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  1. Licinio Chiavari

    Muskets, the new golden marines?

    He surely had some Musket mod (Sea Musket 1766 minimum, or something superior like 1777 or Redoutable). What's wrong with boarding game now is the OPness of Musket mods that cant be countered by mods or choises: they hit damn too high on any choise. IMO, aside rebalancing (a bit) musket mods power, "scissors-paper-rock" game has to be rebalanced. ATM Attack really hits hard on Brace and Grenades (even if getting some heavy losses sometimes. Decent on FDG or Muskets (again with heavy losses) and crap on Defense. Muskets - FDGs - Grenades are almost the same against DEfense and other choises... so the all "circular" gaming is broken (again: not speaking, again, of muskets or other buffing mods). My idea is = Attack: Strong on Brace, FDG and Grenades; Medium on Muskets; Low on Defend. Defense: Strong on Attack; Low on others. Grenades: Strong on Brace; Medium on FDGs and Defend; Low and Muskets and Attack. Muskets: Strong on Defense; Medium on Attack; Low on others. FIreDeckGuns: Strong on Muskets; Medium on Attack and Defense; Low on Grenades and FDGs. Or something about that. The concept should be: I should always have a counter against any action even if buffed. As I should have a good option (attacking) against at least one option. Balanced about the concept: same crew, full boarding, without errors will kill in a matter of a few rounds a similar crew, no gear and badly handled. Against nicely handled defender the latter having a small hope to disengage. Against a decent handled defender with some boarding defense the latter having a good chance of safely disengaging IF not doing bad mistakes. And stated in the past. Dont allow last sec switch: secret moves. Make choises a bit more complex preparation wise (making so guess-able) and single secret choise.├╣In this case, lower a bit all losses and shorten every round by a good 5 sec: whole boarding will last a the same but with more (secret choise) rounds.
  2. Licinio Chiavari

    LGF refit

    My personal opinion LGV Refit can work as it is now. Even the 3 book limit allow to get a "decent" boardin' ship. Obviously, being boarding so "book intensive", some choises have to be done. IF we can get LGV refit still able to enter enemy ports (like any other trader) good: she'll be more able to fight off other frigates. IF we can get the 4-5th books losing the ability to be a smuggler... let's keep the ship with 3 books: "do ut des" = less books but trade-ish too.
  3. Licinio Chiavari

    PVP is no longer worth the time....

    First of all: I think nobody has a real idea of Dobloons (at least in relation to Reals but in general too) value in post patch NA economy. In the end it's pretty soon to grasp that: too many mechanics changed all the same time (production, farming, costs) to be sure of value of anything. Secondly: "Farming" usually by trading reals is not so difficult. Once a proper route is found, a single Indiaman can be worth 100k+ reals per trip. Yes: we cant any more operate on "fixed routes"... still this the potential gain looks good. Having to improvise is not a bad feature in the end. Thirdly: Dobloon gaining is RNG based. Still some mid-value catch per kills can be guessed. Personally, not liking a lot sleepy trading, I avoid it (even doing some) and I farm mainly dobloons with PvP. Getting up to 10.000 in a day from PvP... and being able to get some extra killing random AIs while waiting passing players too is not a bad feature ingame. At same time PvE players, with drops, missions and (why not) patrol rewards can get some nice dobs too... not being lost behing PvP marks farmers like in the past. My opinion is that Dobloons will end to be the real ingame money (that's partially bad) granted these ratios and costs. Moreover that income is not a real issue. And, again, market has to stabilize before making any real statement about game economy: we still have a pretty dead trading... because majority is not sure about real value of stuff, real and dobs. So really few selling/buying.
  4. Licinio Chiavari

    Muskets, the new golden marines?

