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  1. VonVolks

    Patch 24: Properly depowering your staysails

    this is a small thing but a good thing! Re-powering every 4 seconds by accident was really annoying!
  2. VonVolks

    "Go to bed" log off

    It's good this topic is seeing a lot of discussion as reminding people its a game for people with RL is good. At @Otto Kohl says being repeatedly dragged into fights for 3 hours with no means of exiting the game without being killed is pretty shitty.... I double down on not wanting to be able to LEAVE a fight instance thats ongoing, but only to be able to log off safely AFTER battle is either won or you have escaped. ALSO this situation should be RARE so you can make the "cost" for using it VERY High. Even a 24 hour log off block or whatever. Most people should only have to use it very rarely if caught in a ridiculous situation of re-tags etc.... OR to stop PVPrs using it as a regular escape clause, maybe limiting its use to once every 14 days or something?
  3. VonVolks

    Patch 24: Properly depowering your staysails

    "as even fully torn cloths still possess some driving power" This why
  4. VonVolks

    Hercules ship feedback

    you have to laugh really....
  5. VonVolks

    "Go to bed" log off

    ah but revenge is sweet.... I think F11 removal once game is "live" will help make things a bit harder and more Age of Sail like (i.e fleets failing to find people)
  6. VonVolks

    "Go to bed" log off

    Haha me too on that one....
  7. VonVolks

    "Go to bed" log off

    Thats a good idea. I mean it should be a literally "last resort" because you want to go to bed but dont want to sink and lose everything. Losing everything except the ship would be OK with me.... (plus the log off - cant log back in block)
  8. VonVolks

    "Go to bed" log off

    1. I understand this will be abused. hence idea of log on timer. I think it should be alt proofed if possible too? eg IP linked? Or maybe even longer to make you really sure you want to use it...? This isn't from hunting.. for example I was attacked in home water, and spend nearly an hour trying to get away / fight. IF I got out then I would just get tagged again. If I join a solo fight before bed..great! But if it then develops into a huge fight with people joining, it can develop into an hour long encounter. As I say it's "semi serious" but anything to help players play, based on "most players" not just super hardcore killer gankers who want to exploit mechanisms. NA IS LONG. Anything which can help players "enjoy" the long (its stopped me from bed time MANY times!) is good.
  9. VonVolks

    "Go to bed" log off

    Semi joking but NA is LONG and if you get engaged you cant get out of fights and with enw reps fights can take ages too.... Now logging off can obviously be abused as a tactic, but some people NEED to go to bed after a fight and cannot then just then re-engage the next round of combat from a friend or after having escaped from an encounter etc. Having to go to bed doesnt mean I want to throw away my ship! Perhaps a "go to bed logout" that can be used in an instance after battle is over or while invisible after having escaped a battle, that will allow a safe logout BUT NOT ALLOW relogging in for 8 hours? Just an idea?
  10. VonVolks

    Chain shot feedback

    NO one said being ganked was fun, but I think that the game seems to be really trying to make "uber ninjas" in hyper ships able to fight off larger fleets. I am pro basic ships with some build differentiation (as per wood types - <fast/weak----all purpose----tanky/slow> with a bit of crafting bonus and some mod bonuses for customization and rewards etc. But mod stacking and having ships that go crazy fast or are super tanks which can wade through normal ships / hyper space away is silly. Its having this massive advantage that makes them feel that they can come to capitals and try and seal club etc regardless of open battles and so on. Plus its depressing for new players to think they are facing invincible enemies. Perhaps if there was less advantage with uber ships there would be less focus on capital waters hunting and more sailing and encouraging cruises etc and solo fights? Plus also less "uber" = less fear of losing ships, always a key for PVP. I admire the skill of the good players and like watching how they skillfully sail and shoot etc solo or in small teams (even if they sink me!) But I also think the repair system is massively flawed currently and also the way that many forum players base their conversations around "super ships" as the "norm" is flawed too. Repairs are good and essential for tactics and excitement, but currently its too much with little downside. I think there should be IN COMBAT / OUT OF COMBAT repair modifiers, with reps less effective and sustaining crew damage if under fire. There should also be a lot easier OW repairs when at 0% sail to simulate heaving too and making repairs. Currently in OW you use up all your reps in one go to fix small damage which makes going on combat cruises really difficult as after one engagement you can't dock for repairs (enemy territory) and you can't use reps as the you will run out for them in your next fight which = guaranteed loss in current system. Maybe make OW 1 repair kit for hull and 1 for sails PLUS 1 minute stationary with 0 % sails.(and maybe scale to 4 kits for frigate and say 10 for SOL)
  11. Is that happening, ie Mast hits will only be listed if you damage them?
  12. VonVolks

    Chain shot feedback

    What I never understood was people complaining about losing when outnumbered. 90% of naval warfare consisted of trying to outmatch the enemy so you can outgun him and engage confident of victory. Even Nelsons "genius tactic" of abandoning line actions was basically "hey lets all gang up on a few ships in the middle and gank them", and the reason was he was successful was that he invented Team Speak. Well OK, not quite, but you get me. Heroic one on one actions were lauded, but fleet actions (and indeed many solo engagements) we are all about "err, we'd prefer not to engage unless we can gank you thankx, bye"
  13. Yeah I know but i'm doing my duty as a BETA tester. I tihnk a well presented & informative tutorial is a MASSIVE help in this kind of open game. A good one sucks the player in, and a bad / frustrating one turns them off before they even begin....
  14. VonVolks

    Chain shot feedback

    I would say that multi repairs make long range engagements sill, as people can repair faster than you can damage. I agree that Chain SHOULD be short range and devastating. As for Cartagena being "the new META" etc WTF is that? I have never touched it, and the game and its rules should be about basic unbuffed ships, and buffs should add a touch of bonus, not make things invincibly tough / fast / blablabla
  15. No. Surrender or how to end / leave battles is not in the tutorial. Not much about crew is in the tutorial. Such as the guns and sailing and boarding juggling, or the R5 turn off broadsides etc... The Tutorial misses a LOT of tutoring. It really needs to assume you know ZERO about sailing or the game.