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Found 60 results

  1. Bonsoir ! J'ai une suggestion à faire concernant les mission de Cargo et de Passager disponibles dans chaque ports. Actuellement, il est possible pour tous les joueurs de trouver 6 missions dans chacun des ports dans lesquels ils se rendent ( Uniquement les ports alliés en PvP et tous les ports en PvE ) pour ensuite les livrer là où c'est demandé. J'ai aussi remarqué que tous les joueurs avaient les mêmes missions. Par exemple, si je me trouves à Aves et qu'on me propose une mission pour livrer des marchandises à La Mona, tous les joueurs qui viendront dans ce port auront cette même mission durant la même journée, comme vous le savez sans doutes. Cela étant dit, les joueurs ne peuvent pas donner le cargo à quelqu'un afin qu'il fasse la mission pour lui. C'est quelque chose que je peux comprendre car si une vingtaine de joueurs se trouvent dans un même port, il pourraient abuser de la chose et ainsi faire un voyage avec 4 indiaman pour l'équivalent de 16000 Doublons en peu de temps puis refaire ça dans le plus de ports possibles. Cela étant dit, je trouves que ce système limite trop les possibilité de projet de commerce d'ampleur qu'il serait intéressant de voir apparaitre sur le serveur PvE. L'idée que je proposes pour permettre de telles choses tout en évitant qu'il y ait des abus serait de rendre ces missions plus nombreuse dans les ports. De plus, il faudrait que ces mission soient accessibles à tout le monde en même temps. C'est à dire que lorsque quelqu'un prend une mission, elle n'est plus accessible aux autres joueurs, sauf si celui-ci perd la marchandises ou si il annule la mission. Concernant la limite du nombre de mission, il serait bien qu'elle soit modifiée, je penses... Je ne sais pas si le mieux serait de la retirer ou si il faut la mettre un peu plus élevée, mais je sais qu'il faut en faire quelque chose. Quoi qu'il en soit, elle ne sert pas à grand chose dans le stade actuel. Je suis conscient qu'il y a certainement plusieurs choses à ajuster dans mon idée et je serai content de voir d'autre idées venir approfondir ce sujet. Voilà pour moi ! Hawk.
  2. These new Naval Academy's missions came from Alpha 4 are...well, very fun. Giving a super BB against an entire fleet, it is indeed engaging. But with some problems. That in order to finish them, which need to be deal though some unusual methods. Frankly, the Retreats. When going to build a super-heavy battleship with about 100,000 tons, conventionally, won't consider that they need to go with a speed more than 35 knots. AKA these giants probably won't be designed to serve as vanguards or hunters or any quick-react task force which manoeuvres fast. Yet in these new missions, you have to chase an enemy fleet at full withdrawing. Of course it is possible to do so, but, well, their retreat just happens fast. As far as the enemy's BBs lost perhaps more than half-strength at 2 BBs, or lost some strength at 3 BBs, the entire enemy fleet disengage and begin to withdraw. Which makes the chasing inevitable. And the chasing is...well, truly annoying. Destroy or disable an engaging ship is easy and fast, but chase it and sunk it, needs more time more ammo and it is not fun at all. Kicking enemy's ass for about several minutes at 5x speed is...ah, meh. And sink an already damaged ship would need probably 3-5 times more ammo than defeat it in the engaging. The only advantage is that the enemy's retaliation would reduce heavily. I would not say that should not allow the retreat, but, the objective of the Naval Academy's missions, is to sink the majority of the enemy, and if it is not be done, it is considered as fail. If this happens in a campaign, of course it is acceptable. Any enemy would want to save their strength to fight another day, and efforts these have been done, still could be considered as a victory. But in the Naval Academy, it just adds more conditions to be accomplished. Which makes more methods must be used, in order to achieve the objective. And these conditions, I could not see and say that they are designed to be a part of the mission's challenge and waiting the player to find some more unconventional builds to beat them. I just said, but I was noticed that at Alpha 3's modern BB's mission. Of course I could disable the enemy ship and just chase it till the end, but it was 1v1 and the condition was acceptable to be a part of the mission, as the further needs when the firepower seems not enough. And it truly fit the topic about a modern US BB which is similar to the Iowa-class. But I would not expect any super-heavy BB to chase down the enemy at 35 or more knots, no matter it's the H class or the Montana class, in the history or even any their designs would do so. Also building 2 smaller fast ship with 18" could also do this job but...should this be considered as the conventional way? These missions are not difficult, but I just feel, they are not what they were supposed to be. Perhaps the mechanism of the retreats should be changed or fixed. I did not say or agree that should not allow the enemy to retreat in these missions.
