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  1. If clan officers / council members can decide about bans and whos allowed to speak in chat, i join the NPCs fleet.
  2. Vonatar

    Server down

    Its just the Kraken
  3. Hello devs! Is it possible to have the maintenace for the PVP server made at a different time from the PVE one?
  4. Go "Neutral" (same nation of NPCs) DLC: You get your white flag, your name will be the one of your ship type so nobody will be able to recognize you are a human player and you can run surprise attack against enemies fleets, traders and stuffs.
  5. This might be a problem, cause people dont get a drink and become wise when they are clan officers or top officers (national leaders?). Recently some of the "top leaders" of a certain nation acted in the worse way imaginable: had they the possibility to moderate nationl chat, nazi censorship would seems sweet in comparison.
  6. Who use a Loki should be brought in a fight with another player using a Loki too...
  7. Hello Devs! I did see this kind of map/video ages ago and i was wondering if the same can be done with Naval Action, like on a monthly base indicating all the sinking taking place in the Caribbean. ***** "A Time-Lapse Map of Every Nuclear Explosion Since 1945 - by Isao Hashimoto" *****
  8. Hello devs! I guess it was already debated, but it would be lovely if you can implement this new feature in the game. Once a battle start, like a Prince hunting down a Indiaman, there should be the option for the hunter or the hunted to propose the end of the fight in change of a compensation (reals). If the agreement takes place, the hunter is prevented, by game mechanic, to hunt down the same player for a certain amount of time (half hour?).
  9. Would be fun monthly Kraken event too
  10. So finally the Privateer rised to be la creme de la creme of all Naval Action ships!
  11. Just like the names say, something like Silent Hunter serie
  12. Well, because its possible to sabotage a clan or a nation, shouldnt we have a system to punish the saboteurs, maybe giving out their names or mark em with something special like they used to do with cheaters in GTA?
  13. Would be intersting if every nation get a capital and a starting 55points ship crafting port. #Seasons
  14. Sudden widespread crash a couple mins ago?
  15. Wasnt streaming or recording it. Case it happens again i ll take a OP vid
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