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  1. Cheers the "Sea Legends" announce Have question: 1.Which game-engine Is the fresh new game under development? still the Unity one? 2.The player who's from "Naval action" already bought the ships DLC, then available in "Sea Legends" or DLC discount? thanks
  2. "Bismarck" and "HMS Hood Body is already~
  3. Kill the game task or Restart PC asap. If not solved, recommend post your own dxdiag.txt
  4. So... does Early Access version will include Free Camera system. Fans can creative fantasy Dreadnoughts film
  5. Glad official-site announce. Have a suggestion is add media Gallery Player can download or view full size photos.
  6. I don't think UA:Dreadnoughts is a 3d copy of rule the waves, Actually is more like " Naval Ops: Commander " spiritual successor.
  7. Both Alpha Footage are amazing~ Thanks to the Game-labs, I'm hyping again.
  8. Share this Tsushima CGI cut, ships model detail so good
  9. Greeting, Have a question. Can the player custom map editor ?
  10. Not yet, When Admin was say that ship design and combat covering real and fictional wars from 1890 to 1936.  Fubuki still have chance
  11. Wow, that footage look awesome. Glad ultimate series are more bigger than now
  12. The test is coming soon, Does any fresh ingame footage before start? My body is ready!😣
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