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  1. ...agree on the second part of your statement ! The size of the NPC Fleets has to get drastically reduced then On the other hand, noone who comes new to the game, understands that all those enemy ships sailing just past you without taking any notice !! This looks just plain wrong
  2. Guys, please...even when most of the forum writers are part of more of the bigger clans, give small clans and especially solo players some love You cant complain on one hand that playerbase is decreasing again and reject on the other hand good ideas to give the latter part of the playerbase a possibility to be competotive !! Nowhere is it written and never was it in the past 3 years that solo players had a distinctive ingame built disadvanatge like it is since the introduction of Port Bonusses...their life was hard enough without the help pf comrades on open seas... ...but now, it is worse than ever because of the Port Bonusses !! With my above made suggestion, we could level the basic playing field again WITHOUT taking something away from the big clans So i urge you for support of the idea...thanks !! P.S.: think of all of those who never come to the forums and just disappear from the game out of frustration
  3. Yeah...but this doesnt prevent a Clan leader to remove a small clan or Solo Players from "his" list --- if something happened between them or for any other reason ...even when this specific clan or Solo Player helped massively during the Port Build Up ! Noone can prevent Clan leaders to remove People from this List Following my Idea, the whole process gets automated without the danger of personal things could happen and the "work" someone outside the clan has to do for using the Ports Infrastructure, is measurable for both sides
  4. Solange die "Dienstsprache" nicht bayerisch ist, is ja alles gut ---schaun mer mal, wie schon der Kaiser himself in seiner unvergleichlichen Weisheit verkündete P.S.: ich wäre bereit für ein Nation Change...ist einfach einfacher in seiner Muttersprache zu argumentieren
  5. Following Example to build a Live Oak/White Oak Bellona in a Clan runned Port: USUAL amount of crafting materials needed: Resources Oak Log 438 Fir Log 236 Hemp 99 Iron Ore 90 Lignum Vitae Log 20 Stone Block 49 Coal 68 Live Oak Log 879 White Oak Log 385 Extra Doubloons 4 148 Provisions 650 Permit 1 Craft level 4 Shipyard level 3 Labour hours 1 099 Craft experience 2 122 with a CRAFTING TAX set to the maximum of 100%, a Crafter NOT in Clan or on its Friend List, needs to build the same Bellona: Resources Oak Log 876 Fir Log 472 Hemp 198 Iron Ore 180 Lignum Vitae Log 40 Stone Block 98 Coal 136 Live Oak Log 1758 White Oak Log 770 Extra Doubloons 48296 Provisions 1300 Permit 1 Craft level 4 Shipyard level 3 Labour hours 1 099 Craft experience 2 122 ...i think, you got it Win - Win situation for everybody in my view
  6. Hi Guys, following Idea to bring the small clan/solo Players interests in line with the ones of bigger clans regarding PORT BONUS: 1. Whoever builts a Shipyard in a Port gets the Port Bonus 2. To give the clan which built up the Port Infrastructure a compensation for their hard work, the Clan Leader set up a CRAFTING TAX in the range of 10% - 100% of the crafting ingredients necessary to build a specific ship ! 3. In order to build a Ship, everyone not in clan or on its friend list, needs the usual amount of crafting materials + the CRAFTING TAX 4. Those excess crafting materials goes directly into the clan warehouse ! Problem solved ! 1. Small Clans and Solo Players can also craft themselves fine Ships without the need to get on the specific Clan Friend List (...and stay on there...) 2. Clans can get this way their immense investment back and/or can get help for further investments into the Ports infrastructure Cheers
  7. Not the whole game should be built around the wishes of us Vets Especially when this means that the by all of us highly paid (with the loss of our Books and heavily grinded Knowledge Slot) and most needed influx of new Players will be countered by selfish salty PvPers, who will drive those new Players out of the game in days without large R - Zones ...and let us be crystalclear in this point: We can debate for the next 2 weeks over and over, that this will/would happen because of "evil Devs" has taken us away our shinies... @admin will not change his mind anymore nevertheless... if WE, the COMMUNITY, will drive the new Players literally with purpose out of the game, all our loss was for nothing !!!
  8. Which is a very strong argument for reinstallation of "R" - Zones !!! Honestly couldnt understand why they got removed because they were highly welcome to Traders/Haulers and new(er) Players aswell
  9. Great idea, so new people dont get hammered with obsolete suggestions and rants from the past from long gone iterations of the game client +1
  10. Even more simple: What about NOW before release, EVERYONE will get a reedemable which the clan leader has to redeem during next 10 days...otherwise clan get deleted during the next maintenance !!! This way, all inactive clans can get deleted from list before release and active clans will stay
  11. Sadly i have to agree What i dont understand is the tactic, to promise things, then break it for maybe good reasons (craft, rank XP) but assure other things (Ship knowledge, BOOKS !!!), then cancel these promises again... Why cant they be clear from beginning ? Ah, nearly forgot: you can add another "broken" promiose to your list: "Everything on PvE - Server will stay " Dont misunderstand me: I am fine with a full wipe and have stated this in many posts BEFORE the Devs themself (finally) announced, that XP will be wiped... (for the sake of new players) But i cant understand why the Devs assured in this context NEW promises...which they now cancelled again
  12. You try very hard to be the greatest smartass on the server, do you ? In fact, you are just a self-centered idiot ! ...ever heard about Players playing solely on PvE - Server ?
  13. Same to me for the loss ... but technical issues can and will happen, curious to see that it never happened to me on PvP - Server ... which is a good one because, lets be honest, progression lost on PvP is much worser than on PvE
  14. Yw, such things can happen ... sort the problem out and everything's fine ...but pls, no rollback again...even with compensation
  15. Hi Guys, cant log in to the PvE Server Server states "working" but there is no "Ping" and you cant log in Anyone with same issues?
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