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Found 24 results

  1. 07/05/2020 (Próximamente la actualización traducida del desarrollo del juego) Actualización planificada de la infraestructura del servidor, del 17 al 20 de mayo 18.05.2020 01:00 UTC+2 - 18.05.2020 5:00 UTC+2 (Horario Peninsular)20.05.2020 01:00 UTC+2 - 20.05.2020 5:00 UTC+2 (Horario Peninsular) La actualización no tiene por qué afectar a la disponibilidad de los servidores para los jugadores. Noticia original-> May 17th - 20th Éste hilo (y sus mensajes, como el informativo ahora mismo propuesto) será actualizado posteriormente, con intención informativa. Sufrirá modificaciones, y será variable. Añado para los moderadores del foro Español. Si veo que éste hilo se sale de su propósito original, pediré formalmente que se elimine, o en su defecto, eliminaré cualquier información que sea requerida.
  2. His Most Catholic Majesty The King of Spain And of the Oriental and Occidental Indies Announces Through His Viceregal Representatives The Most Noble and August Clan: VLTRA Henceforth and without exception VLTRA refuses to deal diplomatically with the any and all clans of the British faction except through means of war. There will be no surrender accepted, no quarter given and no line that will not be crossed in our pursuit of nothing less than the complete destruction of this faction's capacity for RvR. VLTRA had previously been at war with the British and were aware of their weaknesses. VLTRA held off attacking ports for several weeks because of this and entered into several talks with representatives of the British Council. Balancing the desire for PvP and wanting to ensure that player bases aren't adversely affected is difficult. There are always times when things could be done better but we always tried to enter negotiations in good faith and in a way that would be healthy for our new server. What happened today was disgraceful and the lack of any British Council presence in their Nation Chat or Global Chat condemning what at the very least is against the spirit of the game is something that should give the faction much to reflect upon. Alea Iacta Est. PLVS VLTRA
  3. Sine we won't see the servers tied back together like they use to be linked to steam accounts. I would suggest that we be allowed to transfer our current chars on War server to Peace serve so we can keep all our books and learned ship knowledge if we decide we want to play on that server instead after wipe. I mean why is it fair they get to keep all this and we on War that worked hard don't get to keep anything? The other thing would be to tie you xp learned on each serve to our steam account again. So some one can level upon Peace server if they want and than go war over on war server. The only problem with this is that you would have to completely wipe Peace server to work.
  4. I got to thinking about the War and Peace servers and since it seems that they want to make one server extreme peace and the other extreme war and not a mix of PvP/PvE for the most part. How about we upon release have the two servers linked account wise with just you level? So if you want to level up in peace you can, but if you want to jump over and enjoy some war action you still can at that level, but still have to get your ships and supplies. Of course most folks might just use redeemable DLC ships this way. This will make many players happy that don't want to deal with constant ganking or might not have time for a dragged out battle but could go kill some AI for a little xp. Of course all gold/reals, Doubloons and other things will still be locked per account. I would even go back to share labor hours so you can only use them on one or the other or until your out. There are a lot of players that like PvP, but just don't want it forced upon them. This might even encourage the PvE guys to play some on the War server cause they can still go back to peace side and level up on there own. The down side to this is that upon release both servers you will be wiped to zero xp and have to start over.
