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  1. Exactly, jewelry and all this. Ive _NEVER_ found them in any port, ever... And ive been looking alot...
  2. Ofcourse! But cant really find those "BIG shiny things" That I really want to trade 😕
  3. Is it actually possible to sell any trading good for 3X the price you buy it for? I havent found anything yet atleast.. Any tip?
  4. So, Im interested in joining, but as stated I cannot join without any sponsor. What do I do ?
  5. I can't access the ingame chat and i would like to know why i was restricted. Ingame nickname: Fredrik The Greatcock I might also add that I have not been online for quite som time!
  6. Hello, yes you might. Add me on steam. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197997832302
  7. Nation - Great Britain, server PVP 3. Clan / Clan-Tag - Royal Fleet of the Americas / ROYAL IGN - Fredrik The Greatcock, Chilyn, Alan Demarest Forum-name - http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/user/18045-speedy1/ secound language - English, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish.
  8. Would be nice if you added us:) Name: Royal Fleet Of The Americas [ROYAL] Nation: Great Britain Players: We are English speaking. Contact : Speedy1(Fredrik The Greatcock ingame), Chilyn, Alan Demarest Server: PVP 3 EU
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