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  1. Hi... could we get a post with images of the DLC ships coming? Thanks.

  2. Any images of the ships listed available... I am especially interested in seeing the image for the Combat Indiaman... Rotterdam. Thanks from a very excited Captain.
  3. If the game were to be made easier for newer players... I would suggest making a safe zone on the PVP server only around a specific free port... would need to be shallow water and a very limited area... could supply missions that would eventually coax a player into the real world of Naval Action IE open world trade. This way a newer player could enjoy learning the game at their pace without danger of attack. Let me say again … a small starting zone... for a safe zone, and a free port for all beginners to start from.
  4. This game is not too difficult for beginners, no more difficult than similar games online such as Eve or No Mans Sky... not to mention a few others. All games in this criteria have a steep learning curve. These games have this learning curve because they are detailed, layered and deep... this game is complex and is therefore difficult for newer players... if we stray from this complexity of combat the game will become like any other inaccurate sailing game online. Remember folks... this game was not intended to be easy to play or learn, those that take the many hours to unlock the secrets of t
  5. Aggressive NPCs will make you sweat a little while doing deliveries aye?
  6. Hmmmm… maybe if the ship is required to stay in open world for 2 whole minutes regardless of internet connection this would change... maybe a type of lag could be introduced that forces the ship to stay in open world for 2 minutes if connection is lost... Interesting story... I feel this requires investigation, may be a loop hole that got overlooked in the initial chaos of development and game designing...
  7. yes.. this would make Capitol hunting more doable and not just a suicide attempt. Also in my simple opinion... I think that if players are to join they should appear behind and not in front of the hunted player.
  8. I have advocated this before and will again... I even play as a pirate on the PVE server once in a while... but I feel that PIRATE should be a branding... not really a nation.
  9. I agree with this entirely and most of your post... its good logic I think... Trade missions should be centered around delivering useful goods to ports that lack them... or at least have a lesser amount of said good available... the goods should be picked up by a player and delivered to the said port to gain the reward(s) affiliated with said delivery mission. A reward in reals would be enough and value of the reward would be calculated according to distance of the delivery and time on the open map. I still think that passenger missions should remain though... as they are... for new
  10. Yep... that's the idea I think... glad to se another with an adventurous attitude like this...
  11. This is true... there will be a lot of new players learning this one the hard way... at the beginning when they first enter the game... they should get warning spam... ...
  12. for the worse? The PVE server needs these updates... its so boring... Now for the PVP server... I hope it is only implemented in a very limited way... lets give it a chance and see how this changes everything. Now we may have less AFK running around... this means that the game is becoming more engaging and interesting... more Naval Action.
  13. this is a great idea too... maybe a Chinese treasure fleet incursion? Then we could fight the Baochuan. Historically inaccurate I know... but very interesting.
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