  5. o7, I am hereby speaking for the Dutch High Council that we decided to officially declare war on the Swedish clans of HRE and CABAL. We decided this after multiple attacks on our interests. I am talking about: 1. Swedish capturing La Blanquilla port in Dutch waters and hunting Dutch ships in our waters. 2. Attack on our ports in the west. 3. These Swedish clans have been actively fighting against French clans that we see as allies. 4. These Swedish clans have been actively fighting Prussian clans (our allies) in our own waters, close to Maracaibo. So to sum it all up, CABAL and HRE have been actively attacking us and our allies. Because of this we are obliged to declare war. We will show them what we do with traitors to the Royal Dutch Provinces. Dutch Clans behind this declaration of war: PERVS, GU, GWC, BFLL. Luctor et Emergo
  6. Like many others, I feel that it may be time to re-think the balance between nations and clans to increase PvP and get a more realistic, yet fun take on pirates, piracy and privateering. The following suggestion is long, but I will try to maintain an easy overview, so you’ll be able to skip through most of it and get the general gist of the idea. Similar suggestions have already been posted by Redii and Vazco – I recommend reading them too. Nations (For the history-buffs): We are many players who would like to keep nations in-game. I believe that the removal of nations will have a huge effect on the player numbers since the player-base is split 50/50 between gamers and history-buffs. We have to return to the original nations and remove the new ones… Poland, Prussia and Russia have no place in the Caribbean in this timeframe. Life for a non-clan national player will look like this: Features: Safe from internal conflicts . Can PvP versus other nations and is NOT safe from foreign PvPers (Unless in safe-zone). Cannot initiate RvR. Can only join PBs against foreign nations (If allowed by attacking PvP-clan). Cannot own ports. National Clans (For the gamers): A player who decides to join or create a clan can choose between the following types of clans: Features: PvE-Clans (For Safe-zone players + crafters/traders needing a community): Safe from internal conflicts. Can PvP versus other nations and is NOT safe from foreign PvPers (Unless in safe-zone). Cannot initiate RvR. Can only join PBs against foreign nations (If allowed by attacking PvP-clan). Can change clan status to PvP-Clan. Cannot own ports. Merchant flag to distinguish them in battle PvP-Clans (For RvRers): Can declare wars and fight internally against other PvP-Clans. Can initiate RvR against other PvP-Clans from all nations including their own. Cannot change clan status to PvE-Clan. Ability to own and manage ports like today. Pirate flag when attacking an enemy clan from same nation (Like smugglers flag). Officers can grant letters of Marque (See Pirates). No safe-zone protection. Pirates (For the Solo-players): Pirate players will have the same features as national players apart from the following: Features: No safe-zones. Operates out of free-ports. Complete open PvP, pirate vs pirate is possible.. no mercy. Cannot own ports. Cannot initiate RvR. Letters of Marque to participate in PvP and RvR alongside Nations. Can form clans/communities with no special features A special feature is the introduction of Letters of Marque – it will allow pirates to sail under a national flag and participate in RvR/PvP as mercenaries. Letters of Marque will be granted to the pirate by a national PvP-clan officer and will last until server-maintenance. A holder of a Letter of Marque will be under the protection of the clan that granted it and thus functions as a clan-member until it expires (without tag and chat). This means that the pirate can still be attacked by clans hostile towards the clan that granted the letter but will be unable to attack national players from the nation protecting him. A text displaying the words “Letter of Marque” will be visible where smugglers flag is today, the pirate will be allowed to dock at any national port but unable to use the shop. Kind Regards, Percival Merewether EDIT: Updated with @Slim Jimmersons suggestions.
  7. After another battle yesterday that we lost due to some tactical, i had thought that the french were getting a bit braver again. However this morning i see that another french port has been put on a timer of 03:00 to 06:00. It seems that not only in battle but also in the whole RvR, the only thing they can do is run away froom a fight. We all know their kiting tactics but now we can even be kited in a port battle because of the absurd timers. Our friends the french declared very formally a war with GB but honestly if you only put your timers at times our better players arent on it can only be that you are scared to fight. Meet you on the battlefield, I hope ....
  8. Current Agreements: USA ==> War Great Britain ==> Civil War Sweden ==> Even more War! Dutch ==> Tiny WAR against their 2 players! Denmark ==> Dismast War against @TommyShelby! Spain ==> Russian Vassal so Total War! Prussia ==> WAR! Russia ==> Extreme Total War to the MAX! France ==> Russias spare Vassal so Total war to the MAX! Pirates ==> WAR! Poland ==> WAR! If you want to talk politics go play a different game that is not about war.
