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  1. Good. Even if it could lead to scorched earth politics. Need clarification: are these ships with port bonuses? do Elite notes comes with port bonuses? do they come with port bonuses in any port they are redeemed? If not port bonuses - which kind of bonuses? On similar matter: anything douable for DLCs? Like allowing to redeem (sharing CD with ship redeeming) a permit to build the ship and get the bonuses? Meaning Assist=Kills? In this case, and it's a good change, wouldnt better to consider assists (all assists) 1/2 kills? I think this would lead to even more (LoL) ganking being then really profitable for the whole group. Not a kind of incentive we need IMO. Good. Still too short IMO with today costs of rebuilding fortifications. Finally! I'd suggest in anycase a port ownership and investment reset to test properly frontlines: now the map is already "finished". And I'd repeat: better county town based frontlines than capitol centered one. Aside being counter-intuitive, it favours too much the strongest side (especially with today PB BRs). Why? How could these "significant nerfs" be counterbalanced? More out of curiosity. Which one?? Good to know. And thank you!
  2. Technically is simply not possible to successfully gank a faster ship. But it's possible to try (to gank). But ingame Russian nation knows gank far better than anyone at the moment so I bow to the most expert.
  3. BTW usually "HIS" refers all the time to the same person. In a lot of cases.
  4. It was FAR better a mixed lineup of Buce+3rd than Ocean spam (and without new damage model!) BUT these BRs game an option too to smaller team to fill up BR and try with a smaller but heavier fleet (that would make more sense now with new damage model than 6 months ago).
  5. The point should not be GB or any nation NOW. Because NA "history" is quite cyclical. An unbalanced game is dangerous for all. Also for those getting in a moment the upper hand. PS: having numbers (GB case) is VERY different from having a proper PB fleet. It helps, but not solve eventual problems. As noted I repeated speak about "small clan and nations".
  6. True that. Like investing in a ship and losing her. The matter is how much investment (=time) lost. And how fast (time again) a clan/player could recover. Aside that DLC owners (just aside requin) will have trash ships forever... P2L (Pay To Lose). PS: on latter point, dont misunderstand me. I do agree that a redeemable ship should reasonably get no port bonuses... BUT if someone likes to sail an Herc or an Herm, give him option to redeem the full ship (no bonus) or a ship permit (tradable or not - the same) and built his preferred ship with all labor required and getting port bonuses. I'd say fair.
  7. True. Still the point stand. What about a small nation slowly building up a base... they will be unable to defend anyway having no chances to fill up so high BRs?
  8. I would like to repeat. Frontline concept is great and could add more indepth strategy. BUT it has been implemented in the wrong way. Hostility missions should be from county towns to county towns (with far lower BR - closer to the past and thus more varied) and when you have 2+ (or 50%) of county towns you can open hostility to county capitol (with higher BR and usually higher port improvements points). This way we'd have frontlines, varied battles and more room for different player groups (smaller clan and nations and up up to bigger ones - that will be able to attack and defend capitols having better port improvements, so a scaled endgame NOT closing the way to others). Please note, as OT point: map is already fully conquered and there're limited chances to expansion for any. AND FOR GOD SAKE reduce port improvements and building prices: it's too expensive for smaller groups... AND ESPECIALLY losing main port will not be embarassing and annoying (having to move WH and rebuild some crafting buildings) as in the past. It could cripple a small team into voidness to the point of giving up playing.
  9. It could look to the observer - receiving the action. But usually is psychology and experience: you put attack, he stays brace, you calc already his defend melee value and yours (easy easy) then you know if you need to last sec musket or not. If you NEED it, you'll swap under last sec - and if he did a last sec def it'll looks like as a 0.01sec reaction. But it'll not be. If you do not need to swap... you can stay attack and look better enemy behaviour. Within 2 rounds you can guess his experience (if not already) and how to counter him. Experience.
  10. I met plenty of ships hiding in SP... and me too used it to avoid ganks. Differences: I will be glad to fight in 1v1. Others run or avoid SP. For both I do not mean segregated areas (and there are problems reciprocally tagging if 6th vs 5th, while both requins and niagaras stand more a chance vs herc/pand/cerb), means just right out of it.
  11. Especially because SP being in the center on one hand makes the soloist easy prey of passing gankers. On the other, ends up in weird uses of SP itself.
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