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  1. I haven't been through any thing from start in a long time, what exactly are your talking about?
  2. This is funny cause I know a lot of exploits and bugs that we reported in test before the patch went live and they still went live and was later fixed after the server blew up on Devs. It blew some of our minds when you ignored major problems we pointed out and changed the things that where working. Hell I pretty much lived on the test servers cause I wanted to find problems and reeport them as did others.
  3. I think we are all pretty much agreeing that there are better ways. That is why I suggested a vote system where we can vote to have these alt/dead clan ports attacked instead of it just being random RNG. Oh and your wrong about War Server, it's a PvE server with PvP elements. You folks need to stop thinking of it as a PvP only server cause it is not and never has been. Only time we every had PvP only servers was NA;L and even than it had bots to fill the slots.
  4. It would allow another clan in Sweden to take that port back. Though I understand the reason, but I don't think it's going to work the way admin is thinking. I'll use dutch as an example. AIB owns one port and they are a dead brazinlian clan, it makes just enough to pay it's none timer window so it doesn't get dropped. That and we have no clue what they have in bank, but they are no longer active in game and the few players left to other clans/nations. Than we have MDM that owns Maracobo, Gilbertaler and a few other ports. They are a spanish clan that left to go back to Spain. We had a deal made up to buy Maracobo and they dragged there feet for weeks (basicly just never answered back) and than finaly said they plan to return. They have not returned or sine owner ship of all those ports done any upgrades (some aren't even open for others to update/invest). Will this effect ports like that? I mean Maracobo makes 1-2 million a day so would it be counted even though nothing has been updated since SNOW left? We honestly need a better system in game to deal with these two cases. I can see maybe AIB port getting hit but I don't think any of MDM's would as they have been invested in some what just traded hands a lot. It still doesn't help the nation. There needs to be some way to vote a clan port battle.....maybe have it where we can vote to have AI raid a portt in nation. If we want to make it go neutral so another clan can pick it up we just don't defend it. If they are really active than they can get there butts to the port battles and defend it or get others to help them. This would actually make a better system than 2 random ports on the map @admin how will this help with example number two? Cause thosee ports have been invested so they aren't really poor ports? Some of us don't invest in ports not cause we are poor, but cause why should we when we have all rescources in the port next to it? So at most we put up forts and towers. The problem is more that we have dead and alt clans with enough money or partially invested ports that they aren't those lesser ports your talking about. We need a system to deal with these ports. I don't mind a lesser random port being hit once in a while to mix things up, but that might hurt little clans that hold a none important port. Shouldn't it be more something like non active ports? I mean what is the system the raiders use to pick ports to raid honestly we need to know. Cause other wise it might actually hurt small clans instead of reamoving the true problem of dead or alt clans.
  5. To be honest, there are some ports that are owned by dead or inactive clans. Just in Dutch I know of one port owned by a dead clan, but it makes enough to pay it's none timer tax and I know of an alt clan that ownes one of the second most productive port and a few others, but we can't do anything to them cause they haven't allowed other clans to invest or touched them since taking ownership, even after offering to pay for those ports and they aggreed but backed out at the last momentt after payment was gained. Sorry there needs to be some way to remove dead clans and alt clans from ports. If it's way behind front lines than you can't just ask some one to come flip them for you. That doesn't mean they are the most underdeveloped. As they are ports that need timers to keep from being randomly attacked. I'm sure they have forts and towers on them so some development have been made. Can you tell us what exact counts as there are ports that folks havn't touched since they gained them but make enough money to pay tax's. There are other ports taht make millions and the clan is an alt clan (Maracobo is currently owned by a Spanish clan that left and said they will come back. So turned down a deal to buy the port off them which pissed off alot of Dutch players cause they aren't doing anything with the ports but make millions a day.) To be honest, Russia can use a bit of excitment and back yard play, maybe this is good to break up the EMPIRE a bit and let others enjoy some of the map.
  6. I think before the summer steam sale did the math and not counting the 1st rate DLC it's about 250 for DLC's and add another 40-50 bucks for the game. When I did the actual math for myself and teh alts I have it's about 1200 bucks and I only have 6 but only play 3 chars all in Dutch nation and the one Pirate I take out once in a while when I'm bored and want to solo hunt. A lot of us bought our extra chars back when it was more usefull with how trade and crafting was and the fact you could make good money of comp wood and Tabasco runs. As I explain to folks I'm not doing something that a group of well organized players can do so I'm basicly a mini clan that is very organized. There is no P2W cause it doesn't give me any advantage over any other clans of equal or larger size.
  7. Those log books are what made the events like the Diana one bad, casue you can pop one of those and than go camp some's PvE battle and wait for them to come out all short on repairs and banged up since they had to fight elites it wasn't an easy fight. Just bad design all over on this game they way they try to feeed the PvPers. If they did more to help bring more PvErs you get more players which mean more fish in the sea to hunt. It doesnn't work the other way around as we have known in the past.
