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  1. Yah I was going to say most clans us something like Discord for that stuff. We never liked the voice coms so used TS with discord for info to keep up to date. Nations have there own groups too.
  2. And some locations are closer to the majority of the players. @Wraith did a whole post on pings and locations to give detail better server locations than Central Europe.
  3. If not dry docks than have it where we can make notes to store in the clan warehouse for later. Other wise we do what I done is we stack the extra ships on alts. I got prob 6 bellons sitting on my crafting char right now. I know one of our inactive clan mates has over a dozen l'oceans on his crafting alt where we built and stocked up ships.
  4. You just proved the language one wrong, aren't you polish? You play in Prussia right? Sorry if I'm wrong. Though the great thing about many EU players is they are bi-lingal. You speak pretty good English from all the times we chatted. So the language thing isn't exactly true, though it is helpful. Like I stated before I understand some french, Spanish, and Portugal so being around folks that speak those languages doesn't bother me, I just can't speak them so it's hard for me to communicate back to them if they don't understand English too. Every time I been in one of those nations there has all ways been some one that could translate for the most part when we had big battles. Though I do agree with you about US cause they are stuck in the corner getting beaten down by half the server cause they are easy to find and kill. No other nation gets that even during the EU times cause they are so spread out. Even when we did get some of the coast and Bahamas we still had to fight off several larger nations and better players until folks just gave up and ports started to drop. This is why I have suggested merging US and GB together. To me it seems any time US tries to get ports folks think they have to beat them into nothing. Than they wonder why the population on the server in those times are so low and folks don't want to come out and play. When you are constantly loosing it's not fun. Folks don't want to be the looser all the time. That is why on another topic removing safe zones is going to be very bad for this game.
  5. And how many are just alts. I have on PvE server my chars in different nations. Which really doesn't mean crap cause all ports are neutral (should be able to capture them for a time and have map reset for them.) I'm currently in US, France and Pirates on main server.
  6. I'll hold my tongue about my honest reason why US buyers don't stick around cause it prob get me banned, but I"ll state something helpful. Unlike other nations that tend to want to play there home nation like France, Spain and such. US players aren't locked to there native nation prided like it seems most EU's are. We play in what ever nation we want to play at the time. France biggest RvR clan is US players for the most part. Russia had a good group of us at one time. I know a good number of players that have played Dane and Swede. We aren't so picky. We go where we have fun and enjoy the game. I kinda feel the Australians do that too as I seen them melting into many different nations. On POTBS I played Spain. When the servers merged I actually wanted to go Spain/France but WO/BLANCE was going french so didn't want to stack that nation. So we went Russian. Than tried to help US and many of those guys have since went on to pirates that didn't stay to help. Pirates seems to be the fall back melting pot for many players that aren't stuck on a national pride to only play the nation they are from. National pride is great, but we shouldn't change the game just to give a nation to those players when that nation wasn't in this region during the time period you set up for the game. Which last I checked was 1700-1820. This is why I mention just merge US with GB if we are trying to down size the nations total numbers. Though all this should be done with a wipe not while every thing is as it is right now. I'm for sure will not be playing US when the game release. I plan to play another nation but haven't picked one yet. I never liked how it's stuck on the coast and gets beat on by half the server. Oh put the nations in order to make it easier to read. GB 28% Pirate 14% France 11% Swede 10% Spain 9% Russia 8% US 7% VP 5% KoP 4% Dane 3% Polish 1% GB and Pirates are pretty much the two largest cause they are the melting pot nations. What gets me I hear all the time folks attack US cause they are the most on the server during there time. By this I bet you there are just as many GB on, just they aren't stuck in one corner of the map to easily farm. We are actually missing a lot of the AUS/SEA players that won't play cause of server location. We really need to move it to a more general world location for all players over all.
