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  1. @rediii, can u pls stop your sarcasm now ? We all know, you are getting over of NA, which most people are sad about...but deriding every topic with your (often well placed) sarcasm doesnt help to make NA better ...and yes, some of us have still hope
  2. Many thanks for grabbing this old screenshot I LOVED it ! When i came to NA and dived into crafting, such a system was all i was expecting from an Open World Sandbox MMO Sounded near perfect to me and i never understood why it was replaced for a watered down, randomized system...
  3. 100 % agree on this +1 Therefore, IF we have to go with the new system, i already proposed multiple times to do it the OPPOSITE way with the 24 hour cooldown: Get the 24 Hour Cooldown AFTER announcing the Attack...and the Port Battle directly if planting the Flag was succesful ! This way , the Defender has the 24 hour warning time to organize a proper defence: Screening AND Port Battle ! Both will happen at the same day
  4. Ofc you are right, we could hold Belize ONLY because British Nation got united fearing to lose this vital Port and even People dont care usually for RvR, showed up in their biggest ship to help defending... ...is this bad for the game: i doubt Would we have lost Belize with the new mechanics already in place: for sure !!! At this time, Spain had the much better 25 Elite Players than GB had and i guess, we would had lost 8 out of 10 Port Battles if every side would had get all their plar players into But @admin has to make the decision: Do he want the best 25 Players to dominate RvR... or the strongest nation in a whole ??? This is a very important decision to be made, because the outcome of it will affect RvR and so the whole gameplay for ALL !! Will Naval Action be an elite player game or a casual one...or something in between ? Because, lets not fool yourself: Even for FLAG carrying, a 25 man group will probably be enough because there cannot join more players into an instance So imaging, they come with 25 very experienced Captains, all in 1st Rates, they will win every battle and protect the Flag Carrier with ease...the same they will do in the following day in the Port Battle itsself ! It can be an exclusive show if game parameteres will not prevent this
  5. Dont make it so difficult for the Devs, Guys I GUESS, most of the Community would had been utterly happy with another Frigate already in the game, fleshed out and polished, the DIANA !! ...or even the SANTA CECILIA They are already in the game, but NOT craftable...so why didnt they went for those ? Would had been WinWin and saved a lot of salt
  6. ...and EXACTLY that was the reason for my post: NOBODY knows what the majority do want/like...so why not using the "POLL" feature by the devs themself ?? But no, instead of doing this, 24h before they KNEW the Trinco will be the DLC, they came out with a misleading praising post... dont want to be the devils advocat here, but everybody can use his brain about this
  7. By the way, it was a really smart (???) move by you, @admin, to NOT announce in the OP that the Trinco will be our free DLC ship and just praise her in general...grabbing all those likes... If you had announced in the OP that her would be the one...i strongly guess, the likes and dislikes would be much different... Its sometimes seriously strange to see, how you "outmaneuver" the peoples ability to "vote" here in the forums (why not much more often use a Poll by you yourself ???) and treat us like small childs...and afterwards you wonder why the people stomp with their feets on Steam Reviews...which you cant moderate
  8. So much this +1.000 I think, you speak for the most part of the community, atleast those who supported this game by hundreds of bucks and understands the underlying mechanics... Maybe, some of the by @admin so often called out "silent majority" would be happy also about the Trinco, but most of them i guess woukdnt even understand that the Trinco is by far the worsest choice because they may not even have passed the Final Exams are are those who redeem DLC ships always with Fir/Crew Space... ...as a Game Designer, who cares for the game, you really shouldnt listen at those poeple...
  9. Fix the Open World Speed In Combat we have this very detailed sailing profile for every ship, including wind attack angle, wood types, upgrades and books ! Its all there already in the game just multiply this very well worked out Model with the given factor for Open World regarding the wind attack angle when you have fleet ships, the slowest ship for the given wind attack angle sets up the speed for the whole fleet when you took a Wind Boost, just multiply the above made calculation with the given factor DONE ! now its broken !!! Thanks
  10. ...but thats exactly what most people are complaining for ! Maybe you should rename it like Naval Action for the chosen few... ...because now, like you pointed out, thats exactly whats needed for: 25 VERY experienced and skilled players ( and not more) The rest is only here to support those Elite Players with woods, ships and everything else they need to fight... and watching the show from the sideline really great game design I dont get what you think is so bad in a MMO when 200 players and more are involved in a very important PB like the fight for Belize ??? Or is EVE Online, which seems to be your ultimate ideal, capping the numbers for their battles artificially ? No, this game is advertised for thousands of players fighting for galactic domination...up to now, we had developed something similar here (with msaller numbers)...now you destroyed it
  11. @admin, sadly this is the worsest part of the new system ! Why do you insist to introduce such a magical teleport item when we got rid of those stuff (Battle Exit Teleport to nearest Port...) in the past...for good reasons ??? BIG Edit: @admin, what if we do it the other way around, without the need of teleportation, just in the way an Open World sandbox works: - AFTER announcing the Attack on a certain Port, there is this by you mentionend 24 hour Cooldown UNTIL the Flag can be placed (opposite to now) - this way, the Defender has 24 Hours to organize his defense...so do the Attacker for his offence - after those 24 Hours, the Attacker can try to place his Flag like @admin proposed in his system - when the Attacker failed to place the Flag in a certain time period (lets say 2 hours), the Flag disappears - if the Attacker suceeds to place his Flag and survive those by @admin mentionend 30 minutes, IMMEDIATELY the Port Battle opens, and the Defender and Attacker can join Pros: - no magical teleporting needed - MEANINGFUL screening - BIG open world content - proper time for the Defender to organize a defence (no need to stay online 24/7 just in case someone wants to attack your main Port) Cons: - big fleets necessary, those which are screening the Flag Carrier and enough replacements for the PB itsself - but isnt that what we want ?? Big massive battles, content for all ?
  12. ...at minimum ! Better would be the biggest ship possible for the desired PB ios needed to carry the Flag ! ...and even then, proper build speed versions of this ship would be made to loophole the whole system
  13. @admin Why you insist to introduce this magical transport stuff in a game promoted as being simulator is beyond my understanding... We got rid of those stuff years in the past already for very good reasons and there were much better ways already presented in numerous posts to cancel out your worries about griefing in screening ! A magical teleport item is the worsest implementation thinkable though
  14. So true +1 ..and this coming from one of the best captains and Port Battle Commanders we have in the game yet...with a highly professional and trained crew behind him, who would be a winner of the change... Big respect to you, @rediii for caring for the welfare of the ENTIRE game
  15. In general i can agree on most of your postings but in this case i have to disagree In my opinion, introducing BR difference deciding which side can bring in reinforcements was the best move for RoE in the past 4 years Even when its exploitable (but what mechanic in NA is totally unexploitable...), you know, you have a 20 min timer to get help if you get ganked...which gives you clan and nations mates enough time to sail towards you !! before this change, getting help was near to impossible because in 2 mins you had barely the time to cry "HELP" in nations, let alone calling out exact position and enemy strength and ships... This change had improved PvP a lot and gave raise to ever increasing battles...which are much fun
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