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  1. Dont forget we keep atleast our Books, which is absolutely enough for my taste...and those would be also lost if you create a complete new account
  2. Overall great news ! Just one thing to think about: Arent the heighleighted ones contradicting itsself ? When Clans can start their global conquest also from all those numerous free ports all over the map, we will not get this special frontline with coherent national ports, instead we will see many pockets of it I dont know which one is intended by the Devs, but i for myself would more like to see a global conquest like the island hopping of the US in WW2 Just my 2 cent
  3. Nice idea...but when your Combat Ship got sunk what prevents your attacker to get your former Fleet Ship in a 2nd battle ?? Now that you have lost your security guard...
  4. All of this doesnt matter, because this trade run was a not working example, because everything he did was on the extreme: - PVE Server - 4 Indiamens without Cannons - 800.000 starting wallet - nearly 12 hours of sailing around involved - no competitors for the needed resources - etc... ALL of this would neither work on PVP Server in general nor for the majority of Players !!! So his example was badly used to support his cause, which btw. was the opposite than many are assuming now ...and we all would need weeks or even months with the current system to get the 800.000 reals when after release everything is wiped That is what should be our measuring standard when we rate the new econ system: How quick players can get started again with a new career and earn some decent profit to found their progression before they lose interest in the game !!!
  5. Mate, again, and many may have overlooked that, he did this on PVE Server ! There is no way, he could do this on PVP Server choosing the same routes and ports without being intercepted and all of his 4 Indiamens got sunk !! ...he stated this by himself... The resulting loss would be so gigantic, he would need weeks to recover from that, because the lost trade goods were worth millions... ...so again, comparing Trading on PVE with PVP Server is like comparing apples with oranges
  6. AFK Tradesailing and doing his work, make calls, answer emails, calculate things which has to get calculated...all this stuff works like in no other game (except those pesky pirates who may disturb you in the middle of a bussiness call )... ...but as my foreposter pointed out correctly, that cant be the sense of a game
  7. Agree Me too dont understand this because economy needs a steady influx of cash/reals...because all other ersources, Dubs, Combat Medals, are related to some point to reals and have to get exchanged via contracts into reals to sustain your living in NA
  8. Agree...but then the economy will crash No to very few players do trade runs --> no reals in the economy --> noone will sell stuff via contracts --> noone will have reals to repair, replenish crew, craft, buy ships...etc. Again, Players have to have income just through PLAYING the game !!! Like it was with the old small and big mission system, which are now the Kill - Missions...atleast those have to generate Reals as rewards
  9. ...you should had add this to your initial post, mate Because many people will read just "made 3.2 Millions whilst" trading and missed that it was on PvE and completly missed your point that Trading gives too LESS profit ...they just understood it the other way around...
  10. The initial post was not well structured Most of you may have overlooked that this Guy did this on PVE - SERVER The author himself stated that something like this wouldnt be possible on PvP - Server because your loss rate would be unacceptable... and unsustainable So for me, this example shows much more how trading is bugged atm and gets much too less reward for the invested hours Again, couple this with ZERO reals we all will have in few weeks and NO ships and we can imagine how long it will take for all of us to recover from the complete wipe Again, we need MORE sources of income than just trading goods from A to B ! @admin, pls bring back the old mission rewards for Kill - Missions !! Thats the ones we will ALL have to level up again after release ...and we need a steady income through those missions to recover from losses or repairs...
  11. Absolutely agree +1 You forgot to add what happens AFTER release when noone of us has 800.000 Reals to his exposal Now add even more, when new players come fresh to the game, have no clue what to do and will quickly struggle to earn enough reals to keep their ships and crew seaworthy ! I will predict, if everything stays the same, all we vets will stare at our Reals every day and wondering how we can raise them so we can buy or craft the next bigger ship And no, selling stuff to other people via contracts will not work because noone has reals ...we need much more sources of real income than trading alone ! Atleast Kill Missions should get Reals again as Mission Reward like it did in the old system...
  12. You Guys are going on my nerves...i write and structure my text as i want ! I am over 50 years old and no Boy green behind his ears will tell me how i have to act...Period !!! So ignore my texts or leave no comment...but when you leave a comment, it had to be directed WHAT i have written and not HOW ! Got me ?
  13. Agree +1 ...but Trader Tool should be correct about Prices atleast Yesterday i hauled Chinese Books from KPR to Carriacou: - Trader Tool stated at Carriacou selling Price would be 11.800 - in Reality, selling price was only 10.100 ---> This is 11,68 % less than expected !!! When you now take into account that i had to pay around 7.000 plus tax = 7.700, and only got 9.090 including tax out... thats barely worth a 2 1/2 Hours boring trading trip (all prices are estimated but roughly correct...todays prices are ofc different ones than yesterday) I understand that Trader Tool cant be used to show the current supply of Goods in specific ports...but it should be atleast correct about the Prices for the day !
  14. Absolutely agree on the second part ! +1 I already asked me when looking at the new economy on the testbed, why in God's name those Passenger and Delivery Missions gets Dubs as rewards...instead of well needed Reals ! Because reals were even before the wipe in high demand for many Players who couldnt afford anymore to buy ships or more advanced upgrades !!! Only rich players like me or people relying on clan support didnt had issues with Reals... ...but for newer or lower ranked Players, it was AND is much harder to get their hands on reals as on Dubs This didnt changed with the new Delivery system... And when now some smartasses come and state: "Hell, then they should sell their Dubs earned in Delivery Misiions for their needed reals" ...i oppose: Only ONE Player at a time can sell his Dubs ! And those are mostly the already rich ones who can afford to cancel their contracts when they were undercutted !!! But good luck for a new Player who needs REALS to get him a new Ship, who needs REALS to repair his damaged one, who needs REALS to buy new Crew and Cannons to compete with already rich Players in selling Dubs... He will always lose and waste even more Reals for contract fees which will never get sold... So in my view, @Wraith is absolutely right here... @admin should sort the different curreencies for the different ways to play the game And btw.: where are the mentionend Trading Contracts which could get new Players Reals WITHOUT them having to spent hundreds of thousand Reals to get the Trading Goods first ??? Inventing Trading Contracts, which People could just pick to get a heavily weighted chest which cant be openend to avoid cheating with alts, for which they get Reals at the destination port @admin should seriously think about adding those
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