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  1. Clan size reduction is not the solution. An alternative road to port boni (not involving port ownership) is. Best as part of a general crafting balancing. (More transport and trading, more immersion, less rng)
  2. One more excellent arguement to add consensual pvp to pve server ....
  3. from my strictly pve point of view: wtb NA retro dlc (early 2017) Why ? Economy was functional, crafting was immersive and 90% rng free. The game catered to all kinds of playing styles w/o forcing players into large nations/clans/alliances (like PB system will do now). Overall: the game was more fun than. What could remain: elite ships What needs to be added: endgame (consensual PvP, achievements, events), ai in patrol zones..... What needs to be balanced most: effort/reward ratio (sealclubbing frigates, running fedex missions and afk trading is way more profteable than hard fights with elite ships) What needs to be removed: Salt, obsolete upgrades, Loki rune....
  4. a) simple math, take the numbers from screenshot.....nuffsaid. I've 9000+ hrs in PvE, i know how to read a boarding screenshot. (and i never heard off or encountered crew reset...) b) lol...sry...just lol. Rum = insurance c) switch to 100 m range , you can do hits enuff even thru bow or stern or with a very small angle. d) it does....it has marines, crew superiority and enough preparation. sry, but everything is clearly visible in your screenshot....tbh: this has happened to me, too in the past...but i didnt blame my own mistake on a bug added: did you check rank of ai captain, tried battle chat ? That ....would actually back your claim of a bug, your screenshot doesn't.
  5. His crew wasn't 500. You had 58 +607 = 665 AI had 233 +372 = 605. (add crew remaining + kills) a) Dont try to board ai with just 10% more crew unless you have a boarding setup b) why didnt you use rum ? c) why didnt you use broadsides ? What happenerd most likely: The moment ai has 1 crew member more than you it starts to counterattack and than looks exactly like your screenshot...
  6. For PvE thats what i posted weeks ago.... Current PB mechanics in short: 30 pt ports: Can be defended, but nobody wants them. (investments are low level and vanish after retake by npcs) 50/55 pt ports: can't be defended (no single nation on PvE can muster 25 players w 1st rates) , but everybody wants them. (the top level of investment which is most expensive vanishes after retake) Result: PvE still gets no decent port boni (investment for just a week or two till next npc retake is way to risky), the entire pb thing as is could simply have been skipped and port boni should be implemented right from start in a way not requiring pb. Nothing changed.
  7. I had a hulk indiaman as wreck (bottle) recently, so its in the game database, too
  8. Said it before and will say it again: the PB mechanism as implemented now isn't compatible to PvE server. That was simple logic right from start. In the current mechanism of national alliances nobody could defend any 50 or 55 pt port. Taking a neutral port is relatively easy though...which sooner or later will lead to clan vs clan, nation vs nation....a backdoor to pvp. (there will always be rogues not caring about diplomacy, . Unfortunately everything that can be done within game mechanism will be done ....) As to Pirates: the timer mechanism is taking care of that, the greatest clan on PvE is Pirate and is mainly US based. With maintenance timed to noon Europe, a US clan is sol when it comes to hostility. (I am not a member of that clan, but in close alliance) If i understood it correctly, the current installation of PB is experimental. I can only ask devs to take the am points into consideration. Easiest solution imho: Keep PB as is (or slightly modified) because at least its additional content....and it takes care of bragging rights, adds to meta etc.... but decouple port boni from port ownership. reales = taxes are meaningless on PvE since we can do delivery missions totally riskfree, port boni (and bragging rights ?) are the only interesting point about PB
  9. I was aked by their clan leader to post here that HLF, pirate clan, is interested to join diplomatic process. Clan diplomat for HLF is Capt Magnus.
  10. No argument there, i am pve only....My ignore button would be for those bringing toxic chat to PvE.
  11. Toxic community: there is the "ignore " button. As to the suggestion: yes please. The game simply lacks consensual pvp, on which server it should be placed is also plain logics, as on pvp server you cannot sail w/o being attacked at all. PvP server would need 2 changes to make it work: a "leave me alone" flag and consensual pvp. PvE server would need only 1 change: the consensual pvp. So if at all consensual pvp, than it belongs on the pve server. Besides, there is old code for it. Even if I would most likely not join consensual pvp myself, it would bring/keep players on PvE server and thats good for all of us.
  12. with 36 pdr Blomefields pretty please....at least the database seems to have them
  13. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Video_game_exploit In video games, an exploit is the use of a bug or glitches, game system, rates, hit boxes, speed or level design etc. by a player to their advantage in a manner not intended by the game's designers.[1] So yes, it's up to devs to explain/decide if that game mechanics is intended. I've posted it before: Port Boni should in PvE not be bound to port ownership at all. In that context, Holm's idea (posted a few posts above) of investment rights makes a lot more sense, but why to clans only ? Heck, there are solo players having piled a lot more dubs/reales/cm/trade goods than many a clan....why not open an investment opportunity like port boni ?
  14. Pretty simple mechanism and not an exploit....more like well organized. Not that I (pirate) was part of it, but a little bit of logic thinking and you know what they did. There is a lot to fix in this game...but it's not a dev's job to stop players thinking.
  15. a) we are supporting this game since years, most of us have several dlc.... And that exactly is why we want to to treated as customers ! b) why did you even waste time on things you could have known are inaceptable to PvE players ? Nobody in my former job would have allowed me to waste time and money on things the customers would never accept We used to enquire first, develop later..... If you feel you wasted time/money, its due to not enquiring before developing. c) outrage culture ? i didnt see outrage in 2017, it grew over the last 2 years... The ones to blame for that are not your customers...but imho your relation with them. I like your programming skills and your game...but your communication (coming from a tech marketing pro) is unprofessional and must result in what you call "outrage"
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