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  1. A gank befitting a traitor From Russia with love Swedish meatballs Another traitor gets his due One of my favorites. Two surprises shadowing each other and I managed to get a friendly AI fleet in to gank my boy Pit. This one doesn't look like a gank, two cutters and two fifth rates against two fifth rates. So we convince Venum to leave and poor old Jar Jar Pinks gets 2v1'd and his ship capped (cutters incidental). I laughed for ten minutes because of all of the trash talk Jar Jar was doing in what he thought was a 2v2. Honorable mention to ganking LV in an indiaman outside of LaT, which I heard he raged about for an hour. He had a first rates worth of mats on the indiaman. Obviously cutter and AI did nothing.
  2. The answer is clearly to partner with a nighttime fleet and you cover both zones and get what you want.
  3. feigned offenses, and shadows everywhere. The map wiped, after two other wipes, and a pre-imminent wipe on the horizon. Quit now and come back on release if you can't handle this.
  4. Either way, effort + time = Victory, in almost every MMO. Remember how everyone loves the austerity patch? non-existent gold for PvP kills, grinding fifth rate fleets for money to build ship yards and EU trader resources. Balance exists between your suggestion and that. The hardcore guys will pull ahead if you make it a full grind, and you'll lose the casuals and window shoppers or alternatively everyone will have whatever they want if you make it to easy (Which by the way the hardcore guys will still have more/better than everyone else because of effort+time) I was one of the few who enjoyed the austerity patch (I think it was more the full wipe), but quite honestly, I'm in full reversal mode these days. Bring back 5 durability 5th rates and below, and let people be awash in fifth rates, low loss, easy to replace, 5 tries per ship. Then no one has a reason not to risk their ship, even the gold ones. However, as a casual observer to basically every online game with a population, content is king. If you want people to play and stick around after 3-4 thousands of hours of play, there needs to be new content. New challenges, tests, missions, raids, rewards, etc. If the game has content enough to keep people around for 3-4 months then that will be the life cycle of the player base, and then you just need to focus on the rate of replacement for the player base, which is going to hinge on DLC content long term.
  5. Everyone knows you go faster with Pink Royale paint
  6. Safe zones are a crutch that in no way help a player get oriented in the world. They offer a false sense of security that make you think its safe, but it is in fact not safe. Someone said above they got sunk 22 times going to a mission. I have to ask, why did you not stop at the 2nd or 3rd time? Why continue smashing your head into a wall when its not working. Reach out to the community in game and find a solution, and start working cooperatively in an MMO. Then you might say, why should I have to cooperate in a game with thousands of players, well for exactly that reason, there are thousands of people who want to sink someone. It's dangerous to go alone. Even the US PvE guys would huddle together around Cabo and farm the french third rate fleet, no one ganked the ten or twenty of them out there around the clock farming that fleet. Our clan practically leveled 100% from PvP on release; in random ships captured from NPC's or players. Mostly Snows or Renomees. Things were much more dangerous then than they are now. No safe zones, tons of gank fleets everywhere; we were greenhorns. Compare 2500 people on the water versus 200-300 NA prime time; it's ridiculous. Literally find a port out of the way and farm your bots in peace. The giant safe zones everywhere haven't protected anyone, the coast guard used to do that job and you need players for that. The safe zones were a crutch due to the diminishing population.
  7. That's the point I was trying to illustrate, for one ship permit.
  8. While I have no issue making these ships accessible through chests, can we eliminate the RNG component of this? Lets say I complete ten pvp missions and open ten chests, because I want an Endymion permit, but I only get Bellona/Indefat/Trinc/niagara permits, I'm at the mercy of RNG after having completed all of the necessary steps to have earned this ship permit ten times over, but RNG doesn't favor me on the front end, I'm stuck sailing a ship I don't want. I appreciate RNG adds to the life of players playing the game chasing those loot boxes, but can we limit that to ship mods and knowledge books and make all ship permits outside of Lineships easily available. If you want to retain it in some form, but dilute itmake each of ratings have a unique permit that works for any ship of that rate. So you pop open the chest and you get a 4th rate permit, valid for any 4th rate.
  9. With the penetration changes thickness mods have a lot less value, with guns over penetrating from 250m out, and angling only bouncing a fraction of what they were previously.
  10. I think its a fair point, unfortunately our current population has put us into this situation, imo. You either had 25 men ready to go, or you didn't go to the PB. I know with certainty our small modern fleets are definitely better than the old 25 man crews (from a skill perspective), where we needed every body we could get, and skill levels were all over the place. We had guys who didn't know how to manual sail or guys who didn't know how to board, etc. (they were definitely fun though) and yet we would win battles frequently with this mismatch of skill. I'm honestly of the mind to essentially make frigates/4th rates free or have 5 durability again so it removes the sting of loss and more fighting is had, we're only going to get more people if access is easier. This is coming from someone who loved the austerity patch.
  11. Our last recruit completed the exam on his 2nd try after two days of owning the game. That is how it should go imo. The tutorial gives you each piece and the exam is you combining those into practical application.
  12. This argument crops up from time to time and is just as weak each time it comes up. If two top clans fight in a contentious port battle, with identical fleet comp and one has gold ships and the other has cag/sabicu ships, that will probably make a difference. However your random patrol zone or pvp fight, it doesn't matter, and it has never mattered. How many screenshots of Ram and Liq do people have to see or how many other screenshots of lopsided fights being won by better players before this can stop being brought up. There is no point to rare woods if everyone has them. Min, maxing every percentage is a luxury not a requirement.
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