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  1. 25k are not able to fill with the current mechanics. The highest ship BR is 900 (L'Ocean and Santi). This means you need more than 27 ships of this ratiing in one PB. With the current limitation on 25 ships per Nation the max BR is 22.500. Even 20k is a BR that seems to high (we need more than 22 L'Oceans or Santis to hit this BR). The portbattle BR is in my opinion the most critical feature to destroy the fun in RVR. I hope that all BR's will be adjusted very soon. The possibility to destroy a smaller nation by simple outgunning them in portbattles is at the moment very high. If you look at the Dutch, the Polish and the Danish you see, that they don't have 20 activ and skilled players to fight such BR's, and to be honest, this is right now also a Problem for Prussia, the Pirates and the French. A frontline concept means that nations are able to attack each other and to move the line. If the fence is as high as it is now, the lines will soon be frozen or only moved by the Zerg Nations. Don't forget, a first rate is right now a very expensive ship (this is good in my opinion) but you need a lot of first rates to have a chance to be succesful. If a enemy fights with a ship-destroying-tactic against the small nations they will be nearly unabale to fight as nation for a long time after one lost battle. This should be considered wisley.
  2. I agree that permits (those that can't be find in admirality) are very rare. But: The legend of "RARE" woods is a funny thing. One evening (yesterday): 4 persons, 2hours --> enough Doublons to harvest Teak from a random spot. Yes, the premium woods were easier to get before the patch, but were they realy cheaper? Contract-system caused inflating Prices, espacially for White Oak and Teak But look at the whole patch 30 made SOL's very strong = whining in forums "No one will sail 5th or 4th rates any more in open" world, we will only see SOL's. SOL's can be attacked by Stern - or bow-raking with light ships = complaining in forums "I can't defend me as lonely SOL player against this raking" Sourcing of premium woods is more complex because of the random ports with forests for these woods and because of the min. order quantity. The farming requires traders. => there are a lot of regrets in forum that tradering isn't attractive any more and, to be honest, the last trader convoy I saw in open world was light years ago. All traders of my old clan quited the game in the period when premium woods get easily available. They didn't have fun to sail every day indiamans full with textile machines from A to B. The wanted to be part of Naval Action and don't want to sit on mountains of gold. I appeal to support the changes. To test the effects in a longer time. I think there are a lot of possibilities for different types of players. This "I know what will happen..." is so boring and foolish. It's on us to take the Chance.
  3. You know Sir Loorkon? He or his Alt (Lord Loorkon) is nearly every day part of combat news. But in total - I think the politics with "every-day-till-eternity-sporning-ships" is an economic fail. But I'm not responsible for the econimics of GameLabs, so why worry. For me it's not only the battles why I play Naval Action such a long time. I have fun in fitting ships, in searching new sailing ways. I like the thrill to sail alone with a full loaded trader-ship from A to B. I like PVP, RVR and sometimes PVE. If I get killed (and this happens quite often), I know that this is a game.
  4. This is what I ment: Forum is vanity of fair and is full of guys who are pissed and destructive. You assume, you poison the mood with such sentences.
  5. I don't agree with all these complainings. It's everytime the same. Everything should be better, but nothing may change! At the moment the main reason why the "Rare Woods" are difficult to obtain results from the small wipe a few weeks ago. This wipe was a hard hit mainly for traders. They lost nearly all their money, nearly all resources and nearly all their clients. All shipyards were filled in preparation of the wipe. This is a economic disaster! But with more activities in PVP, RVR and big fleets this will change. The winner of each battle is always the supplier of ships and weapons! Try to remember the prices of "Rare Woods" before the patch and compare the prices with nowadays. What has changed? You have now a minimum order quantity that is very high for a single player. But it is not to high for clans and it's not to high for single players, if they work temporary together. I did this together with another player, we bought White Oak and Teak. It works and it works fine! Some guys here are also complaining about the DLC-ships. Realy? the Redsailed-bathtub is nerved an nearly useless the Herc lost it's Metapower and is now a light frigatte and only as strong as the surprise 12 months ago the new "4th-Rat" is a ship to sail and sink, nothing special the l'Hermione is a nice ship - not more. It's able to do anything, but nothing in a real proper way Don't be silly. These DLC's aren't a problem - a guy that hasn't at least five of the classical ships (Trino, Endy, Bellona, Victory, l'Ocean, Santi, ...) is called a Noob. These DLC's are good for players with plenty of time, they are good to use and sink. They are good to kill them and get dubloons from their loot. This is the thruth, Right now the forum seems to be a vanity fair of guys who are pissed that now a working together is more important.
  6. I don't think "RareWoods" are the Problem. The Problem is, that Clans don't work together to harvest the random spot points of these woods. Sweden has Teak, WhiteOak and LiveOak. None of these three woods were totaly harvested. Maybe we don't need ships, I can't see people trading these woods or sail in convoys to the hot spots. I only see players thinking about "good old times". I'm totaly fine with the new system and can't see lot's of oak/oak ships. There are enough ressources.