  3. About this mission... I've been struggling hardcore with balancing the destroyers to succeed in... anything. -Since the available tech is pretty low and the displacement is very limited, I just can't make the ideal build: it's an all-or-nothing for either survivability (that is overrated, because DDs are pretty much effed in 2 good hits) or offense (which is all good and nice, before you're torn to shreds by the enemy's superior number of guns). -I've tried a suggestion I saw around here too, with spreading torpedoes all over and keeping the enemy away, but that just doesn't work when you can't throw them faster than the enemy TBs can close the distance to you. -My oh my, the CAs are like angry badgers with my DDs: they just refuse to aim at the BB, and whatever their main gun caliber, the secondaries are enough to blow up the DDs engines, which is almost guaranteed death. -Lastly, the BB you get is horrible: pre-dreadnought, few, innacurate or weak secondaries, and outright useless main guns. it's slower than my grandma, and one torpedo pretty much halts it for good. It can do some work on the enemy, but only if you put it at spitting distance, and I think that's not a good idea against TBs. So, how did y'all deal with this mess, if anyone's managed a solid win? I think the worst part is that there's no way to avoid being grossly outnumbered, and the DDs are generally not that better than the enemy TBs in any way, sometimes even worse. My best try:
  4. Strength in Unity! That is our motto, and we play to it. You need to play Games like Naval Action together with friends like us, to get all the fun out of them! All Captains are Welcome to apply to the Saint George Squadron! We are steadily growing, and are always actively searching for new members to join our great society! We try to shine amongst other clans by our gentleman-style rules, respect to others, ranking system, wikipedia, out of game rewards, achievements, cooperative actions, training and much more! The Squadron has already existed for over 15 years! Hip hip huzzay! We only require you to cooperate with our naming policy on our forums, where all the small roleplay and management of the Squadron takes place. Also, we do not accept ingame nicknames that are tasteless, violating or in any other way seen as unfit to the Squadron. Ask our officers if you are unsure! We will find solutions if you really are interested in our forum activities. http://www.st-george-squadron.com https://www.st-george-squadron.com/sgs/board/index.php We do not require you to be a hardcore gamer, or online most of the day. We have a system where you need to be active in our Forums or Discord only once a month AFTER you have passed the Patronage period. We also have our own wikipedia that is almost its own game universe already! Ours is a great clan for those who are taking it easy and just love to explore different areas of the game! For voice communication we have moved from Teamspeak to Discord. The invitation links to our channel can be acquired on our forums, or through any of our officers. S! Captains! The ‘St George’ Squadron of the White is a society dedicated to Captains of His Britannic Majesty’s Royal Navy. Squadron is already 15 Years old and still going. The oldest members still playing have been in the squadron almost long as the Society has existed. We are naval enthusiasts, gamers, keen role-players and above all passionate patriots. We will in-game play our parts with good natured professionalism, ruthlessness and chivalry. All qualities that we admire in people who may wish to join this growing Squadron. Our squadron is built on the principles and traditions of the Royal Navy. Our inspiration is of Britain's long naval history, great naval heroes and the doctrine in which they lead their men and fought their battles. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and reputation. Every member of our Squadron from Gentlemen to Sea Lords are important to the success of our Squadron, and each are imbued with a sense of belonging to a “Band of Brothers” in the great tradition of Nelsonic philosophy. Our team spirit is highly relished, and any member who has joined so far will tell you that the friendships they have gained by joining will no doubt be friendships for life. We are a diverse group, of many nationalities, cultures and ages…..but as a society we are one, and that togetherness will be our success. The Squadron was founded in February 2004 by 6 original members who met of the forums for the game Pirates of the Burning Sea. From the start they decided to build a small guild of friends rather than a large super guild. It was decided to base the Squadron on the sprit of the Nelson era as this was a time of courage, honor and allowed captains a level of initiative not seen in the rigid battle lines of the earlier period. SGS Naval Action Constitution SGS Home Page Forums
  5. I got the exact same loot from my past three gold chests: Treaties on Making Salt Peter and British Gunners I asked a fellow clan member @Hammy, and he has also gotten the same loot from his past four gold chests, also Treaties on Making Salt Peter and British Gunners. This seems too unlikely to be attributed to bad luck. All the chests were opened in the same port (Nuevitas) but at different times.
