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  1. That's not a fair comparison, peace server is not a place without conflict, there are still battles raging on every day. If PVErs want consentual opt in pvp duels,then let them have it, War server does not have the same fights that are being asked for on Peace server.
  2. Peace has more potential to be the official mode of NA than War server has, War server is too chaotic, it's too salty there, there's no room for the average player to enjoy himself, the regular player has been hunted to near extinction Peace can have almost everything War can have as long as the PVP is an option that doesn't effect PVE/Merchants, Privateers and the citizenship of the respective nations, where war gets wrong is throwing everyone into the meat grinder, and only catering to one crowd.
  3. If clan status overrides nations status is doesn't matter. Only those without clans will actually follow the official wars/peace, the clans will dictate which clans of other nations they choose to go to war with, or ally with. If anything the voting is a good way to verbalize through consensus which nations are favorable to each other and which have beef. Otherwise it has almost no effect on the clan side of things, just two aspects of game managing to fit very closely together without actually touching.
  4. See this this that weird cope I was talking about. There is no actual feature for clan diplomacy in game, it doesn't exist, yet the sandbox enthusiast will say the made up portion of the feature IS the feature. Instead of having the actual programmed feature for said mechanic, we name that which doesn't exist, or is left empty as a "sandbox" element, as if it's by choice that we lack the said feature, because it somehow grants more freedom to the players to make pretend things are going on instead of it being official, like wars and alliances between large factions tend to be, not just a mere word of mouth type thing.
  5. If it makes you feel better, my keyboard doesn't let me sprint and switch to primary weapon "1" in any game. (shift+w+1) for example does not work. In game like Counter strike I have to jump before switching weapons in order to get to my primary. It can be frustrating and it only happens for the 1 key that I am unable to switch to, I can still do 2, 3, and so one but the 1 key is in such a valuable spot on the keyboard there's really no replacing that with another key, which reminds me I need a new keyboard in the future, this one's starting to wear out.
  6. The sandbox defense is a cope, what it really means is 'x' lacks certain features so we're going to come up with "y" scenario in our heads in order to justify our actions, because the game gives us no reason to enjoy itself other than "make your own fun", which is just about all you can do in NA unfortunately.
  7. Where there's clan alliances there needs to be clan wars. If nations are going treated as a dwelling and not a pledge, then individual clans need to be treated with more respect and consideration, which is giving them something to do, so say if the nation votes for peace with whatever other nation, then the clans still have the ability to war other clans and the peace would only apply to non-warring clans, and people who aren't in a clan so their "orders" would come through other means other than large scale OW conflict.
  8. If it's just 1v1's then what's the point, what actually would be complain about besides no one wanting to pvp them? maybe you're too good at the game, maybe you've accumulate so much skill at the game that there is no respecting duel that could be had where the less skilled player had a chance at ever sinking out, which would mean you'd find people more commonly up to your skill to fight, otherwise the war server has the pvp you want.
  9. many laughs were had, thanks. You should keep it on topic, and please resist the urge to call me out when all I'm doing is posting on the forums. Thanks again.
  10. The question is why do you need to keep the books through the wipe, why do they get special treatment, is it because the grind for good books is a long and boring one? If so then that's a great argument for why they should be wiped and a new method tested, like officers.
  11. The difference between alpha and beta and early access to full release is not the same. Alpha and beta still imply pre-launch testing stage which means incomplete with bugs, exploits and content and progression which is subject to change . In NA's case all these things have changed many times over, and the progress made is not the same progress as it will be, If the game launched without a wipe into a clean slate, then the alpha/beta EA testers will be at a disparity, and will not know the game which they launch into if they do not play it as it official is then they'll only remember it as the way it was, which at release will not be true in the sense that the game at release, is not the same game as it is in pre-release. One implies complete, the other reflects incomplete. An incomplete set of notes from a course back will not help you in your current or future predicament.
  12. This, obviously, duh. Come on, why isn't this the case now? Holy cow. By all means tweak the BR.
  13. Sounds like you're just nervous that if implemented, this would make the Peace server more popular then the War server because most people would prefer pvp by choice then always being at risk of being ganked and losing everything on the war server.
  14. It does, you launch a game at fresh slate, everyone at release has a better time. If you're unable to wipe your game for release then there's something wrong with how you did it. If the grind it too long, then you have a long grind, which is exactly what a full wipe tests for.
