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  1. You want to know the fastest way to solve the big ship getting stern camp by little ship issue with say a Snow and SOL? \ MUSKET AREA OF EFFECT They said they have it in game but never put it in and it's used in UA:Age of Sails, so why not put it in game? That would stop from little ships getting way to close to a big ship. Boost the crew damage up if some one has musket mods and such. You see those little ships instantly melt of crew. I would love to see 32's on two decks but we don't have any ships with those on the second decks. Would love if I can drop 42's down to 32's which allows me to raise the second deck of 24's to 32's so I have on some 2nd rates two decks of 32's. Have it have limit's of cannons per deck not ship as a whole.
  2. It should of updated by now, I got my copy less than a month ago (around christmas break) and it shows the admiral Edition now, popped up some time last week.
  3. Has anything changed recently with officers? I tend to not get hardly any level cause they die just about ever freaking battle once they rank up. That and it will say the same guys rank up several battles in a row but you look at there card and they are still the same rank?
  4. Either for CM's or something else, cause a lot of us are sitting on a ton of them after ports are upgrade with nothing really to spend them on. I could see a few refits that can only be bought with VM's or maybe some mods. That way it's more things that can be traded for.
  5. I been meaning to test out the mortar brig since release but just haven't had a chance. I know the forts got HP's pumped up big time. Back when all the guns got bumped up to higher damage, did the Mortars too? Maybe keep it not so accurate, but bump the damage up. So it's still very deadly to ships if it hits one (which should be hard unless not moving) and can take down forts, but not super crazy fast (they use to kill them a bit to fast....16-18 hits for towers and close to 40-50 hits for forts I think was the old count.) Time to kill should be 1 fort for one mortar brig in 20 mins, not three or they need to change the BR's to allow more in. The other thing is we can maybe get a bigger ship that can take one mortars too. Third rate could be a great ship or even one of the SOL have a refit that has less guns but carries mortars too. That would at least help for the deep water battles where the little mortar brig is pretty much dead first thing in the battle.
  6. I made some runs the last frew days and I'm getting something like 1-2 million for a long sail and the same back so your looking at like 3 hours of game time to make 2-3 million. And that is even if I have decent cargo. Most of the stuff is all ready bought and traded by time I get home from work so I normally have to buy little here and there for a day or two before I can make a run. So I don't know who's making all the millions but I got a feeling it's not the US prime playing guys as I heard the same complaint from others market is strip by time they get online to play.
  7. He kinda got a point though, I basicly been turned off grinding to make money cause some times you hardly get enough doubloons to pay for repairs unless you only fight same tier or higher battles. Battle doublloons need to be more for those that don't want to trade. I was grinding to level up and get slots on ships and I couldn't afford to run my buildings and econ. Though I spend three hours I make 2.5 million in trade (long hual) compared to 3 hours grinding I barely make 100K.
  8. In game veteran status really doesn't mean anything cause all I have to do is make a new alt and than farm the crap out of newbs as a newb. I have 6 chars and all have diffrent levels of online time from a few thousand hours to my main char I don't even play on any more which has over 9K hours. Why would I want folks to know a char I changed names and nations is some one with a billion hours? The other thing is I been on games folks made new chars just to make it look like they where newbs to farm others. On a few of these I actually keep a char in Newbie area to help new players against these type of players. So you always have toxic folks that will abuse it. Just knowing my own hours on my chars I would say maybe not in the high range. I would more call veterans by time they bene playing the game than hours actualling game, but than again we have the Yatch (for sea trials) and pandora (for EA) players. What would we give vets? Though I could be made happy with a DLC trade ship/refit winkwink..lol
  9. Ship knowledge needs to stay with your ship and fleet no matter if you switch them. So if you switch you have what ever knowledge you set on that ship in port. I suggested before that Pirates should be treated as Enemy to all and that would solve this and no need to have outlaw battles. Just make it so that green on green only effect same nation players. Other wise all other nations is far game no matter what side they are on. I never understood why we couldn't keep out flags. Than again we still have open cannon ports in OW...never understood why they couldn't just make the OW models with the gun ports shut.
  10. Also @admin any patch notes for todays update? Or more I should say this mornings? That wasn't just some little hot patch by the size of it.
  11. What does this have to do with the issue on hand other than prove that your nothing but an arrogant arse man? I don't need to do a dick measuring contest to prove who's the better game player. It has nothing to do with this tribunal. I'll repeat this as you seem to be slow about the rules of tribunal: You can only reply to tribunal threads if you are: -The reported -The reporter -Someone with additional proof and/or information. As some one with additional information I did post so stop bickering like a kid. It is your job to prove some one did it intentionally. Just posting a screen shot with damage doesn't really prove that you where being shot at intentionally. Specially when your actions where causing you to get shot either by being close or through shots aimed at others. Your screen shot doesn't tell about the first time you failed to pit Lion shaft where you where on his side partly as that was when I notice you being hit by the chain shot. Just look at the battle timer, we had been in battle almost 20 mins already. But we aren't going to tribunal every time your just being a dick player man. Hell now I wished I had recorded that battle cause it would let either side know what they did wrong, but I don't see a need to record time I play.
  12. Cause RVR is not solo play, other games have group/clan actions too. If you want RvR and that stuff get a friends and do it. Aren't you on PvE any ways? If so that brings up something else, it would be nice if ya'll had a way to flip ports instead of waiting for a raid and it to go neutral, but only for AI owned poirts. The issue with your solo one man thing is that can be used big time and abused by alts and folks pissed off at a nation. No one man can or should hold a port they can't defend themselves. So if you can't flip a port, beat the AI and capture the circles yourself than you don't deserve the team/group play it's made for. Not saying it can't be done as I flipped ports and won port battles with two players before (mama duck and some one else cap circles). A solution's for PvE server is to have them be more aggressive on the raids of AI owned ports so they turn neutral. The problems is ya'll have no PvP/RvR to let ports exchange hands so that port will be forever in a players hands no matter what. Honestly PvE needs map resets every quarter or year or something (not resources just port owners) or it's going to get stale and no one will be able to own any ports that players stopped playing owned and such. A solution would make inactive clans loose a port after no clan members log on (prefer Officer or diplomates/creater) a set time it reverts to neutral. Also there should be a way for a Nation to hand off ports to other clans take a port from a dead/inactive or bad clan(alts/spy/traitors switching nation) on both servers.
  13. Where you in sea trials and pod by PayPal before steam EA release? That how you get the yatch DLC. I miss it by a day cause I was down in Brazil working and got back the day after and it went to steam. though I still think pandora should not be a dlc folks can buy. It should be a special ship for EA testers only.
  14. What the br of the LGV and refit? That could be how folks can avoid them, but they where traditional troop transports more than merchantmen.
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