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  1. When a US Player Asks For His Ship Back After You Started the Boarding
  2. So lets get this ball rolling shall I When there Econ is reset all of our money will be gone how to do you expect clans that have ports that they pay for them. To be able to get the money to pay for the said ports if the Econ is going to be in a disaster after the wipe happens you wont have many happy people if all of there clans money is gone and then they lose all of there ports they worked hard for are gone
  3. I had taken a break from this for 6 months and came back 2 weeks ago was pretty happy to still have all of my ships and my Xp that i spent months Grinding for and now that i learn that you plan on Wiping the game and my Xp that i worked hard for Sadness me. I find more fun being in my bigger ships not a Cutter or trader that is not fun to me i prefer to fire my guns and wreak house with them, not being is a Stupid cutter not doing anything. And yet even after my 6 month Break i see the Devs still don't care about what US THE PLAYERS worked to build in NA if you continue to break Promises with Us you might now even have a Player base when the Game Launches.
  4. So far Since the wipe the Numbers have been up and Down but where did the Mods with Green Names Like Red Duke and Iroquis go. did they Fall of the Map or did they Just Quit like there Nations they had been part of when the rest of there Nation Quit?
  5. just wondering what rate of PB Kids is since the wipe as it not on the map so you cant tell if its is a 1st Rate of a Fourth rate PB
  6. https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/851591997431247792/254DD69986629CC352B62590377026C336D0C868/ French VS the Danes
  7. And this is why i Stay out of the Forum because the only thing you see is Van der Decken trolling on here
  8. then maybe i will see you soon then
  9. you want me to come out on a Buck and show you a good time then?
  10. Yeah that fog came and i had seen you on your LGV and then you where gone
  11. What Sever do you play on if it was PvP2 It may have been me chasing after you.
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