  9. There is currently no place for the EU server where people not involved in inner diplomatic circles can know the newest diplomatic developments, so I thought I just start this thread until something better will be set up. As you will see, its pratically a copy of the Global servers thread by Teutonic. I have no connections or information channels yet since Im pretty new to the game, so please inform me here or ingame about any wrong information or new developments. I will try to get more involved going forward, but if somebody already good connected wants to take over this thread, he or she is very welcome! Altough I know there are already agreements, I've set default War? until I get otherwise notified. If there are crucial specifications to the respective agreement, please inform me so that I can clarify the description. I will try to update this thread accordingly as regularly as I can. Also, please feel free discuss the feasability of the following format! As I said its just copy and pasted. Format will be as follows: War -- A significant proportion of clans (either per number or size) has officially declared war against the other nation, with a clear wargoal (f.e. to take certain ports). Hostile -- There hasn't been any official statements/declarations of war, but there are frequent attacks and conquests. Neutral -- There are neither (regular) hostilities, nor any additional agreements made. Agreements -- Trade agreements, NAPs, NIPs, Port Agreements, or other limited agreements will define this slot. Description will specify the agreements content. Alliance -- An Alliance is made when a significant proportion of clans (either per number or size) within a nation are in agreement. Greyed Out -- means there is additional confirmation needed. Clans Agreements: If a Clan wishes to have agreements be made public, they may do so, otherwise nothing is official. Ideally, each agreement-info-comment is described by the respective nations, clans and specifications involved. See the SAPA-post. I'll give a short description á la Format above and will then link your comment so anybody interested can look at the details of different involved parties, etc. Maybe this way we can pass by the problem, that diplomacy is essentially Clan-based. Politics/Diplomacy United States of America Verenigde-Provincien : Neutral Espana: SAPA[c] France: War? Great Britain: War? Denmark-Norge: Hostile Sverige: Neutral Pirates: SAPA[c] Verenigde-Provincien United States: Neutral Espana: Hostile France: Neutral Great Britain: Trade Denmark-Norge: Hostile Sverige: Neutral Pirates: Hostile Espana Verenigde-Provincien: Hostile United States: SAPA[c] France: Neutral Great Britain: Hostile Denmark-Norge: Hostile Sverige: Neutral Pirates: SAPA[c] France Verenigde-Provincien: Hostile Espana: Neutral United States: War? Great Britain: War? Denmark-Norge: Hostile Sverige: War Pirates: War? Great Britain Verenigde-Provincien: Trade Espana: Hostile France: War? United States: War? Denmark-Norge: Hostile Sverige: Hostile Pirates: War? Denmark-Norge Verenigde-Provincien: Hostile Espana: Hostile France: Hostile Great Britain: Hostile United States: Hostile Sverige: Hostile Pirates: Hostile Sverige Verenigde-Provincien: Neutral Espana: Neutral France: War Great Britain: Hostile Denmark-Norge: Hostile United States: Neutral Pirates: Neutral Pirates Verenigde-Provincien : Hostile Espana: SAPA[c] France: Hostile Great Britain: Hostile Denmark-Norge: Hostile Sverige: Hostile United States: SAPA[c] Regards! Merijn Van Roij
  10. We the members of The American Outlaws remove ourselves for the oppressive rule of NPG and the so called "US Congress". Their leadership has made the nation weak. From here on out let it be known that TAO will forever fight for the rebuilding of a once great nation and power. This is a call to all clans and players to join us and know that we will NEVER RUN from a fight. No matter how many hateful things are said towards us we will never run from the Nation. We will never give up the fight. As TAO continues to grow and gather support all that stand in our way in rebuilding the once great US Nation will be sunk. Join us by either becoming a part of TAO or by forming a Coalition of Clans. Let us fight side by side. For Glory, For the Reward, For the Fun. Rebuilding the US nation will help return server to a good level of action and population.
  11. Hostilities are hereby to commence against the US Nation to lay claim to the territories residing in the Gulf of Mexico. Talks earlier this week between representatives of both Nations were successful and an agreement between the Gulf ports was established. Due to certain leaders within the US publicly disclosing and discussing the terms of this agreement within nation and global chat, the British clans now find the US nation in violation of this deal and now move to declare war. In the the name of His Britannic Majesty, The following clans hereby declare war on the US Nation: WAR LOVE GA TF VCO AUSEZ ARMED ELITE SLRN AHOY DOGZ (Feel free to comment below if your clan was left out) -------- Hostilities will cease when the Gulf has been returned to it's rightful owners. God Save the King!
