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  1. There's a far better way to ask this question. No need for further discussion, Game Labs' staff are doing what they need to to stay safe and healthy.
  2. Hello Sir Darby..How do i delete this account? appreciate the help.


  3. Side discussion moved here: Please keep this on topic. Only post if you have evidence of wrong doing or evidence that clears the accused. Thank you.
  4. That's a pretty good point. I think as long as aircraft can't be used as an IWin button, they'd be ok. The key is making them useful without making it a win requirement to have more functioning carriers in your fleet than the opponent.
  5. Adding float planes to appropriate ships for spotting and recon purposes, yes. Adding aircraft carriers, no. The carrier was the death of the battleship (and of ships with heavy artillery in general). They represented a sea change in warfare and made heavy, lumbering behemoths obsolete. I personally wouldn't want to see carriers in a game about dreadnoughts.
  6. Correct, but they lost a TON of penetration power by doing so due to the deceleration. Most balls that were skipping would fail to penetrate as far as i can tell from my readings.
  7. Report (right click the person's name and choose report) anything that breaks the rules. The more reports on a person, the more likely it is they'll be silenced. Thank you.
  8. Joking in feedback threads is an extremely poor idea. Read it as ALMOST NOBODY then. Either way, it's not the common occurrence people make it out to be.
  9. Acting as a community means: Follow the forum and game rules.- and just about the rest of what I'll put here is right there in those rules. Be respectful to each other, but more importantly to the owners of the forum and their staff. See something that is anti-social or a violation of the rules, report it. Moderators can't review every single post every single hour - often if one person is getting away with something and someone else is not, the first person just isn't being reported. Be constructive. NOBODY has EVER been banned simply for disagreeing with the game's direction or a decision that was made. Everyone banned that I've seen was breaking one of the rules, in most cases more than once or egregiously. You don't have to even try to find thousands of examples of people disagreeing with decisions or not liking features and they're all still here. I don't know of too many areas of life where you can act like a jerk while demanding things and get what you want. If you think the way to effect change is to be abusive and abrasive, you're going to be sorely disappointed (and you won't be posting here for long).
  10. He's only asking that people use the report button when they see bad behavior. Nobody is expected to be on 24/7, but if you see someone breaking the rules, report the post. It will get acted upon.
  11. Cleaned up. Thread will remain closed pending comment by Game Labs. Reminder:
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