  6. Is it just me or have the number of permits dropped from search and hunt missions (not pvp hunt) been drastically reduced. I used to get a permit every second mission or so. Now I barely get any. I can understand that getting a permit every mission is too much but one every ten to twenty missions is also way too low. There should be an incentive to do these missions. ATM the loot no longer makes them worthwhile.
  7. Are ten mission slots enough? We now have more types of missions than ever. Should the overall number of missions be raised? Or perhaps we should have a certain number of missions per category?
  8. A small guide to stay safe(ish) while fighting bots These topics pop up on occasion: I'm green text in-game (chat mod) so I sometimes get contacted by frustrated players: Some sandbox pundits think people need a bunch of shiny PvE content to engage in the game and distract them enough to not minding playing the victim over and over: I think this is truly idiotic but the dudes honestly believe this. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ People either like or feel forced to hump bots. “Pros” like to jump people doing it or ambush them as they come out. I have no sympathy for people who engage in such weak-ass PvP. This guide will help you reduce your exposure to such inane sandbox heroes. If you go out into OW you will be at risk, this is fine, the slower the ship the more exposed you are. If you’re one of those who likes to be left alone with your L’Ocean I can only help a tiny bit. Before you go out into OW synchronise Felix’ map with OW, it may help you orientate when coming out of an instance. Always note your heading when going into a fight, you’ll have the same heading when you get out. If possible make it easy for yourself to run to safety when you get out, after you’re done with the bots you have about 15 minutes to plan where to zoom with accelerated invisibility when you click out into OW. The admiralty Kill missions are private and people can’t jump you when you enter those (?), before clicking in point your ship towards where you believe you’ll have the most safety (reinforcement zone, ports, forts…). When you tag a bot in the reinforcement zone (R zone) you won’t be able to call in bots to help you and the forts won’t shoot at your enemy [correction: @Banished Privateer confirms that forts will shoot at enemy players] but your countrymen will have 30 minutes to come join and help you. If you’re jumped in the R-zone make sure to bring up the nation chat and tell everyone where the fight is, remember you can bring up chat inside the instance. If it’s the typical gank group try to waste as much of their time as possible, both to allow help to arrive but also to bore them as much as possible. They’re griefing you so feel free to return the favour: Fire ship, run, surrender or whatever you think will annoy them the most. Do not rage in chat because they feed on that. How to tag an OW bot or fleet. You should always scan the horizon, but be extra vigilant right before and if possible while the tag timer counts down. The two minute timer is long enough for ships beyond visual range to join before your fight closes, this only applies to windward ships so keep the keenest eye upwind. Make it a habit to tag with optimal wind position as that gives you a favourable fighting position or the option to extend and escape should you get jumped. Let the timer run for two minutes while you “escape” before engaging. The instance jumpers will inherit the relative bot position when they join and will have a hard time catching up with you. A gank group may have a smaller upwind sailer and with the weather gauge you’ll be able to seriously put out hurt on the small ships separated from their cavalry. If you’re chased by gankers in OW you can proactively tag bots with favourable wind and draw out the chase or get lucky and escape with accelerated invisibility. Don’t grow up to become a ganker or instance jumper yourself. That stuff is for the weak minds. You need real fights and shit like that won’t sustain you but rather rot your brain. ____ Made a youtube pretty out of this to make life harder for you shitheads... Bite me!