  15. but wait, aren't there still cannons and large pitted battles still happen in peace server? What exactly would change for the PVE'rs tranquil experience if they had the option to opt in to consensual pvp, wouldn't that be a win-win?
  16. you don't know that this game is the first of it's specific genre there's no basis to believe that the developers have a plan for what to do with it, this sort of change to Peace server could take months to complete, as much as PVE could use this the War server is in need of desperate repair and testing. Another re-write, another whole new set of problems. But hey who knows this could also be 100% what the game needs to reach 2k daily players again, if that's what will reach a larger demographic of people who may not of liked what the rules are on either the war or peace server.
  17. This has potential, PVers want their play uninterrupted from hunters and gankers, with the choice of aggressive AI which is good PVE content and adds an element of danger you can opt in for, for possibly more rewards. PVPers get the same consentual duels they're use to having, and if you want the ganks there's always war server. It actually puts perspective into the world that not everyone is a combatant, some people are merchants, some are privateers, some just want to grind out ships slots for later, or have duels without the risk of finding yourself in a unwinnable battle where you lose everything. You can play exactly how you want to and no one's forcing you into something else. The best unintended consequence of this I think is that pirates could actually mean something in this sort of server environment. If pirates really have a bit of lee-way from these rules, it could actually make them the real pirates that we come to know and expect, lawless individuals. Given the right ruleset, ya know no RVR, certain ships only, no SOL's then this could make for an interesting dynamic between pirates vs everyone else, because let's face it everybody hates rats. No more hilariously tone deaf pirate nation, if you break the rules, you become a pirate and your forced to play as such, and that's to prevent you from breaking the laws of the sea, but of course you can choose this path and play in true hardcore fashion. Brilliant. I love this idea. I think this is very much in the spirit of the Peace server as a server will some rules and regulations, and if you break those you become the outlaw, depraved and universally hunted by the law abiding citizen privateers and National members of the Navies, as appose to the War server which is a bloodbath and all out chaos. I would make the switch for this, not because it's safer but because by adding a bit of order to the ROE, you create the ability to break that order which you can compartmentalize into a section of gameplay, while the PVP War server remains to be wildly lawless and out of control with little remorse.
  18. But it isn't possible to do, so we need like a TP to nearest port or something after battles, or much longer invisibility timer as well as retag-timer so people can get some distance considering the battle in the timescale of the game has been going on for weeks relative to the OW, popping out to a revenge fleet on top of you is not fair.
  19. that's hardly qualifies as pvp, it's just a quick and easy kill, not an actual fight which takes skill and effort to do.
  20. You cant even really get a battle in an hour, a not trash one that is, unless you go to pz or something which I mean is like a lobby game on the scale of OW. If you look at the map 100% of the time you'll find almost no info as to where the real hotspots are.
  21. None of these special currencies are required if you just rewarded the action normally. CM are the only thing that really needs to exist aside reals. PVP pays out both, RVR pays out a larger amount. The extra currency for rvr seems redundant, you're trading them out anyway, seems like division for the sake of division, really no other game does this (that I know of) for their trading/combat/crafting. It's all one and its scaled high and low depending on the action, with maybe one special currency for very specific action. Very strange I will say that we have some 4 or 5 different currencies in game. I couldnt imagine a game like eve or similar sanbox title splitting their main currency into 4ths for any reason.
  22. do it again but record it next time.
  23. hey, so was she, but I can't keep her. I've got my own principles to uphold.
  24. plz no, i have too much time on my hands as it is. No but really, devils advocate going hard, I love the OW, it's a very ambitious task to take on a genre that does not yet exist. It would just be nice if we had a clear vision, and knew your intentions behind some changes like eco and crafting, and would address the dissenters because some of us have valid arguments and bring up good questions that even if are not quite based on the mark are questions that will likely be asked until they're answered, otherwise we have no idea what you're trying to do with some parts of the game being the way they are. For a bit of an example, what are you trying to achieve with patrol zones? They're currently being placed near freeports in areas that were previously already quite populated for PVP. I don't mind them being in these spots but I don't feel as if you're using the PZ to it's full potential. There's a lot not going on in a large area of the map and if you empoyed PZ more as a tool to facilitate pvp in more variety of areas (my idea, you probably saw was to put one zone at every 100% hostility port, that way people in each nations see it and flock over to the port for general carnage.
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