  12. Thinking about marks and mechanics, here's the problem I see right now: There is no particular pressure the game puts on anyone to attack. Maybe I want more marks but I can get them next week just as easily as today. We're going to sit back until we have 537 First Rates and then we're ready. What we need is war pressure. I need to attack you today. Today, with this half built fleet and store-bought Surprises. TODAY. NOW. READY OR NOT, HERE WE COME. To that end, what if ports generated contention against each other automatically? Neighboring areas just contend with each other all the time simply for existing. It can be influenced by players through various means (particularly to adjust the time it's going to land) but even with 0 player activity, ports A and B are putting contention on each other. So the British and the French didn't really want to fight over Haiti. They weren't quite ready. Only 487 First Rates built up, not time to attack yet. But now there's a port battle scheduled because of automatic contention generation and any couple of random British newbies who blunder in there are going to take the place over unless some French defend it. And, you know, here's this small British clan who wasn't much into RvR or contention flipping but you know, since the port battle is right there, just inviting them in, why not give it a go? Better bring more French defenders now. And who wants to leave those poor British fledglings by themselves? Might just bring a few first rates, just for a show. So the French better bring some too.... The game basically pushes us into port battles. This is also a mechanic for upsetting alliances. You'd better have 100% of your team on board with that Pirate-Danish alliance because when natural contention generates a port battle between them, it's not going to take much to turn that into a flip....and then maybe another flip....and another. Sooner or later someone is going to have to take real action. Conquest marks encourages defense. I think we need generated pressure to encourage offense.
  13. W.I.P. history on Naval Action will be coming when EA hits. Preparing at the moment, maybe ill get some pre-EA pilot posts but nothing worth looking at. Read this topic for additional info http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/7975-is-there-a-way-to-curb-these-english-devils/ .
  14. Greetings, I am merely wondering why you can first vote for a War with a Nation and then suddenly vote for a Alliance with the same nation. Either you want a War,Peace or a Alliance with a nation and not all 3 at once... That it silly and should not be allowed within the system. Furthermore.... I think its time to change the Politics to stop this 2 block system. Its a stalemate system atm forcing nations to either choose Block 1 or 2 or risk getting bullied by both both blocks and its boring. We need a more dynamic system that allows for changes in stances between nations to allow for more player driven diplomacy. To enable this we need to be able to have a Peace status, Hostile Status and a Neutral/Trade partner status with other nations. War and Alliances should be voted upon. The same for a Peace treaty with a Hostile/War nation. Neutral is any Nation which you have no Treaty with atm. A Peace treaty allows for a reset on hostilties between nations. A Trade agreement may be implemented to allow trade between nations without the use of Smuggling. Stances between Nations! War = Total War, Ships of this nations is tagged as Red on OW and should ofc be targeted to earn points to increase hostility levels and deny the enemy any resources/aid. Peace = Marked as Non Hostile(Blue colour?) on OW and cannot be attacked unless caught smuggling in hostile home waters. Can aid in battles vs Pirates/Privateers. Alliance = Total Friendship, Ships from this nation is marked as Green and can aid in hostile/friendly operations and battles. Cannot be targeted even if caught with smugglers flag in hostile waters. Neutral = Marked as Grey on OW, may be attacked in Hostile home waters and in friendly waters when caught smuggling. Repeted agressions towards a single neutral nation will raise hostility towards that nation and mark you as a privateer for players of that nation thus alerting to them that you are a danger / open target. Perhaps to be able to attack neutral nations you need to obtain a letter of marque from a nation that is hostile towards that nation. Now to restrict the formation of large power blocks we should limit the number of alliances to 1 per nation at any given time(unless we have a developer event that changes it for developer reasons) and peace restricted to 1 nations depending on Voting between nations and very limited extra 1 from a change of status from War/Hostile for a very limited time after hostilities ends and it will change to Neutral. This should lead to some interesting diplomacy talks and perhaps war/peace status to be more fluent then it is now. Ofc checks to stop the 2-3 biggest nation to ally and just stomp out the other nations 1 by 1 need to be implemented. Neutral is the stance towards most other nations, allowing trade access to neutral ports with a taxation unless you have smugglers flag enabled. Pirates should ofc be free to attack anyone they wish and if they obtain a letter of marque they should be able to aid the providing nation vs the nation(s) they have a letter from in OW operations but not in port battles, but be able to do organised raids vs the nation(s) they hold letters for with the aid from the providing nations (Limit the % of participation of non pirate players to stop potential abuse), also pirates with letters of marquee should be able to use certain ports from the nation provides the letters to stage attacks from and resupply. A Pirate with a letter of marquee should be marked as Blue vs players from the nation that provided the letter. Pirates should also be able to do raids vs any nation without any aid from Non pirate players. These are just a starting point to start a discussion on ways we can improve the game and the diplomatic system that is boring atm due to the 2 blocks... With regards Jason Niagara