  9. Greetings, all you wonderful members of this forum! My name is RadicalEnigma (most people call me Rad or Sean, I don't have a preference), and I'm here to present to you all a new kind of clan: The Honorless Order of Twinkies! While our clan tag is indeed [THOT], I assure you we are not here simply to troll or badger our opponents. We do, however, outsmart our opponents, dodging patrols, evading capture, and even dishing out punishment in an effort to keep the US nation's trade running strong. Originally started in the early days of September of 2018, it started as a small group of friends who wanted to do missions and boost other friends who were new and were scared to venture out because of the constant siege of the U.S. suffered. We run missions with the new players, helping them rise up in rank and acquiring new ships, as well as giving fresh combat advice. We are also one of the leading crafting guilds in the U.S., albeit with only two of our members doing the crafting. We supply Charleston and other ports with cannons, resources, upgrades, and soon we'll begin producing ships in a much higher percentile. If you want to join the U.S. side and become part of our order, shoot me a mail, and I'll be sure to read it! We always love to have people around. (We'll be primarily using Discord instead of TS, primarily due to complications we've had with TS in the past. Discord will be required once the server is developed, and this topic will be edited with the link soon!) Nation: US Clan / Clan-Tag: [THOT] The Honorless Order of Twinkies IGN: RadicalEnigma Forum-name: RadicalEnigma http://forum.game-labs.net/profile/28666-radicalenigma/ Second Language: (If Applicable) I do speak basic German, however this will increase through time as I will be attending college beginning in January. Membership: 3 (will increase to 6 by the end of the month due to other friends joining us)
  10. When you start an admiralty mission, your ship is facing close to zero degrees, but the UI compass rose says you are facing 180 degrees. It's been like this for a long time. Is there a plan to correct this? Cheers.
  11. In conjunction with the universal message board every port would have (a public section and a section only visible to nationals) according to my earlier suggestion... ...here... ... by help of such message board I imagine our traders could hire compatriots for escorting them from port A to port B. The longer the distance, the higher the price. It does not stop at this: Not only could they offer their escorts money as payment, but the game will reward the escorting players with PvP marks for every merchantman which came through and arrived safely. Plus the PvP marks and combat marks escorts will regularly make when they fence off any interceptors and sink those. Merchant will not get marks, because his objective is met by his cargos having arrived at destination. So in this mission our fighters and our traders have to do something together which satisfies both (and maybe a successful enemy as well). So this is a more positive use of the PvP mark system, not only destructive. Gratifications for helping some guys bringing their valuables where they want them. I think they could even hire several escort captains if their cargo justifies the extra expense. Like it is an Indiaman full of upgrade modules, or a clan shifts its warehouse from one place to another, or transports full of copper ingots, cartagena tars or white oak. Ships loaded with gold and silver coins like a Spanish treasure fleet. Contracting merchant appoints a convoy commander (could be himself or one of the escort captains he trusts the most) which determines the route. If group is attacked on the journey it behaves like a battle group, so all ships get pulled into battle instance. However, convoy commander can decide to detach one of his escort captains (if they are several) and have him encounter sighted enemies, so the rest of the fleet can proceed without delay by the starting battle, leaving the unit behind which is busy with the enemy. I think it is best to give every participant of such merchant fleet escort mission his reward in PvP marks/combat marks, if he sailed only half way and went into battle (even lost it), or stayed until destination port was reached. So they won't quarrel who is doing what on the journey and facing disadvantages. Because priority task is, the merchant ships make it to port and the mission is accomplished. I imagine a thrilling hide-and-seek adventure for such merchant escort missions to happen. Spies in ports may get a wink what's scheduled and inform their nations where and when to strike. How many marks? Think of a multiplier distance + number surviving traders. If no trader arrives, no marks (except those individually won in combat): mission failed.
