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  1. Oh and the reason folks don’t craft big ships to level up cause the cost of permits and doubloons. Some one leveling up doesn’t have a big supplies of such to be using them to level up. Those ships are almost made in house with clans or to order.
  2. That explains nothing. I think I know a thing or two about raising crafting levels. Done it 5 times. Lynx and such isn’t great once you get into higher levels. That is where you actually build big ships. The bigger the more xp the faster you level up. Don’t like the ship just sale it on the market. 5 guy I level up mainly on heavy rattlers, niagara and princes though in the shallows as therr wasn’t as much a demand for SOL. This still doesn’t work lol us how fuming it down to 7-8 levels make it better. Right now level 50 crafting is no better tha. Level 35 (when you can start mainly SOL). In the past we hit 50 to build master craft mods and ships. I did like it when you had to craft certain ships to get the next tier BP, just not the random drop chance of getting the BP. Will crafting and perks be separated from. Combat perks now and on there own? oh and who the hell is coco? Just repeating a name isn’t t long us anything?
  3. I’m wanting to know about this down level it to 7 levels and more details myself. This pissed me off more than a 3rd rate as a 4th rate DLC.
  4. That actually isn't a bad thing to do is make a new class in game. Have the super frigates and the retired 3rds that got bump down to 4th rates in a 4 1/2 rate class. Than give us somoe more true 3rd rates and 4th rates.
  5. I still think you should of named it Gustav Adolf for the 3rd and Had the lessers Wasa at 4th. More ships is always better, than just have one a note special event and the other BP craftable. Well honestly all ships should be craftable. We should be able to buy the BP's and craft them if we don't want to just buy notes.
  6. Wrong ship, like with humans names can be used over and over and over. There are many ships that has had that name. The one in game is a Swedish ship (think it was captured from Russia or the other way around). The one you mention is past the 1700-1820 game time frame. When you go to do a shallow port battle and have over 20+ players that showed up and only a few have the DLC ships which are you hard core PvP players, while none of the casuals have bought them cause I quote, "I'm not buying a ship just to do port battles." It's called real world expeirence. That was what you heard most of the US port battles and screenings when trying to set up to do things. Now the guys left actively playing have them for the most part is around 50/50, but we can't get 20+ players to show up for a PB, at most around 10. Even than less than 25% of those have DLC's ships when you ask who has them. That is why I'm normally taking the slot of LRQ cause not every one has it in our nation. As for you being casuals? You prob not as casuals as you think you are. Casuals are guys that only log on 2-4 hours a week. How much time you spend in this game daily/weekly?
  7. DLC's should also only give you 3/5 ships, we should only be able to get better ships through physically crafting them. Admirilitry shop ships should have the same limit too. You can only get 3/5 ships from notes. To get anything better the ship should be crafted in game by a player. Thus keeping DLC/Notes not better than what can be crafted. Some Notes/DLC should have in game BP's allowed. This is prob the best way to balance the P2W wall between these ships and the guys that don't want to pay for ships with real money.
  8. It's not Casuals that buy the DLC, it's the hard core PvP players that do. Most casuals don't want to spend a lot on a game. They just want to pop in play and have some fun and get there 40 bucks worth. I mean look at guys like me. 5 accounts worth about 250 dollars and I have about another 250 dollars in DLC content. I have over 9K hours in this game (mainly cause I wasn't working for a year and half) and I'm far from what one would call a casual. Most my alts have over 4K hours. We are the ones buying up the DLC content not the casuals and newbs.
  9. It will prob be 48 hours but I think that model going off how long it takes to craft them is poor model. It should of been something like this. Yacht every 24/24 hours cause it's a 7th rate LRQ every 36/48 hours casuse it's a 6th rate L'Hermione/Hercules every 48/72 hours cause it's a 5th rate Should prob be no 4th rates or above DLC's unless they are trade ships. I think a Indiaman DLC would be better than some combat ship, or something bigger than it, but never a war ship. If they where allowed than make it something like 60/106 hours so they are more a once a week redeem. Other wise your going to have folks in nothing but DLC and just farming every one else with redeeming there ships every 24 hours. I honestly see now point in crafting now ships if all the best ships in each class is going to be pretty much the DLC ships. That could be another way to gift all EA players with the Pandora, ok so it has to be a DLC that any one can buy right? Well on day one give every one the BP that was EA in game....bang we can not only redeem it once every so many hours but we can craft it any time we want. I like running a crafting ships cause it's my ship with my name on it. DLC ships should never be more than 3/5 ships if they are not crafted by players also. No one should be able to redeem a ship and get a gold/purple ship that way.
