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  1. I just wanted to add to @Ink PvE server did not get an XP wipe upon release so if your just wanting to play and not PvP your char should be what ever level it was before the release of the game. That is if you had played any since the 2017 wipe. As for PvP server though if you do the Tutorial and finish the final exam it can boost you up to Mid Shipman status which helps for leveling up faster. I always advice returning players to do this as it gives them a brush course of some things that might of changed since they last played. Welcome back.
  2. Hell didn't PvP2 go like 9 months before we ever seen a mod show up? Only reason they started showing up was talks of merging servers and such. Though I agree for most things the moderators should prob deal with there own nation problems, unless it's a big time break in the rules.
  3. I said it before and think even suggested it once. ALL BATTLES SHOULD BE FFA pretty much unless you are of the same nation. Than that is the only time Green on Green counts. You are a British guy and some US player join your fight on your side, they can fire upon you or the Spanish your fighting if they like. This will solve 99% of the Green on Green cases. Pirates of course don't count as every one hates them including other pirates. All battles they are involved incuding other pirates should be FFA. So that way it's more a clan thing than a nation thing with them.
  4. As much as me and @Christendom have butt heads over the years. I'm 100% behind this post right here. I think we all have agree that this should of been done a long time ago and even still now should do like most other MMO games, there is not just one or two active Moderators, they have several of them. I would also strongly add. IF YOUR A MODERATOR YOU SHOULD NOT MODERATE WITH THE CHAR YOU PLAY. This can make it very bias when some folks are, "yah I'm RP right now" Actually had a pass mod say that on PvP2 when some violated a very big rule in global and was caught red handed abusing
  5. Don't plant the flag where deep water ships can join I would say. Though never planted one yet, but isn't the front of the island shallow for to the most part so maybe hug the coast a bit more? They still had to sail those ships all the way over there once they found out some one was trying to set the flag, you could of had a fleet waiting to intercept them. Though all honesty I agree a shallow port missions should be done by a shallow ship that is allowed into that PB not any ship that can carry the flag, but as stated above you could of done thigns yourself to better place tha
  6. An extra Tack? LOL I get a feelilng you don't fight in big ships much? Some ships if the wreck is even partially up wind your never going to get to it with spending a lot of time and than it's sunk. I'll be honest when I'm grinding out my SOL/big boys I rarely loot cause it's to much a pain to try to get to the ship when the retarded AI desides to once more turn into irons and away from me. It seems worse with smaller ships like 5th rates.
  7. We all know they will still run with no guns and 4 ships and most of them at min crew and still cry when they get tagged and tagged and tagged. Every one of my trader has guns on them. Last time I was tagged a Dane player help me sink the russian. Than he tagged me after the fight and sunk my main ship. Letting the rest go. If the Russsian player didn't disengage I would of beat his Trinc in boarding. This was vs my main indy, which all had guns but it carried 18 lbs while I keep only 9's on fleet to shoot sales. I have two slots open with barricades and marines on my ships, trying
  8. Might as well go play on PvE server than, trade ships is part of war and the game. It's a risk you take.
  9. A better way to do prize crew/cargo would be to have AI ships around capitals have special cargo that can drop some times. This wieghes a lot so wouldn't fit on most raider ships. So you would have to sail the trade ship (assume in fleet) back to a safe port to get rewarded for your capture. But to many folks complained that it wouldn't be fair so the rewards for PvP was made so that just sinking the ship was more reward than most cargo ships.. I have suggested in the past having it drop loot box's that are worth a good penny to encourage being brought back to port. Just make it so you
  10. and you missed the point where I said it pauses the actions from out side during the boarding game. It's prob a bad glitch that needs to be looked at as we normally don't have that happen in ever fight.
  11. Think of it this way, Boarding kinda pauses all things that happen outsdie. You can sink a ship fully while some one is in boarding, but until they come out of that boarding the ship won't actually sink. Like I said above I done this before where I quickly took the other guys ship since mine was pretty much sunk. Than I proceded to go after other ships with a full health ship and crew (it was back when we had press gang). So I assume that is what the AI did. He beat you at boarding and took your ship. So the TAB shows it in the new ship, but than the explosion killed his crew and both wh
  12. It didn't turn into one, it took your ship than was kiled by the explosion. I seen this before in other battlees and also done it myself when I taken other players ships in fights cause mine was sinking and than later get sunk in said captured ship (it was back when we had press gang and could do mass boardings in one battle). I actually got credit for the kill too of my own ship when it sunk.
  13. I think before the summer steam sale did the math and not counting the 1st rate DLC it's about 250 for DLC's and add another 40-50 bucks for the game. When I did the actual math for myself and teh alts I have it's about 1200 bucks and I only have 6 but only play 3 chars all in Dutch nation and the one Pirate I take out once in a while when I'm bored and want to solo hunt. A lot of us bought our extra chars back when it was more usefull with how trade and crafting was and the fact you could make good money of comp wood and Tabasco runs. As I explain to folks I'm not doing something that
  14. There is one more that does too in the same family of mods I got the other day. I'll have to log in and look it up. I keep a lot of boarding mods as I like to board.
