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  1. This, provided the port bonuses don't need Port ownership. Also a return to the old (neutral) map on PvE server. The current system makes the coastal batteries of my own homebase fire if I attack ai outside.....afterwards the locals gladly repair the ships they just tried to kill... And a renewal of the real trade pls. Trade missions have killed the real trading .
  2. Except for the "random wood" and the "no shipyard" part: Great idea My idea was (discusssed in chat with the am "well known Prussian": Note + permit + ingredients for normal ship = elite ship of the wood combo you choose and with random port boni. So the note as crafting ingredient similar to the coins of the past adding the "elite and port boni" part of ship quality Random meaning : including crew bonus and minus rig bonus which is useless on PvE. Right now converted notes never yield elites with crew bonus, but often have rig bonus, which no crafter would ever buy on PvE.
  3. It is not a -legal- problem because sailing them is but one form of usage. Others include selling them to NPC, breaking them up, keeping them for later use...etc. One could argue: selling them to NPC helps you raising funds. I don't have the Rätt DLC, idk if that can be sold/broken, but you can still retrieve it every day and keep the best one for later use. So: while I do understand your PoV, -legally- its no valid argument. It's an argument from a PoV of good customer relations.
  4. You really have no clue... And whats dangerous about giving surplus ships away ? I havent given an LO, but some smaller ships, books for the encyclopedias and crafting mats... I don't loose anything, some1 else wins (and might help me if ever im in need)...
  5. You are contradicting yourself... PvE server is about cooperation, while all of you argue from a PvP confrontation position, which simply doesnt apply. On PvE vets support new players by giving them ships, books, upgrades crafting materials etc. Not just in a clan, but over all nations and the entire playerbase. Thats whats going on right now, and thats why PvE still has 120+ players online who try to fill up exp, knowledge, slots before wipe ....while PvP is almost dead and has but 50 playing. I bet, a lot of PvP players can confirm, because they are amongst those filling up on PvE right now Wipe PvE and vets will be busy to refill themselves, being less able to help. So if you want to support new players on PvE, forget the wipe completely. Leave all that is. Even if devs plan to change ships (upgrades, mods...) in a way that would make old ships op, it would hurt the ai only. And the old ships would gradually vanish anyway. Whats going on on PvE doesnt matter on PvP, so this entire "what applies to us must apply to them" is simply wrong.
  6. No, only the poor sods that start after release wipe, because right now all vets on PvE give away books, ships etc so the new guys can prepare. After a wipe the than joining players will have a real hard time, because the vets have to refill their own and can help less. Thats what you don't seem to get and why you should stop making suggestions for PvE which are based on PvP competition rather than on PvE cooperation.
  7. 1) There are 2 better suggestions around already, one by devs: : they wan't to implement a mechanism based on "economic sabotage" to change port "ownership " on PvE ,The other by PvE majority which rather tends to make port boni part of the current shipyard upgradeing, thus player based. You see, no need for a suggestion that gives PvE server less than what PvP gets. 2) Why ? Because there is no need to fight normal ai anymore once you have unlocked slots and can't spend the dubs/medals anyway, since crafting doesnt make any sense ! Is that so hard to understand ? Besides, who says they are rare ?? Takes less than 10 minutes to find and tag one
  8. Only that during the last months it's extremely unlikely to get gold ships on PvE server at all...And that exactly is the reason why PvE is strongly against a ship wipe: We are extremely unlikely to replace whats wiped. I've (solo) crafted about 40 LO during the last 3 months: Result: just 1 4/5 , I know of some other crafter who did 150 LO's and got 3-4 4/5 and no 5/5. On the other hand: near half of the elite notes turn into 4/5 ships. So what you actually have to compare on PvE server is a 3/5 lo/wo crafted LO against a 4/5 halfarsed woods elite LO with 3 or 4 port boni. Guess which one wins (by far) ?
  9. Pay more dlc to keep the servers running for someone's hobby (and to be balanced accordingly ?)
  10. Well, wasn't that exactly what I posted ? you try to get a better than fir/whatever elite ! Besides: even a halfarsed elite with port boni is better than the best crafteable lo/wo , do you really need screenshots ? I thought the table of port booni already made that sufficiently clear....
  11. I thought I made that clear (several times already ?) The only chance to get a decent ship on PvE server now that crafting was killed is the hunt for an rng quality elite.... Thats what every1 on PvE server was busy with the last days b4 the unneccessary wipe was announced. And guess what ? Catching an elite is a lot easier if you sail an elite already. So thats what players do now: grind their way up thru rng elites....
  12. Depends on server... On PvE we cant just pick port boni as we want them. We get a random combo on a mostly (built from crapwood) ship (and thats called elite) Eg yesterday i got a 4/5 bermuda/crewspace "elite" wasa. To make that ship even equal to a solid 3/5 lo/wo crafted one, it requires port bonuses... Next issue: (mentioned a few times already, but never answered by devs): we never get crew bonus on the elites, thus we lack the repair bonus to make up for the crapwood combos.... The problem is: if the upgrade/book/port bonus system is tweaked according to PvP requirements alone, PvE again draws the short straw..
  13. He could do the "tutorial"..oh wait, the moment he reaches the first exam he will ask for STEAM refund
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