  15. 800+ hours played over last 6 months and I do not understand the Politics function and effects of voting for War/Enemy/Alliance. Could someone walk me through how it works or provide a link to an explanation, please. For example: Couple days ago, US allied with GB and Netherlands. Saw hundreds of votes for continued Alliance with GB. Heard unofficial chatter that US/GB Alliance about to go down. This morning, woke up, Discovered GB and US now Enemies. Questions: Is this overnight flip triggered by anti-Alliance Player votes, or lack of Player votes to overcome some time limit on existing Alliances? Would some one explain how an Alliance can flip so quickly? What is the weight of each Player's 7 votes up or down? What percentage of total Players actually votes each round? You do know that many Players are completely unaware of the Politics button, and report never having looked at the Forums? And why there is no transition period of "Declining Relations" or "Repairing Relations" before the flip? Please help me understand this puzzle. ~ HK ~
  16. I do not know if this is already suggested, I could not find any posts. Good day to you captains, I think we should have two national channels, one economy channel (trading etc.) and one for warfare (pb, spotting etc.) The server really needs this to stop the everyday drama that is the national chat, pvp and pve whining about not helping eachother and everything just turns into a salty flaming fest. With two seperate channels there will no longer be players screaming like they're on a market selling their goods through warfare commands and such. - Hornigold
  17. Over the last few weeks its become apparent to me that the current diplomacy system is not managable. On 2 occasions I have seen our coalition forge alliances with coalitions in other nations only to have them undermined by a single clan that nobody can police or punish. 2 sides enact diplomacy and then any clan who refuses can strike out at the other nation from protected ports making them invulnerable to being attacked back but free to attack eventually disolving the entire alliance see RAE in the alliance of spain/britain. In my opinion the clans that go rogue and attempt to disrupt alliances by attacking ports while hiding in protected territory are not to be punished they are only doing what the game allows them to do. That being said the system makes no sense and creates heartache for hundreds of players because of as little as 25 who decide that's what they want to do. The following is my solution to the current problem, I believe it will encourage clans to cooperate and forge lasting alliances while at the same time allows internal clans and coalitions to rise up and go to war with each other within a nation creating more than the current diplomatic landscape of 7 Factions because it allows endless sub factions to fight each other within factions creating complex cross nation and internal nation politics. 1. Each nation should have somewhere between 5 and 12 uncapturable ports. These may or may not need to be in the same location but could even allow nations to branch out creating divisions in the nation map lines by for example spain might have a cluster of 4 uncapturable ports at la habana and 4 uncapturable ports at cartagena de indias giving them access to all their resources in both locations and allowing new players to those locations to never be oppressed and chased out of the game before they even get to see whats good about it. I would put some kind of industry negative production buff on those ports somewhere between 50-75% output so players are encouraged to setup buildings in capturable ports but worst case scenerio they at least have somewhere to fall back and create industry and can never have their individual fun or warfare capabilities reduced beyond a certain point. There would always be hope of turning a fight around knowing the flame of your nation cannot be completely extinguished beyond repair. 2. Clans should own any ports their members are Lord Protector for with control over who may dock. Docking access options would allow lord protectors or clans to set who may dock in their ports. Example if the port is British there would be a checkbox to allow all british players to dock at this port, to allow other specific other nations to dock at this port, to allow certain clans from any nation to dock at this port and of course to deny certain clans from any nation to dock at this port. It's more likely that this setup would be tedious and best managed by the clan leader rather then each lord protector but it could be good for a lord protector to have his own override control allowing him to create custom docking setup in the event a clan wants to establish a cooperative dock for members of another nation without giving them access to all the clans ports, this could be for war reasons or trade reasons but offers a more interesting political landscape as well as diplomatic options and cooperation. 3. Clans should be able to form physical alliances with clans from other nations that cannot be broken by individual members and must be disolved or withdrawn from by the head of clans. This allows certain clans to work together without being undermined by other clans from their nation or individuals within their own clans. It encourages advanced complex politics of clans in one nation working with other clans or mercenaries from other nations to help achieve their own personal agenda. 