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  1. Pretty sure it is just an overlooked bug, I'm confidant they will fix it. I bought the game in Aug 2015 and I also don't have it unlocked. /edit Just checked on my alt account, which was bought June 2016, he has the Trinc DLC.
  2. Be glad to know when the intrinsic nature of wood is finalised for shipbuilding. Please a heads up on the OP from the Devs when wood attributes become stabilised.
  3. I don't know, Masterperson and Commanderperson PelusaNinja has a ring to it.
  4. /Quote Henry Longcastle/ What is up with entire clans migrating from nation to nation only to capture a bunch of ports and then leave for an other nation, leaving the nations they originally joined to die? Is it disagreements between clans that push some to leave for an other nation or something else? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Answer to that is some people play this game to have fun,
  5. Forgot about that workaround, had to do that once a few years back because I had moved the group list outside of my screen somehow. Give that a try Clarion.
  6. Log completely out of the game and back in, this happens to me occasionally. Some sort of bug is all.
  7. Ironic, most of the forum could say the same about your petty little posts. Now why don't you two just bang each other already and get it out of your systems.
  8. MIne did the same thing today on Naval Action, as soon as I loaded the game in a loud buzz began, I checked my sound settings and it made no difference. As soon as I shut the game down, the noise stopped. I loaded the game back up, and it seemed to have sorted itself, although I have no idea what that was, as it's never happened before.
  9. Tomorrow, existing port bonuses will be in after the next downtime for clans on the friendly list. Owning clan only gets it the first day.
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