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  1. Well, who'd a guessed. Lost in translation. Buster (part Japanese)
  2. Wiffs of hippo sized hypocrisy me thinks. Buster (chuckle brother)
  3. I recall a Naval Action gun balance exercise (some years ago) where the dps meta was to put 4lb cannon on every deck of a 1st rate. Looks like we might get a revisit. Buster (Knob twiddling continues).
  4. ....and yet every scoop is still followed by another poop. 😕 Buster (NA taster)
  5. @admin: Taking flag from HDF shown that average players do not want rvr and those who want it will get the flag when they want it. Buster: Analogy is if I say I like ice cream but don't want it if it's covered in dog mess, you're saying I obviously don't like ice cream enough? Buster (I'll pass on the flake in mine...)
  6. Admin wants to clear the map of deadwood ports. The more we fight them and win the harder they will get. Buster (it makes sense but is it sensible)
  7. What counts as investment into a port? Is it just items under this tab or does it include forts and towers? buildings? trading income? port points? Buster (stone lugger)
  8. When levelling up your crafting, the Trincomalee is on the fastest crafting XP route for a while . I still have loads of Trincs. However, I must admit I didn't build a Fir/Live Oak(S) one but hey, during wood stat changes that's what the DLC will do for you ...... . How excellent is that! Buster (whittling away)
  9. Sacre bleu! There are French in this game? Anyone seen them? Buster (j'avais une reservation pour ce soir)
  10. No.... cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war. Buster (poor man's Mark Anthony)
  11. More woods!! I have many tens of thousands of wood after shipping here there and everywhere then along comes a new woods list to change all the metas. I have run out of expletives! My shot are bouncing off top players at pretty near point blank already. How may more hours have I gotta waste sailing junk around. Buster (Syc-a-more Wood)
  12. So you are a sworn enemy if you join a fight against someone but you are only an enemy if you instigate a fight against someone? The logic doesn't sound right, but I understand the maths. Perhaps we need a new terminology. Buster (No expert)
  13. Sekiro? Who are you? Sakira on the other hand is a real pain.... Busteur (powder minkey)
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