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  1. Solution to this problem seems to me very obvious and you already mentionend it by yourself: TLDR: giving SoLs their historical correct broadside WEIGHT, maybe with additional RIGGING damage, and Light Frigates will have to pay the price if they get into broadside firezone with severly damaged hull, additional leaking and, most important; wrecked sails and rigging !!! ... which would be by far the most threatening for the Frigs EDIT: I want to add, pls give ALL ships their historical correct broadside WEIGHT and calculate damage accordingly !! Because after all, most players will agrees on getting the most historical SIMULATION of Age of Sail possible
  2. I agree with you that noone, atleast we Vets, wants a dumbed down game, so many of us supports your approach of a hardcore game ...but if you ask me what you can do for new players, i say: Bring back the old Mission System with REALS as reward for the "Kill" - Missions !!! Atleast, if you dont like to change it for all ranks, do it for 7th, 6th and 5th rate ones !!! ...because those are the bread and butter ones for new players to gain experience... When i started in 2016, we had very much fun with those missions because they 1. teached us the basics of the game 2. we could level up in rank 3. we had a decent income of the main game currency 4. succesful missions gave you enough money to support repairs, crew losses AND an occasional ship loss ! And you even had enough money to upgrade your ship from time to time to fit your specific rank What is now different with the new Mission system: - Nowadays, Dubs as Mission rewards are completly unattractive for new Players ! - The either dont understand the contract system in the first place and even if they do, they can only sell them to OTHER PLAYERS competing with very rich and experienced players for the few Reals... ...and Reals are what they need the most to repair ships and occasionally upgrade to abetter one... - New Players are forced into Trader Role to accumulate enough Reals for their ships, but lack the Reals on the other hand to buy even the cheapest trading goods...let alone what happens if someone accumulated enough Reals by Mission running to get his first trader, buy soem trading goods and lose all on their first trading run against a seasoned veteran... - and all this, when they should do Missions to gain experience to increase in Rank !! Trading doesnt help here with this... TL;DR: dont dumb down AI but give new Players REALS !!!
  3. The ratio of 1 loss to 8oo kills is very easy to explain: We Vets are farming Fleets of 10 Frigates with a LO/WO 1st Rate for knowledge slots and rare Books... Ofc, we almost never get in danger to get sunk and accumulate extremly high death - kill ratios !! The Picture changes completly when you would take the data from newer Players only ...i mean those who leave the game in frustration after a week
  4. Devs should listen CAREFULLY to this Guy !!! This sort of posts we will see en masse when, hopefully, new players join the game after release...and will vanish in 1 -2 weeks again, if nothing will change to the new players experience... In British Nations we notice this all the time: New Players pop up, asking for advices a few days...and get never seen again after a week or so This have to get changed
  5. cant agree more !! Reals are yet the biggest issue for most of the Players...and Dubs you can also only sell to ther players...but to whom you can sell your Dubs to buy new ships, woods, upgrades if most of the people dont have money anymore ??? ...and not to speak about new players at all... I would furthermore suggest that atleast the KILL - Missions gives Reaks as reward like the old mission in earlier times !!! The HUNT and Search/Destroy Missions could stay with Dubs...but give new Players a source of income plssss !! They cant trade like we old ones because they lack the money to buy the goods
  6. I was years ago in closed beta of WoT from Day 1...and wow, what we had accumulated in those years...you cant imagine the steam which went through forums, all the raging, when devs announced that on release there will be a FULL wipe and nothing else... And ??? Had WoT died because all the closed beta vets stopped playing ?? NO !!! On day 1, despite the raging in forums, nearly all the known faces were seen again like the newbies in starter tanks, making low level games really interesting for the first time because seasoned vets were fighting each other... and after a few days, all slowly got bored vets who had everything in Closed beta, got hooked again by the game because they had a fresh start... And even further, there was no shitstorm raging through social media by new players feeling at a massive disadvantage Same would happen here
  7. If we dont get new Players into the game, BUYING the game, i can predict that the servers will get shut down in a year at the latest !!! What do you all think is gamelabs in the first place ? Right, a company which want to make money and HAS to make money atleast for keeping the servers running... From the old Players, they got their money already and most of it had been invested in the game development, hence the early access to create money for the development Without new Players buying the game, there is only one chance for the devs to keep NA alive: creating much more DLC ships !!! And even those 2 we have now enrages many people already that much... I say, its in our all interests that we get as many new players into the game as possible...if we want to play NA for much longer !!! Exactly this !!! Even now the negative reviews scares many possible players away...you often hear this when you speak with newcomers that they were very indifferent because of them... Now imagine, when on Steam, in reddit, in youtube channels, in gaming magazines, people would get warned that the release and the wipe wouldnt be a wipe at all...that all the old players who had already accumulated 4 years of experience, can keep all the real important stuff...what will make this to new players ??? Saying "no" to a levelled playing field for EVERYONE sounds just selfish to me, sorry to say this
  8. Caant agree more !!! The notion that always have to be something in the game for people who can only but gank, have to leave the mindset of the Devs ! Urgently !! And now !!! I think, we cannot count the players anymore who left the game because they got ganked one time too often... ...and those are much more than the ones who would leave the game because they cannot farm helpless victims anymore
  9. Ofc, it was...and we did it in the whole thread !! +1 to all of us Lets hope, the message got taken...
  10. When following the thread, the initial proposal by @admin of implementing Circle of Death to the whole OW, gots rejected by nearly everyone so far...and even @admin didnt mentionend it in later postings anymore... So i guess, its gone already
  11. Why is "battle open for weaker side" taking away the ability to hunt solo ??? I would say, its ENCOURAGING to hunt solo, because the Solo Hunter has most times the worser BR !!! So because he is the "weaker" side, noone can join the battle on the other side and help out his prey... Just thinking of Le Reqs jumping Fleets of Indiamens...and others
  12. Because Circle of Death prevents fleeing in PZ most times... THATS the reason why people are avoiding PZ because they fear to get stucked in a situation that cant be solved anymore !!
  13. Great idea !!! This combined with the "Battle is open for the lower BR side" will lead to massive PVP battles !!! ...and even better, the usual ganking Fleets would take advantage of such a system because "their" nation will also be on the receiving end sometimes and by such a message, they will quickly find their targets !!! ...instead of searching the Open Seas for hours and then gank the poor lonely Trader because he is the only one, they found
  14. This especially +1 ...allthe others are struggling to get the Reals atm
  15. I cant agree more +1 TRADERS are the ones who bring the MONEY into the game, because they are the ONLY ones who create money out of NOTHING !!! When Traders dont earn enough money anymore, there will be a feedback loop which we see currently at the big trading Hubs, when people havent enough Money to buy ships, Crafters dont have enough Money anymore to buy stuff, Haulers who bring the stuff to the crafters dont sell their stuff anymore...and so on I spoke to many people who have shitloads of Dubs but lacking the reals for their daily business Ofc all of this you only notice when you arent extremly rich and you dont have to care for having 10 millions less or more on your bank account...but all the others, who struggle around 1 Million, does !! You can notice this in KPR f.e., how flooded the Ship Market is !! And despite dropping prices, virtually nobody is buying...i assume because of lack of reals ?! Good thing, but what we need would be a fixed good conversion rate at which people could sell their Doubloons to the NPC vendor !!! Problem solved
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