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  1. Hm, both sides have right, on their own side, but it doesnt matter. The goal should be to take this game allive. We all love the game with all the bad and good things, thats why we all here. So the intention of us all is the same goal i think. For me, in the current form it is not on a good way. The number dont lie. It give much suggestions how it can be better, what way are the right way..i dont know. But like now it can not go on. But another huge problem from my side is, that only a minority are use this forum. Let me say 1000 ppl are playing this game, but how much are here in the forum to interakt, make suggestions etc etc? Always the same 30-40 players, thats scince years. Unfortunately, then the people are listened to this minority. For example, what had be happend, when 1 week after release with let me say 1700 ppl are online 20% of them had find the way here to the forum, that was 340 ppl, or 50% what 850 ppl., if than for example 800 ppl say here, the way of this game is not the good way, or its not fun to be ganked, than i think it doesnt matter what the 30 hardcore ppl say. So it must be an intention, all the ppl who play this game bring here to the forum, where they tell their side before they leave the game and tell everybody to avoid this game. Understand what i mean? My english i snot the best, srry.
  2. To make the economy stronger it must be find a way to integrate the PvE player who will trade and build in the PvP server, so that will be maybe 300-400 more player. Dont ask me how, that is not my job, but that is one solution for one problem.
  3. One huge problem is, that it give not good manual or so. And ganking or so, its always a "problem" in PvP games. No one can avoid that. So for so ppl it give teh PvE server. but the best solution where that it give a way that PvP and PvE player play together on one server. That was the best for the server economy. Dont ask me how to do it but it must be possible to do this.
  4. It give two "Viking" nations allready in game Denmark-Norge and Sverige!
  5. Sure, when this came, what will happen? I say it, the big clans will attack the small clans to becam all ports in one nation. It very cool. the nations will not war against other nation. Then you can quit all nations, make a one nationgame, an give the game a new name, clannavalwar or so. "sarcasm"
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