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  1. I wasn't the only one having problems. Though others where US based such as me as it was during US prime time, but since I don't have the IP of the server I can't do a trace route to see if there was an issue between me and the game server. When I gave up it was 10pm CST which would of been around 4-5am server time.
  2. Well my game pings been around 300-900 and I keep getting dropped. So much for playing on my one day off. I'm going to give up since got work tomorrow. Figure might as well since it keeps dropping me while I'm making a run.
  3. I always open my chest in a ships hull so they don't get mixed up with my warehouse stuff. Though tonight the servers are being really laggy for me so that could be the issue that it's lagging the results. Oh and mission chest don't give doubloons, only mods. The mission reward would go into your chest though, make sure your not maxed out as you can only hold 10000 doublons in your portable chest. That could be the problem to so check on that.
  4. Servers have both been very laggy tonight with ping going from normal for me 120-130 all the way up to 1300. It seems to be effecting some players and not others. So don't know if it's something between the US and the server or if it's the server it self doing it. Figure I drop a post for others to post if they are affected.
  5. The scaling still seems off. I lost two battles and said screw it. Might go back and try easy again but I shouldn't be force to play in easy. And I'm not running around in 3rd rates as this was just the 3rd and 4th UK missions. I'm getting out gun and crew by the ships it places no matter if I bring one 5th rate or 2-3 7-6th rates. Which I don't get how a 9 lb Cerberus frigate is doing more damage than a 12lb Herm in broad sides, but they are melting my armor and they have more crew so I can't board them as it's 280 crew with ai board mods vs my 270 and no boarding epuiptment (can't afford it).
  6. Only clan creator and Diplomats can do it, so you need to have trusted officers in those position. The reason for 4 folks total is cause Clan leaders have gone MIA and some of us have real lives so can't be on all the time. If you don't have folks you trust in those position or in your clan than you might want to think about who all you let in. Than again there is a reason I have an alt clan to store all /MY/ stuff in so if some one was to sabotage a clan I'm in or lead of we have back up. Than again I don't let any random person be officer but I also don't keep it so strict no one can get into the clan warehouse either. If one of the Diplomats set it to neutral than they have other issues in there clan to worry about.
  7. They need to have another option to lock investments flat out or lock to clan only, but still allow friendly clans to use the port. Cause destroying an accidental investment isn't exactly cheap either. Though I also agree there should be some sort of log of who invest to help clans give credit to those that help or to see who is putting stuff in that doesn't need to be. The problem with that is that any friendly clans can't use the port if you set that. They should have the two seperate options of friendly clans that can use the port but can't invest cause you have it locked to clan or officers only.
  8. Maybe keep dlc traits random but allow players that craft ships to pick the perk they want with a chance at the normal or better. Cramp vs very cramp. Fast vs very fast.
  9. Wrong alts are nothing more than multi players of the game. Me and my 6 chars aren’t doing anything 6 well organized players can do. Except I can’t fight with all 6 of my chars at the same time. Done 2-3 before but that was a pain. If your getting your arse beat by one guy runing more than one char I hate to say alts isn’t your problem in a game where skill does matter.
  10. Isn't that what we got the Trader Lynx for?
  11. You have to have the points to keep the ship in the first place. This is pretty much what most of us do any way to make money. As long as you have enough reputation points to keep them in this means.
  12. The LGV needs some help and I think this would be good, but LGVR had less cargo space cause of the extra crew and cannons and such.
  13. I still liked when some regions gave you certian perks but don't do it like it use to be where only certain ones do. We have AI traits we can't craft that could be added to the player pool in certain regions. So it really doesn't matter who owns the port in that region you can get a chance of that perk instead of the cramp, strong rig, fast, etc we get now.
  14. I actually use it a lot in boarding and when broad side to broad side with some one I'm graping and such. It makes the hit box's become more spread out so you actually destroy more cannons and crew than shooting all your shots at the same hit box at one location. Been doing this for years...lol But I do agree it's a pain when you forget and mess up a good broad side cause you forgot to switch it back to Bow or Stern order.
  15. I own the Redoutable on three chars, two of which can't even crew it on PvP server (but all could if I Played on PvE). It right now is more resourceful for me to break up than to play it. I just last week got enough WO (s) to make an L'Ocean. I would prefer to use the little time I have playing and fighting than breaking up ships and making trade runs. The trade runs aren't so important now I don't have to pay for a timer.
