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  1. Sounds very frustrating, especially when mods and tweaks are implemented without patch notes. Is there a video of this raid? What ships were you defending with? Were the NPC LGV's faster than a speed built Renomee for example? Buster
  2. I think this is the result of the game having no defined end-objective and no game cycle reset, we players must make our own 'story'. Reading the salt and the vitriol (even with chat bans in place) it seems clear players get more excited by this type of game play than anything else. Buster
  3. or... I know which direction I prefer ... Buster
  4. I sold the name. More names available: Rediv Captain Forward Heathsick ABT Synoth Liam666 South Viking Anoliptic Shocktripper Baster Nimda Sharon (Sold) Clan names also available. Prices on application. Buster (Names & Co.)
  5. I like Sweden, the flag is a big plus. Buster (aka Sharon)
  6. Mother said "If I you can't say nothin' nice, don't say nothin' at all". Trouble is I dunno how to delete this message. Buster (thinking nothin' nice)
  7. @admin advised previously (somewhere in my fading memory) that there are map compatibility problems with coming out of Battle Instance into OW e.g. finding yourself locked in shallows or half way up a mountain! However, a solution might now be to come out of battle instance at the nearest AI 'fixed route line' or turn point for your ship design (now that AI ships don't pass through land anymore). Guess its an effort to game benefit balance issue; you might get some odd results (emerging on wrong side of Cuba etc.) and associated exploits. Buster (that's my effort)
  8. The soul of Poland is indestructible, and she will rise again like a rock which may for a spell be submerged by a tidal wave but which remains a rock. Buster (I only heard)
  9. It's and early Werner von Braun multi piston rocket starter. Just happened to backfire on the port side here. Idea was dropped with the wind boost patch. Buster (vrmmmm… vrmmmm)
  10. S'not working ! Is it rude? Buster (redactable)
  11. No, but I was disconnected and have been trying to login for that last 10 mins. Says connection error eventually but all my internet is fine. Buster (Hacked....off)
  12. This thread, laced with passion, satire, dark humour, ban-tight-roping and wounds of the 5000 hour NA player, has given me a few chuckles. Thanks guys, I reckon your becoming a breed. Buster (might be the Valium though)
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