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  1. It would be nice if Port battles gave out a chest every one instead of just your weekly VM. That would get more folks to want to fight them for the rewards, even if it's a simple paint chest (for those that don't have paint DLC) or some other reward. I do remember it was Russia, GB, Pirates and than Dutch, so we weren't even a zerg as pirates had more than we did at first or close to the same numbers. They did what they always do in a nation when they get beat, they run to another nation.
  2. He's just pissed he can't tag them cause of the forts. Maybe shouldn't be huntin directly in front of ports with your little Pivateer or what every you always show up with.
  3. You know the best work around this is? LOOK AT THE MAP AND READ WHAT TYPE OF PORT IT IS.......it's not that hard as most shallows are in the shallow zones other than less than a half dozen and they are not common grounds.
  4. 1. You do know you can become friends with those clans and get the same bonus too. So no they won't have all the best ships. Hell even better maybe get some guys to join with you into one big clan and build them yourselves or take a port...... 2. Buildings are not destroyed, but if it's another nation than you can't use them. I assume that is how it will work for peace, but who knows, they might just leave it where every one can use every port like it is, but really why shouldn't there be limits on the map? Why should Spanish be using GB ports? Get your own ports to use, can't have every thing all just handed to you. THis game was never made for SOLO players, yes you can play solo, but it's going to be harder for you to do things or take longer. So stop thinking the game was made for you cause it never was. IT's an MMO meant for team/group play. Yes you can solo just not as easy as it would be for clans or others with groups.
  5. We have two servers and both of them involved PvE. This game has never been a pure PvP game and prob never will. Closes was teh NA:L but even that had AI. Peace: PvE only War: PvE with PvP/RvR elements
  6. The problem is the lack of feed back from the Dev team. I had no issue it took 4 months, but all ya'll had to do was drop a line, "The added paints is taking more time than plan, but your going to be getting 5 times more paints (or how many extra it ended up being)." It was a great update to the DLC as before I told folks not to get it cause half of it was limited behind RNG permitted ships and the other half had so few choices, now I tell folks to get it or let me know cause I have it on several accounts and paint there ships up if needed. This game is released now so remember that when things take longer than plan, just a simple update would be nice. No one has been asking for exact dates and such, but updates would be nice. Hint the whole #SOON...........as we never know what coming in the future means, could be next day or next year. I assume it would be by number of ports owned and or how much those ports make. This would mean clans that snagged up a bunch of useless ports and never do any fighting might have to deal with a bit of fighting after all or loose said ports. Actually many games use AI/NPC"s to force faction play and control. To be honest I still think they should go to 5 factions. This way they can add more nations if they want, but those nations will be part of one of the 5 main factions instead of having 11 factions. They also need to look at some type of limit if one nation gets way to top heavy you can't do any +forge papers to that nation until it's numbers equal out in other nations/factions. Other wise you have what we have with RUSSIA right now where folks keep jumping to it. Imagine if they brought back the alliance system and Clans vote on the alliance of the faction they want to join not the nation....so you can have half of Russia in one faction and the other half in another? All while at war with each other? That would be something interesting.
  7. Joke or not some names should be put on perma ban list. though I do nostice some folks try to get around certain rules with odd spelling and such. Really what gets me is the guys that use curse words in there names or insults that might not mean the same thing to others (from other countries). So when you +report them the Devs might not understand. The +report chat should have a second option of saying why your reporting them. Other wise you have to use F11 function.
  8. Just don't go elite buff NPC's for them. While yes I know folks think AI are dumb and easy, but not every one is an Elite Super Vet player. Yes we actually have players that struggle with normal AI and some of the Elites can be very powerful to all but the best of players. Like many other games balance your game for the average players not the ELITE FEW. I'm all game to try new things, specially since my next game went epic exclusive and pushed back a few months, that means my new game slate is clean for the rest of the year.......just wish work gave me more of a life to play more...lol
  9. Uh we don't have the update yet, let me remind you #SOON...... I honesdtly would prefer the LVG Refit be made a DLC or they give us a Refit of the Indiaman, hell just a DLC trade ship would be nice....While more 4th rates in game would be nice, but do wee really need two DLC 4th rates? I would prefer it to be in game craftable and not a DLC or hiden behind random RNG loot drop of permit. For Peace server never understood why they still had this, cause it's not like your going to fight each other or run away. Most likely you might join the same side of a battle.
  10. @admin You mention three new features for the Peace server, but you mention War here too. So will NPC port flips happen on War Server too? This would be interesting, but than again it's a PvE server with elements of PvP after all while the Peace is a PvE only server. I mean bring it on if it makes for a more exciting map if folks aren't fighting other wise. Maybe if there was like an AI/Nation, but really can't see it working for War. Though a deterioration on ports maybe, if no one uses it or pay? I prefer some means for Clans to change ports in nation first before we have any AI/NPC attacking ports. I mean what type of fleet will they have? Will they just be ELITE BUFFED up fleets or something or just normal ships of that BR range?
