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  1. Any chance where we could get a feature where we could select a bunch of guns to fire on the same salvo? So rather than having a wing turret and a centerline turret firing upon the same target at different times due to differing reload rates, reducing the chance of a hit, in the shipbuilder we could select a bunch of guns to fire on the same "salvo" which only happens once every gun is loaded in that "salvo". This could also be used to force secondary guns to fire in there own salvo as well. would be a nice quality of life feature to have.
  2. So I decided to come back to UAD after a break from it for a while, and see some cool changes, love that I can finally save ship designs. Like the changes to the armour scheme and I see that weight distributions have been tweaked because now my old designs are quite a bit front heavy now so time to revamp some designs. Here is my 1917 British battlecruiser Northumberland, 28 knots, 13.5" belt, 4x2 13inch guns in a mostly forward layout. This layout choice was chosen to allow a chase oriented battleplan as well as to keep the entire battery within the main belt area, and therefore allowing for the thinning out of the for and aft belt. last photo shows that main guns are within main belt
  3. What I built: A 40K ton, 22 knot, 8 13inch gun monster with a 16.9 inch main belt! What the AI Built:
  4. ended up uninstalling and reinstalling so all good now
  5. Kia Ora, The game does not update and gives me this error message: Please help
  6. I think I like turret farms to much now... Here is my 1918 US Battleship Delaware: This image makes me think about how great some first person camera options would be
  7. Here is my 1915 Japanese monster Kumano. Armed with 6 twin 14 inch guns, 3 aft in a 1-2-3 superfiring position, this things broadside for 1915 is unnatural to say the least. Also well armoured with a 12 inch belt, but a rather lackluster speed of 21 knots.
  8. Here's my 1916 Austro-Hungarian battleship Rudolf. I wanted to make something that had a unique feature, and in this case the battleship has a 1-2-3 superfiring layout over the stern for the main battery weapons. The idea being that the austrian navy is not large, so withdrawing from a battle of unfavourable odds is going to happen, and its good to have the most amount of firepower pointing that way while being chased (it also has a high top speed for a battleship of that day at 24 Knots (excluding the queen elizabeth class): We'll say that bad sea weather was not considered during the design lol
  9. So I revisited my original 1913 French battlecruiser design Levrette (one of my best battlecruiser designs) and decided what modifications I could do to improve it the design and just other things I could think of. First the hull displacement was increased by 800 tons, secondaries have been upped from twin 6 inch weapons to twin 7 inch weapons, but most importantly I was able to increase the number of bulkheads to maximum, while keeping the armour levels to a very similar level. This came at the cost of the use of a citadel module, but the buffs lost that was given by these modules was considered acceptable as the increased bulkheads significantly improve the survivability of the ship. This is truly a fast battleship concept in WW1 under the battlecruiser guise. to test its ability I put it in a 1v1 against a battleship (not a smart thing for a battlecruiser to do) and this was the result: travelling at 28 knots meant the battleship couldn't acquire a good targeting solution, and the hits it did take (as long as it was not a flooding hit) the bulkheads and armour belt were able to soak up all damage (look how green that structure health is). If I did take a flooding hit I would disengage as slowing down would mean the battleship could get a better solution and that would not go well for me.
  10. I had a new idea recently, since this whole proposal means that the devs have to throw out a lot of their work already done, I thought up of a way to keep some of it. when selecting triple turrets, you can choose between two variations of that triple turret, cramped style and normal style. Normal style is what this proposal already is where number of guns and gun size is what determines barbette and turret size. However you can also select a cramped style for triple turrets. What this means is that the turret will fit three guns for the same size as a normal twin gun setup (the barbette will be the same size the actual turret might be slightly larger bearly). However this cramped stye will come with drawbacks, those being that the guns cannot be individually elevated, (which accompanied with cramped spacing) means increased reload times compared to normal sized turrets. The cramped style will also have decreased accuracy as the blast from guns will affect the other barrels in the turret salvo, increasing salvo spread. This proposal came directly from the pennsylvania class turrets and US cruiser turrets from post-washington treaty. this will only apply to triple turrets. Quads will have two options: 2 twin on same barbette (french style), or normal 4 gun turret (KGV style)
  11. I found this one quite amusing, i'm having a 1v1 battleship fight, I build this: And the AI goes all out, and builds what can only be described as a modern take on a pre-dreadnought: Another big brain design decision made by the AI, was to have the main, heavy, forward turret raised on a barbette, so it can be superfiring above a light secondary gun... (having it the other way around is just absurd obviously XD!)
  12. Since the new update I have been experimenting with different gun turrets on ships of the same caliber (KGV style etc), and I was wondering if there could be a button introduced that links guns of the same caliber to a single gun salvo (or let the player manually choose which guns to link to a salvo)? Because the twins fire faster than the quads, so leaving everything alone in battle results in quads and twins firing their own salvos, not together, hence reducing the hit chance and defeating the whole point of a broadside salvo. The only way to stop this is to manually disable the guns between reloads, wait till the whole broadside is ready, then enable them again. But this is bad as it annoying to micromanage and resets the likelihood of hitting the target, it is also borderline impossible to use this on more than one ship at a time. Therefore an introduction of a button that links guns to a combined salvo would fix this issue. This would also make wing turrets more feasible as they can be linked to centerline turrets as well. Also please we have all been asking for the longest bloody time, give the players more anchor points (it's just getting stupid at this rate)
  13. Dipping into more modern designs as WW1 era stuff is becoming more neglected unfortunately. Here is the French 1935 battlecruiser Triomphe, a spiritual successor to leverette battlecruiser of 1913 (from my battlecruiser panic senario), unfortunately she looks quite top heavy for the hull, but thats my only problem with her: Also side question, was wondering if earlier quads for smaller caliber guns will become available? Im directly thinking of the plans for the normandie battleship class from france intended for construction in 1912-1913. These plans had the ships equipped with quadruple 340mm gun turrets (in game this design would be applied to 12 inch and 13 inch gun turrets), this would allow me to redesign leverette etc with 2 quads rather than 4 twins for extra frenchyness
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