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  1. Sir Texas Sir

    ALOHA+BF exploiting game mechanics..

    I haven't really been in a PvP zone fight in a while, do we still not have timers on the battles when they lock. That would be the best solution to prevent baiting like this from two teams joining a side to make it look like it's 3 vs 3 and than wait for people join and killing those that join the other side like it looks might of happened here (didn't watch the video). Maybe have a short timer to lock them. Not the normal lock timer but something like 10-15 mins than they lock. So they can't bait folks to keep joining the battle thinking it's equal odds or something. IF there is a timer currently (ROE changed so many times I can't keep up with them) maybe change it. While these guys didn't Green on Green, but if they where baiting that it's not good sportsmanship. Well now we know how some folks have such inflated kills it seems. It also proves that Pro-Hardcore PvPers do not fight each other.
  2. Sir Texas Sir

    Sealed bottle - loot tables

    The ships they list is random and has nothing to do with the cargo your getting from what I seen. Where are you getting 60K is the price of a first rate, that wouldn't even cover most of the Doubloons not to mention the other resources and permits. Vicotory is 7791 Doublons Santi is 8745 L' Ocean is 9166 Charleston they are going for 100 reals per doubloons so that is like 70,0000-90,000 just for the Doublons and not counting the permits witch is another 3K. Than you add in what ever the mats cost.
  3. Sir Texas Sir

    Patch 29. Preliminary information

    Also I'm sure the cut off is that nothing above 9 pb frigates. Bell Poule could prob go in theere but it's a 12 pb frigate. Lets not get all carried away as there needs to be some type of balance. You just want the exxes cause it would wreck most of all those ships. Also all the ships being allowed in the shallows are 240 crew and below. So a new player that did the exam and Master Com could man all those frigates if he wanted.
  4. I call BS on this cause it's not like every game. I know a lot of games that either don't allow you to PvP at a certain level or have safe zones where you can't PvP. In fact most MMO's restrict the PvP zones to a very small part of the game while most of the rest of the game is for PvE. No one is asking to dumb down the game, just make it some these folks can enjoy there game too and they will stick around longer. Green zones should never be the main source of PvP for most players. We have 99% of the rest of the map for that. They should be where new players and casuals can grow and enjoy the game. I would prefer a game with 1000 players than a game with.....hold on let me check...164 right now..
  5. They don't need additional starting point they need safe zones that work to protect the casuals and noobs that don't want to be farmed. Safe zones should never be prime hunting grounds for guys that are to lazy to go find proper PvP. The other thing we have to many nations and if they merged US with GB the US coast could be made the GB second area so yes I have been avicating for things to be fixed along with many others. Devs can fix the issues by making the zones properly safe zones instead of as per @admin, "Free Gank Zones" as he once called them. Knowing that is all they are. Until these are fix we won't have our numbers back. And telling folks to go play on PvE is a cheese cop out for not wanting to fix a problem that needs to be fix.
  6. But your not still getting killed over and over? Some guys are and that all they know of this game. Is getting smashed by the capital gankers. NOt ever one is perfect elite expert Privateer Hetwill the Red. Until you guys live the shoes of most casuals you will never know how it is. Agian I known folks that have played this game for two years, never got a PvP kill but been killed hundreds of times. Those are the guys we need to keep around. You really should of came to a nation that is full of casuals and sail with some of these guys. Many of them still don't even know how to manual sale, but you expect them to jump up and learn and be as good as you. Not every one got the time or skill for that. Bet you if @admin let folks look up there data from this. It will tell a diffrent story about who is having fun and who isn't cause they can't just play the game and enjoy it without being gankd every time they go out. Lets see how many kills the high death side of the data gives you? There are many players that aren't having fun and we are loosing them over and over and they aren't coming back.
  7. You never see them fight each other cause they don't want good hard targets. The only folks that want that are the Duelest which aren't the same players. Those are the guys that want fair 1 vs 1 all the time. If you look at all those guys with really high kill count I bet you the very few times they died wasn't to another hard core vet. I still want to know the kill rate of the guys that got the hightest death rates. I'm going to bet @admin will never show us that side cause it show some guys been killed a 100 times before they killed any one, hell one of my clan mates didn't get his first kill until recently and he's been laying for a few years now, but I know I killed him prob a dozen times over on Global. The hard cores have to have the casuals or they won't h ave any one to kill, the casuals don't have to have the hard cores cause they have AI or other casuals to kill when they feel like it. Until you get killed over and over and never win cause a bunch of pricks are farming your capital...than you rage and quite. You know something I'm sure you never experienced We all want to have fun in this game, your fun is one way, other folks have fun doing other things, but if they aren't having fun they stop playing and player numbers go down.
  8. You know when they figure out 1000 casuals is much better tha. 100 hardcore guys it will be a great game. Removing safezones and making the game hardcore is not going to bring back the majority of players which was the 1000 players part of those numbers. The biggest problem is keeping new players but farming them to death will not do that. But hay what the hell we know we been playing this game for what now almost 3 years for me and I been on both sides the wolf and the sheep fighting.
  9. I like that they stay expensive but can you give folks something to do with VM other tha. Buy SOL permits. They aren’t worth much on the market cause you can use dabloons to buy them if you don’t get VM From port battles. Which falls back on the reward for RvR are not realy worth it. If somenone can buy them wit doubloons than let me sale them for doubloons too. That just gives the RvR guys anouther source of doubloons.
  10. Sir Texas Sir

