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Found 6 results

  1. As title. The barbettes you include on towers and hulls should be able to mount barbettes on them to permit triple-superfiring designs and generally allow more customisable design work. At the very least, these positions should be able to mount barbettes their own size or smaller, or have selectable heights and girths (including "none."). The French super battleships being able to mount a barbette behind the hull barbette can be charitably deemed very silly. If these tower/hull barbettes didn't get in the way I would dislike them far less. I see this as a necessary stepping stone on the road towards truly customisable designs.
  2. As title. Would prefer there to be a handful of adjustable barbettes than a huge list of niche-use ones. I'd prefer to have each barbette be adjustable in height, girth and therefore what it can allow the turret atop to fire over (and naturally the weight of such of barbette) and also mount. I can't get barbettes to go to triple superfiring for main-calibre guns and I'd like to on monster hulls; I'd like to create light ships with stacked weapons too, and in current patch this is unavailable. Might also intersect with sunken mounts; where giving a barbette a negative height value would be the means of implementing turret mounts slightly sunken into the deck for firing arc conservation.
  3. While playing Custom Battles, I am unable to select anything thicker than Barbette I for my BB and BC designs. I selected 1940 technology in the match maker before the building phase, but when I hover over the other barbette selections, it says that I need to research those technologies first. I sent out a bug report in-game, but I wanted to make it known in the forums as well. Anyone else having similar issues??
  4. I thought quite alot about functions and other stuff as I was trying to do some 1:1 IJN builds, so it would be a waste to just let them sit around in my brain and not share them. Maybe its somewhat interesting or inspiring for one of the devs! 1. Multiplayer Of course every game needs a Multiplayer, well not every, but fun games like UAD would have quite alot of Multiplayer potential. Custom battles against each other with customizable rules, Multiplayer designed Missions where teamwork is essential. For a start it can also run over GameRanger since introducing a friend system and such is a good amount of work ... I think. 2. AA Gunnery Being able to build AA batteries was something I wanted to do from day one. Having this lovely modern BB with a impressive AA Battery would be a sight to behold indeed. As of now there wouldn't be much use for small caliber AA guns like 20's or 37's and so much more, but it really would be a nice Addition for shipbuilding itself. Aswell if you want to get out a use for them, a Mission where you, for instance, have to protect a Convoy from an Airstrike with a CL (Light Cruiser), or something along the line of the battle of Midway where wave after wave of Torpedo-; Bombers came along and tried their hardest to make a hit that would be devastating. I see this point as having alot of potential, but I can already see that this would be quite a bit of work. Either way I'd be marveled to see something along those lines in-game one day. 3. More HULLS! As I was doing 1:1 builds of real life ships I noticed just how little unique hulls there are for DDs and CLs/CAs, which is quite the shame as they are also a big part of naval combat. I know that this is also alot of work, modelling the Hulls as accurately as possible, but having Cruiser hulls like for instance for the Cleveland-Class or K-Class and so on, would be quite worthwhile. 4. More Ship customization Something I also noticed when doing the 1:1 replicas. As it is now, ship building is quite fun, but when using Barbettes it's always this fight of wanting it in the right position but there aren't any placement slots (A bit infuriating when building a Fusō-Class on the Japanese Dreadnaught II hull). Having more control over the Barbettes would be otherworldly, like being able to change their height and width (instead of always having to choose from 20 variants of 1 Barbette), integrating them into the ship hull (as mentioned when building a Fusō-Class on the Dreadnaught II hull. If you aren't sure what i'm implying, search for the IJN Fusō and look at Main Battery Turret 5's Barbette) and just having free placement options with them. Though this point is alot more Customization oriented and not as heavily gameplay important, it's a dream one wishes for. 5. Carriers Though I have already seen somewhere that introducing CVs isn't planned, it would be marvelous anyways. It also would make Point 2 more valid, since after all, the biggest weakness of a Carrier is AA. But being able to build your own Carriers like for instance a Kaga-Type CV on the Tosa-Class hull, or a Shinano-Type on the Yamato-Class hull. There would be so many options to choose from, but after all, it's alot of troublesome work. 6. Conquest idea Though I've yet to see anything from the Campaign and how it's gonna play out, i'm just making this point so I don't forget about it. Basically what about a Conquest-like gamemode where you take over the seas? Capture important Military sectors or ports, destroy your enemy fleets and so on. Produce your own ship designs and let them take over the world. Advance your Technology by having Naval Military institutions research over the years for better equipment, armor-types and hulls (kind of like the HoI4 research tree). With different types of conquest goals and being free to choose the country you wish to play. Something along those lines atleast, having a world domination mode like in Hearts of Iron or Star Wars: Empire at War (weird comparison, I know) would be a treat. But let's see what the campaign is first and maybe this point is nullified by then. 7. File sharing and steam workshop. Something I saw from the user @Skeksisin the comments, which I also wholeheartedly agree to. Though of course the game still has to be released on Steam, it's something that would be nice to look forward to. Aswell I feel as though it could take some weight of the Devs shoulders, as there are probably a few enthusiastic people who would like to model some hulls and other ship parts themselves, on which the devs could also do something similar like Gaijin and do a paid partnership program if the Model is well received and makes it into the base game. Anyways thats all I have for now. If you have any feedback or ideas to these points, feel free to tell. Thanks for reading and have luck on your future naval endeavors!
