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  1. Fix the Open World Speed In Combat we have this very detailed sailing profile for every ship, including wind attack angle, wood types, upgrades and books ! Its all there already in the game just multiply this very well worked out Model with the given factor for Open World regarding the wind attack angle when you have fleet ships, the slowest ship for the given wind attack angle sets up the speed for the whole fleet when you took a Wind Boost, just multiply the above made calculation with the given factor DONE ! now its broken !!! Thanks
  2. Oh no, sadly he knew exactly what he did: he was pissed because he lost the 1vs1 and he wanted revenge in the form of denying me my Medals...when Server was about to shut down, he laughed at me in battle chat... Low move by him, but sadly this game brings by some people the worst out of them Therefore it would be much better, when game rules just wouldnt promote those behavior but prevent it with the suggested auto-claim f.e. by the OP
  3. Thank you mate for bringing this topic to discussion As it was expected, official response stated, there was no griefing and maybe its correct by the law... But when you look what happened, it sounds weird at the second look: - i defeated a Player - because he was sunk, he gets immediatley teleported to Port - so he could redeem his rewards for a LOST battle - but because me, the winner, had to sail back to the Port and gets awaited by the SAME player in a new ship right outside the port, the reward for WINNING the battle is rejected to me...
  4. Griefer: Russian Player "seabull" What happened: I beated @seabull in todays Patrol Zone 4 mins before maintenance in his Hercules I sailed back to Shroud Cay and had only 1 min left when i nearly reached Port to redeem my Combat Marks ...in this moment, i noticed a Russian Herc just had left Port He sailed towards me and attacked me few seconds before maintenance just right outside the port When Battle started, i noticed it was the same player, i just sunk Servertime was aready past maintenance at this time Proof: Screenshot from 1
  5. Perfect answer mate, many thanks ...and btw, with your answer you mopped up the floor from all those wrong assumptions floating around...
  6. A system like this i had also in my mind but didnt remembered the raw numbers...thank you for sharing this info So to summarize for a complete understanding - Your LH generation per hour/day does NOT get affetced by either your rank nor your crafting rank... - The only thing which is changed by your rank, is your WALLET aka the number of LHs you can allocate... Is this true ???
  7. Thanks to both of you...BUT i just created a brand new char (no crafting rank, no Captains rank) and he can store at maximum 1.000 LHs...but i have the very strong impression that he refills those 1.000 several times, e.g. 3 times, per day... Have to look on my watch the next time, he is empty
  8. Hi Guys Simple Question: What affects the LH GENERATION per Day (...NOT the maximum WALLET !!) ??? 😉 - your Captains Rank ? - or your Crafting Rank ? - or neither of both ?? Or could it be that you get every Day the same amount no matter whether you are lowest or highest rank ? I know, lower Captain Ranks are capped at lower WALLETS than higher ones, but that doesnt mean, you get lesser LHs/Day... ...and i am fully aware of the 2 Perks you can choose to bolster your Generation and your Wallet, but i am not speaking of those...
  9. ...wants to bring the above made suggestion for an ever existing and discussed problem back to the audience
  10. @rediii, dont understand why the suggestion of OP would remove RvR ? I think, it would be contrary: Think about, then also Port Battles with lower BR would be mandatory to get to the Capital...and those lower BR Battles put much easier to fill for smaller clans/nations, then fielding a 25 1st rate Port Battle Fleet... So in the end, i would say, we would see MORE RvR
  11. And? Whats the problem ? Then you just need some time to CONQUER a Port and the defending nation has also time to react with a good defensive strategy/making alliances and so on... Taking a Capital should be a matter of week(s) and not of 2 days like it is now
  12. So much true for the highleted one +1 But i cant accept the last sentence, which i read: "I know i am bad and do something wrong, but i do it nevertheless, because i make profit" But i agree, Devs have to come out with solutions to NOT bring the worst of us into the game
  13. ...just want to add: you are so true for EVE !!! Even when we speak about NA But i fear the vision of the Devs is to create an EVE in carribean waters...but falling short of everything EVE has besides non consensual combat/ganking
  14. At this point of the discussion, it would be very kind to hear some thoughts about it from @admin : - doable - under onsideration - under investigation ?? - do you, @admin see any negative sideeffects ? Cheers just another trusty customer
  15. I think, what he is meaning that there are some suggestions floating around to give access to Port Bonus to ALL without taking the big clans something away ! To the contrary, they also would benefit from it Win -Win Situation...check this out:
  16. Come on @Hethwill, you are a reasonable man and therefore you know like everyone else that only the HARDCORE Players are communicating in forums in general ! ...and this is even more true in NA ! You will find very seldom someone here with less than 1.000 Hours under his belt...and if so, they are here for asking questions...and NOT, to make any suggestions for a better game... So we all know that the "community" isnt the playerbase and noone knows what the average joe wants from NA ! ...but my educated guess is, he doesnt want to have competitive crafting (and oth
  17. Agree +1 I never got that all-time argument because alts would do this or that, so gaming rules has to get changed accordingly ! I never had an alt nor will i ever have one, but i dont see all those problems many are referring too... maybe because for lack of knowledge or because i dont care But for what i care, are badly designend rules which hurts EVERYONE, especially "normal" Players who dont care for RvR, who just want to play the game relaxed
  18. Agree +1 Your point was one of the main reasons i developed my suggestion: It cant be that a clan stands over the whole nation, e.g. its more worthy The game is marketed to have major historic nations, which rules the sea and, most important, NATIONS battle each other...now its more that clans are competing and sometimes even inside one nation ! This has to get stopped, by one way or the other My above made suggestion offers a nice solution to get both: strong clans which dont compete each other and strong nations as a whole
  19. Thank you for your support mate I could live with your suggestion but i may ask whether my original idea with Dubloons, reals AND materials wouldnt suit the needs of clans better... ??
  20. To your first point, a tax up to 100% for EVERY ship built by non Clanmembers (Friendlisters), sorry, i fail to see how this shouldnt contribute more than enough for the owning clan ?? Think about hundreds of ships would be built there over time ! This would be a massive influx, and will turn out to be a good business for the owning clan, maybe overtime even surpassing the initial investment... To your second point, can you pls elaborate how this should work out?
  21. Agree absolutely +1 ...regarding the drama which is evolving around much lesser important issues on a daily basis in NA, gives th current system too much power to the hand of single individuals...period My or a similar system on the other hand, takes away personalities involved and replace this with an automated system But thy for your answer
  22. Hi Guys, seriously cant understand you anymore: If someone comes out with a big headline, everyone is taking part in the discussion... But if another one, me in this case, comes out with a probable solution for this problem (and yeah, it IS a problem), only few are participating I mean THIS thread a few posts below this one:
  23. ...and i have to agree with you in this point...atleast in theory I am just desperatly trying to find a BALANCE between the interests of Big Clans on one hand and smaller Clans/Solo/fresh Players on the other hand... And you know, nothing gets decided in this game against the interests of big clans ! So to have atleast a chance for a change, you have to have the big clans on your side... ...and therefore i think, if one Clan conquered the best Port, maxed it out and defended it against all odds, yeah, they might have the right to demand what they think...whether
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