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  1. To establish clan docks you need to follow an idea systematically. But, you know as a wise man said: "It is easier for a camel to go through a needle's eye..."
  2. You are right. The two second big nations are not willing to show up in RVR. Small nations get screened out if the enemy is Russia or allied with Russia. But this is not the Problem of Russia. The problem exist because of the lazy buggers in the big nations, who speak about PVP but do PVE.
  3. Die Jungs die hier Nibelungentreue zu Hansa und der preußischen Nation verkündet haben, sind alle weg. Merke, wenn Dir einer sagt "nie" heißt das meistens "bald". Kenn da selbst ein paar Konsorten.
  4. If the fort is damaged you can see it in open world but not in battle instance (we had this between map reset and total wipe in St. John's). So please look in the port manage system wether the fort is damaged.
  5. Мы очень уважаем флот БФ. Это всегда приключение, чтобы сражаться друг с другом.
  6. you know a lot about sweden😵 Maybe I should ask u about domestic politics and foreign affairs bevore I log in this evening😎
  7. Maybe you all call me a Noob... But if I remember right only pirates can join battles on both sides (?), so what happend confuse me. I thought the mechanics blocks this or is [MEME] a pirate clan?
  8. I love the Sitcoms of AI-maneuvers (not evertime but somtimes) 😜
  9. It's realy a silly feature. In battle instance it seems draught is not different between the ships. Tactics to use less draught (like DeRuyter's fleet in the wars against the Brits) aren't working in Naval Action. In battle instance first rates are able to sail in waters that are in open world instance too shallow even for a cutter (I remember a battle in the channel between Congrios and Salamanca with SOL). I think this should be changed in steps to get mor options in tactics (But I know, I will grumble after I will be beached with a Santi 😏).
  10. Not sure! Aggressive AI could lead to a lot of fun and could cause a lot of troubles. By now I have not enough facts or informations about the devs plan. Therefore no vote!
  11. Damit kannst Du Bücher füllen... Es gibt nicht DAS Linienschiff. Vor allem wenn man die Definition der damalige Zeit heranzieht - Linienschiffe waren konzipiert um in strengen Gefechtsordnungen hintereinander her zu fahren, also in Linie. Nahezu alle Schiffe aufwärts der 4. Rate sind Linienschiffe (die Connie ist z.B. 'ne Ausnahme das ist eine schwere Fregatte). Wir reden also mal über als 10 verschiedene Schiffe mit den unterschiedlichsten Eigenschaften und Einsatzzwecken. Du musst die Dinger selbst mal gefahren haben um die Charakteristik zu verstehen, zumal mittlerweile die Port-Boni's auch noch mal je nach Schiff bestimmte Eigenschaften bei manchen Schiffen extrem beeinflussen. Der GunneryBonus hat z.B. auf der Santi mit ihrer ohnehin schon extrem starken Breitseite für kleinere Schiffe eine so verheerende Wirkung, dass eine gute Breitseite mittlerweile selbst die größeren 4th Rates in arge Schwierigkeiten bringt. Dafür ist das Ding halt ein großer, schwimmender Ziegelstein...
  12. If the players are in the same Nation they don't need to be in a port. They can also trade on open sea. Sail Close to each other, click on your comrad and chose trade. A new (private) chat will be established so you can trade everything in the hold of your and your buddies ship.
  13. Normaly the ship in better position to the sunk vessel takes the loot. After the battle my buddies and I trade the loot. If only the "killer" can loot the wreck this will delay the loot, cause the killer has to sail maneuvers quite often or stop/slow down. I'm not sure whats the better way - only the killer is able to loot or also others can loot
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