  15. To the OP, well it's not our fault you weren't here? I missed the Freee l'Ocean over last holidays cause I was busy doing family stuff. Some times you just don't get things if your not around. Maybe something special will happen in the future, but you can't force or cry about getting something just cause your not active in game. @admin Could have it part of a string of missions/events that you have to do, with each giving some random loot chest, but the final one you get something like this book or somethign diffrent (since a lot of us have it).
  16. This actually isn't to bad, cause it gives us folks that aren't able to have big groups to do Privateer fleets to get a chance at a chest. I moved a ship on PvE server to one of the zones....dangit I plan to get one note even if it means only on that server lol
  17. There should be a port cap like set it to 55. Just the system means that smaller nations and clans that don't own a big 55 point port can invest to get something better than they start with. I suggested this on the new patch page that there needs to be a cap or you will have all the big clans/nations with maxed out ports and the small nations and clans wont have crap and they can't compete against such ships. There needs to be some incentive to help the small clans/nations out against the big ones or you get the snow ball effect like we have with MOTHER RUSSIA and no one being able to take t
  18. The easy solution to alts you tag, if I'm not in the TS with you and in your clan or nation. Than I'm not an alt of the person they said and your sinkable. That was the Rule BLACK had on PvP2 and I still keep to that rule. If your not in coms and I don't know your alts name (we pretty much knew all our alts). I'm going to sink you. It was allways funny cause folks would say, "I'm Texas alt." Knowing I had a few, but not knowing all mine where in Pirates except the one in Danes for the most part. So if it was US or GB it wans't my alt. Sink them if they are truelly alts they make enou
  19. Intersting we do our Father and Mothers days on Sunday in the States so it doesn't effect work weeks. Though we are rolling up on our Memorial Day Weekend which tends to be the big kick off for many summer time. Though honestly a lot of folks I know that stopped playing has been cause of recent changes to the game and the AdR being none craftable and only rare ship after we waited so long for it. I pretty much given up on this game, can't RvR cause no one can match the Russian population. Can't really Solo play cause you get ganked by groups. Can't play the ships you want ca
  20. Manual wouldn't be good for those of us with real lives. What if we skip a payment cause we are working? I just came off doing 12 hour shifts since the first of the year and I can't be on all the time as clan leader compared to back when I was on all the time. That is why folks are suggesting actual in game mechanics.
  21. Every morning after maintenance down time it comes out of the Clan bank, if the funds or short it comes from the create. If that is short than ports will drop, but if some one puts millions in there and or the port makes enough money to pay for it self it will just stay with the clan. When funds are short it starts to drop ports if more than one is owned. It pays the tax according to oldest port own and than the next port and next until funds run out. So if you own 5 ports and only can pay for 4, the newest one will drop first.
  22. While I don't play this game,, but in there other UA and UG game I have brought this up cause they have Easy, Normal, and Hard. Not every one is an expert player as some players are. If your struggling to fight in Easy there is a problem. Normal should be the normal play for folks and should give a bit of a challenge. I hear a lot of guys in UA:AoS say Hard is to easy, but that is them, they aren't the normal casual player that will play the game and might thing normal is hard as hell. There was an isssue with AI in UG:CW where they would take to much risk and charge all the time breaking
  23. It's been suggested many times that we need some system to remove dead clans and ALT clans within you nations. While on PvE they have the Raiders attack lesser used ports, this suppose to be a means to remove them, but it doesn't help if it's an active port that folks actually use (not the dead clan or said alt clan) and well it isn't on the PvP server. Even a simple hand off port in Nation would help a lot as it's been a problem too where if you drop a port it looses investment and you have risk of others taking it cause the AI window might not be in your window of operation. Best solut
  24. I'm sure ya'll will change this any way, but wasn't the game time period for ships 1700 to 1820 as the cut off. Since US was a nation dureing that time it makes since. Not 1600 colonies that only lasted 4 years. I honestly don't give a fact about adding more nations in game, but I do think we need a faction system so that it's only like 4 major factions fighting against each other (made up of multi nations) with a few sub factions (Impossible nations and Pirates). This way you can bring all the flags and nations you want into the game and folks can play what ever nation they want, but
  25. I been having a lot of lag all week and today I been getting dropped a lot. I done trace routes and it seems the issues for some of us US players is at the Germany hub where the ping jumps big time and than goes back down. So yah it's prob not the servers but something in the infrastructure to get to the servers. Ya'll really should have put the servers not in central EU but some where on the west coast of EU like France or UK cause the hub we have to go through causes more issues for those not in EU.
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