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  1. Perhaps leave the 'Elite NPC' for the PvE server? Buster (slowly breaking)
  2. I think these are excellent, well done Anolytic. I liked the matching tips windows, nice touch. Buster (Wet footed final examinee)
  3. With a philosophy that anything which reduces PvP is a bad thing then repairs being freely available (for a sensibly low price) would seem to be a requirement. Perhaps a fixed price in freetowns? Buster (the unrepairable)
  4. I seem to recall reading that you can personalise your own flag (not visible to anyone else) in Naval Action. This might be good for streaming. Does anyone know how to do this? Buster (white flag)
  5. Yep, that's a possibility too. We just need a control range such that it is within gun damage range and will not permit risk free griefing. Perhaps consideration could be given to varying the control range such that the smaller ships have a smaller control range. Buster (hmmmm…)
  6. Get a better tag , or hit a mast. Perhaps the front chaser spread error could be reduced to assist with mast hits. The main thing is that the mast hit must penetrate. Buster (No guru)
  7. Remove sail hits as tags? I mean adjust tagging so that the tag timer only resets only after a penetrating hull or mast hit. I believe this would mean that small ships will need to get close to penetrate the hull or mast of a larger ship and in doing so risk damage and demonstrate a willingness to fight. Not just kite with long lob sail hits. Buster (taggerty tonk)
  8. The ability to change the text size and colour of friend and enemy captains in a battle instance. An additional option of a day and night name colours toggle. The colours look different on different screens. White names against white clouds is also a bit of a problem in a 50 ship PB! Buster (pink on pink fire)
  9. Best PB of the year, so disappointing. Buster (spitting feathers)
  10. The possibility to add a ship name or note so that I can make ships unique. Some of the are old friends. Buster (getting soppy)
  11. I like the idea of a large doubloon/reals deposit for an attack RvR only flag 24 hours before a PB (avoids RvE). The port specific RvR attack flag is carried by a PB fleet member which makes the fleet members immune from PvP attack (or attacking others). The fleet position could be shown on the global map in real time so defenders know when the fleet is on the move. For the attack RvR deposit to be returned the attackers must: 1. substantially fill the PB (80%+BR?) and 2. they hold at least one circle at some stage. 3. no-one may leave the PB for 30 mins once entered Failure to meet the above means that the attack flag deposit is paid into the port holding clans account. The attack fleet carries the flag home unmolestable (no PvP). The flag dies upon redemption of the deposit or server rest. This would mean all nations could perform RvR and avoid PvP screening and revenge ganking. No empty attack PB's. Buster
  12. Hispaniola... Treasure Island. Buster
  13. Glad to hear you would never dream of doing something like this. Buster (Nassau hostility veteran)
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