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  1. Hi Felix Where do you get the port battle data (attacking clan and date/time of port battle)? I'm assuming you get it from the API, but I don't see that information in the ports data or items data.
  2. Felix -- you kindly provided the formula for calculating trade prices in this forum: https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/12052-public-api-for-naval-action/ but now it is inaccessible to me ( I get "You do not have permission to view this content.") Can you repost that formula here? Also, perhaps you can prevail on the gods to open that forum thread about the API.
  3. Nevermind -- It's that mystery source of @qw569😳
  4. What is the source of this data? I don't think it comes from the API.
  5. Just wanted to give this a bump, hoping for an answer.
  6. My understanding is that soon the empire will have to defend itself from NPC port attacks. Perhaps that will create some openings.
  7. From where do you get the data that you send out via Twitter?
  8. @qw569 - fantastic! May I ask, how do you get the data that Mishka publishes? My guess would be that you are reading the data from the game client. If you have to be discrete about your method, I understand and don't expect an answer. Have you considered pushing the data in other ways than Twitter (e.g. a json feed)? I am particularly interested in getting clan warehouse log data (money log and resource log) for clan accounting purposes. Any suggestions?
  9. Hi Felix -- I bow down to you -- the work you are doing with this map is phenomenal. I am tinkering around with the Naval Action API data and I have a question (I am developing NavalGaming.com for the US). It appears that you have access to real-time data, like port hostility levels and port battle results. From where do you get that data? Also, where do you get port timer data?
  10. Don’t forget the tools. Some prefer to place the academy where tools drop.
  11. I see that the Russians are attacking Pirates at Morgan's Bluff. What are the strategic implications of this? Looks like it cuts off Pirates in the Bahamas.
  12. Here's a printout of the "low res" image -- looks great! Printed out at Staples for $36
  13. Marlinspike


    Where does this data come from?
  14. Since this community and its experts have been around a while, it's pretty easy to assess expertise by simply looking at a long history of posts on a given topic. I am wondering if there is a way that we, as a player community, can give some sort of formal recognition to these people, both as a gesture of gratitude and as a reward to encourage them and others. I'm thinking a system of nomination, vetting, voting, followed by some sort of insignia. This may or may not be a good idea -- we need an expert on the topic of online gaming communities to chime in.
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