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  1. I found this one quite amusing, i'm having a 1v1 battleship fight, I build this: And the AI goes all out, and builds what can only be described as a modern take on a pre-dreadnought: Another big brain design decision made by the AI, was to have the main, heavy, forward turret raised on a barbette, so it can be superfiring above a light secondary gun... (having it the other way around is just absurd obviously XD!)
  2. Since the new update I have been experimenting with different gun turrets on ships of the same caliber (KGV style etc), and I was wondering if there could be a button introduced that links guns of the same caliber to a single gun salvo (or let the player manually choose which guns to link to a salvo)? Because the twins fire faster than the quads, so leaving everything alone in battle results in quads and twins firing their own salvos, not together, hence reducing the hit chance and defeating the whole point of a broadside salvo. The only way to stop this is to manually disable the guns between
  3. Dipping into more modern designs as WW1 era stuff is becoming more neglected unfortunately. Here is the French 1935 battlecruiser Triomphe, a spiritual successor to leverette battlecruiser of 1913 (from my battlecruiser panic senario), unfortunately she looks quite top heavy for the hull, but thats my only problem with her: Also side question, was wondering if earlier quads for smaller caliber guns will become available? Im directly thinking of the plans for the normandie battleship class from france intended for construction in 1912-1913. These plans had the sh
  4. This is my latest creation, the 1911 Austrian battleship Radetzky, designed for short range protection of her states interests in the adriatic sea, as well performing power projection missions in the Ioniana, Aegean and eastern Mediterranean seas (essentially to compete with the Italians, and to keep them out of their backyard): An interesting thing to note here was the idea of what a re-modernisation of this ship would look like, where I would replace the "Q" turret with machinery to bring her up to speed, plate over the casemates, and place secondary turrets on the clear
  5. Very nice looking ship, what did you use to create this?
  6. This idea has already been mentioned and suggested earlier in the topic, and my thoughts on the idea are just one post above yours lol. As for the mirroring idea, very good I would support the implementation of that!
  7. Similar to another idea where someone suggested that the barbette would auto form once you have the acquired the desired placement of the turret. Both ideas streamline barbettes and turrets into one and are better, but I just figured this option would be easier to implement.
  8. Also this is more of a wish but I'll throw it out there anyway, have the turret size/diameter be based on gun size and the number of guns in that turret. If your confused look at the King George V class battleships (ww2).
  9. Would it be possible to have a free mode when placing barbettes and superstructures that only the player can activate and not the AI, and enable us to place barbettes and superstructures within existing mounting points by holding down left ctrl? This does not mean being able to place them outside of existing mounting points, but being able to place them in the large gaps between each mounting point, allowing for a more fluid and satisfying design. This would result in the Devs being able to keep restricting the players on where to place barbettes and superstructures (not ideal) but also allow
  10. Please for the love of god at least enable barbettes to be fine tuned in placing with left-ctrl plus mouse like how the turrets are placed, because having to keep doing designs like this are really starting to piss me off: This would be simplest yet most quality of life improvement to the shipbuilder, to allow us to build ships that are not so stupid.
  11. Hate to break it to ya, but I have already done the exact same topic with the same solution earlier. Glad to see the more people are concerned with the barbette problem though!
  12. Hi there, I'm here to talk about submarines. I know that the submarines will not be player controlled from earlier statements from the developers in the campaign, and I'm not here to argue against that, I think its a good way to keep the focus on surface guns fleets. However I do have a few questions regarding the topic, as submarnes are a massive part of naval warfare from WW1 onwards. 1) Will we be able to design the submarines ourselves in the shipbuilder? I know theres not really much one can add to a submarine externally as most of it is hull, but things like torpedo tubes, sai
  13. The Scharnhorst class was armed with triple 11 inch turrets because of the treaties after WW1 restricting their max gun size to 11 inch. The Scharnhorst's triple 11 was also build around a barbette wide enough to be switched out for dual 15 inch turrets as that was preferred. So I would not say that arming the Scharnhorsts with 11s was just because of raiding convoys.
  14. A simple question that I think would greatly improve the game if implemented, in custom battles could we be given the ability to design the opposing warships as well? It would enable us to test out design philosophies to see which works best, as well as have the ability to compare personal ship designs against others (I would imagine a forum page where your ship stats would be posted to compete against others in an AI only match etc).
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