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  1. Jan van Santen

    Deadmans Chests different loot value

    BTT than: Not to mention that during yesterdays storm wreck event we got a rain storm in the area, making it very hard to even spot a wreck.....
  2. Jan van Santen

    Deadmans Chests different loot value

    Yesterday eg i opened a bottle south of Kidds and the wreck was close to Swannsborough. According to netlify map thats 343 K distance.
  3. Jan van Santen

    Deadmans Chests different loot value

    Indeed. Sailing to a bottle/storm wreck and back is usually 2hrs+. Plus search time for storm wrecks plus risk to loose the race. Loot quantity/quality should be worth the time spent/risk the risk/time vs loot seems to work in other areas: Eg the loot from hostility mission ships is way inferior than that of same rank in ow. So a general balance according to the risk/time to loot ratio seems a legit request imho.
  4. Jan van Santen

    Stuck in land

    Im stuck in land, f11 coordinates are wrong, fishing hasnt worked all day: I suppose the server has my position wrong. This is pve life server. Testbed works okay. I have tried relog, reboot, game files check, fresh install. Nothing works. In game name = forum handle. Bug report via f11 sent: NAB-87515 Screenshot shows my ships underground.
  5. Jan van Santen

    Mission/Silver/Golden/Deadmans chests

    Whatever. Personally i can manage w/o such a function by keeping some order in my warehouse/clan warehouse/upgrade chest etc. I'd put it in the "nice to have, but not needed" category, but if the devs feel like installing it... Edit: if you really have no order in your warehouse, you can put the chests into cargo of a ship and open them there.
  6. Jan van Santen

    Mission/Silver/Golden/Deadmans chests

    Basic hooks dont stack for me, since i sell them right after the am procedure or put them into clan warehouse....warehouse is near full anyway, so why pile useless things ? Besides, my warehouse isnt messy, since it has a sort, a "show certain grps of things" and a search function already. If you dont want to keep order in your warehouse, you can always use the search box.
  7. Jan van Santen

    Mission/Silver/Golden/Deadmans chests

    Sort warehouse, take reward chests, open: the content will take the next available open slots in warehouse. That is at the end of the existing. Problem solved imho.
  8. Jan van Santen

    Regarding NPC trade routes

    it's on p9 of the "Empty Sea" thread,. I've tried to find ai targets w that map, but it didnt help any. AI might pick part of them randomly, idk
  9. Jan van Santen

    Using Doubloons to remove upgrades

    I think he wants to extract the upgrade w/o destoying it I made a similar suggestion years ago, based on the "Extractor" from RoM. And I would extend it's uses to extract trims and "implant" them on crafted ships. All for a price ofc.
  10. There were enough trading opportunities on testbed, yes....But there were 12 players on only and they were busy sinking ships. So we have to wait if there will be still enough opportunities when the patch goes life and every1 goes trading. The bigger "but": trading win was poor compared to the old system. I did eg a trade run with local artifact like things (Olmec Mascs or smthg) from Cartagena to KPR, net profit was just 1.5K per piece (weight of 100 ea, buying price 4500 iirc), thus not worth it. If this goes life exactly as on testbed, trade won't solve the reales issue.
  11. Jan van Santen

    Mission Rewards ( whatever type of mission )

    This or: The alternative would be a NPC trader exchanging dublons to reals and vice versa. I have seen this in other games w paralell currencies. The traders exchange rate would adjust to the market, like a stock exchange. If players demand more reales, than the price would rise. Whatever is easier to code, it would be much appreciated by players.
  12. In reality a snow would not dare to attack an SOL because of factors the game doesnt have: eg a suddenly calming wind or an accidental hit from the stern guns or a sniper from the SOL's masts shooting the helmsman of the snow or a frigate from the sol's fleet etc etc. The risk was just to high bec any of these little accidents could lead to total destruction. Getting this "no chance" into the game w/o these accidental things seems the problem. Solving it via vulnerability seems an okay option. However: on the same lvl of reality argument no trader would have dared to exchange broadsides w a frigate or tried to fight when boarded. They would try to run and once they couldnt get away, they would surrender.
  13. Jan van Santen

    Increase NPC spawn rate, decrease fleets

    We get hints where to find ai of the needed type in the mission text. I have 4 missions telling me I find Pavel, Bellona, 3rd rank and Wasa at Hispaniola. I have an OP there and yesterday I sailed cargo all the way from Spanish Town to Port Paix, thus along the Northern coast of Hispaniola (PvE) Not a single of the mentioned ships other than in fleets of 5 to 12, thus counting for the ai total, but de facto not available for attack under the conditions of PvE server. Particularly now that we dont have mixed fleets anymore. I have played on PvE server when there were 500 players online and cant remember a single post or chat about lack of ai....
  14. Jan van Santen

    When is testbed closing

    I guess many were already done w their kills/boarding b4 the damage patch arrived ? At least in my case that was true. Why not close it now and restart a new phase for testing the new damage model with redeemables suitable for that (eg upgrades for reload) Personally I would also like to test trade and crafting in the new setup, not just sinking/boarding.
  15. How about adjusting the broadside weight damage model to boarding than ? Bellona w/o boarding upgrades boarding an LGV shouldnt take a dozen rounds now....