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  1. Hey folks, Danes and Swedes came to camp Baracoa. Couple Dane Endymions attacked our snows and to save them they had one of their Swedish buddies jump into the battle with a L'Ocean on our side in order to open the BR for more reinforcements on their side. Please see vid in link below. Kinda ruins the fun if mechanics are so easily manipulated so the other side can win. Not sure if this is considered an exploit or not. So just going to throw this out there and go play some other game. Cheers! NOTE: Henry Long Castle wanted me to mention he made a F11 report I apologize for the swearing in the video, this was the only fight we were going to be able to do since the Danes and Swede's outnumbered us so heavily, they attacked, and then used this exploit to save themselves, so some of my fellow pirates were understandably upset. https://www.twitch.tv/crazy_kemosabe/video/626355132
  2. Lost a Wapen last night - game disconnected me twice in battle - Feel bad for Brown Cow of Britain who had same issues and lost his Santisima in same battle.
  3. Fellow Naval Action community members and Devs. There seems to have been an attempt to "dox" myself and my twin brother which is not cool in anyway. The player is Cirus of K33N clan. I understand disagreeing and even shit talk in game. However to search for and publish photos, IP address and physical address for harassment is also very dangerous for real life and puts my family at risk. This is not cool and I would like to submit these screen shots for the community to address this issue please.
  4. Need more individuals to help with RvR! Since REBEL has taken a break to recruit and train pvpers the Northern Bahamas campaign has stagnated to a stand still! We need more players to join up so our clan can do it's own Port Battles! And with up coming changes its going to be more fun that ever to do port battles! REBEL clan helps individuals with training, ships, learning how to make money while you're learning to pvp, and then eventually to be self sufficient though high seas piracy! Hit us up in game with any questions!
  5. And yes MiniTAO isn't really that concerned with being reported....if you watch the vid and his reply to me telling him I was reporting him.
  6. Or maybe Green on Green should be allowed?
  7. I was attacking a British Santi and AI Victory when AllenLu and MiniTOA jumped in on my side. I thought they were here to help until the Wasa fire chain through my sails and they obviously weren't here to kill the Santi - I wasn't recording till AFTER they chained me the first time - but you can see the Redoubt fires at me, and they obviously aren't after the Santi. At Around 50 seconds you can see AllenLu in Redoubt fire chain at me and they are obviously fighting against me.
  8. You enjoy taking an hour to kill an indiaman fleet in the Gulf =P
  9. Server population is way too low to begin giving a 4 man Indiaman fleet 1 hour of immunity. I thought this was a sandbox game on the WAR SERVER. I hate this. When I go hunting I'll spend 1 HOUR of sailing time just to find someone to kill.....no way I'm going to spend another hour killing my prey once I find it. GG you've just killed my desire to play this game as much.
  10. Uh Dev's - what the hell is this bull crap? Ya know if you want to make this a fuzzy little care bear world and protect people from being "ganked" that's fine......some of us prefer being adults and making our own sand castles in the "sandbox" game rather than having "protections". Basically all the little fuzzy carebear traders who don't want to learn how to defend their indiamen and just want to sail from point A to B now have 1 HOUR of immunity covering their 4 Indiaman fleet. Wow! lots of risk there! I don't even think people will bother hunting Indiamen now.....thanks for making the WAR SERVER into the PEACE SERVER. This sucks please remove.
  11. Pirates will take any Swedish PvPers, we fight because we like fighting =P We'll fight from Mortimer in DLC 1st rates if that's what it comes too!
  12. Introduce War Dec mechanics so clans within nation can shoot each other if war decced
  13. Looking for a few good men! The Deplorables [REBEL] is a small USTZ clan leading port battles and pvp battles within Pirate nation. What most people call a gank, we call a good fight! We have RvR goals and actively seek to support our fellow pirate clans in obtaining their RvR goals in order to build Pirates Nation into a feared power within the Caribbean! Pirate Captains wishing to join our band need bring only a team attitude, wiliness to engage the enemy and give no quarters! Young commanders are welcome as well as long as they have the desire to learn and improve in their pvp. No matter the rank or experience, ALL who wish to join must first sail with a REBEL member in pvp to be vouched for before the clan counsel for admittance as is fitting any pirate desiring a share in the plunder! WARNING: Sense of humor required! We like to laugh, at the enemy or ourselves! Also many of us have been diagnosed with severe Troll Fever which usually comes out via memes in discord, so those soft of skin may need seek a birth with a merchant clan. (hang out with us for a bit, if you don't like us, no hard feelings!) Minimum requirements: Pass your naval exams! Working mic and headset Wiliness to improve in your PvP or RvR fights Clan Leadership Contacts: Clan Leader - Mr Kemosabe - Discord - Kemosabe#9404 Diplomat - William Tracey Diplomat - Dread Pirate Zy Diplomat - Jsilva Our goal is to play the game and have fun! sinking ships and capturing ports is what the game is about! if you desire to be part of a tight knit crew that loves demasting the enemy, looting their wrecks, pillaging their ports and laughing all the way back to base, look us up! Screenshots below, also you can find me on twitch at https://www.twitch.tv/crazy_kemosabe
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