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  1. I went to build a Renome and it requires a permit. I went and crafted a Belle Poule… no permit required, interesting. I feel that the smaller frigates like... Cerberus, Renome, and surprise should not require a permit... I can see any ships that mount 24 pound medium or long guns should require a permit, but the smaller and lighter ships should not. I f a ship requires a permit to build... that permit should be readily available in the admiralty... this seems to make sense to me anyway.
  2. I just hope more paints come available for the other ship designs soon... and what is it that some of the 9 pound frigates require permits to build?
  3. perhaps consider making these as craftable instead of just reward guns. They could just be like a lighter variant of a medium that cant load "double charge", or "double shot", create a cost to run them... they could do the same damage as mediums default damage... players that want to run boarding builds or want a slight edge on speed will use them anyway for freeing up crew for other duties on their ships. Duties like... boarding prep and rigging handling… if each Pood takes one less crew to run compared to medium guns, then you would end up with those crew on other tasks on ship... making your build better at certain things than players running mediums or longs. Would be a good addition to the game to have something like this... that we as players could craft. Players that like boarding builds would probably eat this up too.
  4. This is good... reload is very very fast too. Agreed, there must be a bit more balancing on these Poods… the fact that you get fewer crew operating them to free them up for other duties is a big deal as well... makes for more efficient ship handling.
  5. Hey, I got the paint DLC... just found out Renome requires a permit to build... ? Belle Poule does not require permit!... is this a mistake? It seems to me that the light corvettes should not require permits to build... if you know what I mean. I could see any ship that mounts 24 pound guns or larger to require a permit to build , but not 18 pounders minus. Of course the guns I am talking about are medium or long guns... not the carros. And I really look forward to seeing how many more paints come available through the DLC.
  6. Now this seems logical to me... If we were to get the game to be clan driven rather than just nationally driven, and have political decision making at clan level between clans, this would be a must have in game. I believe that the Nations as they are can remain... however to have clan wars would be really neat, this could possibly even open up an opportunity for civil war within the nations... the strongest clans could run the empire and control trade, the upstart clans could challenge power and we could always have scuffles for power, even within the in game national complex. This would complicate things in game for the better... there would be like a super corporate war going on all the time... sounds like a lot of fun and frustration to me... I would love it. Good idea... wish I thought of it myself. This however will not be implemented this way if the developers want any form of historical national line. Not sure if they want historical boundaries or not... never know anymore, you know? I think they take great pleasure in surprising us players... maybe this is their form of gag content... you know... lets see what they do when we... or... lets implement this and they will... anyway... getting way off the page now. If implemented I would really like to see a diverse and creative diplomatic system worked into the game... I really liked the alliances system when it was in place... one week or month you were at peace and enjoyed peaceful trade with a nation that was not your own... the next, you were at war with them.
  7. Lets remember guys... this post is about bringing medium cannons back as a viable trade source in game... as in craftable and sellable in a trader run market. Please refer to my original post and list ideas for how to impliment medium cannons into the player driven arena of trade. This post is all about making the cannons player driven material... nothing else.
  8. Ummm… define the Elite. Elite combat players... or just elite economists. An elite fighter can escape from many foes. An elite player runs only that which he/she can replace readily. An elite player has plans for every situation and loses on their own account.
  9. I could see this I guess, so if you want real security... hire players to do the escorting?
  10. Agreed, I like the idea too.
  11. Thank you for clarifying... I get way too wordy... my bad.
  12. I see where your getting it now... must have missed that somehow... I will need to change my little slogan to... Three cheers for the Cutters and their gallant Captains.
  13. Yes, yes please for the planners, we love information @Devs.
  14. Its ok mate... players like me will rebuild infrastructure and create things to buy for you... will take some time , but hey, the development is my favorite part, I didn't reach maximum rank until relatively recently... I don't grind, no need for it. I just play to my capacity and that's it. That is it took me around 1000 hours to get to full rank. Not because I am an idiot mind you, I just don't care about ranks.
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