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  1. Proper ONLY thinking to United Kingdom and Royal Navy. That's not the Bible nor NA world. Try again. About traders... I liked raiding in Indiaman. And LGVR has been always a raider. Are you sure newbies will get a better life? Try again... switchin' the brain on could help. If you're referring to "defenCe", you're right. Still UK is not anymore the Empire. Try again.
  2. We joined in 2 minutes window. Otherwise the Battle being same BR would close. No few shot exchange. Try again. You're supposing. Still in Battle after 40 mins post-DC? Try again. You had lower structure and sails than me and not a very fast Surp (LO/WO, right?). I would catch in anycase. Then the point. Why in the hell should he surrend a full ship to a sinking "enemy"? TRY AGAIN. Note: why did you say previously (at topic start) you were crippled but not sinking but now you were practically sunk? Mirror free climbing is a difficult discipline. Cpt.Miracle did the same insta-surrender deliveroo ship to Sneaky. Sneaky didnt "kill" me. I dropped sails and stop playing. He boarded me and I didnt do anything (auto-brace) as clearly stated. Try again. Are you sure a low crew Herc or Surp with no books vs a decent low damaged Renomee? Try again. How your 145 crew (you boarded me and even with full prep and marines you were unable to capture me) sinking surp would board a brand new Surp coming from upwind? Not to say: why a the RESO Surp (top rank) should allow you to board while sinking... While he's not firing a single shot? Try again a lot. I repped sails (again) I was not heavily chained in that moment. Try again. Me died? How? Facing 1v1 at worst Herc (Sneaky) without books on a good shape Renomee close to rep again? Are you kidding? Trolling? Try again harder. PS: why did you feel the need to stay in battle quite a lot to re-get your ship then rep her a second time, then demasting and sinking a prussian Surp you got? For screen? Needing them to feel "good"?
  3. did you start playing yesterday? Swedes were next to Prussians: you were running the Swedes with sails up, not the Prussians with sails down. PS: your Surp was unable to run everywhere before Prussian intervention. Try again. You're insulting yourself. I thought you're a good player a bit lame. Now I know you're a person unworthy any respect. Edit: second auto-insult is making all thinking there're not means of contact among players aside the ingame chat and PM. Try again.
  4. Surrendering happened when they could leave the battle: circle was shrinking and nobody tagged them. WHY SURRENDERING? Why, especially, surrendering NEXT to (one sinking) enemy ship aside to give him A NEW SHIP? Honestly if even this is not punishable - well... it means this is a game of exploit. Dont think Italians in Sweden have not the numbers to do the same crap in PZ as elsewhere. Simply it's not MY game.
  5. they stayed sails down for approximately FORTY MINUTES. As they dropped sails at start I supposed they dont want to fight on the "ganking" side. And it is fine - EVEN IF NOT COMMENDABLE: it's a PZ and anyone can join the "weak side". As long as you have advantage you fight taking this into account so aiming to kill as fast as possible even getting damaged BEFORE someone could join the weak side. In such situation is VERY unsport for your "side mates" to not fight: you can end seeing the mates damaged to sink fast the weak side... then 3 enemy ships joining in group in the middle of them... killing fastly them and THEN killing you 3v2. Not intervening in a battle with full commitment is simply stupid and could be ending to be really un-sport. It's douable and fine if the "stronger" side are all together in a group and they TOGETHER choose to let a gank be a duel - as happened (and we paid that dearly because in that chance we got counter-ganked by duelist nation). As I repeatly pointed the central question is: WHY IN THE HELL THE TWO PRUSSIANS SURRENDERED NEXT TO THE "ENEMY"? And about Greg's suppose sportmanship, it's nothing. I clearly declared I stopped fighting and I dropped sails - also writing I'd report this misuse of game mechanics... and they kept fighting.
