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  1. I dont think theres a problem with the dlc
  2. PG Monkey

    what a waste

    The Cutty Sark is back in business and even has a cafe underneath the copper bottomed hull at the time of the fire I think the masts were away being restored
  3. Herc makes the cerb obsolete I'm afraid and the xebec should be a 5th rate
  4. PG Monkey

    We want outlaw battles!

    who said anything about alt abuse?
  5. PG Monkey

    Better Ships for All!

    But I love all 24 of my ships
  6. PG Monkey

    The State of PVP...........

    NPC's attract players..so follow them for pvp
  7. PG Monkey

    Clan Flag DLC

    You stole my flag!!
  8. It's only MY loot when it's in MY hold
  9. PG Monkey

    [Quitting after 3 years and 883 hours]

    Its all just pixels in the end, what is more important the loot or the fight?
  10. PG Monkey

    Naval Action Meme collection

  11. PG Monkey

    Pvp Rewards

    I like the rng doubloons you never know what you're gonna get And be careful who you sail with, some people dont like to share
  12. PG Monkey

    Prussia and Pirate Peace Dealings

    ROVERS don't do politics
  13. PG Monkey

    The (almost) forever war. Pirates vs Prussia

    Speak for yourself