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  1. Because you've never used the F11 Bug report to give the exact position of a battle or enemy ships right? Exactly the same principle, I'm sure not everyone knows about that either
  2. It's true, he is actually terrible at it, although his single boxing can leave much to be desired at times as well
  3. A tactic particularly effective against the Spanish fleets waiting outside battles as well! 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇
  4. Might wanna de-power, perfect angle for leaking there
  5. Admin has already stated this is unacceptable behaviour
  6. We said LANTIA is an alt, a British alt
  7. The British did not have any alts join on the Spanish side, you misunderstood what we said about Lantia. AND who would be stupid enough to openly admit it openly in the battle?
  8. "Lantia" is a British alt of a British player, nothing in the rules to say a player cannot multibox in port battles if both "players" are on the same side. You are proposing that "Lantia" (who doesn't not technically exist) has an alt on the Spanish side in the battle. This is not the case.
  9. Hooray for @Gregory Rainsborough boarding in the last 10 minutes otherwise they would have just timed us out!
  10. You are referring to the La Habanna - Batabano Stargate connection?
  11. So you're saying it took you multiple battles to sink them? So like the Spanish usually do, just keep sending more ships until the enemy is out of repairs?
  12. @Hethwill the Harmless I believe Batman is asking you to close this topic as its purpose has come to an end and has gone WAY off topic
  13. Wait? So the rule is "do not respond to anyone complaining about moderators"? So there is no point in me messaging you at all then. Moderators can behave how they like without consequences? No wonder Gamelabs and the moderators have such a negative image on steam Thanks for your time
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