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  1. So let's keep the unbalances... in a PvP server.
  2. Let's put this in good order. Positioning in OW was my call (sidenote: I was not FC). And it was based on the ('ex post' wrong) idea Russian PB fleet will try to retreat and not engage inside the bay (aside they left screening battle later than espected so getting a worse wind - for us). Engaging inside the bay had 2 downsides (for them): the risk of losing ship to shallowed - happenend (2 ships) - and the option for Dutch to use coastline to get in better position - happenend. So not so bad. Russian error was only one: assume they will win (as Knuddel stated at battle start "new sacrifice fleet?") granted Dutch nation was not fielding best ever fleet. And trying to chase letting Dutch fleet giving up (the never catched) wind to smash isolated head of Russian fleet (having the wind is ONE advantage but not "universal": too many FC are gage-dependant: it's more situational). That said. You're right. Dutches lost too much time staying defensive in place of striking back. Being passive, in war, is usually paid dearly - less till now.
  3. True. AGAIN: make DLC owners being able to redeem of full ship (even always 3/5 no trim) OR 48hr CD permit to craft her. Still not tradable. VERY easy. That said. After nerfing to death Herc and Ratt being underpar, Req too is (after being nerfed quite some times) reduced badly due to pirate rig nerf. So another totally subpar ship.
  4. make DLCs craftable with 48hr redeemable permit by DLC owners - solved.
  5. Please note we can already redeem the same for EACH DLC. In the end proposing to be allowed to redeem a PERMIT (so having to then CRAFT the ship) every 48 would REDUCE the stockpile.
  6. Looks like Requin-Party needs more numbers - but as I know, LeSexy lovers are quite a few... confirming she's not OP
  7. As you correctly pointed, LRQ has her pros and big cons - so it is usually douable to exploit her weaknesses. Sidenote: rageboarding is quite easy to counter as almost any boarding: it is more a defender's error (and attacker awareness exploiting it). Gunning Requin is a different Niagara, so very funny to use against bigger stuff. The problem is the huge disparity between downwind and upwind speeds. Easier (and it was ALREADY PROPOSED) would slow a bit square rigged ships upwind, slow far more fore-aft and herm-brig (like Prince) still leaving them adequately faster and buffing their downwind speeds so reducing both downwind and upwind gaps... And "casually" getting a bit more real sailing PS. Forgot: it's already plenty of annoying ships. More or less any fir-ish one is even more facing a tanky build (again: speaking of people with a clue). So not a so strong argument.
  8. I remember going EVERY Nassau PZ. Requin were definately a minority. Moreover: count the raiders around enemy ports. How many are requins and how many various 5th rate? If she'd be SO OP, why so few raiding on her?
  9. Forgot: so OP that almost nobody uses her regularly... WEIRD.
  10. Pure CRAP. Definately FAR FAR from being the most OP ship of the game. And you should now. She's VERY particular so with strong pros and big cons. The apparent OPness comes out from missing any really comparable ship. Closest ship are Niagara/Prince but not on the same level and still too different from Requin.
  11. Adding more fore-aft ships could be more interesting... ahh... forgot. This is not NAVAL action... it should be SHIP OF THE LINE action (only).
  12. Any DLC can be stockpiled already (4) with fleet perk trick. So missing the point. Arent you allowed to stockpile Bellonas or Oceans or ANY ship?
  13. Same as above. Sincerely, granted you do not need to L2P, I do not understand the problem. I hunted requins with Privateer or bait LGV (trader) alone. ZERO issues. Or we are required to sail only SoLs EVERYTIME?
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