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  1. I can't say because I am not a trader but the balance isn't there against missions. So I would do something else like increase investment cost for the missions while simultanously bumping up the regular trade goods rewards, or decreasing their weight or something. Not being taxable makes missions a liability on the economy.
  2. Well it's great that we agree there but this is not that suggestion. Urgent repair is pointless, it has no weight to it's function and is taking up a valuable spot as a secondary/auxiliary repair true to it's name, "Urgent" not "Module". And again, if it is just "module repair" then it may be removed because if there's no ingenious to give more purpose to a entire repair scheme that immediately repairs a number of 2 modules that already repair over time and are about 10 seconds away from being mainlined as just that. Justify that, please. It's a gun placed meticulous on a table in a scene of a movie that does get used in the final act. It's wasted resource for something potentially substantial. A misdirection, not crafty. It could be improved, would you believe it? It's not that difficult. It's simple, try it. Watch the dynamic rise. You can nerf repairs with it too, it will work better.
  3. Right, so if your clan captures a port you can't use it because you don't have an outpost there, so no storing goods or ships, even though you own the port, and that's because sailing game. Nope, that reasoning does not quite add up. When you only look at teleporting sure, I see what you mean, but everything else points to the opposite. Since outpost is required to store goods then you need more than 8 outposts to store at more than 8 ports, even though you and/or your clan owns the port, production, docks, and supplies.
  4. People are farming these missions for large quanities of silver. They're very easy to find and do and you can take multiple passengers in a ship even as small as a lynx. There is no considerable advantage to regular trading which is riskier, takes investment, and requires knowing the map well. These mission need a nerf in some way, they're stealing away trading.
  5. Your responses are lame and shallow. Your fallback is transparent and all 3 posts you made in this thread are self serving garbage. If you're not willing to extend into discussion you should not be posting on the forums. If you have no contribution besides "Nope" followed by non sequitur then you might just be a effin' hater with no taste for ideas. Kay? Thanks.
  6. You haven't tried either it's all theory crafting as far as I'm concerned. Urgent repair objectively has 2 minor functions and could be removed tomorrow and it would make little difference because those modules already repair over time. They do not need 1/3rd of repair designation. They hardly do any real "urgent repair" which if you did change it to "module repair" you could remove it, that would be like admitting defeat, there's only 2 modules to be repaired and again, they repair over time and don't warrant a whole repair type. I'll say it one more time, 2 modules that repair over time by themselves, do not need a whole repair designation to themselves. Now if the repair did more, like if you kept the name urgent repair and added more "urgent" repair functions, like a minor 5-10% hull/sail repair as well as module repair then yes, that is good designation as an auxiliary repair. Otherwise, no it actually has so little purpose as module-only repair that it could be removed (and in fact is already set up to be removed) from the game without much noticeable difference.
  7. Holy shit get over yourself. If my clan captures a port I cannot use the port for either building or storage unless I have an outpost. Even if I own the port I cannot use it. Your hard limit is hard headed, the silly limit you defend makes no sense.
  8. Whatever the fastest ship/build combo in the game is should be the speed cap. That way you never hit it and a speed build reno and speed built 3rd rate don't get capped at the same top end.
  9. No you aren't, you're just saying that. You don't even like regular repairs as the are. You obviously want a substantial change to repairs "I think that regular repairs should never give more than 5-10%." "If you are completely dismasted, you should be helpless." Didn't liq do the demast tutorial in less than 2 minutes? You think demasting is bad now, just make it so you can't recover from it.
  10. Do you know the other's position for repairs? I bet it's 3 repairs max, same as mine because we've had this discussion before. 3 Repairs, with little cooldown but once your out your out is my position on repairs. But left with 0 masts you need an urgent, and I mean URGENT repair to regain sail. Being left without masts in a battle waiting or slowly sinking by one tick for 7 minutes while you can't do anything is not fun or good gameplay. 5% hull is just enough to get your water taking lower than pump rate if you were on 1 bar of structure, not enough to save you from 0 10% sails is enough to bring back half of a bottom mast. Not enough to regain a masts back, but enough to repair a topmast. After 2 repairs or 10 minutes you have gained 10% structure, or about a full tick, and one bottom masts with full saillage. That is not a lot of repair, but it's not suppose to be it's an URGENT, supplementary repair.
  11. Trade missions should be what you do when you can't find good routes through trade goods. Missions are easier than actual trading and net you many times more silver making regular trading a waste.
  12. "Repairing is stupid" ok guy, I get you don't like repair stacking bonuses to 50%, no one does obviously. Doesn't have anything to do with a 2ndary repair scheme that works as REAL urgent repair. Not a fake feature like repairing a rudder and pump only. 5-10% internal structure is not a lot. Same with sails. Being completely bias against repairs doesn't make you a good proponent of discussion, no matter how many me-me arrows you use.
  13. Urgent repair already exists and it's damn near useless. You only repair rudder and pumps with it. That's all you deem as urgent. In that case rudder and pumps can repair over time and urgent repair removed since it serves no gameplay purpose.
  14. It's so when you have 5 books, 5 mods and port bonus your ship isn't completely OP.
  15. It's not enough to repair the rudder, urgent repair should do 5-10% sails and 5-10% internal structure.
  16. Now that I'm using the perk I really like it, but it suffers from the same thing as fleet 1 perk did in that, in no way is it some special ability to be able to find yourself on the map. Each ship of the time had a sextant and multiple people trained to use it. As a perk it does not fit. It should be a regular ability.
  17. It's not an excuse for the players. Before you could not do it because finding pvp relied on country capitals. Now not so much, we have RVR staging up and front lines and what have you. You could do safe zones now while the population is good and protect the new players, without interfering with pvp, you could not before.
  18. exactly why the release was the best decision. Develop for the high end not the low end
  19. It was because when there's only 300 people on the server you have no choice but to hit capitals for pvp, now we have 1000+ and we can afford to arrange some protections for the new guys.
  20. This has nothing to do with the wipe which is actually moderately successful.
  21. 1000xp daily login mission for to redeem a special daily login chest
  22. Unity is fine. Don't let the size of the post throw you off, it's mostly pretense. The idea it'self is very simple. When it applies, create more than one instance so if a group of of hundreds meat on OW the size outside more seamlessly transitions into battles. If you have 50v50 you don't want two 25v25's, you should want 3 17v17's give or take. The benefits are that you can have larger groups sizes on OW fighting each other. You leave a bit of room in each battle so reinforcements can join which gives more flexibility to when you get 100 or more players in the same area. You don't want to max out the instances one by one, you want to lay the battle first and give players the choice to reinforce. It's how it work work if there was no limit, you would just join the battle regardless. This is the only possible work around since we cannot raise the limit per instance above 50.
  23. Short version? Come on now. You know better Norfolk. Your wife is a nice lady when she cooks!-slim
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