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  1. Not the whole game should be built around the wishes of us Vets Especially when this means that the by all of us highly paid (with the loss of our Books and heavily grinded Knowledge Slot) and most needed influx of new Players will be countered by selfish salty PvPers, who will drive those new Players out of the game in days without large R - Zones ...and let us be crystalclear in this point: We can debate for the next 2 weeks over and over, that this will/would happen because of "evil Devs" has taken us away our shinies... @admin will not change his mind anymore nevertheless... if WE, the COMMUNITY, will drive the new Players literally with purpose out of the game, all our loss was for nothing !!!
  2. Which is a very strong argument for reinstallation of "R" - Zones !!! Honestly couldnt understand why they got removed because they were highly welcome to Traders/Haulers and new(er) Players aswell
  3. Great idea, so new people dont get hammered with obsolete suggestions and rants from the past from long gone iterations of the game client +1
  4. Even more simple: What about NOW before release, EVERYONE will get a reedemable which the clan leader has to redeem during next 10 days...otherwise clan get deleted during the next maintenance !!! This way, all inactive clans can get deleted from list before release and active clans will stay
  5. Sadly i have to agree What i dont understand is the tactic, to promise things, then break it for maybe good reasons (craft, rank XP) but assure other things (Ship knowledge, BOOKS !!!), then cancel these promises again... Why cant they be clear from beginning ? Ah, nearly forgot: you can add another "broken" promiose to your list: "Everything on PvE - Server will stay " Dont misunderstand me: I am fine with a full wipe and have stated this in many posts BEFORE the Devs themself (finally) announced, that XP will be wiped... (for the sake of new players) But i cant understand why the Devs assured in this context NEW promises...which they now cancelled again
  6. You try very hard to be the greatest smartass on the server, do you ? In fact, you are just a self-centered idiot ! ...ever heard about Players playing solely on PvE - Server ?
  7. Same to me for the loss ... but technical issues can and will happen, curious to see that it never happened to me on PvP - Server ... which is a good one because, lets be honest, progression lost on PvP is much worser than on PvE
  8. Yw, such things can happen ... sort the problem out and everything's fine ...but pls, no rollback again...even with compensation
  9. Hi Guys, cant log in to the PvE Server Server states "working" but there is no "Ping" and you cant log in Anyone with same issues?
  10. Absolutely agree ! +1 Got shocked when i figured out after patch how big the Port Bonusses could get --- totally unrealistic and breaking any last bid of balance we might had before Couple this with rare woods mostly available only for big clans and they get super ships, which will steamroll any other "default" ships ! And noone should come with the argument: You can buy those ships from big clans ! 1. They will never ever sell 4/5 purple or 5/5 gold crafted ships to anybody outside of their clan 2. Until the "masses" will get their hands on 5/5 Port Trim Ships, all other Clanmembers will get equipped first...not to speak about replacing their lost ships from PBs 3. IF any Clan would finally sell some of their well made ships to the Public, the Price Tag will be insanely high...so high, that the "normal" Player can never risk to lose his billionaire ship in Battle This system will lead to nothing else than frustration and major conflicts between the big clans and the smaller ones...even inside a nation...and to conflicts inside clans, when questionable clanleaders will use their kicking power to silence any critic
  11. Dont forget we keep atleast our Books, which is absolutely enough for my taste...and those would be also lost if you create a complete new account
  12. Overall great news ! Just one thing to think about: Arent the heighleighted ones contradicting itsself ? When Clans can start their global conquest also from all those numerous free ports all over the map, we will not get this special frontline with coherent national ports, instead we will see many pockets of it I dont know which one is intended by the Devs, but i for myself would more like to see a global conquest like the island hopping of the US in WW2 Just my 2 cent
  13. Nice idea...but when your Combat Ship got sunk what prevents your attacker to get your former Fleet Ship in a 2nd battle ?? Now that you have lost your security guard...
  14. All of this doesnt matter, because this trade run was a not working example, because everything he did was on the extreme: - PVE Server - 4 Indiamens without Cannons - 800.000 starting wallet - nearly 12 hours of sailing around involved - no competitors for the needed resources - etc... ALL of this would neither work on PVP Server in general nor for the majority of Players !!! So his example was badly used to support his cause, which btw. was the opposite than many are assuming now ...and we all would need weeks or even months with the current system to get the 800.000 reals when after release everything is wiped That is what should be our measuring standard when we rate the new econ system: How quick players can get started again with a new career and earn some decent profit to found their progression before they lose interest in the game !!!
  15. Mate, again, and many may have overlooked that, he did this on PVE Server ! There is no way, he could do this on PVP Server choosing the same routes and ports without being intercepted and all of his 4 Indiamens got sunk !! ...he stated this by himself... The resulting loss would be so gigantic, he would need weeks to recover from that, because the lost trade goods were worth millions... ...so again, comparing Trading on PVE with PVP Server is like comparing apples with oranges
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