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Found 7 results

  1. I know folks have said a Xebec trader would be nice in game. I was thinking a DLC trade ship that can be redeem pretty much any where would be great. Maybe just have it with 2lbs on front and side decks and no other guns and half the crews (125 still high) so that it won't be easy to just rage board, like other shallow trade ships. Being able to just redeem one a day will keep folks from having fleets of them too.
  2. Sailing downwind with the xebec is like sailing upwind with a square rigger. Upwind speed of square riggers is buffed downwidn for xebec is not. Even a basic cutter is faster downwind in openwold as a xebec. And having a square rigger in fleet makes the xebec even slower downwind but actual she would be the slowest ship. 😉
  3. Le Requin 24 guns French xebec 1751 Model from the Musée national de la Marine: http://mnm.webmuseo.com/ws/musee-national-marine/app/collection/record/8950?vc=ePkH4LF7ldY7bsQgGADhq6BcIP4fYDhSmhS5f5FvI20UaasU03gGkBA2fr2e3v5zKt5fN-bP5v--FHnHmDlq7ZF3Y2Lhhmc7kCjwm9_85vfDn5Hngu7oju7oju7oju7sUdeFgLWuQmNi4R4VfPDBBx988MHHw5sjzqjUpS51qUtd6lKXutSlrjSlKU1pSlOa4otv87SmNa1pTWta05rJT35yk5vc5KY1pvGLX_ziF7_4tYYhRhjc9_N74z75ckQ-Pn_-e57n7Bu9G218 Another model. Source:http://modelisme.arsenal.free.fr/artdumodelisme/Le%20Requin/indexgb.html Plans: Dimensions: Length of Gundeck: 115' French Feet (Pied du Roi) or 37.361 meters Length of Keel: 95' French Feet (Pied du Roi) or 30.8831 meters Breadth: 26' French Feet (Pied du Roi) or 8.4719 meters Depth in Hold: 8' French Feet (Pied du Roi) or 2.8149 meters Burthen: 260 Ton Armament: Upper Gun Deck: 24 x French 8-Pounder Crew: 245(240 crew, 5 officers) Sources and info: Téléchargement (910.85k) http://mnm.webmuseo.com/ws/musee-national-marine/app/collection/record/8950?vc=ePkH4LF7ldY7bsQgGADhq6BcIP4fYDhSmhS5f5FvI20UaasU03gGkBA2fr2e3v5zKt5fN-bP5v--FHnHmDlq7ZF3Y2Lhhmc7kCjwm9_85vfDn5Hngu7oju7oju7oju7sUdeFgLWuQmNi4R4VfPDBBx988MHHw5sjzqjUpS51qUtd6lKXutSlrjSlKU1pSlOa4otv87SmNa1pTWta05rJT35yk5vc5KY1pvGLX_ziF7_4tYYhRhjc9_N74z75ckQ-Pn_-e57n7Bu9G218 http://modelisme.arsenal.free.fr/artdumodelisme/Le%20Requin/indexgb.html http://lerequinmodelisme.blogspot.gr/ http://threedecks.org/index.php?display_type=show_ship&id=15543 http://ancre.fr/fr/monographies/18-monographie-du-requin-chebec-1750-.html Credits to Le Boiteux and Surcouf for the info.
  4. Post any pictures or plans you will find: http://shrike.egloos.com/m/1224153
  5. Algerian Xebec The xebec (French chébec/chébeck) was a lightly-constructed vessel of the Mediterranean Sea that featured lateen sails as well as oars. Developed from the long, narrow oar-powered galleys of ancient times, xebecs were fast vessels able to sail close to the wind because of their triangular sails. This, as well as their shallow draft and ability to use oars when becalmed made them popular with pirates, as they could catch merchant ships and run away from warships. Being able to outrun a warship was important as, in a quote that has been credited to Thomas Jefferson (but I am unable to confirm) the xebec was “so light as not to stand the broadside of a good frigate.” Smaller Sister ship
  6. 'Minorca' http://threedecks.org/index.php?display_type=show_ship&id=5417 Plans:
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