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  1. Lord Gud

    Pirate on Pirate action

    This guy deserves to be banned permanently for all the things he has done.
  2. Lord Gud

    blame prussia

    preach brother amen hallelujah
  3. Lord Gud

    blame prussia

    the goyim knows
  4. Lord Gud

    blame prussia

  5. Lord Gud

    What am I doing wrong?

    Learn how to manual sail to bounce shots/run in a straight line while you repair. Go on YouTube and watch people fight AI/read guides on the forums.
  6. Lord Gud

    What to do next? Suggesting Quests

    This is exactly what the game is missing because it feels like such an endless grind. If a proper quest-line was added then it should focus on gearing the player towards end-game ranks/books such as Art of Ship Handling, Gunnery Encyclopedia, and The Book Of Five Rings. Would it be better to have your average player looking forward to obtaining something if they successfully complete a skillful quest, or have a player endlessly grinding AI to no avail. All the developers have to do is have the community come together and create a bunch of quests and they could implement the best ones. Maybe have a boss system where you have to fight unobtainable ships that are incredibly skilled and then be rewarded with book knowledge/xp?
  7. Lord Gud

    Should AI ship Drop Repairs?

    AI still drop repairs. I just got 20 rig repairs but I agree they should drop low amounts more often depending on ship rate.
  8. Lord Gud

    Port Quests

    PvE used to be a big part in the economy and now a lot of books/refits/ships are inflated due to the low rewards resulting in new/average players not being able to take part in port battles/pvp without worrying about replacing their stuff in a reasonable time.
  9. Lord Gud

    Port Quests

    The entire mission system is flawed in so many ways you need to start asking global if they think PvE is balanced or even fun. It is a dread to PvE efficiently as someone who has been max rank twice. It is simply not fun for a player to have to go out in OW far from your capital because to my knowledge less enemy AI spawn near your captured ports. Port quests should give you way more options on what you want to do such as the old 4th rate vs 4th rate or 4th rate vs 2 5th rates because look at my choices. I have two missions I can pick and one of them is not even possible without repairs/a decent PvE ship. So my main complaint is the missions should give you more options to pick from.
  10. I ask many people if they like this "Port Quest" battle system compared to the old system and most of people do not like it at all. Is there any plan of reworking this system because it takes too long to grind compared to the old solo mission/fleet mission system where you could pick a mission that suits your needs. Now it seems like missions are randomized and very unbalanced such as a rank 5 mission that makes you fight a rank 3 ship or a rank 4 mission that makes you fight a rank 2 ship. I have no other possible missions I can do that are balanced for what I can do so I have to go out in OW and find a decent fleet that probably takes 15+ minutes to find and spend another 15+ minutes sailing back to port for a fleet that gives me 500 XP. There is no practical use to the port quest system unless you have a 2nd/1st rate that can 1v10 smaller ships. I understand this game is supposed to be a grind but it's supposed to be fun while grinding and many people I talk to do not enjoy the length it takes to finding AI that suits their needs. Would it be possible to revert to the old mission system where you can pick either solo or fleet missions?
  11. Check out my suggestion I made a few days ago. I believe my suggestion is the best way to get players into 3 main RvR nations while people who like to do other things can join the smaller nations. It will also make the game more unique rather than every nation being the same. forum.game-labs.net/topic/27998-nations-providing-different-benefits/
  12. Lord Gud

    Ship, toggle damage model

    This seems nice but it should look more aesthetic.
  13. Lord Gud

    Nations providing different benefits.

    P.S If these changes were to happen then ADMIN should provide 1 nation change on release date.
  14. Since some people prefer to do different things such as RvR/PvP/OW Ganking/Trading/ PvE I do not believe the community will ever progress towards finding a solution to balancing the game unless they add game mechanics uniquely defining each nation. I am suggesting each nation provides a passive benefit such as % speed bonus/% HP/thickness/trading benefits/pve benefits/etc so you don't have players complaining about their nation only doing this or only doing that. This will make it so when a new player starts the game he will have an idea of what the nation does as a whole and what type of play style he would like to do. Not including hardcore nations, currently the only benefit to joining a nation is the amount of players and this results in an unbalanced game. You could even add disadvantages to nations such as decreased cargo hold/slower ships/etc. There should be three nations that are well rounded for everything providing a slight bonus to everything, the majority of players will join these nations. Pirates should only be able to use up ships up to 4th rates or have boarding/speed benefits in battle. There could also be a nation that has larger reinforcement zone/PvE/trading benefits so players from PvE server might possibly start playing again because higher population looks a lot better. Hardcore nations could possibly gain bonuses to RvR/OW PvP but have decreased cargo hold/higher taxes when purchasing things. Not everything I suggested is set in stone, it's just a general idea on what you could do to change each nation. Please feel free to give ideas on which passive abilities each nation should get or not get. Please refrain from arguing or changing the topic to something irrelevant.