  12. I've just been inspired by @King of Crowns and what his gang did last night. The devs should create a type of "Treasure Fleet" mission which rewards the sale of items (or it could be based on the amount of currency generated) at an enemies capital within a specified time, starting when the first person in the battlegroup drops it off. A with B to F forms a battlegroup. Person A picks mission up at Fort Royal (FR) and their mission is to sell 30 Parisian furniture to KPR (they don't have to leave from FR). Only one mission can be taken per nation per 4 hours and it can only be taken within the port battle window (so no running up just before maintenance). If the mission is completed, the players triple their money, half completed, double. If you fail to complete half then you are not permitted from joining or creating a battlegroup with this mission for a week or two (to prevent people spamming and time wasting. You could always require a cash deposit to take the mission in the first place which they lose if they fail to complete a quarter or half of the order. This would have two effects, it would give dedicated traders a job within the PvP arena. It'd create player generated events much like port battles but in open sea. If you wanted to make it extra difficult you could announce in CombatNews "Treasure Fleet due to arrive (you could even say where) within 3 hours". This would allow players to gather etc.... This would create much needed interaction between PvEers and PvPers as well, communication is content! A reason for the nation to work together as well as clans. PvEers would venture outside the zone for trade but do it with a group of PvPers at their back as the PvPers know they're guaranteed action for helping them.
  13. I think we should limit the missions to certain ranks (maybe the first 3) then only new/inexperienced players get to have safe missions. That way every mission in or out of the reinforcement zone could be closed instantly. Everyone else can take their chance in the OW, there's plenty of ai fleets out there if you need to PVE
  14. Hello everyone, It feels like only having PBs as endgame content is not enough for what this game could bring. I guess everyone agrees that the funniest thing to do is to playing with other ppl, not solo missions and solo trading. Said that, i think it would give a lot of action and dynamism to the game having National co-op NPC convoy protection missions. Just as an example: Your nation gets a co-op mission where a NPC trader fleet is gonna go from one port to another, the NPC trader fleet will leave the port when there's enough BR to protect it(or ppl signed for it and at the port rdy to sail), and enemy factions will get a message like, enemy convoy spotted leaving X port, the enemies will have to try finding it and destroy it, coz saying the destination would be too much info in my opinion. If the convoy reaches the destination, all involved players that defended it, will get a huge materials reward, and the same for the enemies if they manage to destroy the protection fleet. What u think about this guys ? Would give a lot of action and emotion to the game. Share your thoughts please!
  15. I think patrol missions proved that many more people willing to PVP. So in these missions, we can see shop bought ships, as well as many special crafted, expansive ships. Everyone can compete, and more or less, there is some reward. What if we can pull custom PVP missions from admirality. Example, I am a Prussian. I pick my mission from admirality for some price, cm, gold etc. I select a port, may be KPR. I select my parameters, 3x3 ships , up to 5th rates or 1500 BR vs 1500 BR or 1000 BR vs 1500 BR (for %50 more reward?), or even I add a reward, 50 pvp marks / 100 cm / 500k gold. These all can be selected, some increasing reward multiplier. Reward is what you get from a normal pvp battle. A mission is created just outside KPR and announced for British, I can select to enter with my group or wait for random guys from my nation. At the preset time Prussians and Brits meet at mission zone and join the mission. If mission pickers do not show in 15 min. they are defeated, it costs them the mission picking price. Attackers approaching mission zone has invisibilty and can not attack others at this time only join mission. After battle ends, attackers has more invisibility than regular time. This can give good pvp guys a good content, other than already coming to noob capitals and waiting for pvp, looking for noobs tagging npc, etc. It will prevent ganking, revenge fleets etc. Ships have to sail to mission, they have to carry repairs, most of ow pvp requirements needed, but both sides willing to fight. So what do you think, can this proposal with future improvements work?
  16. We are a newly formed clan. We are currently looking for active players in Naval Action whom would want to join our crew, everyone is welcome to join. Requirement: That you use discord you don't need to talk just listen Nation: Great Britain Goals: Putting together a reasonable sized fleet to fill proper Port Battles. Timezone: At this time we're only EU-based, however we're always up for company from all around the world. Crafting: We currently have 2 high-level crafters. If we got your interest, contact one of the following officers (ingame, on discord or via the forums) A1vin, Mitsuko Susuki, Nick Gonchin or Cpt will Turner Discord link: https://discord.gg/9BaKMqT Or send me a message on the forums @Nick Gonchin
  17. Hello NA Community We are West India Trading Company a new Creat Clan in the Nation of the Great Britain. We are searching for Players they wanna do PvP/PvE/Crafting/Trading in a Family Clan. We are based in Trinidad and when we grow up i think we make another Base in KPR. What we are looking for Ts3 + Headset 18+ Ambition Rank and Ship doesnt matter What we offer: Ts3 Server Familiar Clan Active Leaders Helpin each Other If ur Interested contact Laempi, Yinyangpanda or Lord Iron Ingame, or leave me a Message in Forum or Poste. Have a nice evening.
