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  1. It was the shallows, I do enjoy a good fight in the shallows and back on GLOBAL you found US all the time in the shallows. So why not fight them. Really dude there was very little rookies on this game back when it had a rookie zone.
  2. and the fleet ships actually counted as BR so they locked out others joining. We use to catch US players all the time in the shallows with fleets. They never learned that fleets never helped them, just caused them to lean on a crutch that did mean crap. Even if they got fleets into the battle we just shoot sails and blow pass them so they fall behind.
  3. What did you expect to happen to them leaving them behind in battle without your support? To just pop out when you left? It's been like this for ever. That is the whole reason why there is a fleet command "RETREAT"
  4. Most games have something like this but it doesn't reset your char and stuff. What it resets is ports back to an original owner/neutral in our case. The condition of a win has to be met or a certain time it's auto done. POTBS had something like this, the timer is to keep a nation from sitting on points just below a win to not reset the map. Believe it was something like every 3--4 months.
  5. The yacht is pretty much set up as the product key for those that paid by paypal pre-steam. You had to buy it before the 21st of January and the paypal shut down on the 19th I think. I remember I was going to buy the game but had to go on a job in Brazil. Expecting it to only take a week or two I was going to buy it on paypal when I got back. I actually ended up spending a month down there and got home on the 21st and bought the game on the 22nd, day after it was released on steam. SO NO YACHT for me.
  6. I do remember Devs once commenting saying that it does not effect the bottle drop. What makes it more likely to get a bottle is the fact your prob at sea longer if your doing the AFK fishing thing than just make quick sales from point a to b.
  7. I still liked the 5 faction system they brought up instead of the 11 nations we have now. It would of allowed them to even add a few more nations/flags and such as all they have to do is be apart of a faction. If they want to mix it up they can even have nations switch factions ever couple months or so. One thing they can also do like alot of other games is limit who joins high pop factions. Lets take russian for example they can limit forge paper transfer right now, but still allow new players. That would keep folks from jumping to a zerge nation. Than give bonus xp to small pop nations to encourage folks to go to them. There is a lot the devs can do to help this game with this issue, but first they should never have brought in so many nations either. Keep it small and you will have a larger pool of players fighting each other instead of being so spread out all over the place.
  8. Considering I never mention anything about alts so not sure where all this is coming from and also I don't even play in the US as my main (though do have a US char I haven't level up but does stil have active clan mates in caln). For the most part we been over in Dutch land having a good old time. Since I been working 60+ hour weeks they been doing most of the work as I'm only a clan member. Maybe before you talk shit about some one get you facts right. Also no where did I say you can't play solo. Just this game wasn't design to play only solo. It's a mulity player game design for mainly group play under clans and RvR. Don't even have that many alts and again I never said it wasn't doable, I said the game wasn't design around solo play, it was design around group play. Hint why we have Clans, RvR and many mechanics that take multi players to do things. Yes one player can solo and do them as I said above, it just going to take them longer and going to be harder for them to do. And this is how many MMO's are, you can't go do raids in some games solo so you will never see certain loot unless you buy it off those that do those raids. Not every game is design for solo play, while some allow it doesn't mean it's designed around it. Not every one can have a piece of the pie. I would love more things for the solo player too as it would bring more players to game, but still when your getting ganked 5 vs 1 and you wonder why it's so hard remember, it was never designed for solo play for the most part.
  9. i'm going to make this very simple for you, "THE GAME WAS NEVER DESIGNED FOR SOLO PLAY." Yes you can do it and it is harder and takes longer, but it was designed for group play and action. Just cause that isn't your style of game doesn't mean they have to change things for you, cause it's not your game, it's the Devs game and they are making it the way they want. If you wish to play solo than some things will be left out of the game for you unless you pay some one else to craft such things for you. So your not truely being keep from all parts of the game, you just have to go about another means to gather certain things.
  10. It would be nice if Port battles gave out a chest every one instead of just your weekly VM. That would get more folks to want to fight them for the rewards, even if it's a simple paint chest (for those that don't have paint DLC) or some other reward. I do remember it was Russia, GB, Pirates and than Dutch, so we weren't even a zerg as pirates had more than we did at first or close to the same numbers. They did what they always do in a nation when they get beat, they run to another nation.
  11. He's just pissed he can't tag them cause of the forts. Maybe shouldn't be huntin directly in front of ports with your little Pivateer or what every you always show up with.
  12. You know the best work around this is? LOOK AT THE MAP AND READ WHAT TYPE OF PORT IT IS.......it's not that hard as most shallows are in the shallow zones other than less than a half dozen and they are not common grounds.
  13. 1. You do know you can become friends with those clans and get the same bonus too. So no they won't have all the best ships. Hell even better maybe get some guys to join with you into one big clan and build them yourselves or take a port...... 2. Buildings are not destroyed, but if it's another nation than you can't use them. I assume that is how it will work for peace, but who knows, they might just leave it where every one can use every port like it is, but really why shouldn't there be limits on the map? Why should Spanish be using GB ports? Get your own ports to use, can't have every thing all just handed to you. THis game was never made for SOLO players, yes you can play solo, but it's going to be harder for you to do things or take longer. So stop thinking the game was made for you cause it never was. IT's an MMO meant for team/group play. Yes you can solo just not as easy as it would be for clans or others with groups.
  14. We have two servers and both of them involved PvE. This game has never been a pure PvP game and prob never will. Closes was teh NA:L but even that had AI. Peace: PvE only War: PvE with PvP/RvR elements
  15. The problem is the lack of feed back from the Dev team. I had no issue it took 4 months, but all ya'll had to do was drop a line, "The added paints is taking more time than plan, but your going to be getting 5 times more paints (or how many extra it ended up being)." It was a great update to the DLC as before I told folks not to get it cause half of it was limited behind RNG permitted ships and the other half had so few choices, now I tell folks to get it or let me know cause I have it on several accounts and paint there ships up if needed. This game is released now so remember that when things take longer than plan, just a simple update would be nice. No one has been asking for exact dates and such, but updates would be nice. Hint the whole #SOON...........as we never know what coming in the future means, could be next day or next year. I assume it would be by number of ports owned and or how much those ports make. This would mean clans that snagged up a bunch of useless ports and never do any fighting might have to deal with a bit of fighting after all or loose said ports. Actually many games use AI/NPC"s to force faction play and control. To be honest I still think they should go to 5 factions. This way they can add more nations if they want, but those nations will be part of one of the 5 main factions instead of having 11 factions. They also need to look at some type of limit if one nation gets way to top heavy you can't do any +forge papers to that nation until it's numbers equal out in other nations/factions. Other wise you have what we have with RUSSIA right now where folks keep jumping to it. Imagine if they brought back the alliance system and Clans vote on the alliance of the faction they want to join not the nation....so you can have half of Russia in one faction and the other half in another? All while at war with each other? That would be something interesting.
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