    Muskets need to go

    Remember the LRQ is still a 6th rate so it follows 6th rate musket rules (what that 50%) whole 5th rates get less (20% crew?). That is whey it is so more noticeable with the LRQ. Again it should be a 5th rate base off its crew count and balance of the mods. most mods need to be allowed to not be stacked too. Allow one mod and one ship knowledge only one that type. Obly allow on e of the three big books. You can have gunnery but now ship handleing or 5 rings. If you want 5 rings you can’t have art of ship handling or gunnery.
  11. I haven’t had that luck. I was actually doing this with an alt more trying to get repairs as I was grinding out a Cerberus and tagging ships I could take to get repairs off. I got some booze, cedar some rum, some sail repairs but no dabloons so far. Honestly RNG hates me.
  12. Sir Texas Sir

    Patch 29. Preliminary information

    You do know the Gulf of Mexico is almost 50 % of the map.....and by giving up half the map they are giving up areas too. Again being selfish in stead of getting the devs to worry about one game you want it all to your self. While we are trying to give up half the map to make a better game for all. It would even give folks options to play both styles when they want to. Combining the servers has nothing to do with the RvR or PvP issues, it's called putting all our resources into one place to make it easier to make a better game, but you keep playing on your 100ish player server and all your empty neutral ports with no content......I love PvE just as much as I love the RvR/PvP side of the game, but for me and many others that just seems very boring being on a server with little to no content or goal. Actually good for pointing that out I didn't even notice that part and I don't remember it saying that before, but I could be wrong. Ok I was wrong about that time, though would love to still try to test that out. Let them have there dead broken contentless server but let those that want both worlds test out having a large PvE zone with two nations being the example (France and Spain would work great for this since they have second regions over there) and see how folks like it. Hell might get more players to come back simply cause they aren't forced to PvP and have the option.
  13. Sir Texas Sir

    Patch 29. Preliminary information

    I would love a million dollars in RL but that doesn't mean I'll get it. The problem is we have a half ass server for them that gets little work on it. I would prefer to see one strong serve that caters to both type of players. You want to play PvE only you go play in the safe zones, many games are like this. You want to PvP/PvE you play on the rest of the server. Remember there was never a promise of a server just for them. The only resent promise has or almost expires (since they left it at 18-24 and we are at 21 months). Instead of paying for a server that has hardly 100 players on it they can take those resources and put in actual PvE content for all players alike. Sounds more like they are just being selfish and want the whole cake and not just happy with a slice of it. I'm all for more paints. I still got a few Kritimati mast in stock as I only used it to test it once. Makes you way to slow for what you get unless your into dueling. Poods you can buy if you know where to look, hell I bet you there are some sitting in a port right now that haven't been bough, right @SS Minnow?
  14. Sir Texas Sir

    We want outlaw battles!

    As @Wraith mention all you have to do is join the fight and it's positional join. We wold do that to bring it into a fight on our terms. Near the end of Global some of the GB/US started to get smart and actually join these fights and found out they could trap us and actually started to win some of the fights. The biggest problem with the US/GB/DUTCH back than was that they would be to chicken shit to join the fights and actually FIGHT. That and bring frigates to a SOL fight half the time didn't help them either. You do understand that in half those fights you weren't figthting 20-25 guys. I never lied back than when I said you where only fighting 15-20 or later 10-15 guys. We where so multi boxing in half those battles that if you ever figured out who's alts was who ya'll could of used it against us. Hell half the port battles Simmon would go AFK to give his kid a bath....lol. Again I think like back than a lot of folks just don't understand FFA fights and how they work.
  15. Sir Texas Sir

    Patch 29. Preliminary information

    I tagged the old post that @admin first brought it up. The map is so big there is no reason why it couldn't have been done other than folks complaining and it would allow them to work on one game content for it. They only made a promise to keep the server open 18-24 months too. 24 months is only three months away. So it wouldn't be breaking any promises they made to do this.