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  1. I’m going to bet the path is through George towns from shroud. It shouldn’t be. MT’s location should of allowed y’all 3 maybe 4 options with Gran Turk being the maybe. the good thing is to jump regions you only need to take the capital not the whole region. So we will prob see capitals traded off to allow other nations to jump by.
  2. 1st rates are 900 BR so you can have 27 of them in a PB and the limit is only 25. The BR needs to be adjusted on 1st rates and or the ports. I would make them 20K BR So that way you have to bring some smaller ships and maybe bump the BR's up a bit more on the ships.
  3. Yah they need to have more than one windows of the paths. We where looking at this after we finsihed flipping our two south regions. Which was done mostly by guys that work night shifts or retired in the US is how we got them done early. We are pretty much land locked after two regions unless San Augistine allows us to go to West End also as Ayes will be our only other region left. They need to have more than one path. I noticed the Pirates and was like, "Do you have to go from Shroud to Pitt's or something?" It seems that is the only way to Pitt's by the dircetion of the missions. It shouldn't be like that. It's right next to ya'll should be able to take that region and have a path to the shallows. I also don't like the one path to Kidds/Bermuda. Maybe allow US to take Bermuda and as a path so there is two ways to get there. Same with other regions there should be 2-3 paths not just 1-2. This will allow more fronts you have to watch and protect. Just look at the port battles and what nation grabed all the extra Free town ports? Seems it's bias for the time zones and those that can get on early in the day.. Tumbado is a good example: You can take Sisal or Pinar Del Rio, bu why can't you go south and take the south region? Either we need more paths from certain points or we actually need to bring back some more free towns to give jumping points. Other wise many nations are going to be stuck with only one path of conquest and only against one nation. Which might mean failure if that nations region is in a bad time zone or your dealing with a very weak vs a very strong nation.
  4. How about NO MORE DLC SHIPS UNTIL GAME IS RELEASED? If we where to get another DLC I would like to see some trade ship DLC for the traders and crafters since we have several combat ships right now, but no DLC trade ships. Even if it's just a refit of the Indianman or LGV (Where is the refit for it?). We also need a craftable LRQ ship that is a trade ship (less crew, guns but more cargo space). OTHER WISE NO MORE DLC UNTIL GAME IS RELEASED.
  5. If you look up her up she at one time had 18 lbs on the third deck in place of the 6 lbs. https://threedecks.org/index.php?display_type=show_ship&id=21416
  6. That looks like La Tort coast line, couldn't ya'll picked a more out of the way place to do a duel? The other thing you could of moved away from join areas and waited until no one could join before fighting each other. With a Pickle unless he joined right on top of you, you should been able to just turn up wind and run away. PS I would of sunk the pickle too....actually I would of prob just capped it and than sold it back to you marked way the hell up. This isn't tribunal cause he didn't do green on green and it was an open fight in OW he could join. Next time pick a better location and make sure the join timer close.
  7. Steam takes like 33%. I refuse to use Epic and keep buying games that they have exclusive from the developers directly (so far only ubisoft games). I don't like there practice to at the list moment bribe to have exclusive rights. If they did it to have rights along with steam that would be a different story, but they are at the last moment all ready did it with two big titles that switched toe epic only exclusive after they paid out 1 million or so when the product was all ready on pre-sale on steam. So yah screw that crap. As for the reviews I went through to see if my name was listed. If I was any of the names make sure to report it. This account is my only one that uses the same In game name as my steam name. There is a reason I haven't made a review and I'll save it for release when it happens.
  8. US doesn't have two zones. St Mary and Little River are suppose to be joined with the rest of the region. It's always been one big region with a slip in the middle. The only nations that had two regions was GB, French, Spain and well those regions are gone now.
  9. I brought this up before and @admin said it might not be fair, but than I said it's not fair that dead clans still has names from 3 years ago. Any one that is active will be around to start there old clan back up. Names and clans need to be wiped and we all need a fresh start to make it fair.
  10. I know more folks left cause of lack of 25 vs 25 battles not cause of the 5 vs 5. No a small clan shouldn't hold key ports hostage from a nation (Not CLAN) that can field large port battle fleets. We aren't talking about one clan we are talking about a nation. If a small clan wants a port they can look for a none importnant port out of the way or a none regional capital port and flip it. Key ports should be high BR to allow a proper mix fleet to defend them. And you do know more than one clan can defend a port.....this game isn't clan based just yet.
  11. L'ocean, victory, Bucc, Pavel, 3rd Rate, maybe Wasa would all cost VM's That what you got Victory Marks for, to buy those permits for SOL's that aren't on the other list. I'm sure they still are hard to make as I remember it was something like what 5 VM's for a 3rd , 10 for a Pavel. or 15 for a Victory,. 50 CM for a L'ocean, etc.....where has it said any of that changed? Permits for SOL are prob going to be the same. So there won't be any 1st rate spams.
  12. I would prefer to have to many slots than not enough. This is why there should be a scale. More important regions have higher BR while those out of the way with no real good resources should have lower BR's. The problem we have right now is some of the key ports have very low BR so a small elite clan can just hold it from a nation that could field 4 times there numbers. Little River is a good example of this. @admin kinda off topic but on topic too. If we capture a region capital and an alt clan goes for one of the region ports to leave it open for other nations. How can we prevent this? A prime example of this is Little River right now is perm open to all cause an alt clan owns it and US can't do anything about it. This is the only thing I see that is big problem when the new patch hits. Folks using alt clans to take ports on the line so they can leave them open to all and hunt out of them.
  13. By my understanding after the wipe if we do the tutorial and final exam that is tied to our steam account and we keep that rank. So in a way that is one way you might be able to kinda switch nations. Just do it before you rank higher than Master Com.
  14. There also might of been the 25 magical special ports that seem to give a higher RNG, but we never got this confirmed. Though having level three in non-cap ports and clan owned ports I can tell you it's still all pure RNG luck.
  15. I bet the pirates have a few ports with them. Could of swore one of the ones on the US coast line had woods. It's just getting the doublons and on the friends list. Right now part of that problem is there are a few inactive clans and not enough into RvR. I bet we will see a lot of empty ports when this next patch comes.
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