4. Clans should be able to go to war against clans or players within their own nation. By allowing clans to go to war against others in their own nation the larger nations like britain and usa can be more divided internally as they fight for power within their nation. The current politics are rather stagnant with huge 2 side wars drawing every nation into them simply because of lack of options there are only 7 factions and only so many combinations of diplomacy even less based on the player base of certain nations. 5. Add far more ports to the game With nations potentially fighting internally and having 2-3 sets of uncapturable port clusters allowing the 7 nations to have 14-21 stronghold locations there would be far more division around the map and more places for clans to find their own little corner of the world to control. In the event all servers are merged more ports will certainly keep it interesting. 6. Add more resource production and npc trade ships/convoys to freeports. I would like to see freeports producing every resource presumably via trade but allowing and even encouraging pirates to setup in freeports and migrate away from their 'pirate empire' to claim a small corner somewhere and make money striking fear into merchants and clans operating in the region while treating the freeport almost like a pirate cove. Freeports might even allow players to create any industry rather then restricting them however such buildings would have a far higher extraction cost and lower production making them possible but only in a dire situation or when you have no other ports nearby and not very effecient. 7. Do not allow level 3 shipyards in freeports. With rogue clans and pirates setting up in freeports i don't believe they should be able to build 3rd rates and above in such secure territory. I would see a game where pirates are encouraged to move into freeports and harrass areas but i do not believe they should be able to wage all out war from freeports like unloading massive rate fleets to screen nation wars for cash. 8. Add a set of building upgrades for the Lord Protector allowing him to collect a portion of trade/market taxes, improve garrison soldiers and fortifications. This just creates a benefit to controlling ports and encourages internal power struggles as well as clan cooperation to upgrade the defenses of important ports at huge expense. 9. Add custom clan icons inside the port circles and recolor the circle background to match the nation color, also make pirates and danes ports more distinguishable. To create a sense of expansion and ownership and to watch clans spread across a region it would be cool to see all the icons on the map inside the circles to watch clans expanding their borders. 10. Allow a lord protector to transfer his title to any other player in the game. Sometimes deals are struck or players no longer want to play. We currently have a player with 8 ports who quit and we can no longer touch those timers, allow a quick method to transfer the title of Lord Protector to another player remotely for the purpose of diplomacy as well as leaving players or those taking vacation. Some members simply don't want to manage their port timers these members should have the option to relinquish the title to another clan member who will. 11. Display port timers and dock access on the map including friendly port timers. I'm sick of making defensive and offensive photoshop maps of port timers and updating a port timer spreadsheet for our clans 40 ports it's a game not a job, why not give us that information on the map itself so i don't need to keep building them. 12. Allow a 25 player pb fleet and give them priority access to a port battle When fighting around populated areas we've have found clanless players in low level ships are jumping into port battles before experienced clan members in powerful ships can get in if the Port Battle fills it disrupts the entire attack. Allow for a 25 player 'raid' fleet or something that simply marks other fleet members visually and secures a place for each player in a flag carriers raid fleet for 3-4 minutes. Allowing them to get into a port battle before public players nearby can join. The same could also be done for members of a clan who own a port that are defending. 13. Flags may only be purchased in nation starting ports or your clans owned ports. Also flags may only be planted during 2 hour window and last until end of window. Currently the longest you can be forced to defend is 4.5 hours if your port window is 22-24 and the enemy buys a flag at 23.59 and holds it until 00.59 to plant you may then be stuck in a battle for another 90 minutes. Meaning that even though your defensive watch started at 10pm you could be forced to defend until almost 2.30 in the morning. I believe this could be reduced to 3.5 hours while allowing flags to be run further then they currently can. If the flag lasts for the duration of the 2 hour window buying it at the start of a window would give you 2 hours to attack allowing your fleet to travel further. While also enforcing that the enemy must plant the flag during the window means you wont be stuck up an extra hour if they choose to buy it at the last minute. This system could be tweaked even further if say the capture window was 2.5 or 3 hours long but the battle ended at the end of the capture window. Meaning their time inside the port was not a flat 90 minutes but based on how early they get into the port to start the battle, waiting too late could cost the fight. This also reduces the amount of time required to defend and makes it more accessible to casual gamers to participate and doesn't require players to stay up past reasonable hours. These changes are not designed to be historical but are suggested to improve the game and make it far more enjoyable for everyone to play the current system is burning players out and they are leaving we need a more interesting system where politics shift faster and more locally/internally from far more factions making the game more interesting and less frustrating with people in your own nations that you can't attack.
