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  1. Shroud Cay should just count as the capital for those nations. They have to branch out from that center since we are no longer limited to capital only they would have to hope ports to get to other parts of the map, but this is all wishfull thinking cause you know they will never do a map reset (not wipe just port rest to neutral) now that Russia dominates the map of a game where they had zero reason even being in this game other than DEVS Bias.
  2. Pirates should be removed from chargen and go back to how we use to have to become a pirate, by attacking some one of our own nation. Than if you want to go from pirates to National you either have to delete your char and make a new one or use forge papers (a pardon) to join a nation again. The impossible nations should never been put in game, but the mechanic should been for PIrates (actually thought that was what we where testing it for). Now what they could do is make a faction: Privateer - All nations that aren't the core nations (French, Spain, US, Dutch, Swede, Dane, GB) that are added to game fall under this faction. They have the same rules as pirates, but carry there own flags. This way they can add other nations to this group. Privateers are for experience players, so you have to either delete your char and make a new one under that faction or use forge papers, but make it so you need to rank up to Master Com first (pass the exam) before you can become one of these nations. Why not? Three nations that should of never been in game in the first place. If anything they should been a sub group of the pirates (Privateers) who should have the impossible nation start with no capital in game. Back on topic though, the only reason we are seeing a spike of PB's is cause of no timers and can jump around the capitals that have timers on them. There needs to be some way to share funds in game. Like capital owners can donate to the lower ports of the region or they can set the timer for the whole region cause they are the ones making most of the money, not the sub ports.
  3. I thought of a concept that would help those smaller clans. Have 5% of the 10% income go to the capital owner of a region, but all ports in that region get the same timer. In real life the city mayors would pay a tax to the governor, than the governor paid to the kings/queens. This could help a lot of the smaller clans in the game and also region owners to afford a tax. Even if another nation owns the port it still pays to the Capital of the region. Clans can choose to have timer or not set by capital owner. Could give Pirates something unique by having them be able to raid from Freetowns any port, but they only get to keep the port until end of week maintenance than port goes back to original owner or neutral (for any to claim). Yep other nations can pull only capital missions from free towns, but pirates can raid any port and than after set time the port goes back to owner or neutral. Really wish pirates where more like you know...PIRATES.
  4. One thing they also didn't do was put a bunch of expensive (in real life) cannons on a fireship. So what the mod can actually do is limit the crew and cannons on a ship. Than you know if that first rate is running 200 crew with no cannons it's a fireship. This way the fireship can't try to rage board some one while on fire or get lit......they will be way under crew to do anything other than man the sails of that ship.
  5. It still is, but the reason I showed the comparison of TNT and Black powered is the blast is not the same. Which is why we use them in firearms/cannons and such. With a ship it would be contained and than force out the easiest way which is up. Some one else mention the biggest threat when a ship blew up wasn't the blast it was the debris from the blast. Than you have multi mag ships, they won't all blow up at the same time unless the ship is just that much on fire, you would have secondary explosions. I would say you still have crew damage, but not as much right now and soft targets like crew would get damage, that would be your sails of ships around if your at full sail you should take more damage to them. This would push the reason to use battle sails more and more. It drives me nuts that folks are at full sails all the time in battles. Full sails should mean more crew (maining the sails) and sails damage than some one that is at battle sails or sails down.
  6. I'm not sure where your getting your info from but the blast of black powder compared to TNT is not the same. Also since Black Powder is actually about 3 megajoules per kilogram and TNT is 4.7 Megajoules how are you getting that less Gunpowder 38.5 tons of gunpowder would be 47 tons of TNT? I'm actually trying to find a formula to convert and would like to see which one your using. To me this would mean that it prob is more like 38 tons would be more like less tons of TNT than more. Graph below is showing the pressure when equal weights are exploded as they both don't explode the same. The reason we use gunpowder is cause of it's low explosive rates and pressure so you don't blow your barrel to pieces. Also hard to find old black powder vs modern smokeless powder rates. I actually reload my own ammo and I'll tell you smokeless is way more powerful than old school black powder. But as I stated above would like to see some actually formulas since I can't find anything in actual writings how to compare them. Source of above graph was from this link. https://www.history.navy.mil/research/underwater-archaeology/sites-and-projects/ship-wrecksites/hl-hunley/black-powder-blast-effects-hunley.html talking about the use of black powder blast with the Confederate Submarine Henley. Blackpowder R.E (.55) Factor is half that of TNT so that means that 35 tons of Blackpowder would prob be more like 17 tons of TNT. https://www.bits.de/NRANEU/others/amd-us-archive/fm5-250(92).pdf Chart is on 1-2. And now I'm prob flagged by the ATF/FBI for doing that research lol
  7. That are remove some of the bad wood picks. Like I got a Oak/Cedar ship, which wasn't bad stats, but it wasn't what I just fought. I liked the concept of having them have pre-mods installed when you open the note. That would make up for why they had boosted armor or HP's or speed even.