  18. In a patch a long time ago, the ability to do lower level missions with a ship above it's designed class was removed. I think there should be room to allow people to blow up cutters with a line-ship, it'll just give little to no rewards. I would, respectfully, ask that this feature could be restored if a few things are tweaked, i.e the rewards. Depending on how you juggle the multipliers, lets say, if you do a 4th rate battle: in a 4th rate = 100% rewards in a 5th rate = 150% rewards in a 6th rate = 200% rewards in a 3rd rate = 75 % rewards in a 2nd rate = 50 % rewards This is just a proof of concept, the numbers are variable. This could be tweaked in a way that doing low level missions with high level ships is actually not efficient for gaining money or marks. The larger the difference in either BR or ship class, the lower the rewards.. Therefore, it would give people something they could do, without it having a negative effect.
  19. Seit den neuen Sicherheitszonen ist das PvP, und damit die Action auf dem PvP-Server, ziemlich tot. Klar haben sehr viele (auch ich) um Änderung gebeten, als MISSIONs sehr leicht geentert werden konnten, oder Trader dauernd überfallen wurden. Da mußte etwas passieren. Aber so wie es jetzt ist, ist es eine "Verschlimmbesserung", denn nun findet kein PvP mehr statt. Also auch nicht das Wahre. Ich habe deshalb lange überlegt und diesen Vorschlag (siehe Grafik) erarbeitet. Auf diese Weise würde wieder Leben in NAVAL ACTION kommen. Würde mich über eure Meinung dazu freuen. vielleicht wird es von den Devs wahrgenommen?
  20. I would like to suggest: Playergenerated missions Missions in a ports (or nation) generated/made by players. For example traders needing an escort could put a contract up for an escort getting from point A to point B at a certain time in the server/date. Or a player putting up a ship contract for crafting a ship to certain specs. Or a player looking for a battlegroup for a specific raid/hunt/etc. My imagination is limited, but I see some potential in playergenerated content.
  21. PvP is almost dead now - save NAVAL ACTION - let us have a PvP-Server again After many complaints by players (me included) about MISSION jumping and attacks on our traders, the devs introduced SAFETY ZONES. Within these zones, the players under attack can call for help, and a strong NPC-fleet will appear. As good as this was meant - it unfortunately killed most of the PvP-action. And a PvP-server is all for PvP, isn't it? So I have thought about a solution and made this graphic. This idea could bring back a lot of PvP, as it allows not only any attacks again, but will also allow the attacked NATION to defend their people. The new SAFETY ZONE would be smaller. It would remain open either for a certain time, like 9 - 15 minutes, or it would remain open all the time. However - the open time should be long enough for the NATIONs players to quickly sail into port and grab a war ship, put REPAIRs on it and sail to the BATTLE sign. I am certain, that now there would be players who would come for help - which would mean a lot of action, if we are lucky! Only the yellow MISSION areas would be totally safe for those who want to grind ships, or for newbie training. What do you guys think of it? Maybe the devs will read our opinions?
