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  1. I recall a Naval Action gun balance exercise (some years ago) where the dps meta was to put 4lb cannon on every deck of a 1st rate. Looks like we might get a revisit. Buster (Knob twiddling continues).
  2. When levelling up your crafting, the Trincomalee is on the fastest crafting XP route for a while . I still have loads of Trincs. However, I must admit I didn't build a Fir/Live Oak(S) one but hey, during wood stat changes that's what the DLC will do for you ...... . How excellent is that! Buster (whittling away)
  3. So you are a sworn enemy if you join a fight against someone but you are only an enemy if you instigate a fight against someone? The logic doesn't sound right, but I understand the maths. Perhaps we need a new terminology. Buster (No expert)
  4. Sekiro? Who are you? Sakira on the other hand is a real pain.... Busteur (powder minkey)
  5. Glad you have a full grasp on it Hethwill. I understand what happens when pressing the JOIN button but what happens when I don't TAG and I don't JOIN but I am dragged in to battle? If I am dragged into battle by being within the TAG CIRCLE of someone else can this effect my 'friendly nation' list? Will it matter if its a player or an AI battle? Is it possible to be DRAGGED into battle against a player on your personal 'friendly nation' list, whether or not the other nation player is attacked or attacks a player from my nation and I am in the TAG circle (or whatever it is calle
  6. This wiffs of the old alliance system and inhibiting PVP zone activity. Is there no way that this could be implemented at clan rather than personal level? Buster (Even Moses only received 10 commandments)
  7. Keep looking, but pack a lunch box. Where the f'ck are we? Buster (Texas Buba)
  8. Hello Hello, You're not Officer Crabtree by any chance? Buster (Good moaning)
  9. 1. Anyone got their free Trincomalee yet? 2. Anyone had a Port Battle? 3. Anyone not bought a Victory 17XX yet? You can always spot a good patch.. Buster ( perfect wallet player)
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