  8. Kinda want to see this in video. I bet they use up the whole clock and spread them out big time?
  9. Do you even play your own game? I play with a clan and other folks of my nation and I hear what players are saying about Elite, AI and other things. Along with my own experience. Many in my clan are casual players. There is a reason I'm still Commodore even though I had 5 Rear Admirals before the release. I don't have the time to play 24/7 like I did before and more of a causal player that puts in a few hours every couple of days. The feed back I get from actual players is not what your saying. I'm sorry but it seems the feed back you get are from your elite little buddies like Revers who have a lot of time to play. Us casuals can't spend 3-5 hours doing Privateer missions or Raids (by the way there is no way 6 players can do 6 raids without returning to port we proved you wrong cause of timers on chest). It's poor game mechanics when my board fit SOL or 4th attacks a 5th rate and he has more marines than I do (cause of mods percentage and all AI having 20% marines). All along while they are out DPS my ship with double shot that never runs out or something. Than you capture the ship to find out it'''s only Teak/Fir or some crap like that and moved like it was Fir/Fir but had armor of a LO/WO ship. All the while having faster reload and full board fit mods.......? Call me stupid but something doesn't add up here even if it's an elite ship or normal. You make up for poor AI mechanics by buffing them. Most MMO's I have player the common mods where lower than players, only the boss's and elite chars where more powerful than a char. This is fine and they are balanced for the average char, not for some one that has all the best gear and trinkets. If a person that has a L'Ocean 3/4 Blue comes out and fights a similar L'OCean AI they should be equals for the most part. Now take a totally decked out 5/5 Gold ship and it should be better than the AI. Of course Elites should be up there with that gold ship, but it should have the stats of one if you capture, not a Fir/Bermuda ship that just out performed, moved and had way more HP's than you did and bounced shots all while carrying a full marine load out. Than you get the note and open it and it's fir/Bermuda or some stupid build like that that isn't even close to what you just fought. I would love to see an actual video of Admin doing a fight with an elite ship, Raid/Privateer and doing it with a group of actual players not devs and not any of the Elite Streamers....like an actual group of casual players that don't have all the mods and ship knowledge's unlocked on the char.
  10. On an Essex? Come on even you got to see that is getting to be BS, AI all ready get super board mods and full marines while we go in half handicapped (you can go board or fight fit not both). They get boosted stats with reload and damage, why more crew now too? That is pretty much saying instant death to players. This is not how you make games more challenging, by boosting stats until they are retardly way to powerful. It's very poor mechanics and you need to make your game balanced for the average players not a few elite players in game that seem to have no life. Some of us actually like to board in fights, but these elite AI having super powerful marines and boarding mods means it's death to board even if your a fully fitted out boarder. It shouldn't be that way. Hard yes, but not near impossible. I had boarded elite ships with way more crew and had to abort cause my attacks other than broadside with my actual cannons was pretty much ineffective cause there FP and stats are way to powerful. With the Indiamans and such you should be allowed to have dedicated boarders in your group to take them out instead of just sinking every thing.
  11. If you really believe those guys where from PvE server I got an Arizona [OCEAN] front property to sale you. I know for a fact many that came over under the My Little Pony clan tag and others that did a lot of raiding in SNOWS where not from PvE but instead where from EU serve of some of the very well known clans. I was laughing when other BLACK members dueled them and got schooled. That was what gave away who a few of them was too the exact way the fought. Than a couple admitted to who they where . War Server: PvE and PvP Peace Server: PvE Only It doesn't say none aggressive AI...it just says no PVP which is why I didn't agree with the LOKI stone, but did like when @admin called out how whiney PvE players can be even when trying to add new good features/content. Though with this I"m going to say I think these Privateer fleets are to big, Privateers didn't run in big fleets so it makes it kinda of more like war fleets. Maybe we can tone down the size to more like 1-2 ships or something. So I see where they are complaining about facing a bunch of SOLS's that are aggressive. Maybe town down the fleet make up for PvE server and PvP and keep biger fleets (current Privateer fleets) and call them something like War Fleets on PvP server. Just make the smaller privateer fleets aggressive Elite ships like we have.
  12. You also have to get a BP for each wood type. I know some guys did a bunch of privateer french fleets the other night and open all the chest and only BP they got was for Cagarian wood...all the rest was like trash mods. It was a good number of chest they open too so wassn't like one or two. Think something like 9 chest. RNG FOR THE WIN........in other words I'll never get any thing out of those chest.
  13. @DaRhoare you Dutch? If you are than you would know why Maracabo was dropped. Short story is clan left to go to Swede, so it and other ports where dropped so other clans can pick them up since we don't have an means to hand a port off in game to friendly clans. Same with some other ports where dropped cause of clan leaving nation. This has nothing to do with the patch, it's in game and prob should of asked there or in discord. As for the rest of it yah better communication. Oh and note the AI Neutral ports timers change every day so you can plan to attack it the next day and get folks online at that time, cause than after maintenance if can change to something else.
  14. I would assume not cause they don't have a capital waters.
  15. was he a tailor or a sailor? Just wondering if that was a typo?
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