  18. "It is with a heavy heart that I write to you my King, Fernando VII de Borbón, that without reinforcements from España herself our control in the Caribbean is crumbling to American and British aggression. Weaker willed Spanish sailors actively defect as our losses grow daily, our outposts in Panama and Mexico fall uncontested, and Cuba itself lies under the dominion of two foul enemies who gleefully wish to see our Catholic brethren slaughtered and drowned. I have tried admirably to reverse our misfortunes here: We have captured American traders and sunk those who precariously wandered closer to Habana alone, Even gone so far as to reclaim our rightful lands mere minutes from La Habana, sinking naval craft out of our class with what few numbers we could muster, But even as we reclaim these lands and poke the beast, the Americans smell blood and have no qualms overwhelming our small armada with massive numbers and impressive ships... ...they prioritize us as their primary target, even as they ignore the British and Piratas staunching their claims to the Bahamas. Every step Spain takes forward in the Caribbean, we are forced to take three steps back by those who cooperatively desire a destitute Spaniard presence here. Our critics label us as lazy or disorganized, yet never have I seen such hardened and resolute men who have stayed loyal at my side as our craftsmen starve for even basic resources and food. No, my King, instead we feed on American blood daily, and in the absence of reinforcements I have decided to take my own initiative and establish privateer contracts here in the name of España. Capitán de Bandera Federico Gravina" --- This is a call out to anyone on PvP2 US who thinks that the Spanish faction is dead: WE AREN'T. Spain is squashed in between two of the most populous factions on the server, and as we have continuously lost territory to many of our previous so-called "friends" on the outer fronts, our population has been forced back to La Habana. Even as our population has swelled slightly because of this, we do NOT have enough players to hold our ports effectively and make our way out of Cuba. I fully expect us to suffer the same fate as PvP1 EU's Spanish faction soon enough, unless there are those who are willing to take up our RECONQUISTA of rightful Spanish territory. We have no love for British or Americans and if you've been privy to recent server events we are still ACTIVELY fighting for ports for even the right to craft heavier ships as our port resources grow increasingly sparse around our capital. Why have we not pushed these factions back? We simply lack the numbers. Our under-equipped forces (many of us are just nearing 3rd Rates as many previously high level Spanish players quit or defected due to demoralization or boredom) are something that can be transformed in time, but this post is directed at those who WANT TO HELP THE UNDERDOG in this fight. Bullsaw and myself (as well as others) are eager to assist those who wish to transfer over to Spain's waters and ACTIVELY ENGAGE IN DAILY PVP. Even those who aren't interested in switching fully but want to aid Spain's RECONQUISTA in some way or another are obliged to PM me. We have a national Teamspeak, again PM Bullsaw or myself for details if you'd rather a more personable approach. Viva la España! P.S. I do respect our enemies as competent PvPers, so do not mistake this post as a complaint -- I want to make things more challenging for you when push comes to shove. I doubt Americans/British enjoy killing defenseless towers anymore than we do. P.P.S. Many of our Spanish players speak English as well as Spanish. Don't be shy if you're like me and aren't bilingual. All are welcome.
  19. If a nation get completely defeated in game what will happen? will their players have only control over their home port while other nations are completely destroying any ships who try to get away?. My point is, right now on the EU1 server spain basically is being completely destroyed. Seriously, right now USA has conquered all the ports surrounding its capital (habana) and tomorrow those ports will be on usa hands... This will effectively destroy the nation, how can spanish players commerce or new players do missions? Not only that, but the problem is that even being the "european server" the times in which nations are able to conquer are american. Basically each day when we go to sleep everything is untouched and when we wake up we have lost another 3 ports. I just witnessed a +30 usa fleet of frigates, 3rd's and constitutions conquer the surrounding ports while on the spanish the player at that hour was most likely less than even 20. For balance sake what can be done about this? right now the solutions that i can think of are a map reset or a conquer timeframe according to the server location. This is not about being in the winning side or the loosing side of a war, is a situation to actually being able to continue playing the game.
  20. Seriously though. We won't tolerate this! The Swedes will fight with everything they've got to claim what is rightfully ours. the Swedes are united against a common foe, are you?
