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  1. we only need one war ship and one trading ship per rate. Delete the rest.
  2. There are so many redundantly components in the game. So why do you pick one out of the whole box and call out "delete this"?
  3. First of all, what we do in RVR and what we do in PVP is Independent, so it's normal for us to fight, even the same day, with you and against you. It's a well known politic of sweden to seperate this. We had RVR peace in the past with some nations but attack each other in PVP. The main thing in your thread is something different. By now a lot of Players are complaining about Russia, because of the strength of the russian fleets. In adition some players don't like the winning joiners from other nations, mostly those guys who have accounts in their old nation and in Russia. But this is only a result of an actual situation which could change tomorrow if clans change nation. So, I see no reason to change something. Every Nation has players with more than one account and it is completely irrelevant how they use this. Sc00se, the player in this example is a guy of my clan, and as I know him, he had the suspicion that you are "only" a russian "alt" that planned traps. So you can call it absurd that he entered the battle with the meaning to sail in a trap.
  4. I shortend your original post for one reason: The battle was opened by a spanish player. So, if you join a battle of another nation you should first discuss who will get the reward. If you, as the joining players, don't do this then you loose the right to complain such behaviour in tribunal. Unfair behaviour on both sides. I think this should be closed by Ink
  5. Realy? Didn‘t know that RVR is part of Legends. 🧐 Every day a new knowlegde 🙄
  6. This suggestion would be the end of RVR. Go play on PVE Server!
  7. Why should the mechanics be changed? I don't know about a duty to have a fleet ship. Don't bring a fleet ship and everything is fine.
  8. Sorry but this is a "fast food suggestion". If you don't want to trade and craft and don't want to buy ships then you can board them from AI fleet. Maybe we can discuss to expand the boarding option up to 4th-Rates. I Totaly disagree
  9. The possibility to load different amunition per canon deck Display the damage of the (own) masts, (like the Display of hull damage) Random timers
  10. I think we should apply at the holy Pope to declare earth as flat disc. Sun, moon and stars are only candles on the ceiling and one of the arch angels gets the light switch. All people thinking other than the holy decree shall be punished by the courts of holy inquisition. Problem solved! ☠️ It's a boring discussion
  11. Dear Devs You had a good idea as you released Patch 31. The thing with the frontlines, with port invests and so on had in my opinion high potential to get a game with many exciting aspects. Yes, you wrote that there will be bugs and problems, this is normal in complex coding, But it's very sad to see that you only shrug about the abuse of hostility missions. It seems that it doesn't matter if some players abuse the mechanics. Sure, you wrote that you hotfix this as soon as possible, but you accept this abuse of the mechanics. You didn't even wrote a clear statement that "trading" hostility missions is against the rules - but you know that this will destroy your own concept and its a slap in the face of the fair playing guys.
  12. Rubbish! You know the mechanics of the BR-difference exactly Pirates in Santa Cecilla (200) & USS (400) attacked a Polish Trinco (270) ==> Reinforcement for the polish is possible, Pirate side is closed after timer counts Russian Player Bellona (500) joined on polish side ==> BR on polish side is now higher than on Pirate Side and because of the third Party battle opens again for Pirate side after the pirate Aga (340) joined battle is instantly closed for both sides => No Reinforcement is possible You are the guy that's crying for punishments of other Players! Go and buy yourself a gloriole.
  13. No - it's the lamb in nappies that lost his soother🤣
  14. Some months ago dev's wrote a forum post what has to be done if someone detects a possibility to exploit the game. The rule was very simple. "Report the possiblity to exploit and don't use it" So Russia and Pirates offended against this rule. The result of the exploit should be reseted. Any other action in this case has to be decided by the devs - I personaly don't like the daily crying to send someone to the gallows. If you are as fair as you pretend you will not fight the port battle tonight.
  15. 25k are not able to fill with the current mechanics. The highest ship BR is 900 (L'Ocean and Santi). This means you need more than 27 ships of this ratiing in one PB. With the current limitation on 25 ships per Nation the max BR is 22.500. Even 20k is a BR that seems to high (we need more than 22 L'Oceans or Santis to hit this BR). The portbattle BR is in my opinion the most critical feature to destroy the fun in RVR. I hope that all BR's will be adjusted very soon. The possibility to destroy a smaller nation by simple outgunning them in portbattles is at the moment very high. If you look at the Dutch, the Polish and the Danish you see, that they don't have 20 activ and skilled players to fight such BR's, and to be honest, this is right now also a Problem for Prussia, the Pirates and the French. A frontline concept means that nations are able to attack each other and to move the line. If the fence is as high as it is now, the lines will soon be frozen or only moved by the Zerg Nations. Don't forget, a first rate is right now a very expensive ship (this is good in my opinion) but you need a lot of first rates to have a chance to be succesful. If a enemy fights with a ship-destroying-tactic against the small nations they will be nearly unabale to fight as nation for a long time after one lost battle. This should be considered wisley.
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