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  1. Here is the issue that killed US with RvR. Back when the game was more active we had about 30-50 players that would show up to port battles. Great Screening fleet that when they did there actual job could keep folks out of the ports so we could keep them. The problem is they didn't have enough none casual expierence PvPers. SO when we would attack and only 5-10 players could get into the port battle those 5-10 wasn't good enough to fight elite players holding down ports. Most of the ports we lost early on was cause of game mechanic (dead clans not being able to trade to active clans) changes and well just flat out human error (folks forgetting to put timers on.) With that there are two things that I mention above that needs to happen. Important ports should have bigger BR's than the majority that are 2500 and 5K along the US coast. Only ports that should have that low BR are none important or shallow ports. The other thing is we need a way to switch ports in nation between clans. So that way a dead clan can hand an important port over to an active clan. This killed us more than anything on loosing over half the ports over time. Cuase not every one wants to get up at the crack of dawn (actually early than that) and be on right at server reset time. As for going after ports that don't have timers, it's getting there and setting the agro. Every time we would try to hit a French or Prussian ports we would start and French, Prussian, Pirates would all come out and smash the fleet and not fight each other. They had most of the Vets in there time zone so it was easy for them to jump into a mission and kill off 10 guys fighting 10 and most the time very wounded. This discourage folks for showing up. Numbers started to drop and than you where down to maybe 10 guys that might want to do something and or less. No more screeners to keep folks out of PB and lost of ports. Lets not add getting constantly farmed every day in front of your capital. @admin still never showed us the Death list on those stats the other day. I bet the folks that die the most get hardly any if any at all kills them selves. It gets frustrating when you are never winning. Hint why right now I prob couldn't get 5-10 guys to muster up. I was really suprise we had 20 for Marsh Harbor and 6 of those guys where 1st Lt's that just joined the game. Great guys and hard players but I fear we might loose them cause of the farming. They all ready complain they can't get out of port to level up without getting ganked half the time. This is why we need true safe zones for casuals to level up and enjoy the game so we can keep them around.
  2. It worked in POTBS, but they had the victory thing and the time set thing....so you couldln't drag it out and not have a victory. Dude really it's more than folks are doing now and you do know it's a PvP/PvE server, some times you actually do have to kill AI you know, but if they fix the hostility to make it easier and not such a grind than something is better than nothing. I think the problem is we have to many folks that don't like PvE when just about every game out there is mainly PvE......with a grind to get just about every thing and than PvP. How else you plan to open up those slots on your ships....oh wait we have been playing for ever and our slots are all ready open....I see the problem. As for US ports, come help us take them....your good at that aren't you, or do you only play on the best of the best teams? I never seen you play on an underdog team. Would be nice to see some of these so call pros actually take on a challenge.
  3. Sir Texas Sir