  8. And I was more joking about the reward part as playing is our reward. Actually we bought multi copies to compete with waring with two nations on PvP2 that refused to fight each other (US and GB). Remember how I always said ya'll where only fighting 15-20 players in BLACK. Honestly you where really only fighting 15-20 guys. Most of us would come to battles playing two accounts to make our 25 for port battles. When it drop down to 10-15 we had a harder time and eventually just burned out. Than again back than you could actually run that many chars and do econ and afford it (The Old CompWood and Tabbaco get rich runs). Now a days unless you honestly don't have any life at all it's poiintless to have that many or more. That is why I only play with three. I also do it cause I don't like depending on others to get things and build. So I do it all myself.....hint why I always compare myself to a small organize clan of 5 -6 guys. Cause they can do exactly what I do. Oh and back than I wasn't working so I had tons of time to be online. Now a days I hardly get an hour or two a night. And it's still now P2W cause I have to actually play the chars and do things with them. If it was just an instant push a button and I get every thing than I would understand, but with alt accounts you have to actuallly play those chars. When I played I would have multi accounts up on one or two screens. Hell I don't know how Lenin does how many he does....lol Than again I have played Naval Action on one screen and played another game in another screen before too. Normally something Turn based or can be paused incase my ship gets tagged. Trade runs can be very boring when your going half way across the map.
  9. Who said he used alts? He did nothing that several players in a clan working together could of done. Ya'll need to stop looking at accounts as alts. Instead look at them as another player that bought the game. 6 players can do exactly what I can do with my 6 alts if they just work together. Actually they can do more cause I don't even play one (still rank 2 and only got that from sailing all over the place). I only play with 2 my crafter and my main combat char most the time. A third is in the same nation that I use for econ. I have one still in US (Sir Texas Sir account) that I don't do anything with and I have a Pirate for when I just don't feel like being social with folks (hint why I don't tell any one who it is, even clan mates). So instead of me being spread all over the place 6 players organized can get a hell lot more done than I can in game. By way did the honest math a while back and it comes up to I have supported this game so far with about 1200 dollars as most of the 5 chars have majority of the DLCs (except newest ships) up to the level they could fight in before release. So while you spent what 20-100 bucks to support this game and it's development I spent 10 times as much. Seems like I'm more of a valued player than the solo guy that might buy a DLC or two? Which in my mind means supporters like myself should actually be maybe rewarded for how much time and money we have invested into this game. Main account has over 9K hours, my other alts have around 3-4K hours how many do you have? You have 86 post, how many do I have? Not trying to pick on you but the point is a lot of us that have multi acocunts have been around a very long time and spent a lot of time testing and playing this game.
  10. off topic but this line made me pull out my riggers card as I remember it being 32 and 62 for Fir and oak (a heavy timber). In other words you might have the same size bundle but oak will weigh twice as much as fir/pine. I don't work in the lumber industry (oil and gas) but it was part of my recerts for rigging at work.
  11. Man sounds like you need to take a break and chill a bit. Never rush after a change cause it's prob going to get tweeked a bit. This seems your problem for rushing and not waiting for any changes to be made. I do have to agree that the woods that only drop in non-captured ports need to be spread out a bit. This making it so only certain nations gets one type of wood can bring an unfair advantage. I don't mind the fact the impossible nations don't get any cause they don't have capitals (I mean they are suppose to be hard mode after all), but the spread between the traditional Nations isn't exactly fair. Hell does Swedes or Dane even have any over in there area? I know Spanish is totally screwed with no woods at all dropping in there area.
  12. There was to much of a gap to be honest before hand. Now it just means you can make a quick cheap ship or you can get the more expensive stuff and make a proper season wood ship. They just need to change the season wood shed. 3700 hours to convert 75 logs is just retarded (I hate using that word but it is). I can see if I used all my hours tot convert maybe 750 logs. At that rate and the fact you need tools and doubloons it takes for ever to convert I don't think you get it, go out sail your ships, if they get sunk than your skills was what was lacking as you where to dependent on a meta, if you didn't get sunk than well your a skilled player and you don't need to be in the meta all the time. I got tons of ships now that I plan to take out and get sunk or just scrap for the hell of it. I mean I got ships that where built back on release out of oak/oak still. Remember it's only pixals and well the whole reason to play the game is to make more money and make new ships to fight more. So if you don't loose ships and change things than you sit in port and do nothing....that kinda boreing man. Those soft woods should of been a lot more disavantage than they where. I remember way way back before releasse when they added the structure bar and the woods effected mast. It was so great cause you can snap the mast of those soft woods ships so they couldn't run away so fast. Maybe this is a good thing. So you have to trade off some of that health and thickness to have that super fast ship. NOOOOOOO....they are for crafting. YOu get your instant season woods we get our special rare woods or have to craft season wood. The only way I would say yes is to allow refits and the ships to be crafted if folks don't want the DLC notes, but it's best to keep them how they are. Every ship that is DLC other than the LRQ and the Herc has a craftable ship to compare to it, just craft one of them.
  13. There is one more that does too in the same family of mods I got the other day. I'll have to log in and look it up. I keep a lot of boarding mods as I like to board.
  14. The problem would be turn rate and such, but if you had a fleet of them? Speaking of which @admin I know it's kinda off topic but half the year is over and we still haven't heard about the combat indiaman project that was suppose to come some time this year? Since we got screwed over with the AdR maybe atleast this would be a craftable ship that isn't locked behind a ton of RNG like the LGV Refit (glad we have the note option, using it to unboax mine until I get a permit).
  15. Than all your fir/fir ships are still fast, they just aren't the fastest on the block any more. So nothing really changed for you. Not every one will have the new woods to make even faster ships so your not at a sudden disadvantage. Actually they didn'tt loose anything, they still have the ships, with just new revised stats. The thing that is still a player problem, you don't have to have the GOLD ship to win and you still have a gold ship, just alter stats. Other than @Redman29 who did a good write up on the woods and got Locust changed all I see is a bunch of players complaining cause they have to actuall go out and fight in ships that aren't perfect meta. Not every one has those perfect meta ships so it just kinda made it more fair of a fight.
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