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  1. That's the kind of thinking that we need right now with a dying population and people complaining about updates/rvr/etc.
  2. Yes but you're assuming new players think that way instead of having a horrible time and quitting the game. Is it a good thing to have to leave your nation regardless? I see it too often that players either quit or just switch to the strongest nation for the best advantage because the game is very tedious and tiring to play in the bad nations. This isn't necessarily because they were pvped or zerged but because of crafting/clan system/pve missions. This system does not support new players and that's a flaw at the base of the game.
  3. Yes admin, I baited you into reading the second and third sentences because the zerg is always ignored and overlooked. DLC bad!
  4. The war server is far from having a "little danger" and if you join the wrong nation, consider yourself screwed. Can changes be made to inform new players on the realistic choices they have when picking a server and nation? If I could have first joined the game I would have picked a different nation but you don't realize these things until it's too late and you have too much time dedicated and no logical reason to buy a DLC that doesn't support or help encourage the game to become better other than encouraging zerg. Instead how about "War server is perfect if you don't always want a hardcore t
  5. Too many nations, pirates are weak and we have to push to safer waters
  6. Pretty hard to come up with things not already in the game that could be used to differentiate certain woods.
  7. I agree with you because if you merge woods nothing good comes out of it other than having less woods to choose from. But there are too many woods that are not worth using compared to fir/teak/wo/lo. A suggestion is to give certain woods bonuses in cargo capacity/draught/etc. What else do you guys think could be done to unused woods that would make them worth using/balanced?
  8. Rainbow swords with sparkles to see it better at night.
  9. Do you guys have any plans on advertising or how will new players join when the game is released?
  10. Developers need to pay youtubers/streamers/etc to advertise or this game will never break 1-2k population.
  11. It depends on if the developers advertise the game otherwise what's the point of wiping if the majority of the players aren't new? If 30-40% of the population are old players then a full wipe could be considered other than that there is no benefit. I personally do not like to grind ship slots or books even in this current patch and you're telling me I would have to restart to give a few new players some imaginary advantage over someone who has played for multiple years? New players will get wrecked no matter what you do because it takes more than books to get good.
  12. copyright and also "BUH DAS NOT REAL!!!!" Maybe Moby Dick and a black war galleon?
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