    Ship refits

    As much as it was a pain I kinda liked how certain regions did give certain refits. I wish some of these could be tossed in with the random chance or allow them to be only part of crafting in clan owned ports. While in home/green zone you can only get the basic few.
  4. OK I'm going to say this and it's going to piss some folks off......how about every 3-4 months we have a map reset? Part of the reason folks don't fight is cause they are settled in with what they have. If they have to decide every 4 months (better than 3) what ports are important and what is not in the scramble than some folks might snag up the others and we have a change in the map. We also need less nations....11 is to many as it cuts numbers down to much. Maybe if we have 2000 players bring back extra nations but right now and while we have a base number we need less not more. I bring this up cause of some factions getting ports and putting them in retarded timers that no one can fight in and than nothing happens cause of this. If they have to reset ports than folks have to decide do I wan tto keep all the US coast line or grab my high making port back home first? If they don't move fast enough the high profit port can be capture and than they have to fight for it again. We don't fight enough to to many folks settle for what they have. Hell can even just do the rest every 6 months. Just like anything else if you don't want to loose your stuff when it's reset and another nation takes the port keep your goods in a free town or none captured port. As for the three impossible nations, well you picked extra extra hard mode.
  5. Cost seems better with the change to doubloons system. When we had Marsh Harbor and three other ports Marsh paid for all four ports. We only had timers on Marsh and we even started to earn some money. Pre patch we where all ways loosing money cause the coast was to much, specially when we had timers on three ports and had a bunch of ports that didn't have timers. For a smaller clan and only having one money making port it got costly. Useless ports should not be such a burden on the clans to have. Maybe have an option that one port can be set clan Home and it gets a discount of 50% Maintenance, but the clan has to keep it's warehouse int that port. Hostlity missions was a pain, cause when you get a group togehter and defenders jumped in you could now be fighting 2 times the ships you have. If you lost one or two ships in a 1st rate mission you could loose almot all your agro. I remember one battle we where at 97% hostility after two hours grinding and French jumped in sunk two of our ships. When we all got out we noticed that hostility dropped over 50%....so all that hard work was pretty much gone specially since we got tagged again and the rest of us was wiped out. Being wounded and having same or more ships jump in was a killer. Only way to do them was to flip fast and quick which is hard on the bigger BR ports. Kinda wish we had other means to do hostility like bring the old flag system back or something. Pull a flag and have to get it to the port and you get 33% hostility. You can't pull next flag until first one is placed. If flag is capture or ship sunk you loose that 33% so it sets you back. Something like that which could be added to the grinding, just needs more option. Even if we can slowly flip a port by sitting in front of it with said flag. Once a port flip and it's a red zone turn that zone into a hot PvP zone until port battle happens. (like the POTBS red circles when PB are set). Clans need to be in control of there ports, we brought up many times about allowing clans to set who can or can't put contracts up in the port. Defualt would be only your nation. Open port to all allows all to put contracts up. Have setting for only friendly clan and only your clan can contracts up. Let the nations police folks that abuse it by not supporting. Only strongest clans can be greedy and sooner or later even they will fall if they don't support nation and keep it all to them selves . This will fix the problem with alts and super rich folks buying up all the contracts. VM are pretty much useless right now other than to buy permits. IF your not usiing SOL than they are stacking up. I think I have over 200 if them right now and I have stacks of permits in reserve all ready. Let us convert them back into Doubloons. You can buy a VM for 1000 Doudbloons why can't we convert them for doubloons? This will allow folks that don't have a lot of time but been to port battles get 1000 Doubloons or more a week as payment for being in port battles. I bet it would encourage more port battles too. Bring back the reward chest for port battles too. I'm going to put my old paint chest would be great here;) Or as you stated chest and items in the shop we can trade them for, cause right now it's only permits and nothing else. If a clan owns ports in shallow and only shallow water fights what the point of a VM if they don't use SOL? To many deep water ports have very low BR so that small group of elite players can tie down that port from any one even big nations/clans from taking it. It's okay for none important ports to have low BR so small clans can have a port, but any port with inportant locations or resources should not be on the lower end of BR. We have to many 2500 and 5K BR deep water ports basicly. Some of them need higher BR or as spoken about before if a port makes more money raise the BR of it to match it's income.
  6. Sir Texas Sir

    Change in Admiralty

    I just wish we could do more with VM's than buy permits. If some one can buy VM's with Doubloons, than why can't I trade VM's back into Doubloons? Give me something to spend these on, cause SOL''s allread cost you Doubloons why am I haveing to spend VM for the permit too? So on top of the Doubloons to craft the ship it's costing another 1-3K Doubloons to get the permit.
  7. Sir Texas Sir

    Can we get Just our flags on OW?

