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  1. Have you finished it the day you took it ? Same as you dont see the quest in an other port while you already have it, it seems this block lasts some time after you cashed it. Kind of a cd on pve seal clubbing.
  2. Also don't forget that PvE (less players , smaller clans) needs them too for the wooden chests for port improvement.
  3. 280 rank after finishing the exams. And yes, the exact same problems the author of that review describes "how do I get more crew" "how do I equip guns" .... is asked in pve chat almost daily.
  4. Battle of the Nile. At night ....and than the drama of the Orient exploding...oh wait, she was L'O class....
  5. That would apply to a new ship, .....but makeing a ship dlc thats already ingame long time ? As to Diana vs Trinco : she carries a heavier broadside if you go all carrrros...and she doesnt heel that much (which with reduced acceleration does matter) But still: none of them beats the current no1 5th, the Endymion.
  6. Can't vote in this poll since it forces me to understand and accept the current state of servers. What about: "I understand but do not accept ..." ? Hint: consensual PvP is missing on both servers. PvE misses it as endgame, PvP misses it as the only working protection for new players. Thats just my take, but there should either be an option "understand, but not accept" or simply remove the "accept"
  7. tease ? to do what ? ...a week ago it was lo(s) /wo(s), a few days ago it was locust(s)/african teak, 2 days ago it was losust (s) /teak(s) as no african is available, today locust(s) is out again... so what should I be teased to grind...err play for next ?
  8. RNG is never fair, the guy buying his first ever lottery ticket can win the jackpot w the samce chance. That is why it has absolutely no place in a game that attempts to simulate historic shipbuilding... Materials, experience, money invested etc should determine quality, not rng. To me crafting is an essential part of this game: it determines where my op's are, what i trade, what means I have to raise...and in the end, which challenges I can take with the ships I built. RNG alone is hard enough to handle, particularly with the dire chances PvE has compared to PvP....but puttting crafting to a standstill with the current woods patch could kill it for me. My best gaming buddy has already left for that reason. 1) get quality determining factors back into crafting 2) fix that wood chaos. Woods which take effort need to be better than easy to obtain stuff...but effort doesnt mean to give them super low droprate in 1 or 2 ports... This patch should never have gone life ww/o extended testing. 3) stop unrealistic stuff like superfast sols 4) do it fast, before servers are empty.
  9. I don't get it... A lo(s)/wo(s) LO is now faster than a lo(s)/tk(s) LO ? (9.02 vs 8.97 ) For me crafting is still on lockdown....
  10. Tyvm. So on PvP server: 19.76% is 4/5 or 5/5...subtracting the 4/5 blues, thats still waaaay better than what we get from PvE rng....(about 4-5%) Even worse so, since having a quality ship substitutes for the missing PvE endgame....
  11. yep, that would be even better than the color.
  12. statistics works indeed by compareing large numbers....since I reached max crafting lvl in april 2016...my own crafting provides large enough numbers for PvE. As to PvP: read again ? hint: the keyword is "whenever" the 2/6 Bucs was just the most recent example out of many posted here...
  13. Can you extract quality (blue, purple, golden...) of the crafted ships ? (Whenever I see ppl posting crafted ships on PvP server , eg someone recently got 2 purple out of 6 crafted Bucs, it seems way better than the 1 in 25 we get on PvE server)
  14. HDF on PvE server doesnt attack players.
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