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  1. Accusations of hacking and cheating outside of tribunal (and must be supplied with video proof) are not permitted. Get back on topic please.
  2. Please right click and report. Thank you.
  3. This has gone well off topic. Noted and locked.
  4. Wouldn't this increase incidents of intentional green on green damage with perpetrators claiming they didn't realize it was a friendly? I like the removal of player names, but would still like an obvious green or red tag for anti-abuse purposes.
  5. There are no plans for an offline version of this game that I'm aware of. There is a lot going on behind the scenes.
  6. Fun gameplay with features attractive to players > historical accuracy in this case. Obviously we don't want Pirates of the Caribbean flame throwers and sea serpents/crazy stuff, but considering there is no baltic area where Russian ships might be present, considering that I believe at least one ship design in the game is of Russian origin, and stipulating that we have a Nation of Pirates where it should just be individual ships without much infrastructure, it's ok to have a Russian faction.
  7. I have escalated this in Development chat.
  8. Report Player was Bugged yesterday. So i opend it up in the Tribunal.

    1. Henry d'Esterre Darby

      Henry d'Esterre Darby

      Got it, I'll point it out to the devs.  Thanks.

  9. I don't think anything in there rises to the level of Tribunal. Please use the chat report function next time.
  10. Please provide specific on-topic feedback on flags to this thread: Please provide suggestions for new/additional flags that were not implemented in Patch 28 to this thread:
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