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  1. The only quick response I have persnoally EVER seem from the Admin is when I made a crack about Vera Cruz being massively attacked at non optimal hours by AI for Eastern Europeans. He responded in 22 minutes... at 0559 AM his local time! I laughed so hard I almost pissed myself.
  2. Anolytic, I am guilty of conflating REDS with Russia, for that i apologise. Thinking back over the years REDS clan has been gentlemen sailors, in fact i remember having a problem with a few of your guys and pointing it out, which you addressed. I agree REDS is not the problem, it is the Russian horde that has descended on the server with the Dev's implied tacit approval of such abusive behaviour. I have worked with GB players off and on throughout the history of this game, I also have never bought the damn Traitor DLC. But I have been there shouting, as GB hemorrhages players because of the puppy stomping of BIG BIG boys in their super ships coming to pound new players, and the Dev's game mechanics REWARD that kind of crap, (NO REWARD FOR KILLING 6th RATE WITH 3rd RATE, and minimal reward if its 5th. I have seen this 4 times that i can think of, I want to do everything I can to make this game have a healthy population 3 months, 6 months a year and onward. the Devs need to think less LOCALLY, this game is played around the world, even though Dev decisions have pissed away a large percentage of a potential market. in remembrance of Jeheil, the best FREE advertising this game ever had, who finally, after being IGNORED for living on the wrong section of the world, gave up and took his FREE talents to another game because of Eurocentric arrogance on the part of the devs. o7
  3. To be honest, the storms that roll in with all the lightning and rumbling thunder are cool, love seeing it. But 3.6 hours later it just gets tiresome. Love the idea of fog, maybe disable the submarine view from OW.
  4. We have asked for over three years. 😕
  5. Miaowi, You bring up a few good points, that i was not aware of, Ill just ignore the ad hominem tirade. I am not moaning, I am stating an opinion based on over 4 years with this game. You disagree, and that's fine, we can talk about it. So what exactly is REDS role to help with the server balance? because that is what i was responding to, and reacting to Anolytics demands. Take a breath before you reply, and go easy on that keyboard.
  6. Atreides


    I'm still waiting for the Klingons, Romulans, Bolians, Ferengi, and Wookies.
  7. You're seriously trying to recruit more people into Russia? /edit Removing the anger because it was misplaced. REDS is a good, noble clan.
  8. Now that I'm in the no life club I actually like the Caribbean weather modeled accurately on on Local Black Sea and North Sea conditions. Actually living in the region this game is set, it's true. I storms here for days, year round, its always dark clouds. 🤣
  9. Just relax, I used to afk fish under a fort and 2 towers. Watched over several hours while no less than 8 people rocked up to get me. Laughed the whole time as I repaired and avoided, then looted their wrecks, got some really nice mods from their boats.
  10. Take a 5th rate mission. Go in and cap the ship, whatever it is. Go PVP in your trash ships with mediums and some repairs or crap mods. Costs you nothing if you lose and you have fun. Sink or capture a port bonus ship with all the bling in your trash ship and you get that rush. i do this every day in the 1v1 zone, it is great fun. Just need more people to stop being so precious with their little pixel boats.
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