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  1. Pretty hard to come up with things not already in the game that could be used to differentiate certain woods.
  2. I agree with you because if you merge woods nothing good comes out of it other than having less woods to choose from. But there are too many woods that are not worth using compared to fir/teak/wo/lo. A suggestion is to give certain woods bonuses in cargo capacity/draught/etc. What else do you guys think could be done to unused woods that would make them worth using/balanced?
  3. Definitely because having rewards in any form gives players an incentive to want to play more. I like this idea but I also think it would be nice if you were given a chest that has the possibility of getting a good book or ship. The game should scale a lot better such as by the time you get to max rank you should be near completing most of the books.
  4. One of the big issues for newer players is the mission system but thankfully this next PvE update should fix it. AI shouldn't be dumbed down because it will affect people who know how to play well. One thing you could do is when a lower ranking player tags AI the wood is set to something weak and possibly have negative bonuses to thickness/speed/turning/etc. I honestly think when a player joins a basic cutter is just not an enjoyable experience. Would it be possible to replace the basic cutter with something larger such as a brig so new players can get them for free and don't have to feel bad when they work up to 6th rates and lose them? We already make it possible to rank up decently once you complete tutorial so why not make it easier for someone who has trouble completing it? Maybe every time you rank up a player could be rewarded with a ship that fits his crew requirements.
  5. AI are very easy for the average player and it's hard to balance them around every single player when people have good woods/refits/books and some have nothing. The way around this problem is you use bigger ships to fight smaller ones and work your way up.
  6. Lord Gud

    Stupid idea

    Rainbow swords with sparkles to see it better at night.
  7. Do you guys have any plans on advertising or how will new players join when the game is released?
  8. Developers need to pay youtubers/streamers/etc to advertise or this game will never break 1-2k population.
  9. It depends on if the developers advertise the game otherwise what's the point of wiping if the majority of the players aren't new? If 30-40% of the population are old players then a full wipe could be considered other than that there is no benefit. I personally do not like to grind ship slots or books even in this current patch and you're telling me I would have to restart to give a few new players some imaginary advantage over someone who has played for multiple years? New players will get wrecked no matter what you do because it takes more than books to get good.
  10. copyright and also "BUH DAS NOT REAL!!!!" Maybe Moby Dick and a black war galleon?
  11. Crafting needs to be reworked but adding timers would only increase the grind which is not something we need if you want more players actively playing the game. Doubloons should be for PvP only and have nothing to do with crafting such as the old PvP Marks. There needs to be more building slots because you cannot make all three repairs and ships at the same time due to only having five building slots. After these next few trading/pve/rvr patches the developers should focus on quality of life in the game to shorten the length of certain mechanics. You do have a solid point but should the best players not be able to craft more ships earlier due to their skill/numbers? This is a problem with RvR not ship building as a whole so hopefully the devs balance RvR in some type of way.
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