  10. So we are going to dumb down crafting even more? Well what little crafters you have left are now gone if you do that? I don't get the hate towards a large group of players that loved this game but pretty much have left cause you trying to please a few hard core PvP players that do nothing but farm newbs and casuals instead of fighting each other. How about making the crafting system something that folks can actually enjoy and have fun with instead of giving all the good ships in DLC's that can't be crafted and than hide the rest of the good ships behind PvP rewards to be able to craft them? That cause it's a freaking third rate no matter how you put it, a duck is still a duck. I agree Hermione is not a bad choice for a DLC, but this ship is bad for a 4th rate. How about we take the ingermanland and make that one a DLC and bring this in as the new AGGY of the 4th rates? DLC's should be the low end of the tier not the top dog. Look how games like WoT does there premium tanks. You might get more HP's but you always get lesser gear like guns, radio, view rang and such to make up for it. They are never top tier of the class. Yep they could pick a better lesser used ships like say the Ingermanland, hell even the Aggy would make a better DLC, but it should never be top of it it's tier ship. With the crew and guns this should be the new Aggy of the 4th rates to take over that tier. I can see having it's permits locked behind doing PvP/RvR, but not a pay to win. How about we can get the BLUE prints for any DLC ship (except maybe pandora that needs to stay kinda rare for the EA guys) in game so crafters can compete with notes. Remember we don't need woods to open a note, so they are instant ships. Totally killing any need for a crafter to build ships.
  11. I know a way I would make a SOLO PvP Zone. Move the Pirates capital to Nassua or better yet make them one of the hard core nations like they should be any way. Turn Mortimer Town and the area around it Neutral ports like the old PItt's and other ports. Any one can use them any one can have outpost in them. Than make a zone around them that is SOLO PvP only. You can still run in there and do econ around the area, but you risk getting jumped but only by one ship. It would turn the area into a central melting pot of PvP. Cause even if you want to do group PvP you can meet and than go out side of the zone. Other wise it's just you and the other guy. I would say fleets are allowed though (so folks don't try to do the smuggle goods t hing). Added thought this zone could allow all to use admiralty shop too so that even if hard core nations get ported they can still come back here and use the shops. Maybe only in Mortimer Town. The other three ports could be a flipped as neutral or captured able, but Mort needs to be neutral to all but not a true free town. Since La Tort is close I would make that a captured port and move the Free town over to La Navasse as we kinda seem to have a shortage of free towns in that area.
  12. 0300 server time is 9pm cst for me. That is pretty much US prime time.
  13. I call BS on the traders will pass, ,one of the RUS guys sunk my Indie last weekend when I was there to check out some econ, pick up cedar and see if it was a profitable run. Well the trade goods where mostly on the other two ships, but the cedar wasn't and now that run was useless. This was after I even let his trade ship go past me and didn't touch a russian AKF 3 ship trader too. So saying Traders can pass is BS some of you hunt traders too. Which is BAD FOR YOUR ECON. I made some one good money in there port buying up goods. Maybe need to police your own a bit too or folks won't make that run to help your econ.
  14. But not every one has all those and with a wipe even less folks will have all those, it also means you have exactly zero combat perks on your ship most likely.
  15. As you can see in the screen shot I got one Assist for the Bucentaure. I remember the rewards did list xp and assist but seem every small and didn't list any CM. I just checked my chest and I have 90 doubloons form the 100 I put in before last weekend for jumping around and that is it. I'm sure a good number of us got Assist on that ship so I prob was the low man on damage and didn't get a mark. The fight before that I know my kill was just an ai that some one switched from a captured ship to putting there Niagara in fleet so I went after that since i was in LRQ and every thing else was pretty much way bigger than me. I might of got an assist before I went down as I did some stern rackings but I don't think any one save that screen shot. Next time I'll make sure to screen it.
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