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  1. I actually got a mission complete at the end so maybe running away counts as defeated?
  2. Finally thought i was going to win and then their one remaining CL legged it and I couldn't find him and it timed out! aaagh!
  3. congrats...we want the campaign! I think I have about 5 missions to go.... isnt there more than 23 now?
  4. Carriers would be a new invention "end game" if you imagine this game as say 1850 through 1945 carriers would only be around in their crudest form from the 1920s. So that would be 70 years with no carriers. 10-20 years of "prototype carriers" and then a couple of years of "fleet carriers", and yes that spells the end of the battleship era.... thats kind of the point....
  5. if there is no airpower in game (whether land based or carrier borne) then AA ceases to be an issue which will massively skew "gamer" ship design. Who needs AA either on board or via escort ships when there are no planes? Planes are a must and rubbish WWI type planes will be pretty funny and then become much more a threat as we enter into the 40s...
  6. just please don't lock the Naval Academy!
  7. men are pointless as they are inside the ships mainly.... Seeing great sinking and damage animations would be great though
  8. I agree its a really bad idea and serves no purpose apart from to put people off and discourage further play. unlocked allows you to dip in and out with whatever you fancy at the time, and to come back to challenging scenarios later. Being stuck = giving up.
  9. If I'm sailing a BC / BB can I focus my main gun on enemy big ships and leave secondary guns to shoot at smaller craft that come near , eg CL / DD / TB? Or does it currently work on an all or nothing basis ?
  10. I dont get it though. If I make destroyers, whatever engine i use or whatever displacement, they are either overweight, or have practically zero weight left AND have to be really slow. To be able to build destroyers with weapons they have to go 22 knots or something ridiculous.....
  11. I will have a crack at it now. I think i gave up because the ship design thing I wanted to build destroyers but the ship builder started off overweight? With nothing attached and it seemed impossible to build anything? Built 8 Torp Boats, nearly won but ran out of torps. I dont really get why building the destroyers is impossible.... seems weird? Why not just make it only TBs if thats all you can build with the resources available.....
  12. Love the game so far. I think its a BAD idea to lock the Naval Academy forcing people to complete in order to progress. All that will do is make people play missions they dont want to play or get stuck on missions they cant do and give up playing all together..... LEAVE IT OPEN!
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