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  1. Busterbloodvessel

    Empty sea

    Buster (George Town reporter)
  2. Busterbloodvessel

    National identity

    DLC might be a useful tool to add to National identity. Perhaps the Devs could build a dedicated pirate-only vessel class Queen Anne, Delivery, Revenge … I dunno. These Pirate DLC ships could only be sailed by Pirate Nation players. A captain purchasing a DLC Pirate vessel would receive 1 free forged paper to move to the Pirate Nation. A Nation-based DLC system could be extended to other Nations. For example, iconic ships such as the Connie, the Victory, the Santisima going to the US, GB and Spain (all after the wipe of course) with the ability to sail a Santisima only if you are Spanish (by moving out of the Spanish Nation you loose your ability to use the DLC Santisima). Some thought to dedicated nation ships is required of course and to maintain balance some ships should be available for more than one nation, but not all!. I might add that NA could, by this means, be converted into a free to play game without too much grief; if the existing players get 'upgraded' to be free-issued in a major DLC roll-out for all existing captains. To appease those who have bought the Requin (spit) and the Hercules (fart) these could be all-nation DLC purchasable and sailable ships and not be in a free issue all captains roll-out (the same would apply to all other existing DLC content). If you haven't read as far as this you will already be typing saying that first rates must not be DLC. Well, the idea could be sold to other ship classes such as Cerberus, Surprise etc. instead. So, going forward we could have three ship classes: Global Craftable - Non-nation Specific (ship builds would be more limited than current) Global DLC - All nations can buy (at the moment this is the Herc and Req) Nation DLC - A vessel only available to and sailable by members of a specific nation (DLC free issue to existing captains after wipe but would not include future designs). Game now free to play and includes a nice National Identity in OW and battles. Buster (steps off cloud 9) . . . . . .. Ouch!
  3. Busterbloodvessel

    Naval Action Meme collection

    If I take a step backwards, am I outside of the capital zone?
  4. 0 warning points, am I really saying what I think?

  5. Busterbloodvessel

    Make Safezone safe again

    Requin muggings were predictable from the moment the ship was released was released. The ship needs fixing first in my opinion rather than the zones. https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/26081-le-requin-testing-and-feedback/?page=26&tab=comments#comment-573571 Buster (Basic Cu*ter)
  6. Hold weight numbers are red when ship is not overloaded. Buster (Hold it)
  7. Busterbloodvessel

    PB List erroneous

    @admin the PB list (see attached) shows a PB time of yesterday. [NN] vs [VNM] San Timoteo 11/1/2018 17.37. There is no F11 response on the map screen hence my posting here. Buster (Time Traveller)
  8. Busterbloodvessel

    NPC Fleet Routes

    On the realism front, perhaps AI's not sailing through mountains would be a good place to start? Anyone else having trouble getting excited about this thread? Buster (look, no wheels)
  9. your in trouble then. Buster (w8er)
  10. Busterbloodvessel

    Gank after PB or not?

    I seem to recall that the problem with the battle screen was that gankers would attack players near a capital and have an easy escape. If a large revenge fleet gathered outside the gankers could sign off from the battle screen. This left the revenge fleet waiting outside endlessly not knowing if the gankers were going to emerge back in OW or, of sign off for the night, or teleport to a home port ( I recall this being an option at some stage). It was also possible after an hour or so of sign-off (or even the following day) the ganking clan would re-emerge to gank again. This mechanic made it very difficult for opponents to beat down gankers. However, at that time Capital Zones didn't exist and reinforcement zones in a different form had (I think) been dropped after an early appearance. Suggestions for the game to indicate who had signed off or teleported away from a battle by indicating this on the battle swords went unheaded along with a few other ideas. A number of solutions were suggested and a few of them were tried until we arrived at where we are. The teleport home mechanics meant that the post port battle ganking screen fleet problems were avoided. Buster (SORRY GANK SQUADIE)
  11. Busterbloodvessel

    RVR - Incremental conquest and large scale fleet battles

    How about timers only being allowed to be set if the port contains a national presence. For example, this could mean that the occupying clan would need to have a minimum number of national players who have set up the port as an outpost and/or, have a minimum BR of national docked vessels acting as the home fleet during hours of port closure for the timer to be effective and/or have a minimum number of buildings in the port. All of the above are already limited in-game so the number of ports that could have a timer would also be limited. Buster (watch free)
  12. needs tow to port. there is enough boring grind in this game Buster
  13. It's not true but I did think it when my then girlfriend married me. It's a character defect I could live with. Buster (yeah man)
  14. Thanks. Isn't the value of 2758 a step value and not a total aggregate XP value? I ask this as my understanding is that to qualify for the Christian redeemable a player needs to earn 10000 Craft and 10000 Combat XP. Do we know what level of crafting (I see yours is 31) qualifies for the Christian? Buster (most times it's me but sometimes..)
  15. Can someone post a screen shot of where I can find my CRAFT XP level pls. Thanks, Buster (Tar pot in hand)