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  1. Does the amount of ammo really need to be tied to the number of barrels ? I was playing the modern battleship scenario and opted for 2 barrel turrets because I wanted the best accuracy. Unfortunately I ran out of ammo and then had to use the 3 barrel turrets.
  2. Ah ok. What I would like to see tough is that my commands are applied to whatever is selected. The most annoying thing currently is that I can only activate smoke for a division and not a single ship.
  3. Am I doing something wrong then ? I click a division card and select ie 'hold gun fire'. Then only the first ship will be set to hold fire.
  4. What is communications range doing in the game ?
  5. Please improve the division management. Currently it takes way too many clicks to organize the divisions. Consider drag and drop for the ship cards at the bottom of the screen. And / or standard rts controls. Add a way to change settings for a whole fleet or division instead of ship by ship. Make keybindings configurable Add a way to influemce the friendly ai. Currently it seems to recklessly optimize for gun damage. Let us set it to ie prioritize torpedoes or keep a minimum distance
  6. The displacement slider isn't sensitive enough. IE the preset for 'torpedo bascis' is 350t. Once I move the slider there is no way to get it back to 350t. Please add a way to lock certain design elements for auto design. Make it more like auto complete.
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