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  1. wasa is an oversight indeed. will also lose some speed. How could you forget about wasa lol 🤣? Wasa is the only ship that needed nerf imho
  2. That's happening since wipe. It used to be that fort will attack closest enemy but now fort only attacks attacker no mater the nation
  3. why are French suddenly obsessed with NN clan? NN is one of the nicest clan that I have seen in NA
  4. Let me try to explain why, in my opinion, aggressive AI is step in wrong direction. Like Redii have said in other games time to disengage is measured in seconds while in NA if you get tagged you will need at least 5 minutes. By that time wind will change direction and make your journey miserable affair. Not to mention if AI damages you, and he will thank to super accuracy that AI enjoys, you will need to use repair which are expensive and limited, unlike other games where health automatically restores outside of battle. The closest example I can think of is Elite Dangerous, where, unlike shields, hull doesn't repair automatically and you need to go back to port for repairs. But even there it takes far less time to go to port, dock and repair, thanks to FTL speeds and all that, and you don't need to concern yourself with changing wind. Compere that to NA where you need tens of minutes to go back to closest port. Add to that complete lack of enjoyment in fighting AI that cheats and we have huge time sink in already sinking game. That doesn't sound like a good strategy to revitalize NA.
  5. Even on your screenshot trinc is faster by 0.1kn on all but extreme upwind with actually being slower on beam. Wasa can hit 14.3 easy with elite spanish with ~13 on beam. If trinc doesn't have elite spanish himself he is dead. And you forget to add port bonuses to your picture. It will actually close the thickness gap somewhat, because they are calculated before f/f penalties are applied to wasa. Best case scenario for thinc, both he and wasa are effectively made of paper for each other guns, witch still puts wasa in huge advantage due to larger hp pull and much larger broadside weight. And don't forget that in OW elite spanish is not calculated so you have very little margin for error when running from wasa. Add some LRQ (or any other upwind sailor) into the mix and that trinc is in world of pain. If they are smart they will box you in and there is nothing you can do. Smaller ship will work your sail until wasa comes close and then is game over. Even wasa alone can catch you with little luck on upwind because of % of square vs triangle sail on wasa. Elite spanish gives wasa much more then what it takes because that % is in large favor of square sails, and only extreme upwind can save you. And like I said previously if wasa lands close then you have no time to run upwind. Wasa is currently top dog and makes any 5/4th rate obsolete. That's way I sail mostly snow these days, when I play, which itself is super OP ship, but its still far more interesting to sail then wasa
  6. This +111111111111111111111111111111111
  7. Problem with NA is not only that new players are living after few hours, but also that old players are living. I'm super bored and that's why I haven't been playing for last 15 days. There is nothing for me to do. 1 month after release and I'm burned, and looking at player numbers so are others
  8. Fir fir wasa is just as fast as t/w trinc and if you add elite spanish to it it will outsail trinc downwind on all angles easy. Wasa is also just as agile as trinc downwind with added benefit of being more agile upwind do to broken sail power force thingy. F/f wasa has more hp then t/w trinc and with navy planking f/f wasa has same thickness as t/w trinc, but why even concern yourself with it when you can just dps down any 5/4th rate anyway because wasa has much more firepower and more crew. Before you say "just run upwind" keep in mind that is not always possible to do that, and if wasa spawns close that is impossible due to wasa having 6 frontal chasers, and no amount of you having better sailing profile upwind will save you from them. As for wasa vs bellona i honestly don't know. Never run into formula 1 bellona after wipe
  9. Since when it's players responsibility to balance game? And how could players even do that? I don't have access to secret menu in game where I can change RvR, or anything else at all, do you? players - play a game developers - develop a game Everyone said from day 1 that current RvR is bad, that RoE is bad, that trading sucks, that port bonuses are unbalanced. And what devs do? Fix stuff? NOPE! They add dlc ship
  10. Zoky


    I propose that we add turkish nation to game! NA is alternative history so why not have turkey? It could provide countless hours of quality gameplay to some of us 👍
  11. Fir/fir wasa has about the same base speed as teak/teak trinco/endy, same turning speed (and is better at tacking), much more armor and sail hp, much more firepower, gets same bonuses from all speed modules and speed books except elite spanish where wasa gets more from it then trinco/endy due to wasa having bigger percentage of square sails! Why change whole wood mechanic? Wouldn't it be easier to just nerf wasa? I don't see people complaining about agas, ingers or any other big ship. Its always wasa. As a side note all big ships turn way too good compered to 5th rates
  12. Wasa is most op shit in game currently. As fast and as maneuverable as 5th rate frigs and damage potential of belona
  13. Well, since in their infinite wisdom devs removed names from OW, I need to enter battle to see whom I'm fighting against. If its friend of mine of course i'm not going to shot him. So yes blame devs, roe, game and not players
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