  22. Hello Captains, So I know you can 'Join' missions of your friends if you are in a group, but what about Missions that are designed for Groups? So perhaps it would work a little something like this... To be able to take a 'Group' Mission you would need to have you group/fleet formed, then as a group you would have a Fleet Strength based on your overall BR, the mission would then be set in proportion to you fleets BR. The mission would also become available to take from the Missions tab in towns, and the leader of the group would need take the mission on behalf of the group. At the moment you can just group up, take 3, 4, 5, 6+ missions or whatever and do them but they are only designed for a single Captain. So the missions are relatively straight forward, easy, boring and well, a grind... (I hate that word) So with this concept you would be fighting a number of ships in relative proportion to your own fleet and everyone would prosper! (and hopefully lead to a more enjoyable experience) I'm certain most players would be happy to form up a group like this and get that 'Fleet' Experience. It would also lead nicely to helping players towards PVP and fleet battles, as clans and players in general can use it to practice and learn the differences between fleet battles and single captain instances. Not sure if this has been mentioned before, So if it has apologies, im not trying to steal anyone's idea but its certainly a concept worth talking about. Thoughts please Captains, Samuel
  23. Hi folks, Something that has been on my mind lately when I log in is new player content. Something that entices a player into the game and also keeps them interested. Certainly XP and gold rewards serve their purpose but they are what come after the content, not the content in of itself. Here I am proposing gameplay which can be interesting to players new and old but also perhaps educational and can teach the new players a bit of the RvR/PvP elements as well. Currently there are two types of missions: Fleet and solo missions. Using these as a basis I'm going to build on them and suggest missions that can be both rewarding and entertaining. These missions could have RvR rewards as well to the nation or be strictly player rewards (or a mix of both). 1st level mission: Protect Fisheries - Using 7th rate ships protect a small number of fishing ships (AI controlled trader cutters, trader lynxes) from attack by pirates/Nationals. These missions are based in safe zone around main port. Closed to PvP. The AI controlled ships will try and remain in a certain area (fishing) while avoiding attack for the duration of the mission. Keep 50% alive for mission success (ramp rewards up for more ships kept alive) until timer runs out. 2nd level mission: Coast Guard - Using up to 6th rate ships chase, sink or capture 5/5 smugglers in the region. OW mission encouraging player to learn the basics of attacking ships in OW. Closed to PvP. 3rd level mission: Protect Whaling Fleet - Using up to 5th rate ships protect a fleet of 5 whaling ships towards the edge of the protected zone. Open to PvP. Whaling ships are LGV types and act much the same as the fishing ships in lvl 1 mission. 4th level mission: Patrol - Using up to 5th rate ships sink or capture 5/5 enemy nation flagged warships (6th rate or above). OW search and destroy outside the protected zone. Open to PvP 5th level mission: Convoy Escort - Up to 4th rate ships. Attaches AI trade fleet to player (and group) of 5 trade ships (t. brig and above) and gives them a destination to sail to in another region. AI OW fleets will attack if close and is open to PvP. 6th level mission: Raiding - Up to 3rd rate ships. Destroy or capture 3/3 Tower or fortifications in an Enemy or Hostile port. Open to PvP 7th level mission: Blockade - Up to 1st rate ships. Destroy 10/10 enemy ships (5th rate or above) in enemy held regional waters. Open to PvP
  24. First of all I want to make it clear that what comes next is my personal opinion, and does not represent any group of players, including my clan. I'm tired of hearing many veteran players that the game is deteriorating and losing players because of the developers, because the changes in the game are almost always to worst. That the game is very hard and that almost all beginners do not last even a week. Well, my opinion as a quasi-novice is that the game is very good, but that the community of players is destroying it, and I explain why. A community as small as that of Naval Action is very susceptible to poisoning by the influence of groups of toxic players, even if they are few. And more if the game is not finished, the mechanics are in alpha and you can make use of exploits (we are all aware of the problem of misuse of the Alts). I call toxic players to those who do not respect the contrary, use all the exploits they can to their advantage, and enjoy ruining playing time to other players. Their motivation is more the revenge than the fun, they only present battle if they are much superior and abuse of all players that they can, not giving time to those that begin to develop like capitans. I think this is the main reason why rookies leave so quickly, and that fewer and fewer veterans are left. For me the limit is exceeded when attacking capitans who are training in missions. Missions are the school for those who begin and for those who want to dominate a particular ship, and also the source of income for many, and must be respected by all honorable players. That way we will get many more and better players to fight with. The best solution is in the Devs side: please, increase the time you cannot attack or be attacked to 5 minutes and / or implement hyper-speed when leaving a mission. But we also have a solution: denounce this type of players and publicly showing their shameful actions. From there I'll start myself in this other post: Please forgive my English, it is not my native language.
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