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  1. confirmed for pirate hostility at North Inlet, August, 9th, 20.++ map time
  2. Once more time to answer to an "exploit" call of yours with this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Video_game_exploit In video games, an exploit is the use of a bug or glitches, game system, rates, hit boxes, speed or level design etc. by a player to their advantage in a manner not intended by the game's designers. Tldr: since devs recently installed a mechanism to teleport to a port battle itself, we are pretty safe to assume that teleporting to a hostility is intended and thus no exploit....
  3. Only issue i see with this is PvE server. As non consensual PvP is strictly not wanted there, the feature would have to be PvP server only.
  4. I had a connection drop during battle on pve server while dealing with the third ship in a kill mission (f11 sent after, but the screenshots i post here are more obvious) But on the contrary to what the msg said, i wasnt transferred to login screen, but ended in ow, right next to the missions location, ship fully repaired and crewed. And as you can see: the mission was still there as if i had never started it. That mission was taken shortly before maintenance and done after.
  5. RNG is never fair, the guy buying his first ever lottery ticket can win the jackpot w the samce chance. That is why it has absolutely no place in a game that attempts to simulate historic shipbuilding... Materials, experience, money invested etc should determine quality, not rng. To me crafting is an essential part of this game: it determines where my op's are, what i trade, what means I have to raise...and in the end, which challenges I can take with the ships I built. RNG alone is hard enough to handle, particularly with the dire chances PvE has compared to PvP....but pu
  6. Tyvm. So on PvP server: 19.76% is 4/5 or 5/5...subtracting the 4/5 blues, thats still waaaay better than what we get from PvE rng....(about 4-5%) Even worse so, since having a quality ship substitutes for the missing PvE endgame....
  7. statistics works indeed by compareing large numbers....since I reached max crafting lvl in april 2016...my own crafting provides large enough numbers for PvE. As to PvP: read again ? hint: the keyword is "whenever" the 2/6 Bucs was just the most recent example out of many posted here...
  8. Can you extract quality (blue, purple, golden...) of the crafted ships ? (Whenever I see ppl posting crafted ships on PvP server , eg someone recently got 2 purple out of 6 crafted Bucs, it seems way better than the 1 in 25 we get on PvE server)
  9. Hello , in your app this caps today at 113 hull: (hull 4, upgraded with navy planking) Can't test atm, but yesterday app was right, i added navy struc even and got 118. (screenshot June 22nd, 2020 , after maintenance , Naval Action map v10.4.0 )
  10. This happens quite frequently, even players can get that fake elite status:
  11. Waiting for my reward for suggestion to remove timer from wooden chests, too
  12. You automatically would get that "Only certain rank can attack them" feature...if these "mini HDF" ships were put in a patrol zone. The new zone near La Tortue comes to mind.
  13. also a magazine hit shows "magazine" in red or yellow, same as "pump" or "rudder" show in red/yellow when hit.
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