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  1. What happend to the home fleets? I talked to guys from other nations. Everyone can see the own homefleets but not the fleets of other nations.
  2. As we had the old crafting system people were whining about the lot of items that had to build before you‘re able to finally craft the ship now people are whining they want the old system back („Do you know in former times, everything was better🤓). Hey Admin people like whining! So punish them 🥊
  3. Make the Mortar Brigg important again. Increase the range of mortars. By now the Mortar Brigg is a totaly useless ship. If the range of mortas will be increased over the range of guns on towers/forts, the Mortar Brigg can then be again an additional tactical Instrument in port battles. As the kill of towers and forts doesn't gain high points, it will not be the meta than it was in old times but a tactical weapon against the "gold-S-Wood" metaships. The damage model of a mortar should be: Towers and Forts: Mortar strikes reduces number of active canons M
  4. see other Topic in "New Feature Proposals - RVR"
  5. Why does the mod.announcement also appear at new Topics from long time forum members with more than 200 Contents, no warning points and a community Reputation "Excellent"?
  6. Every time the same. Remember George Orwell: "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others" If Russia does it, it will never be the same... Buy yourself a broom and sweep at your own door!
  7. @Mr.Bush da Du im Forum aktiv bist, hättest Du das wissen können. Naval Action wurde von den Entwicklern schon vor dem Release als clanbasiertere Sandbox konzipiert und spätestens zum Release wurde das auch immer so beschrieben. @gimli_balinson insofern ist Deine Aussage schlicht falsch, dass die Solo Player "vergessen" wurden. Wenn Du Dir die Developper News rund um den Release ansiehst, geht daraus ganz klar hervor, dass es das Ziel war ein clanbasiertes Spiel zu entwickeln und dass Clans eine gewisse Größe brauchen um Nationen eine gewisse Schlagkraft zu verleihen. Das ist ja auch der
  8. Russia tries only to copy the protected area at Mosquito. By the way denmark had a save area, as long as the rabid dogs bited the protector.
  9. This is a clear "Pay to Win" suggestion! Think before you write.
  10. Why couldn't you return? Tag through the wind, sail away, repair, come back and hack him down. Where is the problem? Your screenshot shows only normal game mechanics. By the way - if you have to repair very fast, klick "6" and "7" so you get more Crew in repair and maybe survive. Y
  11. My Alt had at this time a low rank, therefore this lowered the BR. Thx for clearing
  12. Yapping like a Chihuahua and hiding in the handbag of mama russia.
  13. Crew and BR are connected. I recognized this two weeks ago with my trading Alt. The Alt sailed with two Indias (both 60crew), was tagged by an enemy Trinc. Battle BR on battle cross in open world signed less than 100BR on the swedish side. Normaly one Indiaman has a BR of 140. I expeted 280BR on the swedish side against 260 on the enemy side. As I arrived with my main account to engage the trinc after the battle, I could easily join after 5 min because of the lower BR on the side of my Alt.
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