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  1. in a move that expected no one the promise that was made to us that we would keep our ranks is gone back on that's enough for me cya
  2. it seems the recent patch is the final nail in the coffin
  3. it's so amazing how a war can unite even KOC and chris thanks spain enjoying my stay in key west o7
  4. the br change is intresting and i'd have to see how it will work since raising the br of certain ships wil simply degrade their overall performance just so they get lowered back down in the future? i guess i'll have to see what kind off effect it has i'm still hoping they'll just limit the types of ships you can take and thus making frigates matter again
  5. can someone please explain to me why requin is a 6th rate and not a 5th rate? way to go screw up pb's and a good shallow port battle meta ? just make it a 5th rate please
  6. el presidenté is also pleased to announce that after a good battle where he imself took part and survived (schocker i know) the port of key west was liberated and tourism is free to sprout o7 to spain good fight
  7. i feel like there is a history to this question and then why would you need a "forger"? anonymity is part of the mechanic lol
  8. this is a good idea and is worth exploring it will create content for all sides
  9. good changes but you dont want to go down that rabbit hole ^
  10. it's funny how the forums are more active than the actual game
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