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  1. You could also add boarding objectives to this so the newbies don't feel they need ultra 5th rates or a lot of money to go out and PvP. Board and capture an LGV in a cutter board and capture a 5th rate in a 5th/6th rate. Also just to add on Day 1 of open world for me, I sailed from Charleston to La Tortue in my cutter.
  2. Generally I agree with the exception of the search and destroy missions and groups. If you pull a fleet of first rates and everyone gets 2 kills and 7 assists, that should count as 9 toward your mission goal, not merely two how it currently is. It doesn't encourage group or cooperative play otherwise. People will be dogging for the kills to complete the missions, rather than working together toward common cause.
  3. Rabman

    predator of the requin needed

    Honestly I think everyone in deep water PB's would prefer more essex and belle poules doing support and off-circle support rather than requin's anyhow.
  4. Rabman

    double flips?

    Weren't you supposed to be on a break yourself? What are you doing here forum PvPing?
  5. Rabman

    double flips?

    Honestly this is admin's fault. KoC has lost it waiting for this patch to drop and for release to come, woe until the watermelons and watermelon shaped objects. BTW the profile pic is excellent.
  6. Rabman

    Naval Action Meme collection

  7. It's very simple honestly. The pirates are free to do whatever they please whenever they want. So if they choose to sink Americans off the coast of one of their ports why should we care? Or if they want to sink Americans who are on their way to a port battle that we aren't involved in, also why should we care. However should they attack the Prussians in our timezone we will care. You are also welcome to join in on this lack of caring by WO/Blanc. For instance if you went and took a port in Belize area to farm the brits, a tremendous amount of not caring would be involved.
  8. Rabman

    Naval Action Meme collection

    I believe you mean Rab's rule #405, work the balls.
  9. Rabman

    War of the lovers revisited

    I don't curse people and I don't rage; feel free to prove otherwise. If you had any idea at all what you were talking about you would realize that I am the one that calms everyone else down and keeps us on mission.
  10. Rabman

    War of the lovers revisited

  11. Rabman

    War of the lovers revisited

    As per our discussions, swapping one port each and ending the war were amicable terms for both parties. Banished said he would take the terms to the other Prussians to discuss, which I made clear: we were to have an answer the following morning.
  12. Rabman

    Craft via Clan Warehouse

    I cannot agree and endorse this enough. +10000
  13. Rabman

    A Radical Crafting/Extraction Change

    I don't understand the point. Even if you don't play everyday, you simple harvest your resources when you do play. A full building full of materials is enough to produce any particular ship you want. The 3rd and 4th items don't make much sense to me, in either scenario time is dedicated to setting up these extraction or crafting variables, you can pay on the front end or back end, but either way the ships components have to be brought together and created, or the resources pulled from the buildings and sailed to your shipyard. Labor hours had more value before labor contracts and are virtually worthless with combat marks for labor contracts, so if you don't use your hours, no big deal, simply use some contracts and you're all set. 5000 labor hours for around 450k gold in the current economy. Admin's suggestion of removing hours entirely is definitely optimal, imo.
  14. adding additional bloat doesn't make the system immersive, it makes it tedious. Individually I'm not looking for immersion in crafting; I want ease of use. However if crafting were a mini-game of clicks and timing where outcomes varied by these parameters perhaps that would quality as immersive, but sliders, clicking and having to keep track of all of the various quantities of sub-components and batches is busy work and creates an unnecessary inventory management aspect of the game that detracts from the main objective of the game, sailing and fighting.
  15. Crafting is 100% improved, no huge latency between clicks and no useless sub components that need to be made in endless batches of sub-components to sub-components, e.g. tar, iron fittings, etc. Please no busy work for the sake of busy work. The crafting is an accessory to the sailing and combat.