    I was waiting to see how long to start discussion about musket mods. Premise: yes. They are too powerful at the moment. I fear that an eventual "nerfbat" could be too strong (like making Acc. from 5 to 0.05 - so as happened in the past, from too powerful to crap). Still, aside defender's pretty stupid choises, same crew vs. same crew being full board modded vs. 1 mod (barricade) or even nothing (especially with height edge) was (and is, without musket) partially broken: rarely it is/was possible to break enemy defense before disengage (also without axes). I do remember like 1+ years ago that attack v brace meant almost insta-death. Defense has been greatly buffed both in relation of action values and with perk (DD, now a bit nerfed), mod (mainly barricades... buffed during board speed change but then left buffed even if boarding speed back to 3.5 kts). As a full penetration/reload ship should (and does) smash the same ship not geared (granted similar skill), a full boarder (granted he boards) has to smash a not-boarder (nor counter boarding fit) pretty fast. So, agreeing muskets mods are too strong now (I think especially lacking a counter - a counter with pros/cons in boarding and/or ship handling), I still think that boarding rebalance is needed, allowing a boarder to, IF succeed in starting an assault, having pretty high chances to fastly win against an unprepped/ungeared defender. Plenty people dont like boarding. I can understand. But even without repeating "boarding was the most natural outcome of Age of Sail naval clashes", a boarder devotes the great majority of mod/book to do this well. Forfaiting a bunch of powerful potential bonuses. Boarding mods work only if a boarding starts. Having a fair chance to fastly kill should be normal against an unprepped/ungeared enemy. As I repeated: a better trained and better equipped (and sometimes better lead) force smashing an inferior one. Absolutely normal. Dont want to lose a board? Gear to fight the boarding yourself, gear to defend from a boarding, gear up to disengage... and especially: dont get boarded.
  5. Licinio Chiavari

    Ship Slot Exp waaay too high

    Thank you for reply. Good to know. IMO it's a suicide asking such (and higher, worst) level of mindless grinding OR going PvPing giving up potentially big edge (getting 3+% speed = having a t/wo ship with the speed of a bermuda/teak AND/OR getting +25% HP = having more HP than wo/wo ship with a t/t AND/OR having 10-20% faster reload AND/OR repairing +7% so approx a quarter more... not to speak of boarding fits). A special super grind-centered "ship mastery" could be fine... BUT asking (being lost as per your words) with the ship IF requiring farming back it... IMO it's another plain suicide. Aside having OP-vets around disengaging even sooner than usual if seeing any risk but being even more OP over randoms.
  6. Licinio Chiavari

    Ship Slot Exp waaay too high

    With big experience gap, more or lesa nothing. As the fight get too close to call, due to ships involved or similar skill levels, they do matter.
  7. Licinio Chiavari

    Ship Slot Exp waaay too high

    a) you said too "much less 5 of them". Not 1/2. b) same reasoning: why fitting mods? Or repairs? c) you should know there's plenty "naked" ships sub par that properly fit (especially with 4/5 mods) shine. d) going pvp without mod/book... do you know how many stat you're giving away? Note: I do not like mod overstaking. Still this is the game at the moment. As we (rightfully) use every advatage in combat, so we do fitting a ship.
  8. Licinio Chiavari

    Ship Slot Exp waaay too high

    Board... Without books... At least "daring". That "we can", obvious. Also a green shabby 1/5 shoot board and loot. Why giving away 2/4/6 mod/book edge to eventual enemies?
  9. Licinio Chiavari

    Ship Slot Exp waaay too high

    That's fine. If I have not clue (almost) of the game. After 2k+ (and often more) ingame hours can be almost "griefing" to have to mindlessly (again) kill AIs for weeks to be able to test a couple of different ships. Or am I (and moreover a new player) espected to spend my (his) first 1000+ ingame hours only grinding? And again devoting 20/30/50+ hrs to grind a new ship and finally properly test per?? IMO granted being already top rank (or top 3), first 3 books on any ship should be matter of a couple hours. Slowing a bit for the forth. And a bit more for the fifth. So I would say within 10 hrs fastidio grinding for ANY ship. Or do you enjoy your bulkload of hours to unlock Christian VII to then properly test her fully fitted??
  10. I rarely changed ships. I have full slotted a 1st a 3rd all 4th (aside classic connie) and a bunch lower. I briefly tested Constitution Classic... and decided now to slot her up. Short version: are you kidding??? 4800+ exp for the SECOND book. With 5th rate giving 300ish exp and Bellona 600ish exp each. So I have to kill like 8 Bellonas for the SECOND BOOK. So I think 15+ for the third, 30+ for the forth and far more than 50 for 5th??? Being pretty fast means 20 mins combat... aside FINDING THE TARGET. Let's say luck: 20 minutes total sailing time = 40min/each => 2000 mins for 5th slot... 30-40 ingame time ONLY FARMING to unlock 5 book on a Connie. And probably real time required is way higher. And on bigger ships is far worst. I leave to comments evaluating how many hours should I devote only to mindlessly kill AIs ONLY TO UNLOCK SHIP KNOWLEDGES on (let's say) only A THIRD of available ships.
  11. Licinio Chiavari

    predator of the requin needed

    If you got boarded in Prince by a Requin with a push into the wind... it's only your fault. Do you remember Prince minimum speed after completing a tack? Same goes with all Brigs/Merc + Hercules and Surprises: properly handled they all complete a tack never slowing down under 4-5 kts. As Requin captain I can assure: I prefer 100 times to engage a big frigate than a prince.
  12. Licinio Chiavari

