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  1. There were 3 ships in this battle before I joined. How can L'ocean turn into an imported Vic? And what about the crew? It showed 0 but actually had more.
  2. I have joined this battle and observed this strange bug: NPC L'Ocean boards, blows up, then turns into... an imported Victory!
  3. RvR seems to be dead compared to what it was. I wonder if the devs expected this would happen or is it a surprise for them as well...
  4. Forgot to mention that when I tagged it and entered the battle it turned out it was actually elite.
  5. @adminI have been hunting 'elite' Ai when I spotted a Wapen +1. When I first clicked on it it displayed a window showing it to be an 'elite' Ai (skull and bones). I have sailed a bit closer to it, clicked on it again and the elite symbol disappeared! I have followed it for a minute, clicked on it again and it was 'elite' again... First time something like this happened to me. It begs a question: when an elite Ai ship/fleet spawns somewhere, does it stay elite until it is sunk or does it lose its' 'elite' status at some point?
  6. I have been having disconnects too, but only a few. Overall, in the past two weeks or so I have noticed that it takes much longer for the server to reply when: teleporting, crafting, towing, battle instance loading etc. I do not have any connection issues with other online apps or games, only NA is having problems.
  7. Too OP. Please nerf or make it available to all new players for free.
  8. I am unable to scroll up or down. Cannot check how much rum per one use (among other things).
  9. Someone forgot to feed the hamsters...
  10. Small compass/arrow that shows current 'open world' wind while in battle instance.
  11. Game Over. Time to reset the map.
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