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Found 5 results

  1. Im already fed up with magic buff of NPCs, and this screenshot here will pretty much nail what i mean. NPC is having all the magic buffs in game, including the insane cannon arcs! Just take a look. That firing arc. I just wanted to do some good old coffee and shoot cannonballs to silly NPC. Nope they too stronk and cheating (Using buffs that players cant use). This is not elite NPC just regular 5rank mission NPC.
  2. Will there be any ships added to the DLC (Downloadable Content)? I am pro DLC in general but really hate the 2 ships we have now. Might we get a 4th or 5th rate ship that currently exists (without being rediculously over powered)? I would (and others would) pay for such ships. LGV would sell sell sell.... I personally would like to see either the belle poule, trinc ,LGV refit or endy..... What is your position? Post Yes/No and name of ship that you would like to see in the DLC
  3. Love this ship! Questions to @admin Will there ever be other refits? Indiaman refit? Or maybe Tsnow refit? Why isn't it craftable? Suggestions.... Better profile upwind (take awy some speed downwind to Ballance Make it craftable OR give it at least one more slot Carronades please? This is the ship for me....I'll probably never said anything else (if so it will be rare.
  4. While sailing about in my store-bought Renomee with 2 Renomee in Fleet, I happened upon an Indiaman with a surprise in fleet. My fleet ship captains apparently we're all out of rum and we're sailing like true Sailors and did a fine job banging up that big trader. I was busy taking care of the surprise but getting several shots in on the Indiaman myself, in fact I delivered the final deathblows that sank her. Now captain Olaf of my fleet ship apparently landed more hits than I did so I only got an assist. No big deal captain Olaf earned that sink but I was robbed of the glory of combat news report despite my Flawless sailing abilities. I did however obtain PVP marks! Exploit is this..... You take a fleet ship into battle against your buddy or your Alt, farm PVP all day long and never hit combat news
  5. Dear @admin, Most of what you have introduced so far will bring more people out into the open world. There are a few things that are concerning though. Number one is the resources transport. I understand that this will bring more people out into the open world but removing this feature all together is a mistake. Instead you should change the amount of deliveries you can have and how much weight you can put in each. So instead of 5 deliveries with a thousand weight in each do 3 deliveries with 500 in each. This will force people who want something done quickly to sail their materials instead of sending them. Number two is the ship transport. This is another example of a feature that shouldn't be removed all together. Removing small battles and teleporting fleet is a good step but do not remove the tow feature. Limit the amount of ships and increase prices on the tow instead of getting rid of it. Lets say I am a French. I have a L'Ocean in Fort Royal. The Spanish push over Louisiana and I somehow have to sail my L'Ocean from Fort Royal to New Orleans. This would take hours and hours to do and then I might have to sail it all the way back. A majority of the people won't do this though and that port would just be handed to the Spanish. Removing the ship tow would remove a lot of presence from many nations around the map and would just create blobs. Number three is the port missions for noobs and capping npc ships. The grind to get to Rear Admiral is something that I remember very well. It was where I met my clan and teamed up with people who I still talk with on a daily basis today. Capping npc ships was also one of my main sources of income at the time before I learned trading and what resources were valuable. It took me long after the first 3 levels to learn where things were and how to effectively make money. So I hope you keep the port missions for higher ranks and keep capping npc ships worth something. Number 4 is the communication part. We understand that moderating bickering enemies or racists or whatever it may be is annoying and the community gets annoyed with it as well. I would be okay with eliminating global chat but I would keep the chat between players. There are many people with friends in enemy nations that talk to each other or salute each other at sea that would end if you took out the communication between players. I hope you take these things into consideration.
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