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  1. Because he feels like it. I for one agree with him wanting to look at alternatives. I'm gonna trust someone who brings up valid concerns on a system, to change that system for the better and not repeat any of the same mistakes that plague the current one which is holding back player pvp involvement, since December while population has gone up about 20% since then. I believe this is a spontaneous decision by the Admin but not one that is rash. Enthusiastic to see what comes out of this brainstorming, along with the road of updates leading up to the release.
  2. That's not correct (even though in some case it is) but it shouldn't be. This will be fixed with the broadside damage recalculation, and hopefully some musket fire mechanic.
  3. The point is if every captain had the luxury to choose then we wouldn't have a game, would we?
  4. I don't know man, I don't like how that sounds either. Instances and OW don't really belong in the same conversation. They're so vastly different I say do whatever for each that makes them both individually fun, and try not to connect them so much because you just won't find a satisfying solution that way, we've tried and it's pure pseudo-babble via NA's best and brightest lampshades
  5. Well...What's the BR of those ships? If it's between 1.5x and 2.0x BR then I'd say that's fair enough odds for a fight, but add a second pirate frig and I'm starting to doubt your skills are enough, or anyone's for that matter.
  6. That doesn't solve enough, and it relies on repairs which is a shaky feature. Here we have some core mechanics which are calling to be changed, build from the ground up for a new concept of PvP which aims to satisfy people's want for consistently good battles that are good matches with both sides engaging in a full on fight without so much run and gun mentality or people only choosing advantageous battles, going so far as to grief people's time by engaging them in a battle where one side couldn't possibly win and or lose.
  7. Well. You can't. You should ask, How do we make losing feel less like losing? Something has to carry over from that battle whether it's doubloons, XP, or reals. There has to be an acknowledgement to the side who fights hard and is defeated, that they did a good thing in fighting a good hard fight. To non-decisive battles as well. If someone gets attacked, and you jump in to help and drive the attacker away, there should be some kind of medal and reward for that action. It should be recognized that you achieved something meaningful and saved another player's ship and items. Every battle should have that conclusion that rewards both sides for playing well.
  8. They would treat them as gold ironically. Call it fools gold and a fool's good fortune in a fight I agree with the Admins thought process here, PvP lacks commitment people only fight the battles where they have the advantage. This is especially true when mods and ships come into play, too many reasons not to fight, and making it too easy to pick and choose your battles to suite your advantage.
  9. Slim McSauce

    Game inbalances or cheating?

    I know, it's really hard to come up with something against that, trust me I know the feeling of defeat
  10. This assumes your ship is somehow larger/faster/better than that of your target. In reality you're just as much prey as he is. I disagree with forcing people to stay in the battle, but there should be some kind of penalty/reward for forcing the enemy to retreat. Some ships are just too fast and the captains who sail them are too use to being able to run away at the drop of a hat.
  11. Slim McSauce

    Game inbalances or cheating?

    Yes, yes the result is always the same. No point really, a game with balanced pen/mast thickness does it without mods. So it's redundant, like I said.
  12. Slim McSauce

    Game inbalances or cheating?

    Are you asking if your masts are un-breakable, is that balanced? Ehh, no. It's redundant. There could be no mods but ships pen/boarding/repair perfectly balanced and it would be arguably a better game. Mods are just filler, they break as much as they fix.
  13. not for long mate, not for long. NA is getting the Action put back into it, it seems
  14. Oh, by not fighting, kiting, and ganking? Sorry but you aren't entitled to winning. People value gameplay over time, and you wasting people time's with shitty gameplay trying to feel out a win for yourself, well, you better be ready to risk the lot for being such a big winner.
  15. Now you're cooking with gas mate. Cut out the filler battles, get right to the meat and potatoes. People want to fight and they want battles that are good matches.
  16. Slim McSauce

    Game inbalances or cheating?

    Assuming an opinion that you could've just read is lazy boi. Gear obviously isn't everything it's a formula of Gear x Skill. Gear is the non-skill part of the meta, remove all non-essential mods and make every crafted ship 5/5 to create good balance. Nothing more important than balance in an action game.
  17. Slim McSauce

    Port battle alternatives for PvE server

    Raids baby raids! Come on devs hurry up and finish up on localization so you can make this game
  18. Slim McSauce

    Pirate on Pirate action

    On one hand I like the idea of pirates acting as pirates, but I remember NA pirates aren't actually pirates so I'm torn. I guess you should've broke green on green and protected your loot. Stand your ground, I would've done that. Piracy is a gray area in NA, it doesn't exist in the context of the game but it does exist in people so that's what ya get sometimes.
  19. Slim McSauce

    OCB / PEC Griefing

    What happened to the BR tag limit? Gee I'm sorry what a frustrating waste of both of your times.
  20. Slim McSauce

    Game inbalances or cheating?

    Exactly. What a useless feature.
  21. Slim McSauce

    No full wipes for PvE peace server - a plea to devs

    You do know EA is subject to change and that includes wipes? You seriously think all these changes being made don't warrant a fresh testing slate? The devs work too build this game too, so let them decide if they feel a wipe is necessary
  22. Slim McSauce

    Game inbalances or cheating?

    There ya go, I refined the point for you. Gear is the worse imbalance, if you advocate for skill then you can't say purple/gold ships fit in to that. You say you're good at sailing, yet fake knowledge slots and stacked mods is what's making your ship so much better than the average not you personally, speaking generally) It's just so hilarious seeing people defend this meta and in the same breath admit it's bad. Well no shit it's bad.
  23. Slim McSauce

    Game inbalances or cheating?

    Your story isn't impressive. Requin's are easy ships to sail, and it sounds to me you wasted that bellona's time probably repairing who knows how many times just to stay in battle. It's just glorified kiting sitting behind a ship can't retaliate with musket/swivel fire. When damage is calculated by cannon weight you'll see
  24. Slim McSauce

    Game inbalances or cheating?

    Thank you, this is perfect. Top players aren't even good anymore, Most of them use these ships to pad their wet skills. Long gone are the days of ship mastery, knowledge is now supplemented
  25. Slim McSauce

    Hostility Reset every 7 days instead of 1

    They can defend their forts from being raided and destroyed.