  7. I liked the fact you had more than three nations (not counting pirates) in this game, but the problem is we have 11 nations now. Folks aren't asking to go to three nations. We are asking to tone down the nations so we don't have so many, specially when some nations are pretty much empty why keep them around. Also three of those nations was not historical and ya'll pride yourself on that very much. At list US was a nation and that was a smart move cause 50% of your sales comes from that region right, but why aren't you keeping the players? You never ask us or try to find out why they leave and don't play long. I got a long list as I'm sure many others do to why. Stick to a core nations and if you want to add any extras flags add them to Privateers. Core Nations: Dutch, France, GB/US (Merg with both flags as US was a colony for the most part of the time line), Spain Pirates: Give them the three extra nations (thought it was all to test for pirates any way.) Make them hard core nation. Make Mort Netural all can use. Pirates can capture ports but don't have a capital zones of there own. Privateers: Russian, Prussian, Poland, Swede, Danes any of the above nations that didn't have an influence in these area that might put flag DLC in game for. They have no capital, they can't capture ports. They live out of free ports. They are privateers hunting the OW for PvP. That is 6 nations....almost half what we have now to give folks variety and a mix but keeping a good amount of targets. This is why I mention merging US/GB, you can use which flags you want if you want to play a US than use US flags not the GB ones. They where for most of the history of this game a GB Colony after all. This is why I also mention making a Privateer faction and put all the odd nations (russian, poland, Prussian, Swede, Dans etc) in them but limit them to not owning ports and playing out of free towns. They will become an OW PvP nation not an RvR one. Than have the pirates for the outlaws with the same rules the extra nations had. Along with my self a few others have suggested similar things too. The other problem is unlike POTBS there was not resetting the map, there was no win the map mode. It got very stale when one nation/s ruled the map and owned most of all the ports. So many folks stopped playing cause when one side gets stacked over the other or you had the EU serve of West vs East than the game gets boring. We really should have map resets more often. 4 times a year would not kill any one and it will keep the map from getting stale. It would also means folks will be forced to retake the lands they really want if they want to keep them instead of hiding behind PB timers. The other problem as folks said there was no way to vote against an alliance if you where out voted and stuck not fighting any one cause of the alliances. There should of been a way to vote out of them or war with certain nations if folks wanted. We also didn't have forge papers like we do now to move nations if we aren't happy with the system. There should of been some tier system where the biggest powerful (most ports owned not number of players) couldn't do alliances with other big power nations. They have to work with little nations only. So you wouldn't have like on Global where US/GB the two largest nations alliances against the rest of the server. They should of been fighting each other as the two biggest nations and well every one fighting the pirates cause you know pirates are bad. We never had a problem with that, our issue was no one else was fighting each other cause of the alliance system.
  8. I'm not sure BR limits are a good thing. Back on GLOBAL when we still had the rookie zone in the shallows we would use it against the US all the time. FLEETS counted against your BR, but they couldn't join so they lock out other players. The other thing they would bring in Suprise and Reno's and bang suddenly battle is locked against three H. Rattler, but BR would be taken on the bigger ship. We took a good number of 5th rates (even and Endy once) with one of two H rattler and my board fit Niagara. So BR limits can actually hurt the beginners and average players that don't understand the system and be used against them. I'm sorry if your stupid enough to be solo in capital waters of a nation and you get jumped by half the nation that is your own dang fault for picking hunting grounds in what would be called in most game high security zones. Not meniton if some one is in those waters picking off solo new and cassual players (who tend to suck at the game no matter rank) than your not a very good player in the first place and just going after seals clubbing and easy targets. Those guys tend to not run arond in gold ships either. They use cheap throw away (DLC) ships for the most part. If you don't want to loose your gold ship than don't hunt in high risk waters....
  9. The only way it will work is if it's not connected to the main game. Other wise you have folks abuse it with alts to get out of PvP. This still won't change the fact that people don't want to PvP 24/7 and like to grind out stats and gear in peace and do PvP on there own time. YOu will never force folks to do what they don't want to do. You will only loose players by forcing them out of safe zones just some a few PvPers can get there gank/kill thrills since they refuse to fight each other. But like I said if this was a starting learning thing for new players and not part of the main game than it's good. POTBS had something like this that walked you through all the ship commands and how to fight and such.
  10. They really need to figure out these loot tables. Basic mods should only drop in safe zones and mission 7-5th rate missions. All the good mods should be in loot tables for PvP kills missions and OW none safe zones fleets. It drives me nots when I kill SOL's and I get stupid basic mods (actually do use a few on some builds). Than you go to the treasure chest and epic missions and the last few times we done them it wasn't worth it if you lost a expensive ship the loot you get. So folks stopped doing them.