    That was one feature I liked about POTBS. If you captured a ship with a clan flag or other nation flag on it. You can keep that flag on that ship until either it's sunk (of course ship lost too) or you change the flag. I had a few ships I never changed flags on cause I had a clans flag we fought a lot on it and it was an eye sour to see me show up with that ship and their clan flag on it. Maybe in the future or make it more a pirate thing?
  8. Sir Texas Sir

    Empty sea

    Basicly have the default setting is Open to Nation. If you open the port to all than all nations can set contract. Than if you pay a bit more you can close to friendly clans (this could be same list as PB). and last is Is Closed to all except clan. If you piss off your nations or other clans remember they are the ones that you might need to help you in the future. Nations can self police by not showing up to help a clan that is in trouble if they are dicks and lock out other clans from contracts. This would allow clans to shut a port down and gather resources for themselves for a short while too. Thus making more folks want to attack and take the port from them if they keep all the resources to themselves and not share it. Yah last time I checked this game was based in the 1700-1800's in the Caribbean not in the North or Baltic Sea. If the those three factions want a game than they should ask the devs to make a Baltic Sea version for them.....lets keep this game to the some what Historical promise we have and keep it to actual nations that where active in this area during that time period. As not to screw those that want to play those nations we could always split the pirates into two factions.....Privateers and Pirates. The privateers work for nations and well pirate will just be that. Privateers get to fly the flags of none core nations (Three mention above and I would add Swedes and Danes.) Making the core nations The Spain, French, GB (merge US into GB with players with Flag DLC can pick US or GB flags to fly) and Dutch.
  9. Sir Texas Sir

    Empty sea

    I think they where good for small none important ports, but many ports that are important have to low BR that an Elite clan of 6-10 players can lock down a port and keep. Cause they don't have to screen you out if they can beat you with there small group. Smaller group PB is more about skill than numbers. I know a lot of guys that stopped playing cause there was no more 24 vs 24 SOL port battles. We might have 3-5 ports that maybe can do that? The other issue is getting screened out by other nations and players or worse you all die doing hostility cause one or two guys die in a mission you loose all your hard work. Folks give up trying to flip a port when the elite guys can just pop in the mission kill a guy or two and you went from 90% to 30% after grinding for 2 hours. Why even try if all it takes is them to kill two of your guys to make all your work for nothing?
  10. Sir Texas Sir

    Empty sea

    Some games, you try to get a SOL type ship like the biggest capital ships in games you can't get solo, you have to be part of an Organization or high up in the factions to get those big ships. Why shouldn't this game be any diffrent? They could make 1st rates something you can only build in clans if they wanted to, but they don't so don't bitch if you get sunk by going out solo. They are meant to be used in groups for large engagement. I hate to say this, but if you don't want to get gank solo your 1st rate out of the green zones than go play on the Peace server? Though I do think there should be proper safe zones that can't be attacked in for the three/four easy nations (Spain, France and GB/US). These zones should give crappy rewards and never should be a place to farm PvP. That is how you retain players, but until than we don't have any proper safe zones to solo ships and not get gank in.
  11. Sir Texas Sir

