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  1. Bl4CK after the Brits won at Santiago De Cuba
  2. Not sure if you know this or not but Puerto Del Padre does not have a Port Icon over it
  3. MidnightLight


    when i craft a ship i have to exit the game because i can't click the OK on the Ships build information just wondeing if it is a bug and how to fix it This is also in Full Screen Mode
  4. Not Bad Day to For A Cruse To My Beach House In St Marys
  5. Admin Please close this thread it is only going to resort to him being a troll on the fourm for his own Personal reason's for the F11 removal
  6. Then Please Go back to your AI Farming ways and leave this Forum Because the only thing you are going to get is the Salty Tears coming down your face because the Devs took out the F11 that they said was going years ago
  7. I don't even see why this matters Because the only thing you do now is Farm AI on the PvE sever. you have lost your PvP Street Creed the Second you went to the PvE Sever and let the record be Set Strait the Days Of PvP 2 Black Clan have been over ever since the sever merge
  8. And This Lady's And Gents is why you don't get on Privateers Bad side and mess with Pirate Trading Or you end Up Getting Sunk.
  9. What is this post 43 or 44 i can't Remember now Because it is starting to get Old
  10. Do you need me to give you a hug because you seem to be Crying over the same thing Alot.
  11. I am Just going to sit back, eat some popcorn and wait for the US to cry more and make post 42
  12. When a US Player Asks For His Ship Back After You Started the Boarding
  13. So lets get this ball rolling shall I When there Econ is reset all of our money will be gone how to do you expect clans that have ports that they pay for them. To be able to get the money to pay for the said ports if the Econ is going to be in a disaster after the wipe happens you wont have many happy people if all of there clans money is gone and then they lose all of there ports they worked hard for are gone
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