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  1. @rediii, can u pls stop your sarcasm now ? We all know, you are getting over of NA, which most people are sad about...but deriding every topic with your (often well placed) sarcasm doesnt help to make NA better ...and yes, some of us have still hope
  2. Many thanks for grabbing this old screenshot I LOVED it ! When i came to NA and dived into crafting, such a system was all i was expecting from an Open World Sandbox MMO Sounded near perfect to me and i never understood why it was replaced for a watered down, randomized system...
  3. Dont make it so difficult for the Devs, Guys I GUESS, most of the Community would had been utterly happy with another Frigate already in the game, fleshed out and polished, the DIANA !! ...or even the SANTA CECILIA They are already in the game, but NOT craftable...so why didnt they went for those ? Would had been WinWin and saved a lot of salt
  4. ...and EXACTLY that was the reason for my post: NOBODY knows what the majority do want/like...so why not using the "POLL" feature by the devs themself ?? But no, instead of doing this, 24h before they KNEW the Trinco will be the DLC, they came out with a misleading praising post... dont want to be the devils advocat here, but everybody can use his brain about this
  5. By the way, it was a really smart (???) move by you, @admin, to NOT announce in the OP that the Trinco will be our free DLC ship and just praise her in general...grabbing all those likes... If you had announced in the OP that her would be the one...i strongly guess, the likes and dislikes would be much different... Its sometimes seriously strange to see, how you "outmaneuver" the peoples ability to "vote" here in the forums (why not much more often use a Poll by you yourself ???) and treat us like small childs...and afterwards you wonder why the people stomp with their feets
  6. So much this +1.000 I think, you speak for the most part of the community, atleast those who supported this game by hundreds of bucks and understands the underlying mechanics... Maybe, some of the by @admin so often called out "silent majority" would be happy also about the Trinco, but most of them i guess woukdnt even understand that the Trinco is by far the worsest choice because they may not even have passed the Final Exams are are those who redeem DLC ships always with Fir/Crew Space... ...as a Game Designer, who cares for the game, you really shouldnt listen at tho
  7. Fix the Open World Speed In Combat we have this very detailed sailing profile for every ship, including wind attack angle, wood types, upgrades and books ! Its all there already in the game just multiply this very well worked out Model with the given factor for Open World regarding the wind attack angle when you have fleet ships, the slowest ship for the given wind attack angle sets up the speed for the whole fleet when you took a Wind Boost, just multiply the above made calculation with the given factor DONE ! now its broken !!! Thanks
  8. Oh no, sadly he knew exactly what he did: he was pissed because he lost the 1vs1 and he wanted revenge in the form of denying me my Medals...when Server was about to shut down, he laughed at me in battle chat... Low move by him, but sadly this game brings by some people the worst out of them Therefore it would be much better, when game rules just wouldnt promote those behavior but prevent it with the suggested auto-claim f.e. by the OP
  9. Thank you mate for bringing this topic to discussion As it was expected, official response stated, there was no griefing and maybe its correct by the law... But when you look what happened, it sounds weird at the second look: - i defeated a Player - because he was sunk, he gets immediatley teleported to Port - so he could redeem his rewards for a LOST battle - but because me, the winner, had to sail back to the Port and gets awaited by the SAME player in a new ship right outside the port, the reward for WINNING the battle is rejected to me...
  10. Griefer: Russian Player "seabull" What happened: I beated @seabull in todays Patrol Zone 4 mins before maintenance in his Hercules I sailed back to Shroud Cay and had only 1 min left when i nearly reached Port to redeem my Combat Marks ...in this moment, i noticed a Russian Herc just had left Port He sailed towards me and attacked me few seconds before maintenance just right outside the port When Battle started, i noticed it was the same player, i just sunk Servertime was aready past maintenance at this time Proof: Screenshot from 1
  11. Great suggestion you made +1 Looks to me very well fleshed out But i could live even with the reimplantation of the old voting system we already had in place in EA ! Was much much better than the backdoor and dark chambers "diplomacy" we face now...and the Prolific Forger DLC makes todays way even worser
  12. Nope, we lost our Battle at Belize DESPITE killing ALL Indiamens long before the circle and even some of the Oceans...but there were just too many of them and they didnt cared for us (as expected) and just sailed in a straight line to the Zones... When the remaining Oceans reached the zones, the points were running hot and we lost in no time Okay, because we started far from a full fleet, many of us have the impression that its doable with a full fleet of 1st Rates but i have my doubts that you can sink enoughas long as the Raiders do always start with the best wind and
  13. @admin, completly disagree about too much money ! We had those deflation times often in the past and the only what it does was hurting the already poorer and fresh players... There are many costs in the game, Repairs, Rum, Crew, cannons, which are essentially for sailing even in the most basic way...if you take money away from players, those prices will stay the same and many people will begin to starve... Sorry, i dont get this (stupid) argument "take away money from players and ship get cheaper"...yeah, but you forget that players have then also much less money
  14. Perfect answer mate, many thanks ...and btw, with your answer you mopped up the floor from all those wrong assumptions floating around...
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