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  1. Game with a ton of negative reviews, can hardly maintain a population of 600-700 players at peak hours with lord knows how many of those as Alts, desperately making sweeping changes in patches with little clear direction. I'm sure there was no intention to allow players to keep their rank and crafting XP from the beginning, but when you can barely keep the players you have interested enough to stay on board you need a carrot to keep the ass( as in donkey/mule) lurching forward. The false promise of keeping rank/crafting XP was it. There was intent to deceive from the beginning, if they were brand new devs maybe I could belive they would make such a mistake. These guys knew better and exactly what they were doing. I know I will get banned for this, just like being a mod you have to go along with whatever admin says on the subject. But don't assume everyone does not see through the BS.
  2. Not like you can trust anything @admin says, they can change their mind at any time. So why ask them anything?
  3. It's as simple as this, There was never any intent on allowing players to keep rank/crafting XP Player numbers have been low, in order to keep the handfull of players you had to make a promise they would keep what they earned. Now that you are getting closer to " release" you finally admit that players will not keep what they earned. Some of us seen you were dishonest ages ago, just happy you finally came out and said what many knew. That players would not keep what they earned. You lied to your base, plain and simple no matter how you try and sugarcoat it.
  4. I'll be honest, the trading and building don't intrest me in the slightest. I watched dozens of YouTube vids seen the combat and fell in love with the game. Odd how you don't see very much on the non combat aspects of the game. All I ever wanted out of the game was a good fight against other players. Not ganking, not attacking underarmed ai traders, just good fights win or lose. It was hard for me to join clans, given no voice chat and I'm HoH. I always viewed my role as you need me to hit traders( as boring as that is) to provide resources for other players, I'll do it Need me to interdict an invasion fleet, I'll do it Lose a port battle and need me to fight a delaying action( my favorite thing to do lol) so surviving ships can escape I'll do it. Actually done this a few dozen times. Ton of fun. Need me to harras enemy nations/clan, tie up there players chasing me across the entire map I'll do it. Hit a port solo to distract the enemy, give me a ring I'm your guy. I don't care if I lose my ships in the process, all the mentioned activities to me are fun. Sailing back and forth to trade, struggling to stay awake or driving myself nuts to try and get all the crafting materials for a ship over a period of days or weeks is boring. Thats just me, so maybe I'm nuts
  5. Anything new on the horizon( not skull and bones ) Seems a distinct lack of quality currently
  6. The fact that the PVE content in this game drives a player to do this shows what an utter waste of developers time and resources it is to placate the PVE only players. Play the game while not playing
  7. Ruthless4u

    POTBS game Closure

    Why would anyone Potbs come over to NA? I'm sure most of them have heard of NA and are already familiar with the train wreck it's become.
  8. It's been said a few times with NA what you see is certainly not what you get, at least if you base most of your research on the player videos
  9. PVE only guys want brain dead AI fleets to massacre and to sail back and forth between point A and B with 0 risk.
  10. This idea of paying over and over again just keeps coming up. Might as well make it so you have to pay a monthly subscription to play and get it over with.
  11. This thread makes me want to play some of those old classics again. Had more fun with those than games these days.
  12. I've been tempted to buy the DLC but as I mentioned in another thread I don't have faith in the future of the game. From just from a content standpoint and if the game will survive.
  13. I've been tempted to buy some DLC, but I don't have enough faith in the future of the games survival.
  14. I applied for the beta to see if it's worth playing( if I get in lol) Worst case a few bucks for a rental, not expecting much so won't be paying full price unless either my oldest loves it or it's just plain stupid fun.
  15. I swear some of these guys here act like it's Dragon Ball, endless talking and posturing. If your going to fight, fight. No teenage or anime drama neccasary.
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