  6. I should not even speak with you. The lowness of this dirty action speak for itself. STILL you are simply lying. This screen is prepared AFTER the end of the battle. You'd note that you got a Surprise as your fleet 0 CAPTURED - BY WHOM? granted we stopped playing? you simply destroyed it after battle. AND YOUR SURPRISE WAS AT ZERO STRUCTURE when you got the new surprise. May be you was repping BUT I remember well seeing you at ZERO structure so probably you were repping and this saved your ship... still NOT RELEVANT having next to you an almost full Renomee - BUT you got the Prussian one... you didnt capture IT. HE SURRENDERED as in the same screenshot. I was so surprised of the outcome that Devs could check the chat log of the battle: when Prussians sailed (IN PLACE OF SIMPLY LEAVING THANKING GOD THEY DIDNT DC-ED IN AN ACTUAL 2v2) I joked they were getting the loot (and I could open fire on them for loot stealing - as per procedure approved by devs). MOREOVER as soon as the "prussian" fired on my side I shouted "GREEN ON GREEN?" - again in chat log... thinking he was still PRUSSIAN... BECAUSE IT WAS SIMPLY IMPOSSIBLE for you to WIN a boarding even if he was so silly to get boarded: you already fought a lenghtly boarding vs me: you were down to 145 crew and the Prussian was full. AND INDEED the screen CONFIRMS HE SURRENDERED. Can you explain WHY a player with a full ship SHOULD EVER SURRENDER NEXT TO A SINKING "ENEMY" - and WHY BOTH PRUSSIANS DID NEXT TO BOTH SNOW ships? That said I think Devs can check the battle log files and reconstruct what happened and what doesnt. Any conversation with you is closed aside commenting any lie you'd dare to write again. PS (edit): This screen is clearly did WELL after the Battle ended because NO Surp lost its masts during battle. Make this better.
  7. For simpler log finding: Battle started approx 21.30 GMT. Battle ended 22.15 GMT. Location Nassau PZ. d My mates found a 2v1 soon became a 2v2. We joined Prussian side making this 5v2. Players involved Gregory Rainsborough + Sneakypanda vs RESOs Hermann Wilhelm + Captain Miracle. Prussians DIDNT act till almost the battle end. Sneakypanda boarded Grigio and get his Hercules. Gregory was sinking. THEN the 2 RESOs sailed up (I was thinking as in chat that they wished to sneak the loot) AND THEN each one let the 2 SNOWs boarding them and surrendering giving them 2 new full ships. I ordered my mate to stop any action as I did immediately. I advised that I will report this behaviour. They kept fighting killing my mate and boarding (me on auto brace) mine. Sincerely I consider this the worst abuse of game mechanics I ever witnessed in years and indeed I (not remembering any case) NEVER reported anyone to Tribunal (even if I saw plenty of censurable actions). But this is really outside anything acceptable in my opinion. I hope @admin, @Ink and other moderators and devs, after looking at battle log and having proof of that was what happened would consider a proper punishment because such a behaviour should be considered the most player base (any less known / new player) killing action: facing such a low action is pure game mechanics abuse thanks to older players reciprocal "friendship".
  8. May be that the point "Truxillo was GB and was to be alt flipped to become swedish under GB alt control, and Maracaibo was and is and was espected to remain Dutch" should be a bit more underlined.
  9. Italy is not so tragic. Yes. Numbers are rising even if mainly in one area (Lombardy). I live 150 km S of Milan, in Liguria, with far less cases. On one hand, by the time of govt. actions (few days ago), granted the incubation period, we should espect cases to grow faster and faster for the next 10-15 days... and death toll at similar rates. On the other, let's look the glass half full. I can say that situation is very (a bit weirdly or chillingly - depends on personal sensibility) quiet: there's no shortage of anykind. Until internet, electricy and food are ok, I think we're very fine: more time for family and gaming. The less (only apparently) bloody and less recognized tragedy will come later. I suspect economic consequencies will be very hard for the nation, and a lot of nations: let's remember how we feel the growth of poverty for a few GDP points loss. This could be far harsher.
  10. Good stuff: "British drama is best drama since Shakespeare". I like traditions.
  11. Not only swedes... I remember the loss rate of Dianas out KPR.
  12. Please note: crying in asking a tribunal for a - especially now confirmed - plain case of abuse of in-game mechanics. The only funny part is that BASTD got already punished by their stupidity. A case of divine Justice... That still doesnt change that considering such exploits legit could have consequencies.
  13. Epic. Simply epic work. GB candidate to Pulitzer!
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