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  1. ok no problem my bad! thanks for the reply keep up the good work
  2. hello i saw a video on youtube where it is now possible to change the difficulty of the battles by clicking on the "review strategy" button. i started a new campaing today but the button is no there
  3. update i changed hard disk and moved from win 7 to win 10 and now the game runs perfectly fine. i finally can appreciate it in all it's ultra settings glory
  4. i tried everything but no success. since i notice it happens with some other games now, it's cleary a problem on my end. you can remove the post if you want. thanks for the help
  5. after lunch the game is stuck in the loading scene. i lunched the game on my laptop and works fine, i really love it but i have to play with graphics settings on low because itis not a gaming laptop. since i love this game so much i really wish i could play it on my PC. i can play games like the witcher 3 on high settings without problmes on my desktop so i really don't think it's a hardwere issue. i'm still going to raccomend the game on steam becouse i don't want to judge your work based on the problems on my end and as i said i think you have done an amazing job. but any help would be reall
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