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  1. @MumpingVillain we solved the issue in this way: my friend had the perk to improve mortar reloading time. He removed the perk and now it seems that he can play as usual again. Can you check your perks? @admin @Inchiostro how this makes sense?
  2. @admin the same thing is currently happening to clan mate of mine. For what i know he didn't changhed game files. By the way i told him to report it on forum with screens etc. Just to let you know that MumpingVillain is not the only one that is experimenting this issue!
  3. Sorry if i respond now, i played today and hadn't any issue with that! O7
  4. @Ink i don't know what's going on but i can't move any kind of stuff from warhouse to a ship's hold. When i'm in port i can move the stuff from the warhouse to the hold, but when i spawn in OW, stuff is not there. I made screenshot in order to provide an example with x5 of stone. The same happens with wood, books etc. I'm pretty sure that something is going wrong sent a report with f11 too @Ink please help
  5. Unacceptable crashes!.... ..... Diana event? Please make it crash again!!
  6. @Admin will the object needed to teleport in Port Battle cost doublons?
  7. I really agree. Too much dlc ships in OW, there are whole battles of 10 players sailing in redout and victory. Variety is one of the most important features of the game, dlc ships should add content to the game, and not reduce the game at combats with same 3 classes of ship
  8. Crafting: Make possibile to see final stats of a ship's model while crafting, considering port bonuses of the port. Little work for devs, lot of comfort for players (espacially new ones)
  9. RedHawk04

    Server down

    last patch took less time than this
  10. How can i redeem the trinco? it tells me i need the dlc, must wait for it on steam?
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