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  1. Zoky

    An Experience with the Patrol Zone

    I think it was motivated by suggestions to have player crafted consumables, layered on speed/repair trade offs. But it was never tuned well, in my opinion. Players never suggested multi repairs. In fact there were suggestions in those days to remove repairs completely! This whole multi repair was not wanted and not needed in first place, and we were blindsided with it. In my opinion its not all bad but i preferred the old system.
  2. @staun I'm sorry for making fun of you, i got triggered But that doesn't change the fact that hatchi is right about ship dlc
  3. long story short its wrong
  4. @staun As a mathematician I can tell you that you are mental and you don't know what you are talking about
  5. Having cash shop in game that you paid for is cancer and deserve special place in hell
  6. If they cannot change the ships redeemable issue by law they will remain p2w. They can change ships stats just like world of tanks or war thunder changes stats of premium tanks and planes all the time or how ArmA 3 changed stats of riffles sold in marksmen DLC for example. That is just excuse to continue selling broken ships and blind fanboys continue to justify it. I like NA but I'm not blind. I don't care for "they need to make money". I don't own or work for their company so I don't care about their financial situation and nether should you (unless you are on their payroll). What I care as a gamer is fair business practices and selling P2W content is not fair to us gamers and NA devs should be ashamed for not fixing this situation already. And @admin no surprice is not better then hecules, not to mention that there is no counter to trollship (la requin) at all!
  7. Zoky

    Reinforcement Zones

    They are still super buffed but now they spawn with proper rate
  8. Zoky

    Hercules OW Spam

    100% agree. Herc is lacking in firepower, structure, hit points, and all other factors that determine the victor in a fight. What?!? Lacks firepower??? 🤣🤣🤣 Carro herc can dps any other frig and most 4th rates by hugging them. Its such a small target that they can't hit him with at least 50% of their broadside. Even when not hugging it can just wiggle a little and most of cannons will miss him. And no frig can resist 32pd carros. And all that while being faster and more maneuverable then any other frig.
  9. Zoky

    Naval Action Explorer

    @SS Minnow I don't know how to make force mods count when calculating speeds using charts data. I made two identical custom ships but one has extra elite spanish rig and one doesn't but after calculating it shows that they have same speeds on all angles!? Am I doing something wrong?
  10. @SS Minnow @jodgi ty both for great work
  11. @jodgi Is it somehow possible to check speeds chart with speed mods and force mods? Do you maybe know where this can be done outside of game?
  12. We had stable population of for 1-2 months of ~700+ people between hardcore patch and safe zone patch. After safezone patch population dropped almost overnight. You can check this at http://steamcharts.com Hardcore patch droped at end of may 2017 and safe zones patch month or two later
  13. Its not better during EU prime time either. We are lucky to have ~400 on sunday prime time!!!
  14. There were lot more people playing NA when we didn't have safe zones. From the day 0 safe zones failed to protect new players and were only good to old farts who wanted to pve in 1st rates free of risk.
  15. @admin Any plan on introducing mechanic that lets us upgrade 3/5 ships into 4/5 or 5/5 ships? Like how countries upgrade tanks and stuff. Something like for cost of 50% of mats for new ship we can upgrade of old one. That would be nice and people would stop trashing 3/5 ships and would actually use them for something