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  1. You should make the chest unable to be deleted while at sea. I suspect many chests will be deleted when they see a fleet of 20 ships outside waiting for them.
  2. You found our secret operations center. #playforthesalt
  3. My rattvisan AI was sank by the fort, which is why that fleet ship is there. This is all under the fort and round tower.
  4. So timers would be pointless then? Because your example is our PB window 03-06, but 15-18 is basically Euro prime-time, which would result in 100% defeat because attendance is required, and we're all employed. Any system that moves the defenders timer is a dealbreaker. That's the point of having timers. Raids if implemented could be the answer to everyones woes. No one loses their main ports, but raiding is happening all of the time, siphoning wealth, doubloons, marks, etc out of the region. Maybe the region gets a production malus. There are a lot of ways to slice it.
  5. It's less of an issue with PvE and more of an issue with PvP. We just had the fight the other day that got split into three chunks. I sank what we believed was a gold ship with good mods on it, given its speed, and I couldn't afford to tack and loot it, nor could I afford to give up my armor and stay beside him while he sank because there were more enemies to kill, so I had to sacrifice the loot on the ship to get to my clan mates to continue the fight.
  6. Ive always disliked this current system. Everything ends up requiring a tack to loot, practically 100% of the time. If there are multiple enemies you have to sacrifice the loot to continue to secure the sinks. You shouldn't have to decide to get some loot for fighting and winning or letting the remaining enemies go before the ships magically are unreachable, upwind. You have to intentionally take more damage to stay with sinking enemies and sacrifice future positioning if the battle continues. Overall I think its poor. I fully expect it to remain in place.
  7. So your goal is to simple be dense and pretend you don't understand the above described items. Seems legit, very happy you've come along.
  8. no ship is self reliant in a port battle, the entire group must work as a unit and follow instructions and support each other to succeed. Lineships aren't self reliant, they require support ships to protect their sterns and tackle other 5th rates or other lineships to form up to fight another line. The mortar brig is no different. No ships are pulled away from combat in order to spot. You get in the UAV and look at the shot and report back. It takes less than 5 seconds to accomplish.
  9. This may be true, but ask yourself, when do you have enough men? The answer is almost certainly never, especially if you can pull together a group that already has some semblance of cohesion VLTRA/NN. No one wants to get multi-flipped or caught undefended. Which is why we went to a nation with a solid day-crew fleet that could cover us in our off hours. Nevermind that new guys like to be on the winning side, so its an even bigger draw. Your own recruitment blew up once your small band took on a couple of big fleets and scored some victories. I'm not saying I like or want this situati
  10. For my lot, this isn't really a factor. Generally the nighttime crowd has seen a big uptick 500-600 players on, and lots more pvp, and quite frankly I dont think people care to PB when you can get 6-10 man fights everywhere.
  11. we used to get a colored red target circle which helped somewhat. However the spotter piece is only needed once or twice until you get dialed in, then its done. So as you're sailing to your capture circle or to the main line fight you'll help the MB operator get dialed in faster so the fort is down fast for your 500 points. Atleast that was our way for some 50 port battles.
  12. The reality is if the other nations ally up against Russia, RvR will die, and if they don't ally up against Russia RvR will die. No one can fight them straight up with the numbers they are fielding. In either case keeping a zerg like that alive for long will be difficult, and when it pops off the ally blocks will most likely remain in place, causing more issues. We've seen this happen two or three times over the years. Be thankful there is no permanent ally system in place, it would be worse. I still expect plenty of nation hoping across the map, its all a function of how much each
  13. as far as I know, no one has tested it against the new model. The old model was like 5 minutes of sustained fire to bring it down, which was nothing really with the full mortar perk. You should find a hostile ship near a port that has a fort and test it with a friend, who can draw fort agro while you gun it down. That's how we tested the old system.
  14. Pretty much since forts were introduced if you didn't hit the exact part of the square wall, you'd score no hit. You score no hit for the center, but can get a false positive for the rocks surrounding the walls, which is why you need a spotter to tell you if your shots are good.
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