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  1. Inside the game, usually the first few days after a map reset. Yellow dots EVERYWHERE
  2. PB Nassau, Russians came out in force. This is one of the screening battles: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1706384018
  3. We were TESTING. They will be rolling out full release SOON(tm). It is possible these dlc's are to help fund advertising costs that will equal more purchases of game at release. More purchases mean more population, more RVR, more PVP, more competition, a more vibrant community. There is a strategy at work for this game to survive or even thrive. The devs are passionate about Age of Sail, as we all are. They have created a game that is beautiful, with combat that is engrossing, tense and fun. This game has its wart and pimples (several players fit into this category with their toxic population destroying behaviour in game). I have been, and continue to be, highly critical of several dev choices that enhance vets at the expense of newer or less skilled players. The thing is, I want this game to succeed, and having said that will be purchasing some of the DLC's to help fund advertising for release.
  4. My other steam games work fine. Liq, if I remember right, you basically sit next door to the servers. Perhaps there is a local problem, or indeed the game servers themselves.
  5. Me too, I restarted Steam, verified files, restarted entire computer. Still getting the error. And the wife is talking about going to the city botanical gardens for a sale... and us putting up a retaining wall for her garden. CLick click clickclickclickclickclick
  6. Yeah, I bought the game in August 2015 from Game Labs and no Pandora either, while my alt was bought in like June 2016 and does have it. That may be the issue.
  7. When considering putting money in the next SHIP OF T... boat.
  8. I am also wondering if the sailing xp will be used for something in the future, or just scrapped altogether. I would think sailing XP be available for level 1-4 captains, to help give them a slight bump in grinding slots on ships at least.
  9. Hmm, fair points, to be honest I didn't realise the Hermione had such stats. I have 1v1 several players with me in an AI capped Essex and they in a Hermione and I almost always sink them. Though YMMV.
  10. Use the default font size if you want your post to be read, the ticker tape is just annoying. I can well imagine they will buff the L'Hermione to a shine before putting it behind a pay wall.
  11. That was 7 months ago
  12. On the PVE server SOL can be capped from AI, losing one is not devastating. I played on PVE once and started with basic cutter and capped my way up to a 1st rate, intentionally NEVER buying a ship, it was challenging and fun. Having mock port battles with AI that equals BR for the port sounds like it would be very popular, when coupled with Sir Texas' suggestion to reset map every 3 months.
  13. Want to confirm this as well, I have a few scattered around.
  14. @admin I have almost 8K hours in game, been here since right after OW was released in 2015, just a two points: 1. Keeping book knowledge is good, would really prefer to keep ship knowledge slots because the tedious grind is a real turnoff. 2. Please when the final wipe happens, wipe the clans, warehouses etc. Just the GB clan list alone has HUNDREDS of defunct clans littering the list that can take AGES to scroll through to add a friendly clan, its not even in alphabetical order, WIPE IT CLEAN. With that, I am looking forward to having the Pandora sit next to my Yacht in my redeemable slot for when I need it.
  15. This is the latest in a long line of coincidences, weird no?
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