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  1. This is definitely the time for all of the people who complain that newcomers don't stick around/complain about server population to show some gentlemanly behavior and ensure that newer, clueless folks are having fun. Beat them if you must, but do it in a way that doesn't ruin their night and first impression.
  2. Ink, I've seen this too. Seems like there is a 5-10 minute period if you have a machine crash or loss of power where there is no running game in your processes, but the launcher says you're already playing the game and suggests you change your password.
  3. To be fair, National News is rarely moderated unless the violation is egregious. We let a lot of insulting and banter go in there. I keep my in-game personae completely separate from my forum personae. It makes accusations of bias far easier to disprove. That said, we're volunteers who play the game. Just because there is a green name in game doesn't mean they have to drop everything to moderate - volunteers get to quietly enjoy the game too. The report function in game is there for a reason - using it gets far better results than demanding a moderator intervene.
  4. There are always claims, whether a specific rule pointout is provided or not. People love to claim everything, logic doesn't factor into it.
  5. Missing stays has some serious consequences in the real world unfortunately. What a terrible loss.
  6. Thanks for the clarification! Waiting on developer response then.
  7. 800x600 seems a bit small to be playing this game. Can you use a higher resolution?
  8. Ahhhh, got it. Well, the word "epic" is in the title no???
  9. United States is the older, less accurate Constitution model.
  10. Copied this rule here as it applies both in game and in these forums.
  11. Next up we'll start issuing warnings. You've reported what you believe is a problem, it's been communicated, it will be reviewed, and if necessary, actions taken. This repeated opening of threads isn't doing anything to speed things up.
  12. We have enough topics about this. Stop making new ones about the same incidents.
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