  7. Und was hat das mit dem Thema "Zukunft der Wirtschaft" zu tun?
  8. Wir haben aus meiner Sicht aktuell drei Probleme was die Wirtschaft und den Handel betrifft: Der letzte kleine Wipe hat die Händler "finanziell" auf das gleiche Maß runterreduziert wie die "Kämpfer". Die meisten "Kämpfer" haben sich jedoch ihre Docks noch rechtzeitig mit Schiffen vollgemacht, die sind ja auch erhalten geblieben. Die Händler haben neben den Finanzen auch noch ihr "Vorratsvermögen" verloren. Für nen Unternehmer also ne wirtschaftlich Vollkatastrophe: Geld weg Vorräte futsch Markt verstopft Dazu kommt noch, dass sich grade jeder erst mal mit der Währung "Dublonen" für die seltenen Hölzer beschäftigen muss. Die Playerbase mit 300-(im besten Falle) 400 Leuten führt auch nicht grade dazu, dass viel versenkt wird. Mir persönlich gefällt das System mit den Dublonen und den Random-Ports in Verbindung mit ein, zwei dauerhaften Vorkommen. Der heute angekündigte Mega-Patch hat in dieser Richtung tierisch Potential Wenn ich mir überlege, dass zukünftig Clans ihre Häfen weiter ausbauen können und vor allem in den Werftindustrien spezialisieren können, entsteht da ein Potential in der Zusammenarbeit von Clans das erst mal begriffen werden muss. Ich verstehe ohnehin nicht, warum die Clans in Puncto "Rare-Woods" so wenig zusammenarbeiten. Dublonen zusammenschmeißen um die Mindestabnahme zu finanzieren und zu transportieren kann doch nicht so schwer sein! Wie viel Teak wurde denn aus Point-à-Pitre von allen schwedischen Clans bisher rausgeholt?? Sobald die Playerbase wieder regelmäßig an die 500 rangeht sinken wieder Schiffe und die Händler werden wieder reich und fett👍😎. Die wahren Gewinner eines jeden Krieges sind immer die, die Waffen (und damit Schiffe und Kanonen) liefern (Portbattles gewinnt man nicht mit Brustschwimmen). "Früher" hat man wenigstens alle 5 Minuten nen Eintrag in den Combat News gefunden. Heute sinken Schiffe doch (fast) nur noch bei so großen Events wie gestern, wenn riesige Flotten kommen. Ich finde die Diskussion mit den DLC's schon langsam fast albern. Rotsegler findet man fast keine mehr. Die Dinger sind nutzlos geworden. Herkules hat ihre Metakraft verloren und ist in der Klasse der leichteren Fregatten angekommen. Ist in etwa so "Meta" wie es die Surprise lange Zeit mal war. die 4. Ratte hat bisher nix gerissen und ist nichts Besonderes die Hermione ist ein Schiff ohne Profil - die kann alles ein bisschen aber nichts richtig Solange das so bleibt, finde ich persönlich kann das dem Spiel sogar eher gut tun, weil es halt den Spielern die nur für ein zwei Stunden Zeit haben ein ordentliches Spektrum an Schiffen, anbietet ohne direkt "pay-to-win" Maschinen zu haben. Wer "richtig" spielen will, wird sowieso versuchen Schiffe wie Trinco, Endy, Essex, Aga, Bellona und so weiter zu kommen. Machen wir uns nix vor, wir sind alle ein bisschen eitel. Wer nicht wenigstens fünf von den "Klassikern" besitzt wird doch sowieso als Noob bezeichnet.
  9. ... and the rest was screened out by the swedish screeners😎. See you tonight again in the neighbourhood.
  10. This sounds realy exciting! How do you think about the next steps? The new Industry development needs a map wipe. This is clear and plausible. Right now we have several Players (I fear: a lot of...) who don't play because they wait for the announcend total reset. These two big incidents in a (expected) short time can shut down the player base like it was from March to May 2017. If I remember right, we had only ~100 players online in prime time. Please reconsider your strategie - this game may not die.
  11. I don't have any statistic about the zones. But the feeling is "This zone is nearly useless"! Nearly no AI, this leads to nearly no player acitvities.
  12. I don't understand the correlation of the PortBR and the BR that has to be killed during hostility missions. For example: Old Providence has 2.600 BR. Yesterday we did two hostility missions, were we killed (before the brits intercepted the hostility): 7 x L'Oceans or Santis (each 900Br) = 6.300 Br 3 x Victory (each 800 BR) = 2.400 Br 1 x Bucc. = 700 Br Total 8.400Br achieved hostility Level ~33% This means we have to kill about 30-33 first rates to flip a port with 2.600 Br. If I transmit this to a port with ~12.000Br we have to kill at least 145 first rates. Maybe there is a different factor or other influences in the relation of Port-Br to during-hostility-killed-BR. I think there should be a clearer correlation between killed BR during hostility and Port-BR.
  13. I think admin wrote a few weeks ago something like this: we will do whats the best for the game Thats it. Admins are responsible for the game. I don't think they want a broken game after all this years of work. I think it will be strange to build up all that again, but I also think it will be again a good feeling when the final rank is achieved. I'm looking forward!
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