  16. One thing that they could do to make crafting profitable over the DLC's is allow a crafter to pick the random perk or have no random perk for DLC ships (prefer the crafter part) remember back when you max out crafting level 50 we got to make master craft mods and ships. There was a reason to rank up in crafting cause you crafted better stuff. I should be getting more Gold and purple ships or ships with perks cause I'm level 7 crafter over some one that is say level 3. I know they said they didn't want to touch the perk system, but I still think the best way to do something with perks is to make them tied with your ranks. As you gain crafting levels you gain that perk for light ships, frigates and SOL's when can craft all ships of that type. Other than crafting ports bonus there is no other perks to crafting ships over the instant click SEASON WOODS DLC ship that doesn't cost millions to craft and can be very easly replaced cause the permits aren't locked behind very rare RNG loot drops.
  17. Crafting anything but ships doesn't give XP. Some crafters need xp to rank up and craft more things. While it can be profitable if you have the labor hours, but if you don't than you can't really craft enough to keep up with demand. Please give xp for crafting other items other than ships. It doesn't have to be a lot. Just like xp for sailing should go to ships too, cause it would be pretty much the only way most trade ships gain XP. Maybe lock it to only trade ships gain xp this way. Other wise it's annoying trying to grind out slots on a tanked out Indianman. LGV isn't so bad, but really no one hardly uses it for trade runs any more.....and if your in a trader brig your pretty much dead any way.
  18. I think the biggest problem is permits why folks don't use a lot of the 3rd rates and other ships. Why don't we make all permits for 3rd rate and below gained through use of VM's? While we can still get the permits for free through loot chest, but other wise we can buy them in Admiralty shop. Keep the permits that cost CM's but add in other ways to get other permits than loot chest. Since release the only permits I have gotten was one of each: Indefat, Endy, Bellona.....no other ships permits and the rest from gold chest was just common loot/mats for the most part nothing rare. The average casual player still can't do Privateer's cause you need a group of folks in big ships. How about making them a mix of elites with chance of the chest drops in elite ship/fleets too. So we have more than one way to find them. Those elites can be aggressive AI too. Cause I know I can't do any Privateer fleets solo and with my current work hours I barely get 1-3 hours a night and I'm spending most of that doing trade runs to pay for stuff/timers (which I don't have to pay for not since my clan lost it's one port over the weekend). Mortar brigs can still prob do a lot of damage to ships, the problem is the FORTS have way to many HP's so they aren't used in PB's. That and can we maybe have a deep water version to use? I'll be bluntly honest the only way I'm getting season woods right now is breaking up my DLC ships as. Even than I gone a few days where I didn't get any woods. It shouldn't be like this.
  19. Well some of us just don't have luck with RNG GODS. I know I'm one of those guys. While not the wood chest but I open a lot of gold chest and only gotten three permits from them and nothing out of the odinary while I see guys getting permits all the time. RNG just sucks for some folks. I still haven't been able to get a group together when I'm on to try a raid/privateer fleet and get the wooden chest. Few AI port battles I have been in it's very greedy snag of those chest which honestly should be more for those that are in the port battle. Even worse share than epic events chest that you have to split between 6 players. Just think of it as you might of pissed off the RNG GODs and will never get that one good role.....hint reason I have bought all my Reno permits so far...lol
  20. Why does one pay out more in reals but not as much in every thing else? I really haven't been able to figure out what they pay off. I get some high income ports might pay more in Reals, but is the other stuff off investments or something? Than you have to deal with Privateer fleets in the area too. All while trying to get the chest back to some place safe to open and than split it with between 2-6 players as you only get one chest.
  21. As Farrago said your rank is tied, so if you make a new char you will come back as Master Com, but the rewards are a one time thing so you won't get them again. Kinda making the Tutorial not effective if you done them before. I kinda wish they where tied to you account in that if I did them on one server I don't have to do them again on another......lol I was doing them the other week on PvE just in case I ever go play and to get some repairs. I just hate doing the turtorial parts over and over when I just need to knock off the last exam and final.
  22. But why are we forced to be friendly to an enemy nation that joins on our side. I still think Green on Green should only pertain to same nations in a battle. All other nations should be Free for all cause I wouldn't let just some pirate come help me or the current enemy I'm at war with just cause he joined my side of a battle. Of course this isn't the PvP zones where we are suppose to join up with sides and kill each other, the problem seems to be a OW in actually zones we are fighting over with multi nations.
  23. It's from when the game was released and on the PvE server. I was just being mean and teaseing. Had the note and just opened it to go that. To bad I don't play on that server.
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