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  1. Sure...but w/o port bonuses... New content for PvE server ? You cant build a new house on a rotten foundation ! Fix whats broken on PvE first pls, before even thinking of adding more broken stuff (why large clans only ? how would they own a port ? what does port ownership by the 2 (!) large clans mean for the 90% of PvE players who play solo or in 2-5 player clans ?) What needs fixing asap: 1) Number and distribution of AI. Too little, not mixed, in hotspots only, while eg patrol zones are deserted. 2) Roll back to the old "neutral" map. Stops that stupid coastal fire from a french fort when i attack a brit ai... 3) Fix crafting. Less rng. More immersion. Add port bonusses as part of shipyard upgradeing or make elite notes craft ingredients. Port ownership and being attacked by NPC is so contrary to the "Peace" server theme that it drastically changes the game and is thus a valid reason to ask for STEAM refund. 4) fix trading. Fedex missions have killed it, as they are completely riskfree fast doublons and reales. 5) fix the effort/reward imbalance. Sealclubbing 5th rates yields way better and more loot than a hardfought win over a 1st rate elite ??? after having done that and a few minor bugs and imbalances....than and only than should you think about new content (Preferably some that PvE really needs: an endgame (consensual pvp eg)
  2. Will the devs be ? That I think is the more important question...
  3. PvE -as totally neglected by devs as is- isnt going to contribute to player numbers either. Not enough AI to fight, British forts fireing at players attacking french ai, crafting broken (no port boni, no immersion, way to much rng) trade broken, to many pvp remnants not making sense (no grouping or buddy list w "enemy" players, disfunctional patrol zones....)....and so on and so forth.... wtb NA early 2017 DLC....
  4. Jan van Santen

    Hotfix notes?

    wtb patch note dlc + dlc that switches ai presence on pve server on again
  5. Those are mostly just by-cargo, loot capped from traders or from bottle wrecks Real trade is indicted by large quantities of most profiteable items. If you find 5 madagascar jewels, it was a bottle, if it's 25 it was by-cargo ( someone ferrying loot and filling the rest of his convoy) if its 50+, than it's real trade And that hardly happens these days.
  6. What history ? there never was a guarantee for a golden ship in NA, you simply got that wrong. There was a guarantee for 5/5, but it could still be purple no trim 5/5... Been there, crafted that and had a hard time explaining to the guy whom I crafted it for... That player btw was casual, because your "history" is wrong again. In those days any player could obtain materials, craft them to intermediates, fedex them from free town near him to freetown near the crafter, crafter (having the blueprint) would press the button and charge a small fee... Now we are done with correcting your fake game history... Second problem with your halfbaked random port boni proposal: why should pvp get port boni they want and pve gets random ? Have you paid more for your copy of the game than a PvE player so that you feel entitled to first class service while the PvE player draws the short straw all the time ?? I think its about time to enquire with STEAM if it is even legit within their busines policy to make it look like a game has equal pve and pvp servers ..while pve server gaming lacks vital parts of the quality gaming.
  7. More rng is not what this thread is about.... We need less as part of a working crafting.
  8. Simple solution: Make elite notes a crafting ingredient. Elites dont drop ship type notes, but a frigate, cerberus, Belle etc drop 5th rate notes. A 5th rate note (+ permit) alows you to craft a 5th rate of your choice of type (eg an Endymion) and choice of woods. You can use more than 1 note per craft to increase quality/port boni. Each elite note allows you 3 bonus points of your choice and increases chances by 10%. Since there are 20 port boni in total, the max should be 7 notes Example: 7 5th rate notes + 1 Endymion permit : you can craft 1 elite Endymion of your wood choice that comes w all port boni maxed and has a 70% increased chance to get a 5/5 (can still be no trim or random trim) Doesnt remove the grind, but gives it a meaning.
  9. 1) rng is broken 2) ressources are broken 3) no port bonus RIP crafting on PvE
  10. Before i call DLC ships with port boni p2w, i'd still like my question answered: will the same ship bought for cm from admiralty as note get port boni on conversion ?
  11. PvE is about choosing the fight I want. Aggressive ai kills that basic principle. Idk f it's needed to protect new players on PvP server, and there is no other way: install it on PvP , but it has no place whatsoever on PvE server. And while we are at it: reroll the nap to neutral state, French forts fireing at me when I attack Brit ai ? And afterwards they are glad to take my money for repairs or merchandise ? Sorry, but thats also a ridiculous and non historic fight, not having any legit place on PvE server.
  12. Nothing about port boni in crafting on PvE server..... Also, before updating anything, pls switch on ai on PvE server again (we have an "empty seas" deja vue recently) and reroll to the old neutral map pls, so that bs of french coastal arty fireing at me when I attack a brit ai stops. Edit: and yes, a) I know the difference between "rerouted" and "empty" and b) I have downloaded the map with ai routes....
  13. The question here is: If you buy a Rättvisan note for 300 cm from admiralty, will it get port boni, too ?
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