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  1. Is there a list of keyboard commands? I just learned about the f5 command sending your men to the other broadside and wondered if there were others I did not know about. Thanks
  2. Thanks. I noticed that when I start a repair, it shows the crew required and assigned--something like 48/48. Eventually after a few minutes, this goes down to zero. Does that mean all the repairs are done that can be done until the cooldown is over? I assume it does not matter where your crew is then either sailing or guns?
  3. I 'm still trying to figure out how to use hull and sail repairs. From what I gather, the repairs are done within the first two minutes, but there is then a cool down period afterwards before using again. If so, then do you want to move as many men from guns/sailing to do repairs in that first two minutes? Then move them back for the remaining cool down time? Doing repairs does it impact your ability to fight or raise /lower sails How many sails and repairs fix how much of your damage? Any insight would be appreciated.
  4. I was thinking the French as I like them during that period, but sounds like not many English speakers and my French is sadly poor. I am an American and would rather play a different nation. Thanks again and welcome any more insights.
  5. Gents: I just bought this game. Is there an undated info on the various nations? I live on east coast of US and am an English speaker. I'd be interested in one of the smaller nations-Dutch, French, Danes, Swedes, but don't know if they use English or not as a general rule or if certain clans do? I'm looking for guys with a good sense of humor and understand its just a game i.e. nice to your friend and enemy alike. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!
  6. Gents, I just bought this game and was wondering what nation should I join? I'm an English speaker on east coast of US. What are the pros and cons of each ie is the Spanish or French nations mostly Spanish or French speakers? I'd like to join nation beside the US but not sure if that works. I'm a friendly player even to the enemy so I like a friendly nation too.
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