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  1. Such a bullshit ! Trincos get sold for 60.000 in many british ports, even the ones with full Port Bonusses ! I dont know from which inflated prices you are talking ? For me, the prices look quite right In our clan we have a spreadsheet for the REAL costs of a ship (including a price tag for the used LHs, which is calculated after the building of LHC )...when i go to KPR or other ports most ships i notice in store are CHEAPER than the TRUE number in this spreadsheet ! Ofc when you speak about Purple or even Gold Ships with the right Trim for their wood composition with best PBonusses, or even more those which need a random drop permit...yeah, those are expensive but those prices are well deserved in my view
  2. sounds like a much better implementation like the ridiculous arcadey unbalanced one we have now +1
  3. Seriously, i never get this inflation mystic !! The same as in real life there will ALWAYS be very rich people who are controlling more or less the market...and those people will stay rich no matter what you do ! The only people you will hurt ith your deflation tactic are the poorer ones, for which its now much harder to get mines, farms, shipyards...and all the other basic stuff like cannons, repairs, even crew I remember BEFORE you introduced the delivery missions, the economy was starving and especially new players struggled to replace a lost ship even from admirality !! Okay, thank God, those times are gone, but why always reverting the wheel ? Let people be happy with a full pocket and when the prices go up in the following? Who cares because people have also more money !! But the most important things is: when people have more money, they can replace basic stuff more easily, can build farm, mines, shipyards more easily...and are not so scared about losing ships because of gankers !! I seiously dont understand your attitude also in this area
  4. Nope, we lost our Battle at Belize DESPITE killing ALL Indiamens long before the circle and even some of the Oceans...but there were just too many of them and they didnt cared for us (as expected) and just sailed in a straight line to the Zones... When the remaining Oceans reached the zones, the points were running hot and we lost in no time Okay, because we started far from a full fleet, many of us have the impression that its doable with a full fleet of 1st Rates but i have my doubts that you can sink enoughas long as the Raiders do always start with the best wind and just ignore you and going in a straight line... But when @admin stated that there might be a Bug with the points for the Oceans then it might be enough to just adjust the points ? But i for myself would advocate more interesting battles in which the NPC would really try to fight you instead just sailing past you !
  5. What you Guy dont understand that NOTHING makes long trading runs more interesting, nothing !!! In the past, you could just go out with your dog, doing homework, watching netflix, or in my case, doing my job when NA was running in the background... NOW you are FORCED to STARE all the time at the BORING sea, looking out for wind hyperlanes, either for being faster but more for not getting ganked by Gankers who camp the wnd gusts... but BOTH does NOT make the life of traders more happy So really tell me how this is good for traders, even on PVE (and i am NOT playing on PvE), when you have now even to play ACTIVE the most boring things in the game ??? There are so much things adrenalin packed in the game, PvP, RvR, even when hunting large AI fleets...that many of us enjoyed the silence of trading between all this stress...and now also this is gone Maybe @admin wanted to make the life of Traders more easy with the patch, but looking who defends the wind hyperlanes up to now, he made ONLY the wolves more happy...and even more potent
  6. Dont understand your replies regarding wind hyperlanes, mate When remembering your answers in the past, you were always advocating solo, relaxed gameplay and were always more on the trader side... Therefore i dont understand that someone like you, can advocate those boosts, because when they (seldom) make trading runs faster, most time they make gankers happy ! That players like @Wraith are happy i might understand at some extent but not you This is NOT only my personal perceipton but also the one of our Clans biggest PvPer, others might call him Ganker , who stated never was it so easy to catch all those russian traders... And even when taking profits out of the new system, he hate this system by heart...and so do many of my fellow collegues who know EVERYTHING about the game and are far away from being unexperienced newbs
  7. Exactly...and dont forget @Wraith and some other Hardcore PvPers to your list, who, quelle surprise, are now hardcore defending the Gankers Gust in the forums, when outside in the real world, People stop playing because of it... And what makes @admin to all those desperate complains: throwing stubbornly from the table and telling the people essentially that he doesnt care
  8. Saturday 2am Servertime: 261 People online our own clan online: 1 (me) Usually the above numbers were the last months: around 400 - 500 and around 15 for our clan at the same time @admin, cant you see the signs ??? Maybe People dont like your changes, despite all the silly explanations ? Especially so short after a big update, the numbers should be much higher than usual for being something new in the game...not lower
  9. Again @Wraith, you dont understand or do not want to understand because i know you are a very smart Guy I am NOT speaking about whats happening in the battle instance, so your defensive tag doesnt matter...i am speaking about that a Victory should never be able to TAG a fast Frigate sailing on a parallel course at all It doesnt matter what will happen in the following battle instance...this battle should never ever happen, period
  10. Thank you so much for your detailed explanation as someone with 20 years of Real Life sailing experience when most of us others are armchair sailors at best @adminpls read and evaluate
  11. Yep, thats a point i can wholeheartly agree with you 👍 ...but in this case it is different because most people criticizing the implementation of winds 1. were some of your biggest defenders in the past 2. give CONSTRUCTIVE feedback 3. remembering you about the principles you gave yourself for the game 4. calling out all kinds of possible negative consequences of the current implementation in terms of gameplay AND realism 5. made so many suggestions for better implementation without all those negative implications on the gameplay Its NOT that we arent used to it, it feels just completly wrong ! And it bothers us that you cant see all the negative effects The most easily understandable simplification of our critics can be boiled down to one point: A Victory should NEVER be able to catch a fast Frigate (or even smaller)...under no circumstances ! Pls think about it again
  12. Okay, lets just assume that this is right...but for what reasons have we then different fittings in NA ? For what reason, should we think about wood composition, about mods...when everything we need to catch another player is the right wind boost at the right time ? Everything was well balanced and people could calculate risk vs reward...now its all gone
  13. Sorry, just lol...you define now your own "realism" ! So you seriously want to tell me that in a sailing race when 2 boats are sailing in the same spot on open ocean, lets say for our gaming purposes inside a 1 km radius, have 2 totally different wind speeds ??? To your second point: completly new approach for NA ! When people complained about such things in the past, they always got the answer it has to be this way ! I give up... you are right and 90% of the playerbase is wrong
  14. Thats the ONLY problem you see with the wind ?? Not that it is unrealistic in nature, defying the advocated "realistic hardcore sailing simulation" ??? So for you its okay, that 2 Captains have different wind speeds in the same area ?? Then you changed completly your mind about the game, remembering all your posts from the last 3 years
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