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  1. Month halfway over, any word on the patch and what it might contain? Ya'll been very silent lately. Well here not in other games it seems.
  2. Yes you can still do this, and if you did the tutorial you actually come in at that rank if I'm correct.
  3. Where was they posted at? Think new mods but can't remember where they where posted at.
  4. I haven't played WoWs in ages, but I still check out DASHA ever time she has a new video. Didn't like that other girl they had for a short time though....just something about Dasha.
  5. If your going to add more nations than please go back to thinking of the factions option. Have 5 factions that the 11+ nations are a part of and it will allow you to chance them around for balance if you need too or add new nations in the future.
  6. LOL yah like I expect new ships some time next year.....lol Almost half way through the month so when the next patch and I figure it won't have any other ships other than the one DLC mention all ready.
  7. I can see some ports having different BR's, but I would like to see it more a clan owners choose as I would prefer important ports to have high BR and none important ports lower. Like higher maintenance the higher the BR and if you want to have low maintenance you can have a lower BR. @admin also once mention about having the BR go up with the importance/wealth income of a port from a base which would been a way to start with a low BR and than have it get bigger the more money that port makes. As for the Nations issue with RvR is that some nations just get in a comfort zone and don't want to fight (that cause not all players are hard core PVP players). We also have an issue with nations getting to big and little nations just giving up. Alliance system needs to be brought back and the last Faction post was a great way to do this where devs can set up factions that work together. Don't like the faction your in just use your forge papers and switch to a nation that has a Faction you like. Nations should be defeated in the game, but the problem is we have no true end game in the RvR world....no map resets or condition of a win. Which ends up getting a very boring and stale server after a while as you end up with one clear nation way to powerful for the others to fight. I don't know why multi nations don't all attack Russia at once and crush it's power, but instead as mention above we gett where every one wants to be buddy buddy with that person so not to be attacked. For example US won't help DUTCH vs Russia even though DUTCH helped them against the pirates, simply cause US doesn't want to be crushed by Russia. So now you have a nation that won't support or help them fight a bigger stronger nation. Something needs to be done to prevent the RUSSIAN ZERG (this could happen with any nation) we have right now where every one seems to be jumping on the winning team until the game gets dead and every one stops playing cause they are bored or afraid to loose things if they did attack the big BEAR. I don't think it's as big as the issue that every small port is trapped behind a capital big port. Raids would be a way to allow small BR fights on sub ports that don't mean some one looses a port but we still get the smaller BR battles that many want. The problem right now is that one nation can field 2 PB fleets but no screeners while another nation can fill those two PB's and have screeners at both. There is a big imbalance of player numbers between nation number 1 and 2 in game right now and without some time of alliance system it's not going to change any time soon. We really need to bring in the faction system and test it. 5 big Factions is way better than 11 nations.....
  8. Prob cause even though he was taken on water and full, you don't officially sink while in boarding until the boarding is over. Which allowed him to shoot the rest of his structures away. When your in boarding and your ship is sunk, but you won the boarding it does force you upon the other ship. If it's sinking too than well that prob just bad luck so he dies too. I really wish they go back to the old rules of how to become pirates, if you green on green you become a pirate. Only way to switch back is you have to use forge papers. So either you get the warnings and it switches you or if you caught like in this thread than your forced to be come a pirate no matter if you got forge papers or not.
