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  1. Licinio Chiavari

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    FENIX defense at Corrientes. Spaniards joined quite afar (so, I suppose, good job screeners). One circles was not captured purposely to get a longer PB and having time to fight. Escaped 3rd rate, Prince and Mortar sunk few minutes later by pursuing Agamennon+Hercules+Requin. Regards.
  2. EXACTLY. Freedom to engage. To fight. To try to run. Everywhere (almost).
  3. A - usually Captain's name demoralizes. Not the rank: NA community is pretty small, like a village. Majority of veterans are well known. B - rank has zero to do with PvP skill. That mainly comes out PvP experience and practice. There are skilled Commodores (a few) and a bulkload of unskilled R.Adm.s. C - Alts? Very often top players have got quite some, directly buying, or getting use of retired ex-mates. So a group of veterans cant bring with them a less experienced captain to make him learning group battle combat, to test him, to correct his errors and in general to train him. Nice. Isnt it? Granted the above it will ADD rules limiting group formation and tagging. Therefore LIMITING PVP.
  4. Looks like I am not the only one fanatic about "defensive tag". As often, a feature, a change, even small updates can have consequencies not intended and even against the first intention.
  5. Licinio Chiavari

    Naval Action Freedom Cry

    Is playing a wargame meaning being in favour to real world wars? At that time owning a slave in the New World was as normal as owning a smartphone today. If we had a detailed economic management (like Patrician serie) slaves should be fundamental part of it, if realistic. Granted it is not our case, it can be considered not necessary, and not adding "slaves" as trade good, a good idea. Still I am missing something about the ban.
  6. It was strange I had to wait 11 thread pages to see the #blame_requin (or #blame_dlc in general) protocol being finally executed. A - Requin "uncatchability", so being able to hit and run in R areas, and therefore nobody defending the poor victims and "ruining" others' game, is defenders' errors, not ship OPness. As nobody would hunt Privateer with a Renomee, why in the hell people complains being unable to hunt a Requin with an Agamennon? B - the legend of Requin uncatchable and unbeatable by any ship... It is that: a legend. As ROVER showed, as I showed, as other Requin specialists showed, as US Coast Guard (sometimes) showed, a Requin can be hunted and killed as any other ship. It requires, as ALWAYS, a proper hunting party. Would you hunt a fast Surprise with a group of Spanish rigged Renomee? No. Coast Defense has plenty time to join... And having intel of ship, sailing the proper counter. If they join with wrong setup it is their fault. C - Hercules is a far more strong and dangerous enemy for more ships. But we know, she's a "real ship". D - looking at target met, I found bulkloads of Hercules and a few requins around. Not last because Requin is an highly specialized ship, requiring a total different handling. And specialists are really few. E - about general use of ships, still, a good share of models are regularly used. Especially by veterans. Hercules spam is simply easier for casuals. Being "free" and good. F - CoD still allow fast fore-aft ships to kite up to end battle timer. The problem, again, is people countering a schooner with a 1st rate and than complaining being unable to catch. That said, back to Topic. 1 - the more unescapable (potentially) the battle, the more ganking to assure victory and superiority. 2 - the more unescapable (potentially) the battle, the less battle started: because a reasonable captain would start a battle even more seldom. Only being sure of undisturbed victory. 3 - the more complex RoE, the more potential ways to abuse them. Example: baiting was less needed without R Areas... A blockading fleet simply came and attack all shipping while blockaded fleet started to prepare. We got R areas... And then baits with a bulk of Bellonas waiting behind the horizon. Therefore, aside off topic (and out reality of game) discussions, I keep thinking (and I am not the only one) that supposed/proposed new RoE would give LESS PVP, LESS FAIR PVP, and LESS MEANINGFUL OW... AND MORE ROE ABUSES... Giving more and more upper hand to bigger groups better organized against... All others. Edit & PS: Sincerely I have no troubles finding some battles/targets/PvP in general every evening/night logged. Even with a bunch of people around running as chased by the whole Hell when seeing a single enemy sail. But it's the thrill (and so the pleasure, with ups and downs) of the hunt.
  7. False. A frigate will be able to kite a 1st rate in CoD. Why an undecisive fight is bad... It's beyond my comprehension.
  8. Yes. Fighting for the upper hand. May be you missed these supposed changes are proposed to offer "more and better" PvP. I explained why I think they will add the contrary. And looks like I am not the only thinking that.
  9. It will be a bloodbath. A bunch of LO/WO + kiritimati ships with a couple fast scout/tagger ahead or even bigger fast hunting parties. More massacre of traders (due to higher riskes for lone raiders), more massacre of casuals (being unable to bring at least numbers superiority). More massacre of small teams/clans/solo players by bigger/more organized groups. This is my bet. We'll see if I am wrong.
  10. You said a no-sense statement. Because it's impossible for all to have such a luxury because if everyone can pick fights, means that nobody can. Not speaking that if everyone has a luxury, it's not a luxury. Plenty people lacking basics in logic in these times. To be able to OFTEN (NOT ALWAYS) pick your fights you are giving up other strenghts. Do you think real pirates used mainly schooners (and even smaller boats) due to aestetics?
  11. Simpler: clan based RvR and thus clan wars. Cough, cough...
  12. You know. Retreating is for skilless cowards and losers. That some of greatest and most complex military actions were successful retreats is a #fakenews.
  13. But Arena had matchmaking for PvP ratings. And there was no full loot/total loss. Something you could not ignore.
  14. Widening the gap between good captains and subpar ones...
  15. Not to speak about 6 casuals with Hercules without mods/books facing 2 veterans in same ships... With shiny mods and books.