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  1. The actual, actionable complaint has been made and discussed. Under review. All other parties are on notice that massively off topic posting will result in warnings in future.
  2. OP found a group. All is well in the world. Next time let’s keep it on topic mmmmkay?
  3. Try putting your first two points into the original thread. Leave out the flame-fest. Discussion of moderation is prohibited, as is insulting Developers and Staff. I was nice the first time and didn't warn you, or other wise sanction you, don't try to circumvent moderation again please.
  4. And to be clear @sterner, this game looks like it will be a TON of fun.
  5. According to ye olde Wikipedia, Rodney was in command of a superior force and was pursuing Lángara. Rodney's fleet overtook Lángara and engaged from a leeward position to deny Lángara the opportunity to duck into a friendly port and therefore escape . That leeward position also denied Lángara's larger vessels from utilizing their gundeck due to heel and the seas at the time - I'm not sure if that was also a consideration or just a happy accident as a result of denying Lángara the ability to shelter under shore guns.
  6. Depends. If you were ferrying troops a relatively short distance to conduct a landing operation you might pack the ship to the gunn'ls with troops. Bear also in mind that in operations of this nature, the ship's marines and sailors also took part in the landing and fought. That's not to say that 300 is too many for a brig.
  7. This is not the place to discuss "motives" - this is the support forum. If a feature isn't working or a user needs help, their motives are not germane. Motives are for feature feedback and other general discussion. Thank you for understanding.
  8. @Neads O'Tune This is a valid complaint about the RoE. Please allow Admin and the OP to get any issues settled out. Thank you.
  9. Let's keep the suggestions legitimate please.
  10. Since we can't seem to get by without insulting each other every post, locked.
  11. Accusations of hacking and cheating outside of tribunal (and must be supplied with video proof) are not permitted. Get back on topic please.
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