    Empty sea

    This is exactly why the Alliance system should never return unless it's clan based only. PvP2 a lot of GB/US players wanted to fight each other but they couldn't cause the elders/vets all buddy buddy and out voted them every time to keep the allaince, making a very boring server where the only folks they can fight was the pirates (dutch was part of the GB/US alliance). There shouldn't be anything that prevents a player from attacking another nation if there clan wants too. Funny thing this was pretty much what we got told when CSA first came to US from Russia....don't attack the GB in shallows cause they had friends they trade with. I asked what are your trading cause if you own the port than you don't need the GB to trade with. We suspected it was more atls they where trading with than actually players. Took the ports any way and left south Bahamas alone as we wanted other nations in the shallows too. Not really having 500 players spread between 11 nations means you are less likely to run into some one. You take those same and put them in 5 nations you will have more chance to run into them cause 400 players are prob not on the same team as you. Right now it's not working having so many nations. This is what I normally sale when I bring up less nations, but the problem is US is bottle neck in the corner and they get abused so much is why I stated to merge with GB who actually owned them most of the time line. We can merge the flags DLC so players can pick US flags if they want to. As much fun as it was to play Russian for a short time and even a Prussian player for a bit on Global before the merg, for a game that is suppose to be some what historical having these three nations in them is NOT HISTORICAL AT ALL. I honestly thought they where only being brought in to test new mechanics that would be for future pirates. Now something they could do is split pirates and make two factions. Privateers: Pirates that work for a nation with a letter of Marque. Give this nation the odd flags of these three nation (maybe add Dane/Swedes) and allow them to work for any of the core nations (none Pirate). If you don't have a LOM than you are the other group. PIRATES: These are any Privateers not working for a nation and are hard core mode, with no perm home other than what they make in game. Can only fly the black pirate flags. POTBS only had four: GB, France, Spain and Pirates. Most of the US players picked one and went with it. I went mainly Spain cause they where underdogs on the server I played but we where even out number the most power full PvP players (I played Roberts). Most of the rest US players mainly went GB. In this time period really US was a nation for what less than 50 years since the game time is 1700-1820? As I said above merge them with GB and have the US coast be the second british zone. Make the DLC flags merg so you can pick US and GB flags and play your part of the faction. You can even do this with some of the other nations. That why I brought up maybe a privateer faction that the Russians, Prussians and Polish faction can be merged with Swedes and Danes. Though I think Merging US and GB would be the best choice cause of the poor location US is at and it won't help new players being stuck in the corner being farmed over and over. @Jeheil was a great Youtuber this game needed better than some that just show battles and nothing more. Even though he could some time be a bit bias towards GB but I still loved his shows. The problem is two folds why many AUS/SEA players stopped playing. The game ping is killer for them cause of the current location of the server and two the down time is right in the middle of there prime playing time so they loose an hour of prime game play (I think it's 8-9pm for him when it's down). I don't think we will be able to open with 2-3 PvP servers so the devs really need to look at putting the server in a better location to get the most players onto one server and than if population gets to big open up new servers for those populations. They do one Global server in a good location and if they get a big enough EU player base than open up a new one, if they get enough SEA/AUS open up a new one, but they need to start one global server and go from there.
  12. When this happens can we have like a week or two that it's not allowed in PB's and than allow all shallow ships in them. That way we can test the fairness of the ships in OW fighting first. The big issue i see is BR balance so that not one ship becomes more power full. Folks can bring a lot of traditional 6th rates or a few of the 5th rate. (which I seen and been apart of using 6th to swarm 5ths). SOunds like it's time for me to dust off the old Reno's and Suprises and/or make some new ones. Hell might even have to make a few Cerbs...lol PS you meantion the pandora in the other post. Any chance we could get this thing early to test before release lol?
  13. Sir Texas Sir

    Should the Cerberus be given Shallow Water Access?

    Trader Lynx only has what 800 cargo, it's a smuggler ship not a cargo ship. We are talking about an actually real trade ship not a smuggler, but the main point is Variety. I would love to see a bigger ship than Indiaman too with more guns but about the same amount of cargo space, but would just be happy with refit of the ship like the LGV Refit.
  14. Sir Texas Sir

    Empty sea

    It’s a havoc port just like little harbor. With a lot of the big hitters rolling Brit suddenly not many EU can take them on right now. Same issue we had in US prime time with the French. to many heavy hitters rolled French or refused to fight them and buddy buddy that no one can flip the ports or even get agrow. Its hard to flip a port when 5 nations come out and jump into your missions and sinks you. Most of them not the nation your doing Afro so sinking them doesn’t even effect the hostility. We honestly have way to many nations: Spain, GB, French and Dutch (yes I dropped US) with pirates being a nation with no ports they can be hard core mode. (Maybe give them Nassau or Kidd’s). With this I would merge US with GB. making US coast GB second zone like French and Spain have.
  15. Sir Texas Sir

    Should the Cerberus be given Shallow Water Access?

    It will give an up wind version of trade ship that only prince and LRQ can catch. Trader brig is the up wind option. You can keep the guns like other trade but put like 100 crew on it. Just anouther option in game and since it can be crafted it’s something for people to have in game.