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  1. I believe most game discussions have been moved to Discord now. As part of that, a number of general forums here have been turned off. https://discord.gg/wUYafUG
  2. Option 1 is what we're now going to do. Everyone should consider this before posting anything that is against the rules of the forum. Option 3 is what happens if Option 1 doesn't work. Option 2 - find me a Spanish speaker with a good reputation, no previous warnings, and who is a constructive member of the forum and I'm sure Admin will consider them. This community drove off the last Spanish speaking moderator by being nasty and creating a lot of problems. Now, because of this, you get me, complete with Google Translate and a less than perfect understanding of Spanish culture.
  3. I'll ask you kindly to explain yourself, and it had better be a good explanation.
  4. Slim's claim above was that "even chopped from the base", or sawed through, a mast would stand so long as all of it's rigging is intact - this is incorrect. We're in agreement that one hole will not bring down a mast, but the mast does require adequate support at the base or it will fall.
  5. While the stays and shrouds secure the upper part of the mast, there must still be strong support for the lower part of the mast or it will topple. This is why masts are stepped down into the hull of the ship (or, in the case of top masts, royals, etc. secured at their base to the top of the mast underneath them) and not just set upon the surface of the top deck. Shooting through a mast will most definitely topple it.
  6. I'm not even sure what the point of this thread is any more. Since y'all can't behave, locked.
  7. I really miss the storm battles. Tons of challenging fun.
  8. Do you have any copies of detailed deck/sail plans, performance data, etc?
  9. I like the idea of this, but without discussion or actual content, what is the point? Maybe try again by actually posting quotes or images to generate discussion.
  10. Alright, moving on to less personal, more general/clan based memes please. Rule #3 is an instant suspension or worse. Two of those is a full forum ban - we're not going to tolerate that crap here.
  11. That you're not a game developer and shouldn't have made promises you can't keep?
  12. We can stop at thanks. Save real world politics and other real world discussions for other forums please. Thank you all, hope everyone is doing well.
  13. Not at this time. Reports are aggregated, and when enough are logged against a particular person, a developer reviews the reports and then takes appropriate action.
  14. Hopefully it will be back up soon.
  15. That's a pretty good point. I think as long as aircraft can't be used as an IWin button, they'd be ok. The key is making them useful without making it a win requirement to have more functioning carriers in your fleet than the opponent.
  16. Adding float planes to appropriate ships for spotting and recon purposes, yes. Adding aircraft carriers, no. The carrier was the death of the battleship (and of ships with heavy artillery in general). They represented a sea change in warfare and made heavy, lumbering behemoths obsolete. I personally wouldn't want to see carriers in a game about dreadnoughts.
  17. Correct, but they lost a TON of penetration power by doing so due to the deceleration. Most balls that were skipping would fail to penetrate as far as i can tell from my readings.
  18. Report (right click the person's name and choose report) anything that breaks the rules. The more reports on a person, the more likely it is they'll be silenced. Thank you.
  19. Joking in feedback threads is an extremely poor idea. Read it as ALMOST NOBODY then. Either way, it's not the common occurrence people make it out to be.
  20. Acting as a community means: Follow the forum and game rules.- and just about the rest of what I'll put here is right there in those rules. Be respectful to each other, but more importantly to the owners of the forum and their staff. See something that is anti-social or a violation of the rules, report it. Moderators can't review every single post every single hour - often if one person is getting away with something and someone else is not, the first person just isn't being reported. Be constructive. NOBODY has EVER been banned simply for disagreeing with the game's
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