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  1. The way the game is atm pirate nation is the same as any other nation so they should follow the same rules, roe etc
  2. I don't actually know the answere because I never went through the ranks as a Prussian
  3. Most of us are a bunch of Konts
  4. Enforced coalitions are the only ones that have a chance of working.player made ones were tried and failed.
  5. I like the idea of raids but I don't like the proposed implementations. Option B would be good if it wasn't pve
  6. My Pandora is 4/5 sturdy teak/teak..(the other 3 are blue 3/5)😜
  7. When you have to set up a new account to read the forums
  8. So its only P2W if it has best woods, proper(non dlc) upgrades and a decent captain ? ok
  9. For me DLC is not pay to win ..its pay to not have to do the crafting and trading etc
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