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  1. The other thing they could do is make it a PvE ship, not allowed in Port battles and can't do hostility missions. That will mean that the higher tier ships have to be crafted and can't just be clicked once per day. Even as a DLC it's still not going to beat out a fleet of Oceans and Santi's with the right players. Though wouldn't mind seeing some one bring all Victory's to a port battle, but I think the BR is to close to give them a number advantage to make a difference in a PB. You really think folks that run trade ships with no guns to get the most space is going to run a combat merchant ship with half the cargo space (going off how the LGVR is). I mean I would but I run guns on my trade ship and my lead ship is not Fir Fir, but I also don't AFK sale and do stupid runs where I get caught. I think I only been caught once in my big ships and the guy ha to run from the fight......now in trader brig it was a diffrent story as I was way out number and pretty much slaughter the one time I got caught since released....the point is most the PvE traders don't run with guns and have fir/fir ships to be as fast as they can. If they loose a ship it doesn't matter cause they make up the profits in other runs. The best way to balance it is to always have craftable ships better than a Note ship, you get to pick the woods and trims (we should get this option at max crafter rank) and maybe even add in some of the NPC trims too that you can craft in certain regions like back when we had regional trims. Also give a better chance at better ships by crafting compare to notes ships. I also like it if we had a chance to craft some of the DLC ships too. Just something about having a ship with your name on it feels better than something you clicked and made. Could make the BP a super rare drop item but still have it out there. Permits for none rare ships should be in the admiralty shop with the chance for loot drop as a means to get them for free.
  2. While not having a ping issue as it seems to be very steady but a little higher than normal. For me it seems the game is pretty laggy. Ping looks good when I checked that, but the tracert shows I loose most my speed at the Dusseldorf (thought that is where the server was located?) connection before Frankfurt. Though when I check game resources it seems to be running the GPU (I have a RTX 2080) very high. Than again I do run the game on high/ultra settings but this isn't a very high graphical game. Though I haven't updated my driver in a while so going to do that and see if it helps. Where it drags at the most is in dock when using menus moving things from ship to warehouse are back. Cause I'm trying to move clan stuff from Caracas late at night when I get home from work but it's taking for ever waiting on the menus to catch up and allow me to move stuff. This is also during the servers lowest server pop times (around 400+) so it's not the servers. Could there be some optimization issues since the last patch that might be causing this? And yes I know ever one and there mother is at home using the internet right now during this virus thing, but this been an on going issue that comes off and on for US players and I assume others in the SEA area or not on the EU. Menus dragging and other funtions in game. I play other games in EU servers and they don't have these issues, but than again they tend to be location in france or UK area on the coast line not dead center of EU and I get a ping of around 85 not 125-150.
  3. That is the good thing about computer industries, if your machine can handle it and most folks that work in such have good computers at home, they can do a lot of work remotely and just save it to the companies cloud to share the work with others. As with the fellow players, all be safe until we are through all this mess which is going to take a while it seems.
  4. Impossible and pirates should be exempted from the alliance on war survey. They are impossible and hard nations after all. It will also help keep majority power to traditional nations
  5. You must be fairly new to this game? Even when we had alliance system pirates couldn't have an allaince cause well every one is suppose to hate pirates. The reason many of us refuse to go back to pirates is cause it's been dumb up so much that it's not pirates at all. Give us back Free for all fights and being able to join any side (and be sunk by any nation). Let us raid ports not own them. Let us work out of the shallows and back water ports. Make it so we can't craft larger than 4th rates, every thing else we have to capture. These are things a many of us have been demanding for a long time. Cause we don't want to be just another nation or some silly Disney Pirate like some folks think they are. You want to be a National, than go play a freaking national man.
  6. We the players keep bringing up that a solution to alt clans and bad/rogue clans and yet there is no system and it keeps getting ignored. We need a system to dea with these clans and it’s not getting another nation to flip your port. we also need some type of faction/alliance system in game to allow weaker nations to group up and fight stronger nations. Hell I would even be happy with the old alliance system for now. Just make the impossible nations not allowed to have alliances like the pirates. Those three nations should never be the top three nations or for long. They aren’t very impossible when they are steam rolling true nations in game.
  7. No it doesn't mean we need more servers. It means we need lest nations and the best way to do that and control things is for the Devs to set up changing factions to keep the game balanced. 4 factions made up of those 12 nations would mean you have more players of diffrent time zones that can fill those battles and help each other out.
  8. Just cause your nation doesn't have US players doesn't mean other nations don't. US, Russians, Pirates all have US players that fight and have had port battle in those timers. Dutch kinda did for a while, but I think we are pretty much the only US based clan members left and we are very small. If they can fill that port battle at that time than they aren' t avoiding fights. It's not there fault you can't field a crew to beat them at that time. It's part of the game. Now a solution has been said many times, we have to many nations. We need to break it down into smalller groups/Factions so that we can have more players spread out all times. 4 Factions fighting against each other is way better than 12 (going to add the Chinese) nations all spread out and not having the numbers to do much.
  9. Kinda makes me feel like we are back on the flag system with all the random flips and empty port battles. It's just free now....
  10. And also some of us still have to work. We don’t have the option to be home all day flipping ports like some might have. And how many ports will be lost in that time? Remember not every one is in lock down and even most of those have to deal with kids or still do work from home. I got a felling this patch is going to run more players away or even kill a nation or two.
  11. Removing cool downs means even more battles for the defenders and they won’t have time to rebuild between battles. This will destroy small nation/clans. you do know you can add restrictions like clan has to have so many members and of certain rank and not brand new to be able to RvR. This keeps from solo and alt clans from flipping ports.
  12. This and my lovely memory as is shot at times, is why it would be nice if the battle log didn't wipe every time you logged out. Some times it's nice to look back and see what you may or may not have done with that lady boy last night while in Bangcock ......
  13. Apparently LOKI can join AI PB's as we had some join tonight at Marcobo. Thought they wouldn't be allowed since they can't join Hostliity. I actually don't mind LOKI if they fight, but guys that are trolling and just runnning to keep you from having a kill are making it not fun. I get the reason some have postead as I 9 times out of 10 I'm in a sinking ship and it's silly that I was even sent. Hell I been loki into a sinking ship while there was a fully health AI ship in the battle. Which might of been good as I would of destroyed that player as he was very wounded. I also thin k rewards should be something more if you kill a LOKI in battle. Maybe a special loot chest drop in the LOKI ship. Notice the three ships, three LOKIS in a PORT BATTLE and one escapes. What I'm told is the one that sunk actually fought, the other two ran.
  14. Honestly ELITES should be nothing but season woods cause that is pretty much what your fighting. Even the notes are random. I would prefer if they keep the notes random on the elites it only pulls from a season wood pool. With the Diana and SC notes we can pick our wood types. That is fine and I really didn't complain about those two ships cause the loot was at least half decent if you got a note. The problem was folks weren't getting notes. As for the AdR it should of been of season wood and random perks/port bonus and that was it. No crappy woods if it wasn't going to drop notes. I really like the ship and plan to try out my oak/Sab, but it will only be against normal AI's an not PvP or against any elites. I haven't even touch it cause I have other ships I need to open some box's on before I even touch that one and I'm waiting to see what the next patches will look like and if they bring out the Wrecker (by end of Feb?) like they posted. Not to mention if I want to play the Diana I still got that gold one on PvE. lol
  15. So just had a battle that a LOKI popped in. After he disengaged from boarding while I was dealing with the other AI he ran and escaped. I heard that they been doing this a lot along with surrendering to deny a fight. Should this be allowed?
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