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  1. Am I detecting some resistance here Buster (got knitting to do)
  2. None required. If a FORFEIT SHIP is in the screening fleet and none of the PB Fleet get in to the PB then the ship is forfeit (when it docks next or at maintenance ? Season to taste). For the PB Fleet not to get into the PB due to screening there must have been an opposing screening fleet for the FORFEIT ship to fight against. So, if you are going to loose the ship don't run, get stuck in. If the PB Fleet doesn't get into the PB then any ship in the screen could join (if not in battle) providing the BR is available. This would be a battle decision by the nation. Once the PB is filled by any rag-bag of screening ships to the BR total there is no FORFEIT and even if half of the port BR is filled then only half of the FORFEIT BR (equivalent in ships) is confiscated and destroyed. If they enter the PB then the defenders have attackers to go for (if they fight), at least the PB is not empty. Buster (six gun)
  3. There ya go. Someone whose happy to sit in an empty Pb. This is a game for everyone. Buster (yay)
  4. Definitions: SHIPS IN FOREIT : A ship marked by the admiralty as being subject to destruction if the attacking nation does not fulfil its TOTAL BR in a Port Battle. TOTAL BR: The BR value of all SHIPS IN FORFEIT. BR: Battle Rating (of course) Mechanic: 1. After hostility is raised the attacking Nation has to place ships into FORFEIT and these ships are marked as such (somehow). No captured AI ships allowed as Forfeit. DLC ships are 20% (suggestion change to taste) forfeit BR value. 2. The value of the TOTAL BR of the SHIPS IN FORFEIT caps the BR value that the attacking side may use (if less than the port BR) in the PB. The Attacker's BR is published and available for all to see on the server, but not the make-up or number. No ship may be placed in FORFEIT to increase the Attackers BR less than 2 hours before a PB (2 hours is my 'anti-griefing' suggestion, change to taste) the BR contribution of any FORFEIT ship which has been sunk prior to 2 hours before the PB is deducted from the attackers TOTAL BR. SHIPS IN FORFEIT may not be sold. 3. If the attacking CLAN does not fulfil the TOTAL BR commitment (i.e. they turn up short handed) then the missing BR is paid-for by the admiralty destroying FORFEIT ships (whoever owns them!). Forfeit ship destruction would start at the smallest BR forfeit ship afloat, working up until the ship value of the missing PB BR value is either destroyed by Admiralty or already sunk (in PB or Screening etc.). It is NOT REQUIRED that a FORFEIT ship enters the PB although it could. 4. The defending fleet does not have any Forfeit requirement but may fill, or not fill, the PB as they see fit. If the attacker does not fill the PB then his loss is that of the port. Consequences: If an attacker does not provide FORFEIT ships he will have no BR to enter the PB and the defending side will see that it is an empty or lower attacking BR PB fleet at least 2 hours before the PB is due to start. Multi-flipping and empty PB's become either largely pointless or painful. Buster (Shoot me!)
  5. Love the finger pointing statement. Really made me chuckle. Have you put a finger through the screen yet or are you still busy punching it perhaps? Buster (Armoured screen)
  6. Fighting against the Russians is a duty and all part of RvR. However, taking ports from entitled, self righteous and whiney "Great Danes", two keyboard captains in particular, I now do for pleasure. Buster (Hand me my sword)
  7. Welcome to COVID 19 Battle Season! The NA escape to the high seas and the forums is well under way. Buster (Hanky to hand....make of it as you will)
  8. Someone, please mention Hitler to end this thread.... and for good measure...one from WSC, Buster (no cigar)
  9. NCCC. Thank you, I was using that phrase so often, the acronym will release a macro . Buster (DCCC)
  10. Much more important, what does the acronym NCCC replace, as in NCCC timer? Buster (TOMB, target on my back)
  11. Well done, its harder than it looks. I think he used Microsoft Powerpoint or something similar and prepared a few simple slides for use during the vid. I think the use of Powerpoint gave the video structure, he had set topics he updated for example (and just from memory): Position at the end of last week. RvR and politics since last vid. Game news, patches and the like. PvP and RvR hotspots expected in the next week. This was the first one you produced so its going to be longer as you covered quite a lot of ground. I played it at 1.25x speed, it was a bit snappier. I found out where the Danish Nation are on the map too . Buster (always learning and forgetting)
  12. Yes please! It would mean that wading through Privateer fleets would be worth it. Buster (shot through)
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