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  1. "Swedish East India Company" flag might be based on historical flag with faded colors. They did use military style flag (with tails), even after it was prohibited in a royal decree in 1751. However they were also allowed to have a monogram (SOIC) in the middle of the cross. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swedish_East_India_Company Also missing are Swedish merchant/civil flags. They are basically the same as "Naval Ensign" and "War Flag 1815", but merchant versions have no tails. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_flags_of_Sweden
  2. I would prefer to get rid of this current "healing potion" type fast repair model altogether (fast with cooldowns or otherwise limited). Just make repairing one of the crew activities (like sailing, gunnery, boarding) that you can activate or deactivate. While repairing, you would slowly repair your ship if you have repairing materials left, but at the same time your crew would be very vulnerable (more than in boarding). It would be even better, if we could better control exact amounts of crew in each of the activities and not just activate vs deactivate. With crew casualties, n
  3. Those nice and big 25 vs 25 open world fleet actions would be fun to get. I like the basic idea that attacking nation would need to win big OW battle in order to open county for port battles. Also, there could and should be more "rates" of port battles: like shallow, max 4th rate, max 3rd rate and no rate limit battles depending on port.
  4. Here you can find good selection of Swedish flags (but many of these are out of current naval action time window) ; http://waslingmedia.se/nationalism/sveriges-flagga-genom-historien-del-2/ However, there should be at least one version with no tails for merchant shipping.
  5. At least give the TP or Log off option for the defender in the battle. That way you only need to fight one attack or revenge fleet. This option can also have a ”cost” to it. Maybe it uses your tow (if available), cost few pvp marks or need to empty your hold.
  6. Could we do repairs without single or multiple use "healing potions"? There was already a proposal to make repairs more continuous process. You would assign men to repairs the same way as to other activities (loading, sailing...). This activity repairs hull and rigging slowly if you have men assigned and repairs left. Little hull damage would need only few men, but if you have lots of damage and "critical hits" (pump, leaks or missing mast) you might need to use most of you crew to repair then reasonably fast. And during repairs the crew is very vulnerable to damage (like boarding or
  7. For the old 1st rate battles, I would stay mostly with SOL's. The BR limit should make it possible to deploy fleets of something like 5 1st/2nd rate SOL's, 15 3rd/4th rate SOL's and 5 frigates or smaller. And for the old 4th rate battles, lets get two BR limits. One for couple of 3rd rates and mainly 4th rate ships. And other for frigates supported by few 4th rates.
  8. Dutch 3rd rate would certainly be a good choice. Something like Admiraal de Ruyter (1808, Dutch 80-gun ship) as proposed on this thread. Also we should remember that she was 5th in the 2016 poll. However, I would propose the ship that came fourth in 2016 poll and lost by less than 20 votes. Venus (1783, Swedish 40-gun frigate) Venus was built following the Bellona design by Fredrik Chapman, the first frigates to carry 24-pounder guns. She was captured by the Russians in 1789. She retained the same name in Imperial Russian service and participated in the battle of Reval an
  9. You can buy "Privateers and Gentlemen" rules and couple of adventure books at http://www.rpgnow.com/index.php
  10. Many more than 3 changes, but here are three hopefully doable things; 1. Refine OW ROE (e.g. tagging circle to defender, groups pulled only if tagging/tagged by member of the group and maybe even teleport-to-port for defender). 2. Remove universal speed cap and make it 5-10% cap for upgrades/skills. 3. Less "required" PVE (higher rewards for PVP, more craftable upgrades/books, no PVE only loot drops) Other big and small things I would like to see; Develop real pirate mechanics (with both benefits and disadvantages), Create more activities affecting hostility (normal
  11. Maybe we could hope for "Chapman 1790 Swedish fleet proposal" ship bundle! ... ;-) (included: 66, 74, 80, 94 and 110 gun ships, not sure if all of these had even plans made)
  12. What if we had "tow-to-port" option available only for the defender. This would help at least against repeat tagging.
  13. Also, During the port battle there could be some increased rewards for PVP in the region. This way the essential screening fleets could get some benefits too,
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