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  1. A lot of people seem to wonder how we can prevent ganking and seal clubbing, as in physically stopping it via BR limits or other draconian measures. The better question is why people behave that way to begin with and I think the answer is that for the most part it's just that those are the fights that are the easiest to find and most consistently rewarding. I'm a veteran in a veteran group and we spot your group of veterans. In a perfect game, we should want to fight because [INSERT DISTINCT STRATEGIC REASON TO FIGHT HERE]. Our fight somehow influences who controls the local resource
  2. I know a long time ago I proposed switching to a model where we earned XP per ship rather than ranking up. This would allow a new player to jump right into a Surprise (assuming he could afford one or, more likely, a clanmate gave him one) and be competitive immediately. Well..... you did add ship XP but you added it overtop of existing rank XP which meant veterans had to spend time grinding XP again and new players basically have two grinds: one to rank up and potentially a second one to get the ships they want unlocked to the point they desire. Really I'm not convinced we need XP at
  3. I've always liked this idea but previously it was a non-starter due to the way port battles were "first come, first served" by the entire team. With no way to control who can enter, BR limits wouldn't work. With the clan-based takeover idea, it can work and I think it's worth a try. Someone should work up some 3rd party tools that help commanders plan their fleet within a BR limit, if such a tool has not already been made.
  4. The BEST clan is the one whose leaders came here on a regular basis to post solid updates to the developer explaining all of the latest bugs, exploits, loopholes and toxic mechanics they had discovered which they realized would ultimately be bad for the game overall. It would not be, for example, any clan who had their members banned and warned for douchebag gameplay, or who tried to take it out on the developer via negative Steam reviews. Maybe an even better gauge would be which clan would the community most like to encounter again in another game, somewhere else. New EA
  5. You have to really define "best". Like no way is BLACK the best. They literally hid from the French open world PvPers and refused to engage them after what I believe was literally 1 fight (which was, itself, less than half actual BLACK members). I don't see how you can claim "best" if you dominate in RvR but were not a serious PvP presence and vanish when the open sea fighters appear. I would even go further and suggest that BLACK's rather stupid "play to crush" attitude that they used on the USA team makes them the worst guild on the server, as the server would literally have been better
  6. The game gives us too few objectives to really fight over on a consistent basis. The one objective we do have -- port battles -- are actually TOO organized. The nature of them encourages 25 of the most expensive ships, ideally manned by only the largest and most experienced clans, to duke it out but only every few days, tops. This is content that most players found themselves cut off from. So most people never do get to have a real fight in NA where it matters who wins, apart from their own personal risk. This is why you see a lot of PvP games have distinct, minute-by-minute goa
  7. Tons = tokens. Tokens = port ownership. Doesn't matter where you got the token. You can use it on any enemy port. Go hunt the enemy where they are then apply the tokens where you want. Tokens can account for up to 25% contention per day. This is the only way to generate contention. Can be countered by an equal number of tokens, up to 25% per day. "Port battles" replaced by "token wars". Might seem less exciting but going out hunting beats sitting in empty port battles. Token payout is on an exponential scale: sinking a single Victory is worth way more than its
  8. In my opinion this is greatly exaggerated. Skill slots are very minor bonuses and feel more like flavor to me. About 95% of my PvP has been done in ships with 0-3 slots. The problem I see are gamers who think they need top tier everything before they are ready to PvP. Even if it's just another 1% bonus to some niche ability, they feel like they can't fight at all if they don't have that. Maybe we have to bow to the flawed psychology of the average gamer but it really is fine the way it is. Being an expert at a ship gives you a few bonuses that are very unlikely to swing any given battle.
  9. Random thought of the day: All current "free ports" become permanent pirate ports. They cannot be captured. Pirates get free outposts in all of them and can teleport between them (captain only -- no ships, as usual). Pirates cannot capture ports. This turns Pirates into, well, pirates. Points of threat all over the map, free outposts, but OW PvP-only. Any current pirates who want RvR would simply join a nation. (Conversely, anyone who does not care about RvR would probably join pirates.) Yeah, that's exactly how I think it should work, though. Most port capt
  10. The difference I see is that "1 repair only" is fine for 1v1 but is a pain for group fights and will damage group tactics. 1v1 mostly it would be used at a point where you are deciding if you are going to stick it out or run away. The point you pop your repair is where you would have to make that call. In groups it's more complicated. "As many repairs as you have time for but each one takes 10 minutes" will allow current group tactics to continue to exist. Pulling out to repair, if you can, will always be a valuable thing. Ideally you'd want to pull back while your teammates cov
  11. That's been the problem all along, though: probably 80% or more of Conquests are useless. Ports nobody cares about being captured by teams that will never use them. Really it's just the old "this map is too big" problem. Now it will mean that really you only take a port if you want to be pissy about the ownership of it. Those Brits have been going in and out of there and they're snobby and you don't like them so you claim the port. If only your clan is using a port or you don't care about the Brits who are also using it then you just leave it as neutral. There will be a lot less
  12. I would probably just get rid of repair time bonuses. The actual repair bonus itself is why anyone would pick up those skills anyway. If we need to buff them to compensate (which I doubt) then we can always make them add some bonus to leak repair something ancillary like that.
  13. I think the solution there may be to keep it as-is but slow down repairs significantly. Like the goal should be that if you meet the crew requirements for repairing with 100% of what it's asking for ("200/200") then it takes 10 minutes to do that repair. This makes repairs be a slow burn, meaning it takes away a huge portion of your crew for a long time and can be outdamaged. In 1v1 combat, not wanting to shut down gunnery in order to fill out repairs, that 1 repair might drag on for 20 minutes. It will still be important in group fights but in 1v1s, repairing in active combat will b
  14. Admin was also saying that sinking a single NPC Victory would yield 400k. If that's the case then a lot of small clans will find 500k per day to be very affordable. All you need is one dude with a 1st rate who does 2 missions per day and the cost is more than covered. But you're right that most of the map will go neutral. I'm not sure that's a bad thing, though. It's realistic given our population. If nobody is using a port, it SHOULD be neutral.
  15. Yeah -- one that works. Almost every game herds players around in ways meant to highlight the main aspects of the game. Football has boundaries. You cannot take the ball with you to the bar and still claim to be playing the game. The game herds you onto the field where all of the other players must also be. "Sandbox gaming" has always been a very tricky beast precisely because it does not herd the players and therefore gives them a lot of rope to hang themselves with. They claim the game is not fun and they quit (see Steam reviews for NA) because the game didn't herd them into fun ac
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