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  1. @admin Before messing around with this sort of thing, should you not be trying to fix more important things like, chain shots rendering as ball, sail damage not rendering so you have no idea what area you need to focus to damage sails further, shots landing nowhere near the ship but still registering as a hit OR the other way round, where a hit is clearly rendered but not registered. All controls randomly locking up, and so on and so on
  2. @admin If you want to make it even easier to demast via stern raking then you NEED to make to harder to demast by shooting mast directly (especially single fire mast sniping). Too many battles are settled by players demasting very early on in battle, whether that be by single fire sniping or my personally hated one, downwind kiting where the player just runs downwind constantly turning and firing broadsides into into the foremast which you can't avoid if you want any hope of gaining on them. At the moment it is considered moronic to leave port without mast protection because of how easy it is to drop masts.
  3. More often than not, these reports tend to be very accurate. I have and will continue to report any suspicions of alt farming I have when applicable. If the player has done nothing wrong (the devs can see in the logs if the player is sinking the same account repeatedly or not) then the player has nothing to worry about. The original poster did also state that it looked suspicious and as such should be looked into so he reported it (as the devs have previously asked us as players to keep doing) Regular players can usually spot suspicious patterns in combat news especially if they are familiar with the usual activities in an area at certain times.
  4. @admin Now if you could make the large (if not all) forts inactive during open world battles outside of the zones then that would be amazing!
  5. Yes because you've kept Vera Cruz all this time by defending it in port battles.
  6. Make all battle have the Patrol Zone ROE and you will have a mass exodus of players. You recently made battles close sooner and it has improved the game dramatically in my opinion. Gone are the days of attacking a single Russian ship outside a freeport with the intention of a 1v1 and having 4 or 5 other players jumping out of the port to join because they simply do not have time for that tactic anymore. I've said it before (and I mean no disrespect) but @admin, I'm sure you do not play the game as instensly like the rest of us and as such do not know what it is like on a day to day basis for a player. Sure, you have access to stats and figures but they mean very little without the proper context.
  7. I honestly don't get what's so difficult to understand about the new icons, I mean the guns are literally pointing towards the area of the ship they relate to
  8. Firing mode defaults to "stern to bow" each battle, it's irritating to have to keep changing it
  9. I would also say the battle/timer is way too big. Was the buttons for changing ammo in bow and stern chasers meant to be switched around? I imagine that is going to cause a LOT of frustration for a while. Also, you cannot chain ammo type before the battle starts with prepared, is this deliberate?
  10. Ok but bear in mind these are NOT patches notes, they are plans for the first half of 2019, that's a space of SIX MONTHS These will not bring back the players that have left while they wait for a wipe
  11. @admin While all of this looks very exciting and I cannot wait to try it out, there is currently another issue that needs addressing (one that I'm sure could have been avoided by keeping things closer to your chest). At the moment the player numbers are disastrously low, I would be willing to put money on a major cause being the talk of "wipes" far too early in advance. People have just stopped playing because they dont see the point in playing if they are going to lose their ships and warehouse contents down the line at some point (I dont understand the mentality myself but hey ho) They clearly do not understand the concept of buying a game still heavily in development and what is involved that in terms of wipes and resets. Is there anyway you can move things around in such a way that would allow you to do said wipe soon but also allow you to make UI and optimisation changes afterwards. I guess what I am saying could you perhaps consider prioritising the economy and resource changes (I assume that's one of the main reasons for needing/holding off on the wipe) so the wipe can be done and we can get people actually playing the game. At the moment its a loop, player numbers a VERY low and therefor much harder to find a battle at sea, as such people decide they dont want to spend a couple of hours sailing for nothing and just don't log in. That then means less players logging in and it just repeats.
  12. Again what is it with it being fashionable to pile every thing on to the Brits and make out they have it so easy, Britain isnt the only nation with an extra "remote" unconquerable port. France and Spain have extra unconquerable COASTLINES. Sweden and Denamark have "capturable" ports essentially inside their safe zones.
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