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  1. Love the kindergarten nouns and adjectives in this thread. Real classy! Time to stop. Buster (hard working vet crying bullshit baby)
  2. This isn't a thread so much as a rope. Can we hang someone or give up on it. Buster (reading 19 pages of mostly bill hooks)
  3. The wind boost positions appear to be static and as predictable as a coastline. It would be better I think to have these boosts drift around the map without details of %boost or duration. I have no objection to marking these boosts in OW but no need to see them on the map. Buster (no raspberry blowing)
  4. Not so hasty, sometimes this is the most exciting part. Buster (click and forget)
  5. Oh, I'm nobody Your Grace. Buster (oops sorry.. I always fart when I bob a curtsy)
  6. Congratulations ! Yours is the 55th post using the phrase the "game is dying" going back to 2013! Keep on posting, just wanna know if you outlive the game. Buster ( grinning )
  7. Several months ago! Hey man, that's WAY too many times around the inside of the goldfish bowl for me to recall that. You need to carry less baggage, its gonna eat you up, trust me. Buster (Still crucifying a brother for eating his easter egg)
  8. We really do need a place where the player can go to seek information about the ROE in operation at any given moment. There are so many chops and changes and different rules in PZ, OW and Capital areas (with the added variation of active fort and tower participation). I don't mind the rules changing for improvement but lets have a level game for all with a definitive list of the current active rules of engagement in the various areas listed somewhere. Buster (locked out or ganked)
  9. Raids were due at the weekend? Has a nation been raided? Did I miss it? If not, when will they start and where will the in-game pre-raid notifications appear? Buster (telescope to the horizon)
  10. So many creative-exploit thinkers. I guess we are going to end up with the port owners paying in some way for a successful raid on their port if only to deter exploiting and to encourage a PvP defence. Buster
  11. Don't be too hasty to dump this offering. PVE crafting clans holding ports behind Frontlines and building high value port bonus first rates may get a bit of a shock. On the down side stripping some players of assets and ports is unlikely to boost player numbers is it? God help the first Nation to loose a port to this mechanic. I can see the meme's now. Buster (grinning)
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