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  1. I am a corsair... I float from one nation to the next... so far... I have had the most fun in Poland, small but lethal Navy is commanded by some of the oldest owners of the game. Good group of guys... But I am finding that I don't care too much for RVR... I like raiding and despoiling the open world... if there ever was a rouge player... it would be me. I feel constrained by National legalities and find myself continually hunting the trade routes... never know where I may strike next... each day is different and new... I will probably float from nation to nation... eventually serving under every flag. So far I have played as US, Spain, Prussia, Pirate and Poland... I have met many good guys and gals that play the game in various nations... but my game has always remained the same... I am a Corsair through and through... I play alone most of the time... and hunt the unwary. Its what I do. I can say that I have sunk players from every faction in game... I shall continue to study the game and resources... see you on the ocean mates. Dislike? Nothing to dislike here... as I really have no said nation.
  2. Yep... that's the idea I think... glad to se another with an adventurous attitude like this...
  3. This is true... there will be a lot of new players learning this one the hard way... at the beginning when they first enter the game... they should get warning spam... ...
  4. for the worse? The PVE server needs these updates... its so boring... Now for the PVP server... I hope it is only implemented in a very limited way... lets give it a chance and see how this changes everything. Now we may have less AFK running around... this means that the game is becoming more engaging and interesting... more Naval Action.
  5. This is needed because of clans not working for the betterment of the Nation as a whole... then the Nation can become one actual Nation instead of a bunch of smaller interests floating around.
  6. this is a great idea too... maybe a Chinese treasure fleet incursion? Then we could fight the Baochuan. Historically inaccurate I know... but very interesting.
  7. this is a really cool idea mate... wish I thought of it myself
  8. I saw this as well... being from the PVP server... I have been playing on the PVE server as of late to see what its like... and man, it is very slow paced... the Aggressive NPCs are a must have for long trade runs... and the possibility of NPCs doing invasions on ports that are owned by clans is a step in the right direction.... everything the admin and devs are doing as of now is obviously with the intent to make the game better for everyone... in my opinion... its one of the best updates I have seen for a while... I am glad they are moving in this direction... and … the raiding they are going to implement looks really interesting too! I cant wait for that DLC ship to come out... I am definitely buying it...
  9. Yeah! I am excited as well, looks very promising... maybe we will have more naval action now on the Peace server...
  10. I agree with this... Pirate should be a branding... a punishment... for bad in game behavior... like steeling from your own clans warehouse... or green on green unprovoked... or a unanimous vote from other players in that nation that would dictate that the players actions deem it necessary to brand the rouge player as a Pirate... then you get thrown out of the clan, if not to change to Pirate... then a red Rouge flag would do... bad behavior is not tolerated in the Navy after all.
  11. I think that the best way to recognize a ship would be by ship name... maybe we could name our ships? But, you have to get within a certain distance of the ship to read the name … cant just recognize it on the horizon... need to get close to identify...
  12. Hmmm, I think this was brought forward a time ago... but the open world hunters needed to be able to attack players when ever they wanted to... this was required because the open world sandbox was void of risk. I hope you can understand this...
  13. yeah... I know what you mean... but hey... in the struggle for power... perhaps one doesn't really care how everything looks.... only how their equipment performs? If I would want more varience in ship designs in port battles... I would suggest allowing only a certain number of each rate type... say for instance... 4 1rst-2nd rates, 6 3rd rates, the rest 4th rate and below... this would at least insure more variance to the ratings of ships in a port battle... but would only be in PVP... in PVE the NPC should match the attacking or defending players. Three cheers for the frigates and their gallant Captains!
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