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  1. PG Monkey

    Bounty on 2 special prussian ports

    Brits having Monte cristi probably makes pve better for Prussians in that area
  2. PG Monkey

    Bounty on 2 special prussian ports

    Ports and Port battles are overrated
  3. get doubloons, make ships, sell ships for reals
  4. PG Monkey

    Reverse Crying in the Stream

    This whole thread makes me sad
  5. PG Monkey


    I'm just a noob, I'd prefer no upgrades and just different woods for different ships
  6. PG Monkey


    Oh well as long as we have our nice stuff everything is fine I guess...;)
  7. PG Monkey


    I have mine but I see people saying they wont fight because the enemy has better ships/upgrades. So make them easier to get and remove that excuse to avoid pvp
  8. PG Monkey


    A lot of people have the perception that pvp is unbalanced/unfair because they don't have the best books/upgrades. Why not make them all available in the admiralty store for doubloons?
  9. PG Monkey

    blame prussia

    Obviously a failed attempt to discredit Prussia
  10. PG Monkey

    blame prussia

  11. PG Monkey

    blame prussia

    Blame Prussia for brexit
  12. PG Monkey

    blame prussia

  13. PG Monkey

    blame prussia

    He deserved it