    Weird Mods

    IMO a solution this way devs will not be reducing the mod stacking: I will keep stacking NHR+Copper+NavalClock. Still the first question was: Why cant I stack a mast mod (Kiritimati / Pino Ocote) with a Rig Refit one not influencing mast sturdiness (Bovenwind, Pirate, Spanish)? And this repeating: the icon for masts and rig mods IS DIFFERENT. So again the question to @admin: is this intended? IF they cant stack, icon has to be the SAME (otherwise it'll be misleading). IF they can stack, it's not working as intended so it's a bug ATM.
  13. Licinio Chiavari

    Pvp Rewards

    Reasonable critic. Premise: surely economics (and especially currencies) need some rebalance, tuning up. That's plain obvious. Still... before speaking of increasing PvP rewards (in hold or at battle end - less important) back to pre-patch normalized values could lead to the same situation (that I exploited and so "enjoyed" indeed): PvPers able to easily upkeep themselves, and even get richer and richer doing ONLY PvP, buying with their "strong currency" all needed shiny stuff from PvEes to kill them. Are we, and is OT, really wishing this kind of blood economy back ingame? Simpler: is that bloody circuit (I kill PvErs with stuff bought with their "blood" from them) good for game enjoyability of majority?
  14. Licinio Chiavari

    Weird Mods

    Good evening. we already noticed mods now with different icons underlining no more stackable mods. A nice step in reducing mod overstacking and unbalances. Still, @admin, I have to point out: 1. Mast mods (like Kiritimati or Pino Ocote) looks not allowed to stack with Rig Refits (Bovenwind, Pirate, Spanish, French): is this intended? If not: why 2 different icons? This could be misleading. IMO they should be (as shown by icons) different type and so stacking allowed (especially not seeing any real risk of overpowering set ups). 2. Isnt wrong allowing to stack Copper and NHR but not NHR and Crooked? IMO or are all 3 hull speed mods, and so only one to be used (Copper the best, NHR close second a bit cheaper/unlimited supply and crooked worst, with malus but far cheaper). Or, if only 2 supposed to be used, I'd put Copper and NHR in same category (so only 1 to be used) and Crooked in another: the eventual couple NHR+Crooked is far less powerful and less unbalancing than Copper+NHR leading to a real choise: if I want to be max out speed, I have to get some maluses (Crooked). At the moment Copper+NHR set up is pretty obvious for max speed, without any malus. Thank you for reading.
  15. From the perspective of a PvPer who find in it a very quick and pretty easy way to "wellbeing" (as it was for me in last few months), I have the impression that this "play style" is hurted hard (or even dead). On the other hand the previous situation was: I only hunt around. I ended (statistically) killing PvEers. I got plenty of the strongest currency (PvP marks). I buy mods and luxury stuff from the PvEers paying them with PvP marks. I nicely equip my ships. Back to first step (with some extra profit/reserve). In the end I (and a lot of other PvPers) was killing my victims with equipment bought from them with their blood. Surely very nice. For me. To be honest in a good share of MMOs, PvPers HAVE to farm PvE too to upkeep themselves. The more or the less, still they have to. Look at EVE: plenty PvP, ganking and even griefing. Big massive battles too... and? what do you get killing someone? Part of his gear on board (in our case - the random mod), what he had in his hold (like us). End (no possible capture either). I'm personally happy? I think no. Is it better for the game? Probably yes. Werent there a bunch of players asking for "meaningful PvP"? "stop noob/capitol camping"? "usefulness of capture in place of mindlessly sink"? "1st rates should be PRECIOUS"? More or less what, potentially and apparently we got. We only need, I suppose, to wait the costs/prices to stabilize and be re-balanced around the board; surely it could require sometime (and we know how NA players are routine lovers - routine now broken) but on the long run it could be good for the game.