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  1. If they remove that than that is just BS. It's been a very long time since you got xp from anything other than ships, a very very very long time.
  2. Because not every one wants/needs CM's. If I'm raiding another nations trader on my coast line I know he just bought something there. If it's a rare item port than maybe I want to capture his goods. Say he just pulled out of a copper port and I need copper. I will capture that ship and take his copper or what ever over the combat marks any day. The only time I skuttle cargo is when I'm behind enemy lines and I"m there to damage there econ so I don't want the cargo, I'm going to skuttle it all day long and just keep a hunting.
  3. Oh and elite ships need to stop giving out stupid mix of woods. We fought an elite ship the other day and it was tuffer than nails with high HP and fast reload, and lets not talk about the insane stron boarding crew. Than the other guy opens it and it's a freaking fir/cedar ship. I had a Cerberus the same and was Oak/Cedar....no way was it the same ship we fought in battle. While I can see that build is great for a raiding ship, but it was not what we fought at all. I have captured AI normall ships like this, tuff as nails when you fight it only to capture the Trade ship and it's cedar or fir...which should been melting with broad sides. Crew lost and sinking seems to have no effect on AI reload, nor does them having insane marines/board mods.
  4. AI should be balanced towards an Oak/Oak ship, but even with a slight HP buff they seem more like your fighting LO/WO or WO/WO ships all the while they are ouut turning and out running you. This doesn't seem they are very balanced towards what you said should be the norm. I understand the reinforcement and elite ships being buffed like crazy, that why they are elite ships after all, but normal AI shouldn't be stronger than a player in an Oak/Oak ship. Before wipe we where noticing that if you brought in a Teak/WO ship and not a Lo/Wo for SOL hostility missions you where getting melted by the AI. It seems they do way to much damage (perm double ball or charge that never runs out maybe?). I had a 30% reload ship get out DPS by an AI, something isn't right when that happens and they are all ready down on crew and are suppose to be normal ships. I get some folks think AI are boring, but you need to balance them towards the max numbers of players not us old crusty vets. Casuals and folks that might not have all the books or mods.
  5. I think delivery missions are fine, the problem is you nerfed combat XP when you said you where going to buff it. That is not how you make fighting more profitable, than you mix in you have to most the time share those rewards with others in battle? You need to fix the profits of trade goods to be more profitable to trade and increase XP and combat rewards. Why do we not get travel xp going towards our ship knowledge? This would help trade ships open up slots that normally never fight. As much running around doing delivery missions I should of open a slot or two on my Trader Brig or LVG by now.
  6. The Pandora actually has a good amount more HP than the Herc, only big advantage of the herc is how many 32's you can put on it since you can load both decks with them. This is a problem with borth the pandora and the herc, Though I noticed it more in the Herc not being able to use deck guns against single deck trade ships. I have found that with a buddy the Pandora and a LRQ make a great combo for hunters that can catch most small ships. I run the LRQ board fit and he supports my baord with the swivels and his guns. Between both us it rips ships to pieces along with there crew.
  7. If you rank up today you will get them tomorrow. It's rank at pay our not when you did them if I'm correct. Get that Final exam done....if I'm wrong well get it down any way lol
  8. Yah I was going to post this, thanks. Cannons should give xp too. Even if it's just 1 xp per that is better than nothing to be honest. Specially if you can only afford one of those buildings and want to level up. @admin I know we talked about the Sailing XP but why can't it be added to ships, even if it's only added to trade ships? Also can we get xp for cannons just like we do for making repairs? We aren't asking for a lot of xp, just a little to help. I would suggest xp for mods and such too.
  9. Cause if you keep repeating it than maybe they get the hint that ya'll and some of us that play from time to time over there would like more content. lol
