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  1. A system like this i had also in my mind but didnt remembered the raw numbers...thank you for sharing this info So to summarize for a complete understanding - Your LH generation per hour/day does NOT get affetced by either your rank nor your crafting rank... - The only thing which is changed by your rank, is your WALLET aka the number of LHs you can allocate... Is this true ???
  2. Thanks to both of you...BUT i just created a brand new char (no crafting rank, no Captains rank) and he can store at maximum 1.000 LHs...but i have the very strong impression that he refills those 1.000 several times, e.g. 3 times, per day... Have to look on my watch the next time, he is empty
  3. Hi Guys Simple Question: What affects the LH GENERATION per Day (...NOT the maximum WALLET !!) ??? 😉 - your Captains Rank ? - or your Crafting Rank ? - or neither of both ?? Or could it be that you get every Day the same amount no matter whether you are lowest or highest rank ? I know, lower Captain Ranks are capped at lower WALLETS than higher ones, but that doesnt mean, you get lesser LHs/Day... ...and i am fully aware of the 2 Perks you can choose to bolster your Generation and your Wallet, but i am not speaking of those... Cheers and thanks
  4. @Liq, when i agree wholeheartly on your overall point that upgrades are FAR too expensive (even the basic ones who spawn randomly in ports), the reason is NOT inflation ... its that good materials spawn at much too less locations and in much too less numbers !! Even when people would have much less money, the upgrades would still cost the same
  5. Cant DISAGREE more to any of your points ! - 1.000 Even now, we have a too strong focus on clans (above nations) and you want even more of it ??? Cant believe what i an reading... Could be only understandable from a russian nation supremacy standpoint: if Chinese Nation would be added, Russian Nation would lose one of its biggest clans and nobody knows how many more players...bad for Russia but good for rest of us
  6. I have the impression that the first iteration of AI, when i started the game more than 3 years ago, was smarter and sailing more realistic than it is now... Those days, the small and big missions (some may remember) were great fun and prepared yourself very good for PVP because the AI wasnt acting like a dumb piece of bread ...but could be that nostalgic memories may strike my judgement...
  7. ...wants to bring the above made suggestion for an ever existing and discussed problem back to the audience
  8. @rediii +1.000 Was always wondering why nobody brought this up until today or thought, i would be alone with it ...and even more why Devs didnt fixed that after more than 3 years... Dont even want to imagine how many new players had experienced that several times, thinking game is broken, demanding a refund and writing a negative review like: "cant even log into game"
  9. @rediii, dont understand why the suggestion of OP would remove RvR ? I think, it would be contrary: Think about, then also Port Battles with lower BR would be mandatory to get to the Capital...and those lower BR Battles put much easier to fill for smaller clans/nations, then fielding a 25 1st rate Port Battle Fleet... So in the end, i would say, we would see MORE RvR
  10. +1 Nothing what you could say against your proposal
  11. And? Whats the problem ? Then you just need some time to CONQUER a Port and the defending nation has also time to react with a good defensive strategy/making alliances and so on... Taking a Capital should be a matter of week(s) and not of 2 days like it is now
  12. THIS +1 Remove Freeports as starting points and we have a TRUE frontline system ! A TRUE one would be fine...the halfbaked we have now ---not
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