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  1. With current mechanics to set a port battle on a shallow water port a clan has to field 25x 1st rates in order to insure they are not at a disadvantage when the enemy shows up correct? This is a screenshot of the Danes defending George's Town hostility...Is this as the Dev's intended?
  2. Chris: I never called RHB traitors....Some Brits yes....RHB are Pirates, impossible for them to commit treason so makes no sense to call them "traitors"....once again you are coloring things. Please debate the issue not indulge in personal petty attacks. Pitts Town is owned by a clan that is DEAD. Being a pirate, and JACKS being a dead pirate clan, how do you propose I take that port?
  3. Dear sir you are badly mistaken......the only times RHB captured ports was when I led the screening fleets to get them to port battle. Now please concern yourself with Russian politics rather than trying to dabble in Pirate after you have left that nation
  4. Dear Captains, There is a systemic problem which I feel could use new mechanic. Right now to maintain power people use alt clans or out of nation powers to control their nation through the friends list. For instance, RHB clan in Pirate Nation made a deal to take ownership of Baracoa with Russia providing another clan was not allowed on the friends list to craft ships. I knew it wouldn't be long before my clan was removed from friends list as well. My 10 man clan formed 3 Le Bucs to support SNOW clan in the defense of Santa Cruz at around 1:00 PM on a Friday (outside of our USA time zon
  5. Hey folks, Danes and Swedes came to camp Baracoa. Couple Dane Endymions attacked our snows and to save them they had one of their Swedish buddies jump into the battle with a L'Ocean on our side in order to open the BR for more reinforcements on their side. Please see vid in link below. Kinda ruins the fun if mechanics are so easily manipulated so the other side can win. Not sure if this is considered an exploit or not. So just going to throw this out there and go play some other game. Cheers! NOTE: Henry Long Castle wanted me to mention he made a F11 report I apologize for the
  6. Lost a Wapen last night - game disconnected me twice in battle - Feel bad for Brown Cow of Britain who had same issues and lost his Santisima in same battle.
  7. Fellow Naval Action community members and Devs. There seems to have been an attempt to "dox" myself and my twin brother which is not cool in anyway. The player is Cirus of K33N clan. I understand disagreeing and even shit talk in game. However to search for and publish photos, IP address and physical address for harassment is also very dangerous for real life and puts my family at risk. This is not cool and I would like to submit these screen shots for the community to address this issue please.
  8. Need more individuals to help with RvR! Since REBEL has taken a break to recruit and train pvpers the Northern Bahamas campaign has stagnated to a stand still! We need more players to join up so our clan can do it's own Port Battles! And with up coming changes its going to be more fun that ever to do port battles! REBEL clan helps individuals with training, ships, learning how to make money while you're learning to pvp, and then eventually to be self sufficient though high seas piracy! Hit us up in game with any questions!
  9. And yes MiniTAO isn't really that concerned with being reported....if you watch the vid and his reply to me telling him I was reporting him.
  10. I was attacking a British Santi and AI Victory when AllenLu and MiniTOA jumped in on my side. I thought they were here to help until the Wasa fire chain through my sails and they obviously weren't here to kill the Santi - I wasn't recording till AFTER they chained me the first time - but you can see the Redoubt fires at me, and they obviously aren't after the Santi. At Around 50 seconds you can see AllenLu in Redoubt fire chain at me and they are obviously fighting against me.
  11. Pirates will take any Swedish PvPers, we fight because we like fighting =P We'll fight from Mortimer in DLC 1st rates if that's what it comes too!
  12. Looking for a few good men! The Deplorables [REBEL] is a small USTZ clan leading port battles and pvp battles within Pirate nation. What most people call a gank, we call a good fight! We have RvR goals and actively seek to support our fellow pirate clans in obtaining their RvR goals in order to build Pirates Nation into a feared power within the Caribbean! Pirate Captains wishing to join our band need bring only a team attitude, wiliness to engage the enemy and give no quarters! Young commanders are welcome as well as long as they have the desire to learn and improve in their pvp. No
  13. As I understood, even BR battles were locked after 2 minutes - I was fighting a Prussian player Shield Method off Shroud Cay in his Surprise. He ran for 25 minutes chaining my sails until a La Req joined battle. La Requin was Russian from BF clan. Player name Mechanixkms. I heard his cannon fire at 1 hour and 5 minutes left on battle clock looked towards shroud and there he was. There were two lag spikes during battle as is common when players enter your battle as as is habit I checked tab and there were no players even though the 2 minute timer was long expired. Then all of a sudden, voi
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