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  1. All gone again.... Buster (more cannon than balls)
  2. Too hasty. seems it refreshes now and again. Buster (all cannon and balls)
  3. If PvP be the food of life, can we programme a few lines of code to make sure that there is always a full stock of Medium Cannons (at least) at Free Towns near Patrol Zones. I appreciate that some people with have no sympathy with DLC ship owners but to have the free town empty of some cannon weights 9 hours after maintenance is a bit poor, especially for late time zones. Buster (all balls, no cannon) p.s. a continuous stock of reps would be nice too!
  4. Well at the edge. My point is that the 'best' point will always be at a point of intersection or very close to it. From the picture I gave you can see that there are four circles which generate eight points of circumferential intersection. If inaccuracy were not an issue then four of these intersections will coincide and ideally the ship will be at this position. No other location will have four points of intersection if four port distances are input. I would suggest an algorithm which calculates the distance between each pair of intersection points and selects the four intersection points which are closest to each other and also includes intersections from all four circle pairs. You then place the ship position inside the area bounded by the cluster of four selected intersection points (there always being a cluster due to the input co-ordinate inaccuracy). If only three towns are inserted this should result in the ship positioned within the selection of group of three co-located intersection points. To calculate the circle intersection points using the input distances and the distance between ports the formula described in the linked video should assist. (apologies if you are familiar with all this, I am not trying to be condescending, just helpful). Great map by the way. Buster
  5. I performed four town location and was actually at the intersection point of the four circles not at the average point shown. Buster (woops!)
  6. Nice suggestion, a variation on the tutorial idea but for the OW. My additional suggestion would be that players are issued with an on demand redeemable ship. The design of the on-demand ship is matched with rank achievements (i.e. you only ever get one on-demand redeemable ship). If the player wants any other ship design he has to build or DLC it including cannons, upgrades and reps for preferred play and RvR. This way a 'care bear' captain always has something to fight with. Buster (Soooo rank)
  7. Speaking for myself, as ever, if your fighting with a lollipop stick against a port-bonus baseball bat, the appeal is limited. Buster (Good ship Lollipop for trade or sale, no time wasters)
  8. New feature! Turn up the volume on the new feature to 11 to get people to try it and moan about balance, then down to 2 or close it altogether, and turn something else up to 11. Remember officers? Remember fine woods? Remember crafting 5/5 ships by choice? Remember the muskets? Same test, different day. We may all be old enough to expire before all the balancing is done though . Buster (Remember the Alamo?)
  9. I can't see the benefit of 'fixed' alliances. Might as well just reduce the number of nations to 5 if you are going to do this. Personally I don't think that would be an improvement. Buster
  10. Perhaps leave the 'Elite NPC' for the PvE server? Buster (slowly breaking)
  11. I think these are excellent, well done Anolytic. I liked the matching tips windows, nice touch. Buster (Wet footed final examinee)
  12. With a philosophy that anything which reduces PvP is a bad thing then repairs being freely available (for a sensibly low price) would seem to be a requirement. Perhaps a fixed price in freetowns? Buster (the unrepairable)
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