  5. Hi there. I've been playing the game recently and have been enjoying it thoroughly, as I am a naval history nut, this is extremely interesting for me. I love the idea of building your own ships and taking the best ideas forward that have already been proven in real life. The combat I also enjoy, and is only bound to get better. However I have a couple problems with the shipbuilder that does strictly prohibit design choices and ideas. The main ones being anchor points for superstructures and barbettes and the turret/barbette diameter. First I will start with superstructure anchor points. I know this has been covered before by many others but I will just quickly reiterate it again, the superstructure problem can be simply fixed by increasing the amount of anchor points along the length of the hull, where the hull can reasonably sustain it, like a line up the centre between two cut off points. This will enable players to play around with designs from Nelson and G3 class to the Nurnberg cruiser layout. For example: Barbette position would act a little different, kind of... First off barbettes will be split into two categories, centreline and side mounted. Just like the gun turrets. The centreline barbettes will have essentially an increased amount of anchor points like in the picture above, but the points will extend all the way to where gun turrets are limited to. These barbettes when, holding down the left ctrl button, should also be able to do what gun turrets can do and be fine tuned in their place meant along the centre of the ship. Side mounted barbettes will be able to be placed like side mounted gun turrets, however their max diameter will only be able to hold upto 6 Inch sized gun turrets (as pointed out by @RAMJB any larger gun diameter the AI may overly take advantage of). Now onto the next problem regarding barbettes. Diameter size relative to gun caliber and number. See what I mean? These gun turrets are all equipped with the same 14 inch weapon. However they all have the same barbette diameter, which is unrealistic and annoying for ship building. The point of choosing a smaller number of guns in a turret is to reduce barbette diameter to help save weight, and to also keep the ships center of gravity lower down (increasing stability). This can be seen on the King George V class, and the conte di cavour class: Another problem is the limited size options for barbettes, just being three, which leads to designs like this: Both turrets are equipped with 15 inch guns. However for a 15 inch gun to be superfiring at the moment, the only barbette that can take that is the largest option, which is directly derived from yamato's triple 18 turrets, therefore being way bigger than needed for a twin 15 inch turret, (barbettes were designed to only be as big as they needed to be and nothing more, as seen in the real pictures). Therefore I suggest barbette size should be based on not only the caliber of guns but also the number of guns in a turret. The ratio can be worked out by looking into historical conversion plans. The north carolina class battleship was actually originally planned to be equipped with 3 quadruple 14 inch gun turrets due to the second london naval treaty of 1935. However they were upgunned to triple 16 inch turrets after Japan didn't sign the treaty. The same is said for Japanese heavy cruisers of the mogami class, going from triple 6 inch turrets to twin 8 inch turrets. Therefore we can assume roughly that for an increase in gun size for every 2 inches leads to one less gun in the turret for the same barbette size, eg: This will mean players can have appropriately size barbettes for the equivalent gun size and number of guns in each turret. Also the ability to stack centerline barbettes upto triple 6 Inch gun turret size would also be allowed, so ships like the USS Atlanta and the secondaries on Yamato can be created. This stacking ability has a limit of 6 Inch weapons, as although the barbette can fit dual 8 inch guns, it (from my knowledge) has never been done historically, so therefore will not be allowed. Another thing to note is that you cannot stack side mounted barbettes, this is only a feature of lighter centerline barbettes. Final main thing to cover would be the ability to see the barbette armour in the ship builder (and overall armor of the ship). As well as the ability to determine the barbette armour itself both above and behind the main armour belt. It would look similar to the damage model we see in combat: Another idea that popped up while making WW1 style ships was trying to make it easier to replicate the echelon layout. When a side mounted large caliber turret is placed, individually (without the auto mirror option), a line of anchor points would appear on the other side of the ship at the exact same distance as the turret from the center of the ship but mirrored, plus there would be two highlighted options, one being the exact mirror and the second being a reflection from the center of mass. This should have no lateral instability (assuming you are placing the same gun turret), eg: This suggestion also uses left ctrl to finetune the position of the turret, but you are locked into moving your turret only lengthways up and down the ship to make sure you keep the stability. If you want to widen your echelon layout, you have to move the original turret and replace the second one. I hope you have enjoyed reading my proposal and vote on the polls. Cheers.
  6. Considering that we only have a fixed amount of limited choices for (larger) caliber guns and all turrets of a specified caliber have the same size. Would it perhaps be possible to have a system in the main gun section that ties the specific turret together with a matching barbette? Atm we only have a couple of barbette choices, which esthetically do not match with certain calibers very well. I feel that in most cases just resizing the barbette designs already in the game would work well to quickly implement such a chance.
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