  10. That actually a good question, do they drop LC for you to buy or does it boost the Academy?
  11. 1. I would say it is only during timer, most sub ports folks don't keep timers on since you have to attack the capital, but raids would mean if that sub port is important to you you would put a timer on it. 2. I would say /NO/ to taking anything from actual players clans, just resources from the port (like if it drops copper they can use it a means to get copper). The reason for holding it a few days is to let them collect this resource. 3. Port battles are to keep the port perm. Look above this shouldn't effect the players personnel stuff, just means they can't use there buildings or set contracts during the raided time. 4. Than put a timer on it and protect it, I would also give a good cool down so a port can't be raided over and over and over easly. Maybe a one week timer that a port can only be raided once a week....if the attacker gets the port for 3 days than put a 5 day cool down on it, so it's actually every 8 days. 5. Cause people hide, if they don't want to fight they just stay in port. By having a raid you have a reason to come and stop the other team from raiding your port cause you will loose production in there and maybe even have the towers/forts be damaged so they have to be rebuilt. (another topic but ports need there own warehouse storage for things like fort/towers supplies if they get damaged). There will always be some one that tries to abuse things, but by putting cool downs and timers on things it helps prevent. Make them costly so raids aren't just able to happen every day with a clan. Cost high CM/VM or Doublons to pull the flag (think CM is best cost). As mention above put a long timer, if they can keep the port for 3 days put a 5 day cool down, so it can be raided every 8 days at most and if you don't want it to be raided put a timer on it for when you can defend it. in an hour or so? You never been in battles have you apparently that lasted the whole 1.5 hours? You can't make anything rush to be under an hour in this game. Sorry this isn't for guys with just 30-60 mins of play time. It takes longer than that most the time to get the group together ans sail some where. There should be a 2 hour window that you can plan the flag and than the raid starts as soon as you plant it, that gives folks time to get there and to set up defense when they flag is pulled (port timers are a three hour window so that is tight time). Sounds like your talking more about epic events with being less time and the chest? Why wouldn't the defender get something too if they defended against the raid unless your speaking up a complete AI only thing, than again that is what Epic events or for. Yes they could make up a raid version or port battle for the PvE guys with something similar to what your speaking of. I do agree with the BR limits, that why I mention do it like a PB with one circle only since you have less ships or BR and have them fight over the one circle. Winner is who kills the most ships or reach the vicotry points first (so to keep from kitting out of the circle and away from the fight).
  12. Why should the game be all about you? This is a multi player game, it's meant for groups to work together, not just one person do every thing. So your not going to get every thing easily handed to you.
  13. The top three will never happen cause of PC reasons. Though I would love to see AI slave/whaling ships to capture/sink for special rewards (since it was part of privateering). Just cause crafting isn't fun for you doesn't mean it's not fun for others. Never going to happen, you got guys like me that have put over 500 in game, what have you paid to support the game? How is to know the accounts aren't family members etc....HOw about you stop worrying about ALTS and such and just play the game. Nothing a good clan of players can't do that alts are doing, just got to be more organized and less greedy. They have a zone mechanic, but never put it in game. The flags that are 50K doubloons in each port should be part of the DLC. Some of them are the reason folks got the DCL. Bettys Ross flag would of been the one I wanted to fly for the US, but it's behind the shop 50K flag not in the DLC. Yes players should be allow to buy it in game for 50K but it should be part of the DLC too. Would like to see more paints as promised. The three voted ships finished and added in game. Connie and USS US should return to 4th rates, we don't have enough 4ths but you can always bring in more 3rds. Where is our money going to for all the DLC sales? Cause we have not seen new ships, paints or such which the money is meant to go towards. A DLC trade ship (could be a trade version of the LRQ, but would prefer if that is crafted in game). Less ships craftable that permits are locked behind RNG loot crates. Keep the drops of permits there for free ones, but don't lock the permits behind PvE RNG LOOT. Actual pirate mechanics that every one has been asking for (less of a nation and more like privateers/pirates). I like the faction system so there is only 5 groups to fight instead of every one spread out between 11 nations. Let us try this and see how it works. It will give small nations a chance. Real safe zones for new players and casuals around the capital regions so they aren't just farmed by seal clubbers. Those clubbers should be finding fights with proper players not camping capitals.
  14. An archive would be better in case some one wants to look back at old post, but I agree alot of the content in the forums is old and out dated it should be archive
  15. Uh the game is a sandbox, so not sure what sandbox mode you mean. Sounds like your talking more of what Naval Action: Legend was going to be, more the arena fighting but with other players, but your stating just the skirmish/small battles where you pick the AI. This isn't a arena game (something your more speaking) it's a OW sandbox. Now some of us have asked for a training room which would be more like your speaking of that other games have. Players can pick sides and maybe even have ai added to a side. There has not been any hint from devs about this but I could see how this could be usefull to a limited means, other wise the best training is just doing it in game.
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