  21. AMERICANS ARE NOT TO BE FEARED........ I showed them the Error of their Gunboat diplomacy tonight by sinking their ships................ Im calling All British Ships, Captains, and Crew........ DO NOT FEAR THE IMPERIALISTIC PIGS...... DO NOT FEAR THEIR GUNBOAT DIPLOMACY...... SHOW THEM WHAT IT MEANS TO BE A BRITISH CAPTAIN...... SINK THEIR SHIPS...... TAKE THEIR PORTS....... TO WAR! #MakeGBGreatAgain
  22. Tenacity Gaming is an established gaming community on several games including; League of Legends 5+ Teams, Minecraft, Space Engineers, Rocket League and more. Tenacity Defence Fleet Tenacity has only recently joined the ranks of Naval Action with only a few members so far taking up arms, this is soon to increase and on that premise we are advertising here to recruit more sailors to join our ranks for the up coming adventure that lies with the Tenacity Defence Fleet. We are open to all captains, all nations, all languages; we ask that you can speak some English. Age requirement: 17+ We are a Community of players so all are welcome to use out TS3 server, and meet like minded friendly non toxic players! Tenacity Defence Fleet will be created for the British Faction initially as that is where most of us have raised our sails. other factions will have Fleets created as and when member numbers for that faction are adequate. Tenacity Gaming Website Registration is free, any issues contact Zorodek or Fester Adams on the TeamSpeak (linked on the website!) Tenacity Naval Action Forum When you arrive on the Tenacity website, please post an introduction on the forums, tell us what you play. if you wish to join the British Tenacity Defence Fleet, please post here: Captains Application The Fleet will Cover all areas of the game, Crafting to War, Trading to Exploration. Thankyou For Reading - Dan aka Zorodek
  23. Im tentative on starting this particular thread...but here goes. I will begin with the question - how will the game conduct wars between various countries in this game? There have been various points raised by individuals that one could 'vote' about which country to war against but there will always be dissent with this option and i have the opinion that there will be chaos if we go down this route. Alternatively it could be decided by the country / factions leadership to fight against a particular side - but this also has issues - (who decides who is in charge?) I have a possible solution. - Rolling switches over time (suggestions for better name here) ill elaborate. Each nation will have a turn at war with another for a certain period of time (ill throw out a month as a suggestion but it could be any period of time) and then there will be a small window for negotiations (with lower XP for attacking during those times, and more for avoiding combat with that nation) and then the switch to two other nations being at war, or one of the combatants fighting another nation. possibly there can be more than 2 nations at war at once but ill need help from someone to come up with a viable matrix. this type of switch-over will be very beneficial. - it will allow players to explore the whole map over time without always getting attacked - it will encourage more vigorous trading between all nations - prevents boredom over time with nations like the brits and france always being forced to war. - get to attack everywhere if you play long enough. (add more here) This brings up the other half of the title Balance. As we all know by now there will be certain nations that will have larger player bases - England, France and the US. Correspondingly, over time these nations will inevitably squash the other nations back into their home ports over time until everyone will try to play for the victorious nation - we all know its true. so how can we help the underdogs out? I propose the freelancer - Privateer - as a nation choice. If you go down this route you will get a selection of nations who are offering letters of marque - and these will probably be the smaller nations. Every now and then your letter of marque will come up for renewal, and if the nation you are fighting for is getting too powerful you may not be able to renew with it. Possibly you could rig the system so the more experienced at privateering you are, the smaller the options become until you can only choose the smallest contractor. This will make the small nation rife with experienced players - allowing it the chance to become a powerhouse, and possibly giving all the nations a cyclical change from weak to powerful depending on how many choose to take the path of privateer - and creating a more dynamic game. it could also be possible that entire clans could work into this - as a clan contract out to nations that require assistance - moving with the balance changes, and ensuring that larger nations always have a significant opponent where required. i can hear the cries of the naysayers already for this one, but unless we do something there will be an inevitable end with one nation dominating all the others. - please suggest alternatives if you dont like this possible solution. let the debate begin Dazed
  24. Anyone here have the entire collection of The War of the Rebellion? There is a great scanned version on Amazon of the entire set (All four series, all volumes, all scans of the actual books and searchable) Published by THA New Media LLC. Thousands of pages to look at if you are interested in primary sources about the war.
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