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  1. I understand you are only speaking out of concern, but how you worded this comes across as a threat, please be careful how you word your script in the forums. The first few lines are informative... the last line is not needed to prove your point. I am only speaking to you as in concern, because players have been banned for less in the past. Lets keep our discussions as contructable as possible, and allow the devs to build the game they dreamed of. Once the game is released, some will play and some will not, in the end it will be designed in accordance to how the game labs team wants it. Happy gaming, and keep bringing in the info.
  2. Perhaps make it so that the coalitions change once in a while... or can be effected by players actions... to force coalition changes through commerce and political stunts. Three cheers for the frigates and their gallant Captains. This could be used to make great importance to open world trade/commerce in effort to gain the respect of a crown. The more the trade flowing into specific ports from enemies can contribute to turning an NPC faction in favor of another NPC faction, but its up to the players of course... the goods involved could be anything from jewels and gold... to breads and gunpowder... I could see entire clans focusing on this type of commerce to conduct global dominion efforts to their benefit. P.S. This would also insure that more traders would be out on the open seas for pirates to hunt in the open world. This would be worth the risk though because the rewards would be global influence and elite rewards.
  3. Don't worry, anything could happen, stats I am sure can be readjusted. Lets collect the data and give it to the developers, allowing them to sort out the issue in what they feel is right.
  4. Yay! we can have an actual Connie!? This is awesome!
  5. If anything is to be implemented at this point, I highly recommend not making anything more secure than it already is in game. Security through effort says I.
  6. Hmm... interesting subject... I think it should be ok to make an infinite number of tows per day if it costs the sender reals and the towed ship(s) are required to sail in game in the open world between ports... so as to encourage piracy... this way it could not be exploited to simply be cheap insurance not to lose ships. That's my two cents worth any way. Good idea provoker.
  7. Ooooo, num, num, num says I... Good on the Devs! This is something that I have been looking forward to. Cant wait to hear what the clans do with this.
  8. No, I disagree mate... its FORGED PAPERS, and its perfect for hard core piracy.
  9. I see your point, however, I use the name change forger DLC to disappear and start in a faction, then I go pirate and attack their shipping, if this is done, my nitch way of playing the game will be destroyed, I don't do it to be a pain mind you. I do this because this is a good way to represent true piracy in game... and I love it. This suggestion you have made should only be applied to friendly nationals, not enemy faction. For same faction it works, but enemy faction is redundant. Three cheers for the frigates and their gallant Captains.
  10. The only issue is in the sped up anti gank mechanic.. if we are invisible and the other enemy players are invisible to us after battle for say 2 minutes then how could they regank if you pass over the horizon.at normal speed while invisible?.. having an extended time for being engaged just seems a little redundant to me. I will post nothing more here now regarding this... please continue on topic from this point... sorry mates.
  11. @adminThis is interesting... this woul also make a lot of players happy that they could run a chance at getting a one time use version of a said DLC ship... it would also help to advertise the DLCs a little too.
  12. @adminThis is very good to see, I am in favor of a hand full of reward permits... most ships should be easily craftable at most players fingertips except the line ships. I think most 5th rates should not require a permit if the 5th rate mounts anything smaller than a 24 pound gun. Any ship that mounts a 24 pound or larger gun on its lower most gun deck should require a permit in my opinion,. But if you were to leave just say 4 or 5 specific ships as special combat rewards then that would be really cool. Just need to keep the bulk of the light frigate/privateering navy available to anyone that would wish to craft these small and fast ships. Heavy frigates(24 pound) and line ships could still require permits. In my book this would be ok.
  13. @adminConsider this... you are invisible to all player and all players are invisible to you after escaping battle for at least 1 full minute. This would insure far less successful repeated gank attempts. Seems simple and would it be possible to input this into game? If one minute is not enough just try 2 minutes then... but the two way invisibility is important. Cheers
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