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  1. More single players features would be cool, like the possibility to create various kind of battles, have preset battles a bit like in Ultimate General Civil War, or develop traits depending on the player careers, like blockade runner (a trader that often manage to evade attacks) or master hunter (player with high success rate in pvp).
  2. Hi Devs, Hope this subject was not touched yet, as i have been away from the waves for a while. Loki Runes are a nice add on to the games and bring more easily to PVP: I would suggest to implement the possibility for Loki Runes players (those who decide to use the rune at anytime) to be transferred to a battle where only the same feature users will be found. A bit like Naval Action Legends. In order to have this to happen, would be cool to receive a monthly amount of those runes or make this like a Battle Mission in the Port Menu For the players to arrange the fights, a shout in the various chats would be enough. Players of same nation should be allowed to use the runes against each other. And last but not least... "Britannia Rule The Waves"
  3. Hi devs, as the reward for delivery&cargo mission are now lowered, would it be possible to see more AI traders on the sea? Would be great if even Indiamen would sail around, so even the new player will be able to gather a decent amount of dubloons and various loot, without going throught the combat and hunting missions.
  4. What a tragedy. So many deads. So much pain. How will we survive this?
  5. With seasons, then it would be nice if nations get a wider safe area that wont be affected by the periods (seasons) changes, already provided with crafting ports so smaller nation/with fewer players would always have a way to engage in battles and events.
  6. Cool. Gregory, How old is that pic whit me in the SLRN?
  7. Delivery missions are well balanced now and give the possibilty to new players or people who dont play much to have a quick way to earn some money and get ship to experience the game. Rewards seems to be fine by now. I would just slightly reduce the distance to travel for every delivery mission. Best regards.
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