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  1. Yes I have heard about this idea before and I agree that it would be a better option, making the barbettes auto form for the turret. This idea i figured would be easier to implement in the mean time
  2. Another idea: The ability to plate over casements should be allowed like what happened in refitted WW1 era ships, as well as having an option to remove the area for casements in the first place should also be an option
  3. Been thinking up another idea. I think the player should be able to see where the boiler/engine rooms are with respect to the funnels placed and the ability to move them around, hence, shifting the center of mass of the hull. Being able to see the center of mass of the hull should also be allowed. eg: That way if we have a nelson layout type ship, with the funnels at the back, the boiler/engine rooms should also be at the rear, bringing the center of mass along with it, which would balance the all forward armament of the ship and keeping it is stable. The ability to finetune the boiler/engine room placement could be done with a slider like what is done with displacement of the ship. Another thing that could be added to the sliders to the left would be the ability to increase/decrease the beam and length of the ship (which would respectively affect the displacement) eg: Comment what you guys think of this!
  4. Really glad to see these update notes, and especially glad to see an expansion on barbettes into centerline and side mounted! Now just waiting for the turrets to be revised to have appropriate barbette diameter due to both gun size and number of guns to put the icing on the cake!
  5. Got an idea. As turrets mounted in en echelon layout was quite common for WW1, I think it should be easier to replicate this idea on the shipbuilder. When a side mounted large caliber turret is placed, individually (without the auto mirror option), a line of anchor points appear on the other side of the ship as the exact same distance as the turret from the center of the ship but mirrored so (assuming your placing the same type of gun turret) you should have no lateral instability, eg: This suggestion also uses left ctrl to finetune the position of the turret, but you are locked into moving your turret only lengthways up and down the ship to make sure you keep the stability. If you want to widen your echelon layout, you have to move the original turret and replace the second one. I know you can kind of already do this with left ctrl, but it's really finicky and easy to screw the lateral stability. Plus you can only really make one wide echelon layout, else the stability goes way off, eg: This doesn't really make too much sense when there were ships like the invincible battlecruiser with a tight echelon layout (yes I know I wider layout is better but these options should be available to players).
  6. Yeah I was thinking over another concept about stresses and top weight etc tom devote a topic too, to make the player really feel that they are engineering the ship itself.
  7. Also quick question to anyone who might know, have there been any cases of a ship being actually built with turrets that have more than 4 guns in them (no matter the caliber)? Just wondering if I may need to expand the table for barbettes.
  8. Thanks for commenting! Yeah that makes sense for the side barbettes to have a lower limit, as AI would probably take advantage of that. Ill also make it clear that you cannot double stack side mounted barbettes. The only case I could see that happening is really late game with duel 100mm AA guns as seen on the Jean Bart when she was commissioned the in 1950s (currently outside of this games time frame). As for stacking the centerline barrettes, triple 6 inch size is a fairly historical limit (as seen on the Yamato) so therefore i'll make that clear in the OP.
  9. Oh no I dont intend to make replicas, I intend to make unique designs that hopefully take the best from that time period and put it all into an effective platform. But I also want it to be very mush set in a realistic manner. There shouldn't be a god tier weapon, it should follow like real life, with advantages and disadvantages, trying to find the best combination. But you should not be restricted by these anchor points where the hull can clearly support them. It should be almost like your sorting out the engineering behind the ship yourself, load up the front of the ship to much, you risk snapping the keel. Put too much weight up hight, your not gonna like storms. Everything should be counterbalanced, not just restricted yo a point where it can never be a problem. I actually fully agree with you on the AI argument there, thank you for pointing that out.
  10. fair enough ill remove the CV question, leave that for my CV thread
  11. I would perfer this to be implemented soon:
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