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  1. NOOOOOo.....they should remain random at OW so they can't be just farmed by missions. It's all ready a pain to fill most of those missions with only 10 slots. Just leave the hunt and destroys to generic ship/class types.
  2. Yah it cracks me up how much they complained about us tagging each other to never join the fight when they out numbered us and found we didn’t move from center. FFA battles was positional join so all you need was the spotter to join and call it.
  3. I honestly liked that system it was how my clan UNKN want pirate back in the day after getting tired of US players like NPG showing up in crap ships to fight. Our clan actually had pirates pushed back to Mayguanna and the shallows when we switched so it wasn’t jumping to the better team at that time it was going to the more organized fighters. I honestly thinks pirates should not be a chargen fresh pick. You have to either do it in game or with forge papers. We will get that back with faction play
  4. Easy solution for this is to simply make all pirates red no matter the side they join. They jump on your side and don't help you, you have all the rights to sink them, they are pirates after all. Bring back FFA battles also, the only folks that abused them was nationals using pirate alts. So what if you make them hard core mode than they won't be a big RvR threat (like they where on GLOBAL) and folks wouldn't have to use the FFA's to catch pirates in green zones either (which I agree with Willis they need to be removed from Mort and Mort made more a Neutral zone for all nations to use. Would prob make it a PvP hot spot that isn't a zone. Honestly if they go to a more hard core pirate I would be more active in that nation than I'm now. Hell I do have a solo none clan pirate mid level that I been playing in the mornings when I get off work. I kinda miss the old solo days when I was part of no clan cause there is no drama and now with the elite AI I can actually capture some better ships than just using DLC ships. That and no one brings good ships into the PvP zone so you just sink every thing there.
  5. remove them from RvR, turn Mort into a Neutral port for all to use that zone. Make a lot of extra shallow ports called Pirate havens bases for pirates. Let them be an impossible nation if they do do RvR and only can work out of free towns and pirate havens (all havens are shallow ports). Keep pirate mechanic where they can join either side and bring back FFA. There we have a pirate mechanic that is within reason and for them to simply code.
  6. If your in Clan A and I'm in clan B, but we are both in the same nation we can't fight each other. All it's doing is making 5 Faction like we had early one instead of 11. The only differences to allow us to fly different flags we have sub factions within each major factions. IF you want to kill France and your US. Than go join one of the other nations that isn't in that faction. Yes you will still have some die hard playes that only want to play the faction of there heritage RL but they really aren't the majority of the players. I have played every nation except Poland and Dutch, if you don't like the one your in just change factions that's what we have forge papers for after all.
  7. They should give a flat xp so if you do the exam later after all ready tanking up it just adds that much xp. Right now if you are all ready Lt .Com or Master Com or above you just get the rewards no xp.
  8. Interesting thing is seeing how much do my chars had. Out of 4 Rear Admirals and one Commodore (he was half way to RA). I know have one Admiral, 2 Vice Admirals, a Rear Admiral and the Commodore. Can we bring back XP for crafted ships? At the new ranks dedicated crafters that don’t fight much are going to be slow to rank up. I still think sailing XP also needs to got to the ship knowledge slots too.
  9. They could always reset the map every 3 months. 3 months is a long time to get things gather up in a port and invested. Also gives chance of a new clan to take over certain ports. But guys remember it's been said many times they really aren't going to be looking at PvE until after release than they will fine tune it once the main server is going well. So don't expect anything now fast. I personnely like the concept of doing PvE Port Battles, temp control and map resets on a perm server that is more PvE based. You can still have kinda Faction wars just no direct PvP fighting against other players.
  10. I think all tax's should go to port owners. Telport tax send to the owner of the port. Doubloons spent on things in that port, 10% sent to owner. Another thing since we really don't need timers on Sub ports why don't they pay a tax to who owns the capital port. Which would means all regional ports pay 5% tax to the Owner of the Capital Port to help pay for it's timer. This would be how it would been back than. They would pay a tax to the crown and governor of that region and than he will send the crowns portion off to the crown or next leader above him.
  11. I could see like the lead ship in fleets might be built better than the other ships, which should be balanced off oak/oak or oak/crew space. The lead ship might be built a bit tougher than the others, but keep the main balance mid tier. Not every one is going to be running around in LO/WO or WO/WO ships.
  12. Sir Texas Sir


    As stated from Admin. I just put it in order from biggest to smallest to make it easier to read.
  13. Missions should count assists cause it's getting annoying when I been in half a dozen fights and all I gotten is 1 kill but have over 2 dozen assist, only got credit for the damage and that one kills (PvP zones). Mission rewards should be bump up next patch hopefully but it's still a pain to get CB if your not one of the elite killer PvP clans out there.
  14. And keep your shipknowledge set on either ship. It's a pain that you loose your Ship Knowledge when switching ships. If I"m set up with marines and I switch ships I should still have them. Kinda goes with this, more Clan positions. This one could be Clan Crafters that can only touch resources while crafting. Clan Treasures can only touch the Reals but not resources. Maybe JR officers that can only pull repairs out but not other things. When looking at the port tell what can be built there and resources like we use to have in the map, update the info from when last visited the port. If you never visited than no info is shown or just common info like it's a Coal, Fir port. This will give more reason to explore the map as it gives you more details on the ports.
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