  9. I was really hyped by the concept of having 5 factions and the devs would have the option to change what nations might be part of what factions if needed for balance. It would also allow to add in new nations if they want (for flags). I still wish we go a head and do it. One nation gets to powerful than make them in a faction by them selves, but honestly do we want the devs trying to balance that? Hell we haven't seen a peep or patch from them in how long now? Last major patch was in July with a little hotfix right afterwards. Nothing since and pretty much silence on the forums? @admin when this next big patch going to drop? I don 't like going to small on the BR's, but important ports should have a high BR, maybe give option of the port owner to have a BR depending what they want and the port tax's. Some smaller none important ports can have a lower BR and pay less tax's for the timer or it might have a wider timer window but lower BR. Cause clans need a reason to own ports, other wise you do all the hard work for nothing. Lets look at in the past where you had one clan in a nation do all the hard work but the rest of the nation use all it's ports it captured and holds. I honestly think sub region ports should pay taxes to the main capital port (Governor) and than that port pays to the KIng. This means there is a reason to own and hold regions and capitals, to make money. There should be two clan list. PORT BATTLE LIST that is made for only port battles. and the Crafting friendly clan list which isn't the same and normally doesn't change. Some clans don't do any crafting but show up to protect ports and they take up slots for crafting clans, same back. I honestly don't think port bonuses are an issue, it's more just the population inbalance and the fact that most nations don't fight each other. People get a happy spot and other than some hard core players that want to push the RvR the rest just do there own thing.
  10. Pretty much how most good games with clan play is, kill the leader so he can worry about leading and not fighting lol
  11. When did I say I did that 24/7? Now your putting words in my mouth. I said I had played some times 20 hours straight. Yes prob exaggerated a bit. So stop taking every thing at its fullest. Man are you this up tight in real life that you take every thing so literally? Never said I did it ever day for two years straight. I never said I took the time off just for my mom either. There you going assuming shit. I took time off and used it how I felt best too and to take a break from a job I had been working 82-120 hour weeks and being gone any where from 1 week to 3 months. I problem was home less than 20 days a year. So after doing that for 8 years I wanted a break or maybe you can call it a mini early retirement and I took it cause I figure I wont get that time off much until I’m 65 and retired. Which is a good 20 something years from now.
  12. They really need two list for sure, the crafting friendly clans that doens't have to be changed. Than the PB list that can be changed of empty any time. Cause you might not have the same clans for both list as you might have some folks as crafters and some that only show up for the fights. This would be one way to expand the list. At least make it 20 or something than just 15 which is an odd number like having 8 ports only.
  13. I really didn't ask what your job hours or if you had money, you posted stating why I took off time and I corrected you as you should never assume any thing, it makes you look like a fool. I would like to say take time with your father cause when he's gone you wont' have him any more. I was glad I got to spend that time with my mother as we where never really close since I was a teen (moved out when I was 17 and went into the military)....when you loose them they are gone for ever. Cause you know hiring a contractor do do something I all ready know how to do is a stupid waist of money if I have the time to do it. ``1 Don't run up student loans, credit cards and live beyond your means than you can actually live dept free and not have to worry from pay check to pay check. I have always been able to get a job when I wanted to work. I have also worked some pretty shitty jobs to make ends meet, but work is work and when a better job comes along I take it. You also have to remember a good number of players are in here 40-50+ so are either retired or close to it. Just assume all you want about people but you don't know jack from shit about some one just by a screen name.
  14. Maybe I made a shit load of money working off shore in the oilfield that I didn't need to work at all. My severance pay was enough to pay my bills off for a year and that wasn't even touching any of my savings by far. Not every one is broke and lives pay check to pay check. I had stuff that needed to be done and a very ill mother I wanted to make things more comfortable for so took time off to do things like remodel there bathroom to make it handicap accessible and other things. She's since passed, but it was worth it to me to spend time with her and give her that comfort and help other family along (like moving my sister back to Texas and getting my brother law straight from drug problems). Would you like to know more since you seem to know every thing about every one? So unlike others if I wanted to take a year and half off from working I could and I did. Hint the reason I'm back to working 10-12 hour days and 5-7 days a week is I'm back to working oilfield work and I make pretty good money but I'm busy all the time cause of it. When you single with no kids you get to save a good bit of money if your not an idiot and blow it all.....and i have zero debt since all my shit is paid for.
  15. I had this happen like a week or two ago and had to do the same thing, go into port and out. Seems there is a bit of a glitch, think it was on the Aggy though when it did it as I haven't open any slots on the Wasa.
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