thread the error was mine : I had 19 ships to redeem, so I just expanded my docks till I could....and that was a 5/5 expansion blowing an extra NINE MILLION (little finger in side of mouth) spondoolays than I had spent over on Global...may she rest in piece. **** #EndFakeError o7 lovely Dev peeps. Started the 'great' redeem and very excited to play on the one server to rule them all. I had about 4.7 million before the merge, had a max dock space, almost maxed my storage out and had ALL port permits bought and all 5
  6. @Sir Texas Sir that duel was against the right honourable Olav Deng. Ping effects 3 things, Raking, Mast Sniping and Boarding. However in general this is one of the most forgiving games for ping. Boarding using a cooldown on skills would be the only alternative (well maybe not the only...you could force both players to the same ping !!) I look forward to any new system, not so much because of my ping, its the cost of living in the most beautiful country in the world....but because the system seems to 'jar' with the rest of the game, both in style and look
  7. Isn't life an odd old thing. 6 hours after I posted this the announcement of a 'one-server' to rule them all with PB timers comes out. No link inferred, just delicious timing. Mumma, I am coming home. L2tK will be back with news from the Caribbean :).
  8. Well !! Looks like I am coming home again. On the surface sounds a good compromise for the Nightflip melarkie and means I can sail with some of my old mateys again. I had just about given up since globals shutdown killed the Oceanic community and EU excluded us from RvR. So this holds some hope.
  9. With shutdown as it is, I simply cannot play during the week as such my updates are EVEN lower quality than normal...so for the time being L2tK is on hiatus. Thanks for all the fish.
  10. Not the busiest of weeks in NA this week, a handful of free-ports snaffled up, some strong Pirate Defence and a bit of a port swapathon around the Antilles.
  11. Tonights ep will be tomorrow due to surprise house guests....so...if anyone has a screenie of La Navasse that would be good.
  12. The Dutch push the Swedes back, the Brits continue to dominate the port count but there was probably more action in Legends than on Global this week.
  13. I wish had decimated them...decimation gets rid of 1 in 10...its all but obliterated them.
  14. He's baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack Sweden rises, the cloggies cometh and even the French are having a crack, Pirate woes with the British Foes and the 'Mericans make hay. Also BIG Naval Action Legends news.
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