  11. A fir/Fir Trinc is 1 knt faster than a fir/fir Wasa so not exactly sure how you got run down other than the fact they can shoot the crap out of your sails and slow you down. Than again most the time when your dealing with being out number most will not win.
  12. I all ready know INK's answer....right click ignore/report. I mean how hard is it to just ignore folks?
  13. I believe you have to be rank 5 to get the VM's, once you rank up you will get them. That is why Ink is asking what your rank is.
  14. Has it been reported/tribunal? Cause if there is a pattern normally it adds with them doing trade and proving they are alts of a certain player and they can be punished. Well if DEVS stop playing with there other game and actually keep this one updated and do there job that is. And I said the solution to pirates being able to join both sides, just make them FFA in all battle no matter what side. Any nation can sink a pirate no matter the side they join so there is no green on green when dealing with pirates. Why would nationals let pirates fight with them and live?
  15. LGV and Renomm I believe where design by the same guy so very simular ships, but than again we have an LGV refit that honestly should be a DLC or maybe one of the Indianman.
  16. Could of been one or many achievments we would of had to done in game. Join every nation through forge papers and such (so an alt can't just buy the flag for you). It also needes a preview like paints since you can 't see it unless you buy it.
  17. The US one is the Betsy Ross flag, which is like the most iconic US flag and it's not even in the flags with the DLC, it's locked behind 50K doubloons. All the 50K flags should be in the DLC, but they aren't. Than give folks in game a chance to buy a few flags with Doubloons that dont' want to buy the DLC.
  18. I also think sub region ports since they don't h ave to have a timer should pay half there tax (5% of the norm 10%) towards the Region Capital owner, that how tax's worked back than you paid to the governor of the region you where in and than they paid to the kings or lords above them. If that port isn't making enough than it should fall neutral if no one pays the bill or the Region Capital owner (Governor Clan) should be able to allow it go Neutral or have another clan take it. Give us more control over regions we own. As mention later by @Aster it should mean that any of that zone can attack it or trade it....I like that it can't hold a timer too. This was removed before the servers where even merged. Other nations where using there alts to tag pirates so they can all jump in and kill the pirates around the Safe zones/Capital waters or Mort so it was removed. We asked for it back as it was never the pirates that had issues with it and abused it. We have also asked for many other hard core mechanics to make pirates more pirates but yet to see anything. If they did such I'll admit I would go back to being a pirate (other than the one solo alt that is one). He's hinted at a few things that we have mention over time as being solutions, than he's gone and done something totally opposite.....It would be nice to have some sort of solution for trouble clans or dead clans that don't play nice or is not active to be take care of.
  19. You might want to check the map, it's not a PIrate port any more. Maybe we wanted to switch clans, maybe we wanted a better fight, maybe a lot of things. You will never know since your not Dutch. Maybe keep out of others business and worry about your own nation. Actually loosing a few ports around that area would be good for AI farming. That port has always been a bitch to defend or take. The wind can kill either team specially once it starts turning it could change the whole match big time. Last time Hartz split like this it was like 2 weeks and I think he went on drill or something and came back, so I expect him to be back soon and his typical RAGING ROID self. I kinda feel for the guys left, as it's was not a surprised that Raz runs off to another nation as soon as the heat gets hot, just like he did in Russia, US, GB, France and now Pirates. I do give VCO credit they do stick to a nation for a good while and not jump when shit hits the fan.
  20. Been a while since I played, but you don't want to grow to fast to big. Remember some battles you will just always be out number cause that was how it was. Really wish some of the effects you do in battles before effective the enemy more. I have had some battles I barely meet the objective and others I wiped the field clean. That and really wish some one would make more battles and campaign for the game as it was fun but needs more content.
  21. Only if you warn them first, "If you take my loot than I will fire upon you." The key is you have to warn them first and it needs to be screen shot that your warned them first. This is to cover your arse more than anything in case they report you. Though honestly I think all pirates no matter what side they join should be allowed to be green on green. Why would I be friendly to a pirate just cause he joined my side? I can understand another nation, but not a known pirate. Other wise yes green on green is against the rules unless you tell each other it's ok (sinking your own ships so other team can't get them). It would prob help if you next time added the report number (it shows on the top of the left side of thee screen after you make the report the number). And or screen shots of such.
  22. Just like paints pretty much, but this would mean a change in the game system. I still wish we could see the flags in OW too, not just battles.
  23. It's in game for 50K doubloons. Which I still think any of the Admirality store flags should be part of the DLC too. Than just have other flags drop like paints do or something.
  24. The Pirate Refit if you take the piant (outlaw I think) You get a black out ship with dark/blackish sails. I really want to see what the LGV Refit looks like and maybe H Rattler, but sadly those are locked away in RNG world.
  25. Internet might be fine but a router between you and the server might not be. Specially with you being in NZ and server in Germany? I had this issue where something on the way was dropping some of us on the east coast of US. If you had the game server IP you could do a trace route to see if it’s something in the middle.
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