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  1. I really miss the storm battles. Tons of challenging fun.
  2. Do you have any copies of detailed deck/sail plans, performance data, etc?
  3. I like the idea of this, but without discussion or actual content, what is the point? Maybe try again by actually posting quotes or images to generate discussion.
  4. Alright, moving on to less personal, more general/clan based memes please. Rule #3 is an instant suspension or worse. Two of those is a full forum ban - we're not going to tolerate that crap here.
  5. That you're not a game developer and shouldn't have made promises you can't keep?
  6. We can stop at thanks. Save real world politics and other real world discussions for other forums please. Thank you all, hope everyone is doing well.
  7. It's trivial C# code - I'll be happy to make it available to @admin free of charge.
  8. Don't make me close this again. Keep it civil, constructive, and friendly. Anyone derailing this or violating forum rules again will be warned.
  9. Not at this time. Reports are aggregated, and when enough are logged against a particular person, a developer reviews the reports and then takes appropriate action.
  10. This topic has been done to death, and it always ends up with name calling and disrespectful behavior. Timers are there for reasons which have been repeatedly tested, tried, and proven.
  11. Hopefully it will be back up soon.
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