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  1. add coastal arty and beached ships. Its easy to sink a beached ai, but looting it often makes you beach, too. NA definitely needs a new way of looting (or the old end battle screen back)
  2. Whats really unfair is the combination of extreme grind (s woods) with extreme rng (ship crafting) it's real fun to first grind weeks for the s woods and than craft an s wood 3/5 no trim. I don't mind some grind...as long as I know what I am grinding for ...but grinding to pay a lottery ticket ???
  3. This. If the ai zerg has the wind advantage, players cant even get into the battle in time against headwind before the tsnows hit the circle(s). Not to mention that circles arent where the map shows them... Atm it's as much of a challenge as rolling dice is. I am sure devs know there is much to fix in ai port battles, since they only let them attack low investment ports atm on PvE server.
  4. Problem solved by "reset" on the fps boost and "enable decorators" in gfx settings (I a m playing on a laptop and always try to reduce the load while keeping gfx accepzable)
  5. my chat window dissapears, after some time in game...its not an interface issue, (thats happened before and I know how to bring it back than) The window simply completely vanishes. Restarting comp, restarting steam, restarting game helps sometimes, but not always. f11 sent It's not a router issue either. Local files are checked and okay. The above mentioned folder does not exist. I've had the opposite problem before: game stuck (ping 0) but chat still working. But game working and chat vanished is new to me... Edit: connection test NAS-1359538 sent Edit 2: now i got the opposite , too: Game started, no chat window. Some time in game: chat window appears. 30 mins later: chat window vanishes again... Edit 3: and the real weird thing: In port i dont have the issue. If I enter a port, the chat window is there. If I leave the port, its gone again. Found it now...seems to have been the "render decorators" setting in gfx options that locked it in ow (when disabled) ....
  6. Damage count...could work, since the game does it in PZ, so we know its possible. But i dont think devs will tell us....some might exploit the mechanism.
  7. than why does someone who does the exact same thing as me and does it even after me overtake me in ranking ?? Is there smthg like in interior ranking between ships of same BR ? In my case : both Santi and LO have 900 BR, both of us must have done 10 x (Santi/LO) but that doesnt mean we had the same mix of Santi/LO. (add elite Santi/LO) Either the name of player or that "internal" difference of ships w same BR are the only sorting criteria I can think of.
  8. Alphabet (name of player) seems to play a role I did the first rate weekly in one day on PvE and hit no1 place with 9K BR in 10 battles. Next player finished with same BR and same number of battles same day but a few hours later, yet took first place and put me on second place. Only thing he was before me in was his name coming before mine in alphabet.... So when BR, number of battles and date (maintenance period ?) are identical, it's not who did it first, but who comes first in alphabet... In other words: sorting criteria seem to be : BR, number of battles, day (maintenance period), name of player I have no alt, else id test the theory with an AAAAAA character
  9. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Indefatigable_(1784) HMS Indefatigable was one of the Ardent class 64-gun third-rate ships-of-the-line designed by Sir Thomas Slade in 1761 for the Royal Navy. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ardent-class_ship_of_the_line HMS Agamemnon also was a ship of the Ardent class. So we have 2 ships of the same build, 1 is razed to a frigate, the other is left unchanged ..and yet both end up in NA in the same rank ??? Lets assume for the moment we do the same with Pavel, raze it to Pavlicek....and afterwards we put both of them into 2nd rank ??? As to Connie/USUS: Idk about PvP, but on PvE their status as 3rd rate pushovers really makes it easy to lvl heavy 5th rates and all 4th rates The game rewards you with exp as if Agamemmnon (4th, 340Br, 500 crew) vs Connie (3rd rate, 400 BR , 450 crew) were an uphill fight...
  10. Fully support this. Have suggested the second part myself, too. Things like these titles would be easy to implement and increase the long time motivation a lot. Particularly if these titles are visible to other players. A little vanity goes a long way in MMO's :)
  11. Rumor has it, clan diplomats already take lessons in mandarin.
  12. 1886 slavery was abolished in Cuba and Chinese brought into the NA map as cheap labor... well outside the timeline of NA. If you want a chinese nation, open up the pacific pls. Also good luck with keeping the gold farmers under control...and with https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Online_gaming_in_China#Government_controls
  13. Cruise thru the area a few times and you know their routes. Place yourself strategically and let them sail towards you....also dont try this at prime time with a full server. This way I got 3 Cecillias, 2 Dianas and 1 Ad dR , all w my redeemed lo(s)/wo(s) LO (all crap, 2 notes at least yielding mediocre ships), total time spent: 6 or 8 hrs, not totally wasted since i got 3 nice elite notes on the way) I know not all are free to pick their gaming time, but don't blame that on me, but rather event design
  14. thx for the interesting statistics, Question: tk(s) and berm(s) for frames only ? no lo(s) eg ? Would you consider 589 ships a large enough sample for other s wood frames to pop up if it were a possibility ? 2nd question: can you do same for pve server /both ? maybe the wood combos are server specific ?
  15. With the current dockspace limits the answer simply is yes. Unless some1 has an alt or 2....
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