  11. Game time is 1700-1820, US was a nation in 1776. Prussia didn't have any influence during that time, it had a port for resupply in the 1600 for like 4 years, that is it. Russia never had anything in the area, Poland what got some troops stationed in Cuba. Tell me how those three have any reason to be in the area at all other to to kiss up to certain players from those nations to keep them in game when the Devs brougtht them? I honestly thought they where going to be test for new pirates mechanics and just for fun, not perm. IF they want those nations than make a EU ACTION game next. Could but at this time they where not a navy power and there should be no reason for them to be in the area. Portugal has more reason to be in the area than those three nations other than to kiss up to some of you player base to keep them around. What players do we have to loose right now? Starter nations won't work cause folks will keep alts in those nations to do things and not get attacked. This is why you need safe zones for those that are leveling up and casuals that don't want to PvP 24/7. Just about every game out there has zones like this that have both PvP and PvE mixed. Why do folks have to force others to play there style? It never works, it only drives more players away. Instead you need to give safe zones for them and give them incentives to leave. Higher rewards only able to be gotten in PvP and out of safe zones. Only basic rewards in safe zones. Back when we had the perks for owning certain ports there was Pirates, French, British, and Spanish rig stuff, the problem was that other nations snagged them up and controlled them. I posted back than each nation could have there own perks. I would do this with the core nations to encourage more players to play them. Still think we have way to many nations even before we brought the three into the game. Time period is 1700-1820, there was not 1500.......But I do think we might as well add the Barbary Pirates...I'll join them over the normal pirates.
  12. I have about 250 in chars (5 chars) and about 250 in DLC's. They have had plenty to hire a new guy a long time ago when they dropped the DLC and get things done or get some one on there team to help out from one of the other projects that isn't in EA.
  13. Ther is a reason POTBS had only 3 nations (French, GB, Spain) and Pirates for a total of 4, to make it more simple. I see no one asking to add more. In fact we have way to many. You know you added three that never should be in this area just to make certain players happy. Folks talk about historic this and that and we have freaking Polish, Russians and PRUSSAINS that never had a great navy in the first place and all three didn't have any influence in this area during time of the game. We should merge US and GB into one. That way if you want to support US you can use some of the US flags instead of the British one and make your clan so. This would actually give british a second zone like SPains and French makeing them three core nations. Drop Dane, Swede, Russian, Polish, Prussian as they all were not main powers in the games time period. Keep pirates but give them the same rules that Prussian, Poland and Russian had. Make Mort a neutral own port zone that any one can use and be the center of the map. Dutch we keep and can be added to the core. To fix folks that want to have pride in certain nations we can make a split of the pirates. Privateers and Outlaws. Privateers are those that want organization and can be from any nation, but outlaws are those that fly the black and do what ever they want. So you will have: Dutch, French, GB, Pirates/Privateers, Spain. 5-6 core nations with the Pirates/Privateers having no capital waters and play by hard core rules. I would also make the Privateer/Pirates a none chargen nation. You have to become one in game and if you don't like it and want to go back to a core nation than you just delete your char and make a new one or use Forge Papers. You become one pretty much like you would the old way we become pirates in game.
  14. Just cause you didn't read them doesn't mean others. We actually have way to many nations any way. There was a reason POTBS only had 4 nations. I would play Spain on here not cause I spanish but cause I didn't like playing US or GB cause to many players, but I saw it was nothing but native spanish speakers (i understand but can't speak it). So I went US for a while and than went Pirate. I played Dane on Global and I have played French. There should be easy nations and hard nations no matter what your nation is that doesn't mean every one else wants to play the one they are from. Honestly I wish they Merg US/GB. Drop Dane and Swedish and just have Dutch, French, GB, Pirate, Spain. Give Pirate the rules for the three nations that should never been brought into game in the first place and Make MT neutral for all to use like the old PItts was set neutral. If pirates want any ports other than working out of Free Towns they have to take them. Making it the true hard core nation.
  15. I preach about battle sails having more use over and over. Not only should this effect repairs so you can't do full repair while at full sails. YOu shouldn't get full accuracy. YOu should be in battle sails to get any bonus on your aim. This will make battles more about that state than folks going full sails running balls to the walls while shooting super accurate laser (fix the stern guys to be same as all) and full repairs on sails/hull.
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